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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For R,se 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059AQQ00140089-8 St MARY - 23-27 SEPTEMBER 1. Assisted in revision of notes on CIG projects for use of DCI in conference with NIA 2. Prepared directive to ORE requiring that office to be prepared. and make definite plans to take over control of Washington Document Center by 1 December. Progress reports on 15 October and 15 November. 3. Conferred with Colonels Ennis, Williams and St. Clair over administrative problems of WDC, with the point being made that if CIG transfer civil service personnel, War Department must leave the key military personnel now at WDC in p 1 ace. 4. Prepared memorandum calling second meeting on Coordination of Biographical Data with draft plan attached. Advance copies of draft delivered informally to Mr. Heck and Per. Neal. of State, to Colonel Lacey of War, and Commander Redon of Navy, 5. Prepared comments on FIE plan strongly recommending that CIG be the parent of "flying squads" incident thereto. 6. Attended and took notes for minutes on ICAPS meeting on Coordination of Dissemination. Representatives asked for certain information by 8 October upon which second meeting on t.'.is subject will be based. 7. Attended meeting with Secretary S'r2'1.NCC at which procedure for CIG cooperation with SWNCC was decided.. Plan to be prepared for DCI to this effect and presented by DCI to S"UNCC at an early meeting of SWNCC. 8. After ICAPS conference on incidental administrative problems, prepared memorandum for DCI to General Chamberlin stating CIG's policy in regard to WDC and asking him to submit his d efinite desires in this regard. 9. Prepared draft of CIG directive announcing the procedure for establishment of NIR and attaching Special NIR for China Area, 10.- Attended meeting with representatives of USBSS and National Archives where procedure on turn-over of files of the former to the latter(under CIG control and monitor) was decided upon. Master index of this file to be made as closely as possible to that of the Washington Document Center., 11. Notes on meeting concerning departmental primary responsibilities in Collection and Evaluation of Intelligence. CIG willprepare a draft plan for coordination of Collection and Collection Directives. Departmental representatives will each submit their plan for allocation of primary responsibilities in the broad field, to include Evaluation. Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-0`b059W0 0140089-8