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December 9, 2016
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August 29, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/.09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048 3 ~lfll'~I CIA. i~ doing ~ taette::r fob of briefing tlae cable tf"iic than SIR mate ~}eper~ent. (fir. ~ob~rt ~`. ~.s~ Ae~3iata~it to :x~'; fir. ~. Park Armstrong, Speeiat Assiet~at tQ th+~ Secretary ch asad Intelli~,ence. This ^A dents are a e~al.uable ac~?iitioa t~s t S3aily sS cif hint of ~t?~f'.f to tYze Cc~,~~aander-3.zx-~~i.ePi f3ffic~ of Secsretaxy ~ecretar,~ tt~ tae Joint Chief ~ c~Y 8ta,~f. ~ ,~. ~'he o~ttL~4tlon ~2epoa~s are 1.nteresting anci $aluable. of .t+e; SeGretaxy of Array. ~ ~t? ~'he social evaluations are itar~erest3~ and ahaaulr~ be produced ~:~ (Secretaxq of Ar~y; Assistant C~4 al3tiaal ~f.I.itary ~3a~i~,y Ssnary ~ou~.d bB improved by t~~ -,~~ of a special ~tatic~a ttr indS.cate the n~,y~s tops inte2~.f.genc~ item? ~ecre~arp s~ ~3s~uty Chis~ ~~ ~ta!'t', {~eratierts USt~+'". ~'cs~ Daily ,~t~az'~r sk~ould be 13raited to it+ o~ ut~'~ ~~,graif i- ~~h~.ef of Sta:C$~ "~~A; 13ir~retor oP Inte2ligdnce, ~#SAF. ~' ~us~aary should coratine~e tra ear. ~' the brief' su~at3.on rao.ez~ts which it ~ox~nerly eontsi.n$d. {Chfef of tstt ?ktsi.grte, OS'. } fibers is too ~nuc~i e,lis vn ;~nlitical inte~.ligence in trie ~3af.1.y uu?,~. {~put~' TJirnctoar of Intel~.igencs, Hq. t3'. ) 'there has heerc ec~nsc~rabl~e improvement in the and es in tY~ past ?~ ~ngnths. director off' Sntelligence~, ~,~S.~F. } IQ. T`he S~rw~ary ~ often repetitio;zs of the I3a3.3~' +ss3.c~~aal.].~ cnntai.ns ini'ormation that is "sta~.e". (office 1~.? '~&ere .ar? not enough artic~.+ss in the ~'esk~,,y 5~ry on Russia and uatellitea.. ~S~acretarYv ~atiQna~. Sec3xrity ~oune~l.~ 12. Z'he Meekly Summary often has some valuable special articles of which the recent one on the Palestine situation is an example. (Pdaval Aide to the President.) Approved For Release 2000/09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 Approved For Release 2000,0.9/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 ,~~;+~~~ ~7F I~Z~I~'f',7~UAL ~' "~ ~~ ar~d `sir Sriea acre read rsui~r~t h~ tz~ ~resid~~l. ~3~ ~'.` , ~ s GppY is received Say hie ba~ral ~.ds, Capt. ~, ~. 1~ennissan ~~a '~~" ~~.~ issues,, marka ez.gni.ficant items Frith a red pencil. and occa- ..ss__ __ ~:.._ _ _. _, :_ _.. _ _ ch ~egn3.scan thinks he ~ti.12. be particularly inter?~sted.~ ^____ the smeary tc~ t~ ~reaid~nt x~nsgn slataoratea , f~ ~ f sReatesncee on an itesar- Yee h~ mod, Captain ~a;~3eor~ ~atses nra _b.a - -- '~.~ ~aateria~. ~rbich ~s ~3xead~r ~,~ csaxidsr~ed. n says that the ~'x`esidsnt f lads t~s Swm~arie;~ e;~~siy e~zly ; ~ sae consideresd by Denn.ieor~ to be: aRxoerl~ent iiis . e~tiot~,s Por ie~gvent of th$ l~a~.I.y S?~zy ~xre two; ~l~ d3.scontinue the practices of rs.~eren.ces to preavioua issues of t1~ sa and. instead i.~.ctude a ~' sen~en~ ar t~ from labs rc~erer~ced ite~u. ~irev#.aue :issueas have ~sual~.y '~ d~8t~txyed~ rst~d tra C1~8,, or for rather remsor~ a~ not readier avai].a.b~.e ,~..