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December 9, 2016
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March 13, 2001
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October 28, 1949
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Approved For Releasg 2001 /03M- C -RDP67-000594p00100110023-3 SURET MINUTES OF THE IAC MEETING, 28 October 1949 DIRECTOR: The item we have today is the voting on this Scientific Intelligence Directive (DCI 3/3). Oe started in July, got comments; it was recommitted in August, and we got comments; and it was recommitted in October, and we got comments; and this is the finished draft. I understand that the Standing Committee has approved it, and if you want me to fall over, you can all say 'aye' at once. Are there any comments? GEN. CABi 1L : Aye. Adel. JOHNSON: Aye. COL. DEVINE: Aye. (Others agreed.) DIRECTOR: The next thing is: If we could have the names of your repre- sentatives, we will get started on this today. Dr. MMlachle will be ours. 0,'Ve are running short of stenos over here -- the budget has hit us tool) ADIA. JOHNSON: Captain Ocker will be ours. 1M. HOME: I think probably Phil Strong will be ours, as far as I know. DIRECTOR: We will get this started. You can always change it. GENERAL CABELL: Colonel Marchant will be ours. COL. DEVINE: You can put down Lt. Colonel Skinner. DIRECTOR: Do you want one, Colonel Johnson? COL. JOHNSON: I don't think we could add a thing to it. If you want to have a meeting, we could have somebody sit in and observe; but we could not contribute except where we might indicate a requirement. DIRECTOR: Who will be yours, Dr. Henderson? DR. H NDERSON: I will be. DIRECTOR: The FBI said that they didn't wish to have anyone. Are there any other comments and statements to make? ADIA. JOHI,ISON: Do you always have such unanimity? DIRECTOR: That is a surprise to me. That shows that unification is working l Approved For Release 2001/03/22 :~ f6700059A0001001100233 Approved For Release 2001 /0;WR--RDP67-0005 5000100110023-3 25X1A 25X6 tilt. HONE: Maybe it is the moment before an explosion. DIRECTOR: Does anybody have anything to bring up? I think all of you have copies of the system for handling the crisis situation. General Irwin asked me not to bring it up at this meeting. MR. CHILDS: Maybe not. Ours just went out -- unless they have re- ceived them from General Irwin. GEN. CABELL: I have not seen one. AUM. JOHNSON: I got one. T+k. CHILDS: It was sent by somebody else. COL. DEVIN : Did I sign it? DIR.ACTOR: It comes down to putting in writing chat we have agreed orally to do. He asked me especially not to bring it up at this meeting, unless he came back. Does anyone have anything to bring up? COL. DEVINES I would like to bring up the 'Defector' problem. We are on the hot seat now with three or four that we have got to do something about, or we will possibly have another _ case. That is true particularly in the case of one in the Far East who is cutting up a little bit. So the Intelli- gence Division would like to propose that you all instruct the Ad Hoc Committee to come to an agreement by the first of December. We are willing to go along with any workable plan. DIRECTOR: I think we can get an answer before that. MR. CHILDS: It is the split paper - one for domestic and one for foreign. COL DEVINE: e will go along with any workable plan. We don't go along with the split paper too much, but we have gotten to a point now where some- thing has got to be done. DIRECTOR: I agree. COL. DEVINE: It has been har gang fire since December the 6th. DIRECTOR: We are getting crowded, particularly between you and ourselves; and between you and ourselves in the Far East. We are getting into a hell of a shape. 2. Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100110023-3 SECRET Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP67-00059,000100110023-3 E COL. DEVINE: I asked General Bolling about bringing it up, and he said to please impress the fact that it was brought to his attention most forcibly on his trip to the Far East. DIRECTOR: aaill all of you people tell your Ad Hoc Committee members to use the needle to please get on this 'defector' paper and try to get it out? We can get it out early in November. We can have a special meeting on it if necessary, or else it can be the regular meeting in November. I think we had ought to get an answer on the thing. They are crowding up - getting