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November 17, 2016
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April 21, 2000
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October 1, 1948
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Approved For Release 2000EQ,8{~c~lA-RDP67-00059A000400250006-4 CENT INTELLIGF~[dGE AGENGY 1 October 19?~ INTELLIGENCE ~'~t~C~t~A[Jb4 N0. 70 3TJII~GTz Foreign Ganstruction. of Tankers for the USSR la A check of Lloyd's Register, tr:~e Shipbuilders Cou4aci3. of kmeri~ the ~aerican Bureau of Shipping, and the US Maritime Go~,mission, as well as the files of the Transportations Group, reve?~ls 'no such construction of axr~r c?nsequence wad.erway in any shipyard outside th? USSR? Furth?rmore, despite negotiations with several European countries, the USSR has apPareaxtly been unable to negotiate axe cc~.tracts of consequence, ~ Trade .agreements az~.~.~h Denmark and this Netherlands provide far o ?i .; ~ of contracts coveritag nine tankers totaling 43,0 toes. Hozwever, should such contracts be negotiated, which is doubtful., fins]- delivery of the tankers Y+311. not take place far several years. 2a The absence of tanker construction for Soviet account is of 3.a~ tercet, because the inability to mava sufficient oil by crater is doubtless s matter of serious concern to the USSRe ass of 30 dun? 194, the ~~: '~ 126900 gross tons ranked twelfth in world tan3ser fleetsa) 34 The reluctance of foreign countries to ur+dertake tanker construction far the tTSSR is not surprising. Soviet contracts are frequently designed to establish far reaching econom3.c figs v~ith the Soviet Union? The USSR is usually unwilling to furnish steel and other materials needed for ship coas~ struationo The terms of payment' furthermore, often disregard the usual arrange~-er-t far Part Payments at keel laying, launching' etc ? In the case of Italys moreover, there is the fast ttyat the USSR will attempt to avoid payment by claiming the vessels as reparations. These and other reascns it most unlikely' that the Soviet Union will acquire stay significant amount of tagzker tonnag~- abroad 1,,, No report Ins been. received from Navy concerning the above subject. Although it is be7,ieved that the Navy report quill not c2~nge the foregoing conclusions, if atxy essential information to the contrary 3s devel~ed, it will be made available upon receipt by CIS. Approved For Release 200070~/23ETCIA-RDP67-00059A000400250006-4