~ .~ ....5~s....~ ~ ~. _ fw ti .,~.. _ $7,~d ~ tif.rectly ~iet~ ~rL3 ~. reaSeana fs~r disGr@~'.'I"~~di~ fl ~T`EiZ~~t~1].B~~1t`G:$~ Btu T'~?~3C3t''~i+ _ _ -- -_____.._.__._ _.........,,...~ ~~_ cretax~f has not assn the I3ai1y or ~e~:2y 5t~ma.ri~s ~ ar the past i'iv~e ,~_ . ~obesr?t ~. mss, ~pe3cia7..~esistant #~ thes scretr, r~,.~i,s both --~ ... _,_ ~..?Qr scr~rtary aar,st~33.,, and if tare is an: items ~rhi+~~z t~~a seems c3arnes cral.3,s it to .k~.s attention. ernes ~crertary ar3.I. reads the s.s traffic ta}~ mast of +eakltiy ar+~ laass?~, and 3aa adxiitis~n, reca~.ves a da~.lar sheet vth#.oh ~. appear irx the Daily and ~.~ is tk~n called to t~ ec,~et~.ry+s~..fa.~- sttesrztc~n by ~rness. ~Sa other individuals sees the eurariee. of the ~au~~et (1) sRe:ferenees to back h not eaai~,y availab3s shou~.d be replaced by ~- ei~nificant _ - ~ - ~- - sribed as the practice of ueir~ as C~ ccr~aesnt, the observ~tion$ caf tip tsri~in$ttsr cif .the sotu~e dispatch. It siu~uld be: clear, accc~rdixt~ to ~, ~thet CIA ie x~sly concurr tirith an a~.ready evalur~te$ dispatcty ~3~ men C71~. caza~s3ciers a r?.r si~nificaxit esnough to priest it aru~ credit it ~o ~ ~o~ax`c~Et~ gore ~i.e~.tios~ should be ~ives:s ten the CIS.. Borst f~.~tly ~'~.tese a pos~.tion of,~te~ r~on-cc~nceuxencs, Approved For Release 2000/09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 Approved For Release 2000/0.9/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 eels that CIS ie do~.n~ a better fob than ?~iR of the depart- ns-nt a~' Mate in its selection aAd aval.uativn ~~ aable$. Owes ~ strox~ that the distribution of tl~e Saz?i~s sr~c~~tlr~ be ~.i~ted to t tap cparstional and. plaxxnin~ ~.ave2 of~'ici,al.s~ and shrauld resat ~nclud~ the i~tel.2i~ex~ce divisiesns of the var~~.o;~ lAC a,~enciea. ~'~he I~pa~ent Y~ ~ this st~b~ect are cv~ered ~n detail in a separate oras~:dt dated ~~ bxxy 19.8 to Chief, Surrrey Oivisivn attached as 1'A;8 ~~ rr.r~urrrrr ~rrr~~ rilr~~~~Irrrrrrrrllrl~rllr rrlr~r lrrl~rrlt ~3. Lehr reads and marks h3,s copy of the ~`~lY ~~.ry each day tie ~`o17.crei.r~ d~ the marksd portions of the summary c~f`ter- vn t4~e ~'cr t~ private conference held vrith the Yreeident. ~n trips ~rl~re t3~r daily ccz~i`erenca grocedure # s resat follc~ect# the President # s cr~pies of the ~,~i~r an~3 Meekly ,~uersarg are held in ~aahinton for his Idava'1. A.ids,, a~ Ad~sal ~,aahy~ts acagiee are t`].o~rn tv him by pouch far h?.a urea ~xd fc~r tie ~sident. ,An ~add~.tionai. grocedur~e c~ccaeivna es~pxoyed when tk~e I~s~.dent ~. Ad.~iral L+~ahy are bath out of .the c+cu~xtry ~s to ~r~~ either the ~d~iral cr the President by Top secret 3'~hite Louse cable 4~ a siiffcant ~. ~.c:z mi~,ht csthez? not be se~-~z prr~~tly. ~n ~:~aie of t~3is prac~- d~tre ~.s the cab2i of an, item cr~ncerniz~ the shvvtin~ cirreri of ~. planes. i~3.av f'i~hters; an event ~rhich occurred x~ Z,eahy and the Presid~rr~t ~' in aril. ~-?.z?a]. Leahy-s copies of the wily and ~+eekly Suaacies are slay re~-d bg C' er ~. t3. Crantha~, Aida to A.dr~ral l~ahy. Ccaartder ~ranth 1~hixa that the uiA co~cQentffi are valuab~,e but shvu].d rest be used tt~ corz~t an .f~:'e politica,3. grobab3.l~.ties s the; should dej'initelp be used tar de- ~esLe reports which i~aludad 3.n the 5aryf but in ~~ con- ~r:ca is laekixz~ or only partial.. a.hy and Cunandar Grantham are Drell satietied tie red ccx~teut o.