over- populated. T1R. HOWE: I could not agree more with the fact that there is a need for an urgent solution. If I understand it right, the Ad Hoc Committee was work- ing on individual cases, and that they were trying to get the best possible coordination and action on any one particular one, and that they actually were not possessed of the problem of getting at the long run solution that we all so desperately want. Am I right in that understandi DEtECTOR: You are right in that. It was to try to get a couple of cases that had to be decided right away, and get those finished tivithout prejudice to whatever answer may come up. COL. DEVINE: There are two committees - the Pro Tem Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee. There are two different things. But we say, any workable solution. Dll1ECTOR: Yes. GEN. CABELL: I really don't know of any Ad Hoc Committee that I might instruct. MR. TOD: The Ad Hoc Committee started out rather informally. General Bolling called a meeting almost a year ago and we went along. And then the Ad Hoc Committee, since April, has been more or less dormant. But at least this member here, of the Ad Hoc Committee, has some very live bodies that are getting hotter every minute that have to be taken care of. DIRECTOR: That is right. 3. Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100110023-3 SE(Rfl Approved For Relee 2001/03/wDP67-0004000100110023-3 P'R. TOD: I mean taken care of in all ways. So the Army is really urgent. GEN. CABELL: Who is the steering member of that Ad Hoc Coy mittee? Bfft. HCYVft: Is it not right that Mr. Kirkpatrick was steering it? M. TODs It may need reactivation in a more formal manner. Dfl CTO_R: The Pro Tem Committee was to handle certain cases that could not wait any longer. I will get Kirkpatrick on it and start meetings right away. You have a very definite limit on the Pro Tern. When you start running into thirty and forty cases, it is too much for that committee to handle. 1R. CHILLS: There is the domestic one, which has been approved by every- one but Army - and the Air Force we hope will see the light. COL. JO NSON: On the Standing Committee level? lv'R. CHILLS: They have checked with their chiefs about that. That one paper was separated into the domestic part and the foreign part. We expect the foreign, part to go out in a day or two, so as to supplement the domestic part. It was, I think, Number Four in the original paper. There was something that FBI and State wanted in it. Those two together bill comprise the old one. COL. LEVEE: You say that the Air Force has concurred in that? MR. CHILES: Not yet. The Army is the ring leader. COL. DEVI,NE: Air Force and Army - let's put it that way. Tim. CHILES: I think when you see the Foreign paper to supplement the domestic paper - use the two together. COL. DL-If E: We have hesitated in buying something, not knowing what the other paper will come up with. DR. CHILES: Our foreign friends (State) are going to work on that too, and have worked on it somewhat, the way the FBI worked on the domestic. That ought to be out in a few days. MTi. HOV': It is not the old and somewhat dormant Ad Hoc Committee, but rather the Standing.Committee, which presumably had assistance in getting up the issues involved from ICAPS. 1R. CHILLS: I never heard of the Ad Hoc Committee, but I thought that was the one working along the same lines as the Pro Tem Committee. Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100110023-3 sKREr Approved For Relea2001/03/WDP67-00059AO00100110023-3 DIRECTOR: No. The Pro Tem. Committee is working on the actual cases, and that had to be done because there was nothing else to do on that. RN.. CABELLs vie have a Standing Committee and an Ad Hoc Committee on the same one? 25X1 A M. LAC CARTHY: has been working with us, and never told 25X6 us about the Ad Hoc Committee. DIRECTOR: There was one months ago. COL. DEVINE: The Navy has not really got a big problem, but we may get hold of an adniral that they want to put over the jumps some time. .DIRECTOR: The problem is particularly and in the Far East, and that is particularly Army, Air Force, and ourselves on the thing. We will get on that and get this thing out early in the week, and keep after it until we get an answer on it. I agree, it ought to cone out soon. If there is no further business, we will adjourn., The meeting adjourned at 1445. 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