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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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September 16, 1946
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Approved For Release 2001/08/07 : ClA-RDP67-00059A000100140162-6 16 September 1946 Subjeot Sur~+iary of Activities and Accomplishments of Past Week and Statement of Projects Continuing Uncompleted. Your Memorandum on Sub jest I9ated 16 September 1946. lr Establishment of telet e_communications with ~artic~ating amencies. Fo11ow-.isig exhaustive inquiries wilic:z indicated desirability of continuance of present courier system of despatchdelivery, letteravaswritten to D of TdI requesting ~ ecific delineation of rem onsibility for d?spatch traffic routing to CIG from Navy and means for fast delivery with special emphasis on non tiro rking hours ? A lector to ~~ID is s till in prepar~zt ion by designed. to establish teletype communications with the War Department. It is under- stood the d slay is due t o d ifPiculty in establishing responsibility on War Department end. Completion of this praject is being continued and is 25X~~pected this date. ,Establishment of Channel between JCS and CIG. With understanding that D of NI ~sswer to CIG ]meter on. subject r?carm:~..ended solution of problem on JIC~IAB level a general proposal for establishment of r?lations with JCS was sent as a memo to Director. NIe?tin s an Forei Industrial Plants, Intelligence Collection and ~ ~ ~!' ~issem.nation telligenos. Participation only in first two meetings. Lettercbspatched re- questing meeting of dissemination chiefs on 24 September,. 5. Li~.ison with p.N.I. Established liaison with Comdr. Packard designated as O.IV.I. liaison. officer ~v~ith CIG. rie was told that originator-mvas available to initiate any project v~rTiich ONI desired to t~}ke up with CIG. 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/07 :CIA-RD 0140162-6 Elf bhr Approved For Relea~/1001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059A0001(,~,140162-6 ~UP~IlULA,RY - WEER 25X1A 1, Discussions with on proposed Bio~;ra ica n. 2. Visited the Biographical Files in State Department and studied the system employed there. Prepared a proposed draft of CIG Directive on Coordination of Biogra~nhieal Intelligence to accord with various departmental plans,. Passed for comment to ICAPS membership anal to Office of Calleetion. 4, Action on .Biographical Plan awaiting receipt of a "cleared" State Department plan and comment of Cffice of Collection on draft plan, Future action will be submission of draft plan to agencies and invitation to an ICAPS meeting in the naar future for final approval., 5, An important item of infarraation received is that in dealing with State Department all CIG , offices must realize t het The Division of Control, Foreign Activity Carrel anon, Department of State must be in some respects considered as a separate agency, especially on covert activities. Called on Col. Gunn at Civil Affairs Divisions W. D. cad arranged t o meet CoI? Chard of the Information I~Tanagement Branch of 1$at office on 1? September far discussion of an,Y2~~'~elat~on of activities of that office with CIG, Discussions with on EEI bd ti . ee ng of ICAPS in which it was decided to call EEI the National Intelligence-Requirements (NIR} and tentative agreement made an f orm eta, S~. SE~bhr Approved For Release 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059A000100140162-6 Approved For Relea2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-00059 - --~~~~ ?~ September - A:~emo to Assistant to the Director wing the opinion of the C~ G officers and informal opinion of officers in the State Dept. 'regarding the use of the Overseas News Agency. 25X1A y~ ~ Sept ember - E September - Memo to Comdr. Redon, Navy, fcr warding biographic repor t forms from State. Signed by prepared 6 September /Letter to Me. Reckor d, Acting Chief, Research Division, Department of the Interior, acl~owledging his letter of 23 August. Signed by Mr. Lay. 25X1A 6 September - Prepared letter to re uest' f in q g in ~~~A~.on whether the recommendation made by was approved and the tests started. Further reaga.esting that the results, with pertinent recommendations for adoption, be for warded to CI G. Original letter prepared by flffiee of Cole ction. Rewritten by ICAPS.. ' 25X1A 9 September - Memo to re uesti th n t . g ~ a q ICAPS be given a brief .written report on the progress ORE has been able to make on intelligence relating to Rockets over Sweden and Russi an guided missiles program. 6 Sep`texnber - Prepared letter to members of IAB requesting them to designate a representative to meet with members of the CIG for a.round- table discussion on the @oordination of Collection Procedures. 25X1A ZO September- Memo to ~e requesting, O~iE to make a report on the 15th of each month on the progress being made on the development of intelligence on the t3SSR. 10 Sept ember - i~~emo to Executive T~irector giving actions taken on letters from .- State suggesting interdepartmental meetings on biogr~,h.ic intelli- Bence and intelligence collec ' Approved For Retease 2001/08/07: CIA-RDP67-O~f~~9~ w "?. b. ".. '^' i ~ Approved For~Release 2001/08/07 :CIA-RDP67-0005~~+Q00100140162-6 .~ .~ ~3 ~T., --.._lQ._September~-_c_D~F _to -Executive. Director -forwarding Operations Memo - ------- -- ----No.---2 xe CIG--Office Recommendations on Interdepartmental _.__-- _._-: __ _. _ _ _.. Coar~ d3.nation of Procedures. - 11 September -MemoA?to Executive Director with discussion and recosrunendations of the Risclosure of Military Information to Fcr eign Governments. 12 September""-Memo to the 'Director concerning tYie relationship between the JCS and CI G; proposed plan for. --- D/F - 12 September to ORE requesting .that a communication be drafted on _--intelligence on ~-Bomb- explc~ions in foreign countries for ___-possible dispa.tch_to_.Ceneral Groves. requesting information on - __the results of the RAKER tests .and for possible presentation to the Director. 13 September - D~F to Executive :Director forwarding - censorship -planning fi]_es-and asking for concurrence in undertaking --- through"ICAPS to~-coordinate the several federal censar- ship planni.n~ activities until the-Censorship Planning Section of-the:-Office of -Security be set up. 25X1A -~ 1.~ September to informing him of an agreement from Col. 25~~~--- -- - . _ __ - - ~_to _ undertake _ the drafting. of _a pro~osed_ NTA Directive acce~~ing the Security Advisory Bo rd~_Q~'/I~_from S~NCC sub- cQmrn~,tteex and requesting him to prepare.. such a draft for ---ICAPS~ _considerat ion. Approved For Release 2001/08/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059AOQ0100140162-6 'S