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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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January 20, 1947
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Approved For Re4pase 2001/08 MEMORANDUM FOR R. EDGAR: P67-'00059A000100140146-4 w January 20, 1947 Subject: Weekly report - Week ending January 17, 1947. I. Projects carried over from previous week: 1. Political-Psychological Stud on USSR (GIG 20). Contract signed by' all parties. Arrangements made or disbursements from Special Fund by . Will drop this item from future reports until new development occurs. 2. Coordinated Exploitation of Enemy Document Repositories, (CIG 21). Second meet ng held January. Agreement reached to make corrittee report to IAB giving results of findings which in- dicate that two four-man teams, one in USA, one in Europe, may be expected to complete project in two years. It will be recommended that since no IAB agency can provide translators, CIG tiridertake the employment of eight translators on temporary, basis. Committee report will be circulated to all members before submissio 5t 3, 3. Intelligence Terminology. Reference t joint memo to JIC and DCI, have informed Capt. Habecker (JIS) that GIG is ready to carry out the recommendations in memo. The memo must first be approved by JIC before Habecker can pursue the matter with me, and therefore am awaiting word from him. 25X1A 14. Coordination of Foreign Port Data. Called to learn why no request had been received. He stated request had been drafted and awaits the signature of the Board Chairman. 5. Centralized reporting, of propaganda and intelligence in for- eign press and radio. Since no plan has been submitted by Chie , FBIB, I will drop this item pending further development. II. III. Projects planned but not yet initiatedt 1. NIR-Korea. Projects initiated during week reported ons 25X1A 1. Rosenberg Library Collection, has not yet received any definite in ormationrom USFET. He promised to send another cable if no answer forthcoming within next few days, and will inform me on its receipt. IV. Projects completed during week reported on: 1. Service Requests from Departments. Completed list sent to Colonel Harris last Friday. V. Projects expected to be completed during coming week: moved For Release 2001/08/07 IM Approved. 2001/08/07 : C RDP67-00059A0p100140146-4 VI. Projects expected to be carried over to following week: All items enumerated in I. II, and III, Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00100140146-4