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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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December 31, 1946
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Approved Focelease 200,E -RDP67-000594000100140068-1 December 31, 1946 MORAI'DUM FOR Subject: Progress Report - ICAPS -- September December 1946. relatedHandbooks 1. The project for preparing sNational closelyIntelligence actuallys is been given considerable study and integral with several other projects which are in various stages of completion. In order to lay the groundwork for assuming the responsi- bility for the production of the NID, ORE was requested to prepare an outline based on the best features of the outlines already in use by several other agencies. All IAB agencies were also requested to give CIG a report of their own personnel requirements necessary to produce their handbooks in order that an estimate could be made for CIG req ire- ments. At the present time, this project is in a state of which pro- pending the results of the above requests, upon posed directive may be based. 2. The FIE project, CIG No. 22, has been circulated as a proposed directive to be discussed at the next IAB meeting. A-2 had several ob- jections which were relatively minor and which will be covered by the suggested changes to CIG No. 22 at the meeting. It is not anticipated that there will be undue difficulty in having this project approved. 3. A study is being made to determine the advisability of GIG undertaking the coordination of information derived from various sources on Foreign Port Data. A letter is being written to the Director of Cen- tral Intelligence from the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Port Data (Maritime Commission) which will contain an inquiry as to whether or not CIG could fulfill their requirements in this problem. 4. The collection plan pertaining to International Conferences and Meetings was presented to the front office in the form of an operating plan but was returned for conversion into a directive which will neces- sarily have to be approved by the IAB. 5, The project on the Monitoring of Intelligence on guided missiles is awaiting reply to`a request from ICAPS to OSO for comments 'on the project. Upon receipt of OSO's comments a plan will be formulated to implement the` coordination of this intelligence information by CIG. Pr!viously ORE reported that they had been receiving intelligence informa- tion from several agencies on this subject. The Navy is at present quite active in this field.(n,W'dhile there has been somewhat discouraging pro- gress made on several projects, it is considered that some accomplish- ment has been made particularly in the field of favorable liaison with other agencies and departments. A good example of this was the request Approved For Release 2001/08 67-00059AO00100140068-1 Approved For F UI708/07 : Ct RDP67-00059AOO,Q 00140068-1 by the Navy for a briefing conference with CIG for one of their offi- cers who has been assigned an important electronic mission abroad. Captain, USN Approved For Release 200'17 707-: CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100140068-1