~ the 8uar3ee as they a~~e currently garapared. aP D '~ Captain Charles 1~. BuQhar~a~i 5enic~r amide to ;secretary Poxetal reports that ttie tsreta~ reads the T~ai1y aurd~y e~rery dir. C~ptaf.t~ Buchanan ;d,ssd. that the Cecret~.r3~ asked. a short ti~te ado that d,s3.~.very of the Shy t~ h be speeded up so ~ could sea ~,t at ~Pro~it~e7.y the ear tie as the i~re~i.dant. `his atra~~ent :has bin mad$ and t?r~ ecrc~tary reads each issue early 3.n the ai'tarnocra vn the day of ~.ts issue. 3~r. F`a~rresta,3. ~lsc~ tk~e ~+~k3tiy SuZZr.~arYs thau~;h not as reli~ic~usly as the Bally S s such cor,.,siders "ti'~e hlbl.e# accc~rdi to ~dptain Buchanan. fir. Sow Approved For Release 2000/09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 Approved For Release 2000/x9/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 ~'", t~ pe~Gla1. ~sa~.stant to the S~eretary for Pc~3 ttc ~ . , ~,,.. ,u?~. also inter~rie~ared. ;~r. ~3h1~ sstici that t~`~e 7"~ai 1v fi~~~}3~~ fir. ~' feels that tkse sa~ary is an excellent ,job, .and said tkiat es- P+~e~,Y likes the ~;.,~ dents. 3s citad the exa~plc t~f an 3.u~n r~rg~?artin a dccvrment in ltaly~, ~r~~ich a comment indicated CZ.~ believed to be sp~rn~as, ~.~ se~reral reaecns `car this c~ncl~~ian ~xhich later proved. trr be c~rz~ct). fir, C}h~.y reads tY~ ;~,ly ~;~,"~ though not ae I.ar1Y or as prc~mp ply as the wily. h~3,d ns~ su~geations ,as tt~ :style cr c+~aent a~3 tstsd that he t~~~u~ht it rows an e~c~.ent scab. Beth ter. C~.y and Capta~.n Beta also believe tha C 53.tuatiQn Bsports to va].aal~.~~ ~'~' ~~. they fe$l, tY,at they ara a sytttheeis cf the bast infox~ued araal.ys ~,~ the s'sb ~e^t Natt , er covered. iao ?z~ in the ecrstaryt$ {~.f.~ice reads ~u ''i i z es ar" .th the excsptian caf I,t. Ca~cir. ~rse'Ys T5 Ccu:tro~. ~~f ^icer= '3''SOxI&~ C?~'3S~#rY~3.t~.L#ii th?k~. Yle G!CC.3~iu! ~"" -# ~?-~?r v vas v+~.u ;atu a~ y I1R~.lj~ skipp@E~i A~~ ~ Sl th ' D il b . +E e y 8-- ,ii$~f ~rhi'' C~.c1. t2i~'t Y perta,3n to h3.s fob although he fi ht b , g e per scana3l.y .interested fie the items. ~~ saki taa r~~l3azed that this could not be ~I~d aa:ch rse3pient had hd.s crarxa set of special, i~tex+ests. GkETtiRY t)F THE ,~' T~ Dal. and csi~ly Sur:x~ies are read avidly by ?r. Rc3yall, to Lt. Ccalc~i>$I Battey ~~s Th,~ ~ecretaxlr reaci~a like 3~aily aB scaan as it is rs~vesi, anc3 if' Sae ~ahaul.d miss an issue, h~a asks there it is. Copies xht,eh acrrive ~hi3,es the secretary is o~,zt of tom are saved for rxf.s return. ~e cane else in t.'~ cf.~ies r~tds this copy. Col. Haute stags that bath the secretary especia3~y dike the "pecia.l valzaations. SRBI'~ ' p~' T~ I~YY A~'fs~rs). the ~.d~tiral calks to ~r. 8u3.l.iuanis atttraticrn~Yt~~~se items . n .feels t secz etary 7a3d be interested. 