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December 9, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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February 16, 1950
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ER44134 ..-?Approved For Release 2401#11)ENTI1A120059A00040012,018-2 MENMANDUN FOR P 1 6 FEB 1950 GP INCE LLIGENCE ADVISORY DIRECTOR OF NAVAL INIRLI1GE10E DIRECTOR OF INTELLIGENCE, READODARTERS usrin STATES AIR FORCE manor Caaferences With United States Ger/orogen Returning Fran Abroad 4iJ9` 1. The bih lligenee potential of conferences with United States Government officials returning from abroad depends in ler part on the opportunity they provide to secure feaa such officials their personal and uninhibited views and opinions. This depends in tmrn on the guarantee which can be given to such officials that their remarks, however informal, will be honored by absolute and rigorous security precautions on the part of all attending such conferences. 2. in order to insure that such security precautions are taken to the fullest possible extent, certain steps are proposed to increase existing security guarantees and thereby further redmce the danger of eseurity violations. Since several security violations have occurred in the recent past in connection with participation of the intsingence agencies in such conferences, I consider it desirable to tighten up on the security aspects of this matter and to regularize other procedural aspects thereof. 3. The attached draft of a proposed agreement covering operational relationships in this natter is eUbmitted for your concurrence end/or comment. After the final text of this paper is agreed upon by all con- cerned, it is proposed that it be issued as an "Interagency Operatine, Procedure an this sdhjecto 4. It is believed that there are other Lionel relationships which need clarification and standardize netters apply to CIA's relationship with only one or a ligence agencies. After agreement is reached on these matters by the Approved For Release 2001/0700:1VHDENRIAtA000400150018-2 Approved For Release 2001/07/2CONFREMM000400150018-2 agencies concerned, published agreements at the appropriate policy level will provide the desired machinery for this purpose. ? I Should appreciate receiving your early reply, both regard- ing the substance of the enclosure and regarding the issuance from time to time of agreed-to "Interagency Operating Procedures" which are not so broad in application as the policy National Security Council Intel- ligence Directives or the impleventing Director of Central Intelligence Directives. Proposed Operating Procedure, with enclosure PC/ehb COAPS-14 February 1950 D/STRIBUTION: Director AD/ORE AD/OSI Chief, 184S8 AD/00 Return to COAPS Central Records ligned R. N. Nillenkoetter Rear Admiral, USN Director of Central Intelligence CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/07/26: CIA-RDP67200059A000400150018-2 Appr Approv "d IRIA-Seui FRPWLIO0 -LWIA- RAM fr el/ %:$13 lAtizto CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP 075CoRoEiT 2 TO INITIA DATE I fd--Oerfalle6 / 17 77-e-E 2 1.716t.k6 3 /a firi:Is ' et4 ? '7?44)r6.120. 4 5 FROM INITIALS DATE I 2 3 Et?-