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November 17, 2016
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July 21, 2000
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April 16, 1947
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Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP67-00059*00040010000TRICTED 16 Avril 194? Assistant Director, Reports & Estimates Intelligence Staff, C Z ion Reports on Latin America parses, Situation Reports velyscheduled for mrodvotion r study of this problem, however, the Chief of Loan Br*nob has advised the Projects Division that a 3Pied on this area. In aentrast to other areas gen- "stones A serious shortage of personnel experienced or reasonably adequate Situation Reports on Latin Amur- and in the foreseeable future it' will be Impossible tra, -, very few A>sericans have lived or travelled in Latin Ameries or studied this aarea. A lash of even the most banjo elements of inteuli evel 3 c of interest in the area and 0upation with o idly restricted upsets of the sation. peri- *noe a d discussion i. icates that ia~nrent in this situation through activities in the participating dopert- ments unlikely in the near future. 3. r these ual c rat ex, mutual wt hods allair justfied and necessary to enable (!R$ to produce Situation gMW information on raoticalll* ever,' country in Latin America. This appears to be a con nee of both a gee, top s on Latin America ihich sill be worthy of 010. Accordingly Detail from 010 on* P-6 and one P-3 to the tS3 l a- a in each of the toll countries for a period of ftw monthet Argentina Brasil, re~ct3ieeo, Chile., Their mission after caret. ' is in ,, will be to prepare, sources a material , ai~e" locally, a situation the following plan, Bch the Chief of the Latin American Branch f'ee 1, taln will produce the desired results, is reeammeended as s old .projects Approved For Release 2000/08/23: CIA-IBDP67-00059AO0040010WESTRIC C0 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000400100030-3 om of those oomtriss, mate :".tal w,. rOTIOWO rotwx of the personnel to Washington. tio> upon wMah the Reports are based. The Reports and the t ent'iy with or snbe.que to j *boonr, r me 10--5 to the US Emb&es ' in each of the 1Y#q a ela, Cuba, BoUwia, oloewia, era . er!~a cout~triss for four mouths, with similar miostons Csz,ibbsan area, Paraguay, Urugu*y, n the following lower-prtorny areaesr 'salsa. intl the beat method for ping Situation Re- sod upon the rieno+s o e plan would a3.taneousl.j result in the to to CIGs osrafully rs .ted would have fi rst- late knowledge of the oassatries and ly qualified as the ORE speoialists ~ o nt*ies. The doou ntary material which they proaured wo ld with necessary file information which apper " jr cannot be obtained in any other way. wo% d p-cduoe Situation Reports on this MV& of or qualfty which cannot be remotely approached at _- _ pount or the near future by any other means. : 5. , J!. Chi'' ?rojsots Division r igen" Staff, Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-R[5P67-00059A000400100I TRICTED