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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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October 24, 1946
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STANDARD FORM Approved For Release 20"Wf `I A 00598090100140085-2 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO :Mr. Donald Edgar FROM :Colonel S. Edwards SUBJECT:Staff Assignments DATE: 24 October 1946 1. Undersigned is now working on following projects: a< Biographical Intelligence b. NIR-China - later global (?) o. Washington Document Center Preliminary measures to standardize filing systems in Reference Files and Reporting Manuals e. Preliminary measures for preparation of working draft on Coordination of Collection 2. The followl ng is submitted merely as a suggestion for a breakdown of staff assignments within ICAPS into logical divisions. It is realized that we may not be quite ready for this, but at least such a breakdown might well be of use as a guide in assigning individual responsibilities to the staff. I believe the principle that must obtain is to prevent the staff from becoming so immersed in day by day problems that they fail to exercise the utmost initiative in progressively increasing the efficiency and extent of inter- departmental coordination and planning. 3. STAFF ORGANIZATION ICAPS' (1) Ops. A - Operational Coordination of Intelligenc8 a. Overall allocation of responsibilities for production. b. Coordination of Collection o. Coordination of Research d. Coordination of Dissemination & Reproduction e. Coordination between Assistant Directorates within CIG (2) Ops. E - Functional Coordination of Intelligence a. Scientific b. FI.E, c. Technical d. Basic Intelligence Compilation e. Topographic (Geographic) Intelligence f. Libraries, files, and documents g. Intelligence services, reproduction, etc. (3) Plans - National Intelligence Planning a. NIR b. National Intelligence policies c. Investigation of new intelligence sources SE e. Relations with JCS, SWNCC, JIC, MED, JRDB, etc* f. Relations with Depts. not in NIA Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100140085-2 CONF DENt Approved For lease 2001 !O7 ':--t 1 f D~P6 059 0100140085-2 4. Org ization Organization and Jena ement as Tables of organization, charts, duties, etc. b. Administrative and personnel policy c. 'Organizational plans and requirements 5. Liaison - Interdepartmental Liaison (An additional duty for one individual each from the four parent intelligence agencies) (These four individuals are also charged with fc llowing up on matters before ICAPS which are either exclusively departmental, or of particular concern to their department). Office administration and coordination. Preparation of minutes, routine reports, etc. S EDWARDS Colonel, FA Approved For Release 20059A000100140085-2