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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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October 20, 1950
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Approved For Release 200 y7-00059A0001001 Pt 40003- NOTES IAC MEETING 20 OCTO ? 1. General Smith stated that OPO and SO, within CIA, are not to consolidate?but they will coordinate their activities thoroughly in the future. IAC will meet much more often in the future, and possibly for longer periods although it will be the aim to keep meetings as brief as possible. The IAC must hereafter be "geared for rapid cooperative work" on the basis that the best intelligence brains of the nation will be present and must cooperate. 3. A letter written by Mr. Jackson to Welter Lipmann, stating the purpose and aims of CIA, was read with the endorsement of General Smith. 4. Hereafter, intelligence estimates produced by ORS and to be issued with the approval of IACI will have a new cover showing plainly that it is a collective effort, and will be labeled "National Intelligence Estimates." The ORE will heart and soulof CIA and of the national intelligence machinery. It will be reorganized to have a "Division of Estimates" and a "Division of Basic Intelligence." The latter will con- fine its activities to the production of reports as a service of common concern on subjects assigned specifically by law to CIA. Mr. Jackson mode-- that the fact that ORE has in the past produoed both estimates and simple reports of fact has, in effect, blurred the product&em of ORE--insufficient differentiation is made between the two products and the methods ofwroduction. 25X1A 6. On General Smith's arrival Ural'. professed himself to be unhappy in his position, operating under directives generally misunder- stood. General Smith made the point that the directives were written Approved For Release 2001/ Owl B7010059A000100140003-2 Approved For Release 200 ET-00059A000100140003-2 to meet conditions prevailing at the time, and were not currently appropriate. Re has issued instructions to to coordinate hereafter with State Defense, and NSRB. 7. General Smith made the point that presently there is no senior CIA representative in several foreign countries. will be swat 25X1A as senior cIA representative, with Instructions to coordinate 25X1A with It was not made clear whether CIA intends to establish a senior representative in all foreign countries. S. The procedure for arriving at intelligence estimates (other than those which are crash estimates) will be approximately as follows: a. A frame of reference and assumptions will first be arrived and approved by IAO. b. An outline will be drawn up by ORE, and the severalIntel- ligence agencies asked for contributions with d. Draft modification. a a he field of interest. back to the agencies for comment and duce a second draft. approve, after resolving differenc (The above procedure is iit by the undersigned as bei &I? e 2.1krtoAl W?4-( -11Paaap-repe..-Woi-ert- of the conclusions of a fairly involved discussion. This rendition may be somewhat inaccurate.) 9. Within the new Estimates Division of ORE there will be a panel of five or six individuals constituting the top brains. Genera]. Smith is looking hard for a retired General or Admiral to head. Be tried to Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : gA-RDP67-00059A000100140003-2 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2001 T-00059A000100140003-2 25X1A f0111.= and asked to talk once more to in an effort to persuade him. General Smith also said he was anxious to get to be a member of the panel, and possibly to head the Division. 10. As a matter of urgency, it was decided that an intelligence plan must be written. This, in effect, will be a list of estimates to be made under the direction of IA the subjects of these estimates to be in an order of priority 'of accomplishment. U. At the next meeting it 1,83 determined to discuss the frame of reference and assumptions to form the basis of an Intelligence Estimate of the Situation in Indo-China. 12. General Smith will produce a paper ho ion in a Theater of Operations in war. He will circulate this e time as a matter which needs resolution. 13. The ne At this meeting assumptions on above): meeting will be held Wednesday, 25 October, o intelligence plan and the frame of reference and 0-China will be discussed (see paragraphs 10 and 11 25X1A (Note by the signed: I acquainted with the last requirement this date, and suggested that ID send to the Wednesday meeting one individual armed with a list of estimates in order of priority, and prepared to discuss that matter, and a second individual, expert on Indo-China, with a frame of reference and assumptions for an estimate on that area.) Colon Assistant Executive for Planning and Coordination Approved For Release 2001/08/0: CIA-RDP67-00059A000100140003-2 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A '1966Mfl=sF4FAMPAWkifAkigik p0g/k05W06fq-4? CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL RI TING S IP AMP 346!;14 9 411005101 ' i INITIALS DATE 1 APOPC 314A-- i 2 /0 i 4 E iN D CAT Ovo-d -;2QJ 00 FRO,- INITI AL#11D04 7/.. Chief, COAPS , P 2 3 ? SIGNATURE RETURN DISPATCH FILE be the APPROVAL DZINFORMATION FACTIONI I I DIRECT REPLY COMMENT L REPLY I --IpREpARATION OF ICONCURRENCE RECOMMENDATION I REMARKS: For the time being Mr. 4ackson that ?- - - w ch will be sent requests routine to UNCLASSIFIED held on a Confidential basis respect re it?cTrYOUr- -Sta.ff. \pproved for Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059A0001001401 (SECRET - CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED FORM NO. 1,1 II (1 30.4 03-2 03-2