'Phe cagy is ~1s4 read. by Capt~tiA P'itau~h ~, F~srsonal ~.da tv the seamy cif ~avp. In dddit3.oxz3 the ~i `ely summaries are seen by three .~.seistt sscretsri,~t~ of the ivy, ge a resW.t caf the neces.tary routing, this meekly su~s~ is wry oftexa a k ear ~~, '~ ~+ ~ ~-~ + ~.... ~.:._.. , ~ _ . _ _ ~ _ .. _ _ arl;~* 23,kes the CIA special evaluation ate. lesls that there ahtrul.d be mc-re caf ~? +~tates specit'11,y t3a;~t ia.s ~ault~ like tc sc~e ag analysis c+f tha: prle~t cif xlaat to do ~3th :~er.ny in vi.~r of soviet intransigence. ~` ~'~'~- '~~ also lie to. sere sxa ~ys3.s of tl~ current Ira~.~a, sit~a~,ticm {x~sm h uc as r~othi,r~ ~ bee~a published on tr~.s subject for- sow t:i~e. c~dl- . . . _ ___~ -. ~ -.~~?~,..... wne w~sv b~.i.F.i 11~S.YCT ~7C'e 1$,{2 $ d prior to the aru~unce~ent o.~ psx~t3.tion, Approved For Release 2000/09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 Approved For Release 2000L0.9/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A00040011004~-3 ~tc~ther ccs~ent by ~ Act~.ral. `~'t~oic~idge is cc~~aered in ~ Tap egret ~-~lental ~aport ~rhich is transm~.tted concurrently for yaux~ ir~fcrr~atior~. '~ Secretar,~ o~ the navy rears Isis r~~rkad eczpy flf ttie I? ~u~max^y r~ gul~.rly and sees perhaps a thix~ci df the ' Summary. ~..I1 Ada ears ~,pp~~ + sa'~~.sf ied ~rlth the production t~ excspti.on met~tio~sd a.~oue. ;In ~Iceiz~ the int+erv3.e~ ~;,ci~.xa~. ~'aoldridge, h+~ mentioned that ~ continuing effo~ should be to prod-ac?s intelligence es~.,imstes on as ti~,eiy a t~asis s~ ~.~t practicable. ~Ie feels this is being ciana :in tine ~?aily Summary but is net a].s tr~z~3 of ter special e~'.~. cations. Gapta~.n Lee feslr that a mars`t~ctcrry treatt~ent for the wily Su~nary ~oulc't be s. sex+as cif one or t ~$ highlights .rather than the ~ragraph trea.trae2zt TiC1~9' gig@X~ in tl~t ~~RLT~Y a~ ~'~ SIR FGRC '~ ~scretax~'~ s copy 3.s read daily by ?fir. G. ~. ?i.tney, :assistant Secre- tary of the ,ir P`aros,~ and by Colonel S~eney~, his ~:ide. nth ~alone2 nay a~ F~~r. Whitney accasionall~r flab an ite;a for ~r. k y~iin~Yton, the ~tr?y. CoI.. Sweeney suggests a ~box~ ~.t the tap of tree first page eaf $ p~.ily Suxas~'. Tape bow ~r~zld bs filled only on days ~t~en there was o~ ite~~ of top signif'ieance~, it othez~ise would be I~ft bl~. ' 1`~sels th~.t #.n. this gray tb~ day; s tap 3nte17.3~;;~-noe wculd be available a ~la~zce and ~rc~ul~i mot ,rave to ~ screened frc the rear~,aiz3ln~ itera~ of p~-ss3bly lesser significaa~cs, t~etYzer fir. :~itnsy nor this Secxetax~?,~ have any ~axi~~.c ot~ua~ts with Y`~tsrence t~ ties Ii~i.1y or l~tt~itly, but Cerl~ ~$ney motes that the p~~blic~.t' ox~,s appreciated. asgd xe~ad ra, by r. ~%t.tney, ~ou2d lza. r.c2e soncz cogent to 5xs~anejr if theg Mere ~~rzsatisfactoxy. ~~ SECi~b~,Tx~Y 'TC3 ~ ;~dn"1'.~pl!~L S~.T'TY Ct~3CiL ~'h~ ~ail.y and ?~eekl;,~ S?~aaries were discussed wlth ~;r. Ja:ae.s ~. Ys ~~'?, eFputy "~Cec~ti~re Secretary of the Coua~cil, who stated tt~.t all the pezraert s ~tf the Cc~urcil Pin~i the pulalicatiar~ of use. ~~'. Lay c~usried . 