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December 9, 2016
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December 31, 1946
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25X1A Approved For Ruse 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059A004100140078-0 SEcRET December 31, 1946 Subject: Annual Report - ICAPS. 1. In line with the general reorganization of the Central Intelli- gence Group effected by General Vandenberg and again in pursuance of the policy of replacing committee action by direct executive action, the Interdepartmental Coordinating and Planning Staff was created in July 1946. This staff was intended to take over the functions of the former Central Planning Staff but in addition and more important was given operational staff authority under the Director to plan the co- ordination of intelligence activities between the government agencies and CIG and to plan and prepare for the Director policies and proce- dures for the improvement of intelligence activities both without and within the CIG. The structure of the staff was based upon equal repre- sentation thereon of senior officials from each intelligence agency who should not only be aware of departmental problems but who could also maintain close and continuous liaison therewith. In addition? ICAPS was charged with overall personnel and organizational management of the CIG which was then carried out by the Executive for Personnel and .Admin- istration. 29 Projects completed and in operation. During the six months period since activation, ICAPS has instituted, planned and completed the following projects, which are now in o eration: b. Centralization of Exploitation of Japense Documents: The exploitation of Japanese Documents has been a joint Army- Navy project known as the Washington Document Center, which through budgetary and personnel cuts could not be continued by the depart- ments. Arrangements were completed, at the request of the agencies, to centralize this activity in CIG for the continued exploitation of this valuable source of intelligence on the Far East and Siberia. Accordingly, on 1 December the Washington Document Center was taken over by CIG and became the Document Branch of the Office of Opera- tions, which resulted in a budgetary saving not only to each depart- ment but to the government as a whole. In addition, the Document Branch of the Office of Operations can be used to form a nucleus for the further centralization of the exploitation of other foreign docu- ments which are widely scattered and in the exploitation of which no single department can efficiently continue to operate. Approved For Release 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059A000100140078-0ISIECIR STATSPEC Approved For RWease 2001/08/07 :.QIA-RDP67-00059AM6100140078-0 .CKI c. Coordination of Biographic Data; There existed a serious and unnecessary duplication in the reporting from the field of biographic data and in maintenance of this intelligence information in home offices. A plan was prepared and now has been published (C;G Directive No. 16, dated 1 November 1946), which allocates definite responsibilities to reporting agents in the field, provides for coordination of this reporting of foreign posts, and for its transmission to the proper home offices. This plan per- mits the continuation of complete coverage on biographic data in the home offices as a whole despite serious personnel cuts within each agency. In addition, a plan has been approved and initial action has been taken by CIG for the establishment within CIG of a Central Bio- graphic Reference Index File which eventually will contain basic factual data on all important personalities on which files are kept in Washington. This card file will indicate to researchers the lo- cation of the complete dossiers as well, e. Establishment of Intelli nce-0 erations relationship with State-War-Navy Coordinating Committees A plan was prepared and is in operation which establishes a close working relationship for intelligence purposes between the CIG and StNCC. This plan allows the CIG to render all possible as- sistance to SWNCC in matters pertaining to National Intelligence and fills a serious gap which had existed in that this interdepartmental body formerly had no intelligence agency operating at the same level, available to it, f. Provision for Coverage of Foreign Langua ee Press: There existed an urgent need for the definite allocation of responsibility for coverage of the foreign language press in the United States. Several agencies were attempting this task with lit- tle success and considerable duplication of effort. A plan was pre- pared whereby responsibility for this operation was allotted to the Department of State and the intelligence derived therefrom distribut- ed as coordinated by the CIG. Again, this plan provided increased efficiency at lower budgetary costs. Provision for Coordinating Acquisition of Foreign Publications: foreign publications, a plan was prepared which provides for the es- tablishment of an interdepartmental committee which coordinates the Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100140078-0 _or must maintain an interest in the intelligence material contained in Approved For Ref se 2001/08/07 : C'1-RDP67-00059A0O I00140 cooperative aisition of these publications among all government departments and agencies. This plan is to insure the rapid inter- change and loan of such materials, distribution of bibliographical information, and the necessary security measures for intelligence information related to the National Security. h. Plan for Coordination of Collection: There existed a need for the better coordination of collec- tion activities of the departmental agencies not only in the field but in the reporting from the field to the various home offices. A plan has been prepared and is in process of implementation which co- ordinates reporting at foreign posts, eliminates unnecessary duplica- tion, and makes maximum utilization of all field agents in the col- lection spheres in which they are of most value. i, Establishment of National Intelligence Requirements: In considering the responsibilities given to the Director of Central Intelligence by the NIA, it became evident that there was an urgent need to establish the National Intelligence Requirements on various geographic areas which would produce the current intelligence necessary for National Security. It was decided that the CIG and interagency prodedures necessary to establish NIR could best be de- termined by selecting one particular area (i.e. China) and produc- ing NIR thereon. Accordingly, NIR-China has been prepared and been concurred in for the NIA by the IAB. While its publication is await- ing final departmental approval of the implementing collection di- rective, the production of NIR on this area has permitted CIG to es- tablish a definite workable procedure which can soon be applied to the other areas of