31dh ~. auexs, the xr~~aeci recipieigt, and relayed ttae inforat~.r~n. teat ~r. +ne~'s Peels tit ~l~ 1.s ?ic~ir~ a fins job insafarc as he c tell. x~r. Souers red that he did nat see the rr~.terial upon r~hicYm CZ~ publ3.caticm5 lid sa he is not in a position to ;~hd~,a the adec~uac;~ ai` they selsct~.~+n. ter. ors c?eaated that frees his vleYpoint, % rroald life ~c s~ mere ti- cls~ iu the ~ee~?y "u~.ary about w~+.. is ;Ding un in l~ussia ~1'id the Satei.l.ites. ~"he S~cr~taxR,~ ,feels ttz~t the articles in the ~~eiy u~,ary adequately cover 1~~ at$zer parts ?~f the ~arltt~, b~xt b}~x~ not enough ertiales on tY~ mast ar~a3. Souers persort~~I.3,y roads fire wily and Y~+ei:ly Su~ies Frith gularity. ~~e axe ~].so read. by fir. Lay, Dr. ~g~;s and~,~r. !~. ~. Dillard e~f the te~te ~q-~rt~nt; Colonel ~'ah~cn of ~:eze ~r~y,~ captain ,~ustir~ of Mize ~~' ~~- p~~nt, and Lt? Colonel ~e~ielbar of the sir ~'araes. Approved For Release 2000/09/07 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400110048-3 Approved For Release 200049/07 : CIA-RDP67-00059A00040011004$-3 ~~~~~~I 'TAT chile Several ~..senh~o~rer ~~ thief of Stuff,. h~.s ~putls ~a,;flr "Fenera.I. Marton J. oll~.ns, d rear Joel ~. kiollf.e, .A.ssisw?~nt 5ecreta.ry- ?' t~ f~naraZ ~:taff, mere the only persons ~n the office c~P the Chief of Staff had regular access t4 tII'~se i~aily and ~ee:.I;,~ Sursc:aries. ~cc~.s~.on~.3y, haeever, thei su~~ariss ~rere read by fit. Col.ear~l J. ~. ssr~, ,secretary of the ~eneraa. Sts,,?f. chk ~r1th trie office oP the Ct~.'Lef of Staff since the ~Paintr~ent of t~~ersl Char ~~radley to succeed general ~;iaenht~rer has ind?.catsd that _. ~ for ~radleyTs rersc~na2 Aids, the staff Qf ' the Cff ~ .~;~ of Chief' of y . } X?Ciri~~~n t~.l~ ~. ~'~r ~ ~~ ~~~ L~Ic"~~i e$tt~~.~?', ~r~'~~.~'C~a~ retained, ~.t lsr~st .for the time beiz~gt in handli~a t~~e ~;4 a=r~ ~~. T ~dllo~ ~~; prncsdure wat~ ~ effect ~rtien Ceraera3. ~iss~er was ~~~.~~' crf Staff, a~or reads ohs sexy and pas~res ~t rr~.tho=.zt cogent to ~enerai ~~.ns eho reads it ai~~oat daily. General Collies pass~.s #.t to tape C~'~.e-f` of staff rr~en ti~sra are iteu~s fn which he thinks tha Gsnera3. gill ~e ~.rr- tez~aetad. with Gener~.I. ~exrho~rer ~~nci General,s F'read it Frith their p~scils in hand"'. :c.~.senha~rer often gate such s~-argfi.^al r~ot,e~a, a.s, ~ Foorest.~i assn the?~ car ~~s~,ngtfln kncrmr this?'~ 1.n ~hicti case ~. coor- ~4tivn ~s effected Frith the apprc~pri.~.te offic3:e3.. Tf either ~.ol car ll.ins feel it ~.ppropriate, the i~irector of ~ Irttslli~snce i~ ca]eJ.ed 'fin to slbaorat~e an i.t at the ~skl~, Ge:~eral ~isenhr cut of tvaen a great c1ea1 of the ti~a? and rolled on the Intell~.,,sncs 1~ivi- ar~?s wkly briefing to keep him. posted. *~a~or ~iollis feels that the 1',~ily Su~xy z~~iould bes Iiraited to ite:~ of utmost s~.gnific?~ncer. ~~a~c~r Willis Felt ths~t the ~,eeltly S~marys ~aeoause of ~.ts 2,enrt~thi neet3sd :~r#.ef- b+ei'cre Censr,l .:"~~.senhcx Qa,~ it, The C~~ra]. eras interested 1,n appro~t-- a~te].yy cans--third of thc~ items 3.n tt~ I?s~.Iy Su~ar~-', b:zt felts i good ~agrouad and is one of tht3 bast inte3~..igertc~ publica.~a.oree. io7~lis that the see;