the world which are of priority intelligence in- terest, Without such a procedure, there formerly existed no method by which all intelligence activity could be "pointed up" to National Policy and Strategic Intelligence, I. Closer Inter-departmental Intelligence Relationshi : Before discussion of projects not yet in operation or com- pleted, it is important to point out that a very concrete accomplish- ment of ICAPS has been the drawing together of %pposite numbers" in all the governmental intelligence agencies in a series of roundtable discussions. As a result, there has been produced an intimate re- lationship between the many officials engaged in all types of intel- ligence activities which has immeasureably improved cooperation and understanding, and which has had and will continue to have a highly salubrious effect on intelligence within the government as a whole. k, Other completed accomplishments of ICAPS: There have been other accomp isMe-n-t a fected by ICAPS which are worthy of at least brief mention and which further the coordina- tion of intelligence within the government, Among these are: (1) Provision for disposition of the valuable USBSS files in the National Archives with adequate security protection through CIG. Approved For Release 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059AQM 8-0 Approved For Re4riase 2001/08/07 : CL4.RDP67-00059A00@400140078-0 sEcwiT (2) Provision for procedures in clearance of Intelligence Estimates submitted to the President to insure either complete departmental agreement or the inclusion of dissenting opinions to allow final evaluation in accordance with Intelligence Doc- trine. (3) CIG repres~:ntation on various committees of government agencies to insure that adequate national intelligence needs are met. Some of these committees are: SWNCC Psychological Warfare Committee Foreign Ports Committee 3. Projects Completed but awaiting final approval: a. Plan for Production of Intelligence on Foreign Industrial Esta'glis ents: plan, designed to accelerate the production of intelli- gence on foreign industrial establishments, by positive action of "flying squads" of expert researchers has been completed and is await- ing only minor revision to meet the needs of one agency, b. Coordinated Collection Directive to implement NIR-China: This directive which consists of a mutually agreed upon allo- cation of collection responsibilities to produce the NIR-China has been agreed upon by representatives of all departments and CIG and is awaiting final clearance by two members of the TAB. co MIC-CIG relationship: d. SAB-CIG relationship: Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RI f 000100140078-0 Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : G%t-RDP67-000592j78-0 4. Projects now nearing completion: a. Plan for Program for Coordination of Intelligence Production: A plan for complete program for the coordination of intelli- gence production between and among CIG and the departmental agencies is in final draft form as prepared by ICAPS and awaiting submission to an ad hoe committee of the IAB. This plan is based upon alloca- tion of production responsibilities in accordance with both the capa- bility of each agency and its own departmental mission. 5. Projects now in planning stages: a. Plan f or Coordination of Dissemination: Under ICAPS guidance, a study has been prepared by OCD for a program to improve dissemination of intelligence in and between CIG and the agencies. This study envisions a gradual approach involving standardization of terms, methods and reproduction facilities. b. Stud of Captured German Documents: 1study is now in process at U76 request of the Intelligence Divisions 'WD, as to the advisability of the centralization within the Document Branch of the Office of Operations of the exploitation of non-technical German documents now at the CMDS,,.War Department, and being exploited by the Special Document Section, Intelligence Division, '9DGS. co Liaison between CIG and IAB Intelligence Agencies: A Ops Memo is In-7-in-a-1-draft form outlining the liaison authorized t6 CIG officials with the IAB intelligence agencies. This Ops Memo is intended to clarify for CIG personnel and the depar t- ments the desired liaison status and to prevent the confusion result- ing to all from overlapping and unnecessary liaison contacts, cio Liaison between CIG and departments and agencies of the govert neat not represented on the IAB: It is a duty of the CIG to both provide appropriate intelli- gence information to all government departments and agencies and to use these departments and agencies as a source of intelligence in- formation. ICAPS is charged with liaison in this respect but must further provide a plan for working liaison between CIG and departmental operating offices. A plat is in process whereby all such departments and agencies will be asked to provide a security approved official who will serve as a liaison contact for CIG personnel. Thereafter, contacts which are approved by ICAPS will be arranged by CIG offices through the designated official. Approved For Release 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-0011140078-0 NOTE: This is frank and probably should go no farther than ths, DCI. 6. Difficulties encountered by ICAPS: a. Many difficulties have been encountered by ICAPS in effecting the plans and coordination that have been accomplished to date. These Approved For Re1se 2001/08/07: C RDP67-00059A00Q&0010078-0 difficulties can be attributed to the following causes: (1) Initially, the lack of understanding of each others problems by departmental agencies. (As mentioned above., this has now largely been eradicated.) (2) The need for the regular establishment of CIG by Act of Congress with a clear definition of its mission and the re- lief from responsibility of such mission of departmental agencies. The uncertainty now existing causes departmental agencies to very, properly fear to turn over tasks to CIG which are susceptable of centralization but which are of great importance and must be as- sured of continuous execution. (3) To speak frankly, the lack of vision in certain subordi- nate officials, who fear the assumption of to a by GIG and the elimination of duplication will endanger their own position. (4) The fear of service departmental agencies to turn over intelligence activities of great operational concern to them to a quasi-civilian organization. t5? The failure of IAB members to properly acquaint their representatives with their own policies before sending them to CIG meetings. In turn, the seeming failure of the representa- tives to properly brief their intelligence chiefs on matters dis- cussed at meetings and the underlying purpose of the discussions. (6) Frequent changes in announced policy of IAB members as expressed at meetings and as governing their concurrence in CIG papers. rjf^ SHEFFI.EZD EDWAIRDS Colonel, FA Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000