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December 12, 2016
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January 15, 2002
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June 27, 1951
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Approved For Release 2002/05/09 : CIA-RDP67-00059AQ00400270024-2 S-ER-F GLR R g '27 June 1951 (ADS information unless otherwise stated) D I: In conjunction with SIGNAL CORPS IUTTELLIGENCE Agency project on 25X1 A the W ZTERN EUROPEAN ELECTRONICS ZNDUSTRY,,I problems of measuring industry output and reviewed industry data briefly with Mr. Gibson of Strategic Branch, Signal Corps Intelli- gence Agency. (2 bra) (26 June) n Ic . A?ati n cr nf nil analysts in S/TR was called to hear =:~]f 0? explain revisions In tre e.u osax ,u~aeae < (uv se es) now applicable to the various forms of transportation. (1/2 hr) (25 June) S-ErcaP .. ~ - - we 25X1A d DESIGN OF and LEND-LEASE SHIPI.'T'TS OF PARTS d iscusse for SOVIET "BIG BERTHA" BROADCAST TRANSMITTER with OSI/PE. (1 hr) (26 June) W/AG, conferred with Major Thaler' AM WEATHER NE VICE, on current weather information for the WEATHER CROP yiELD PROJECT. (1 hr) (26 June) conferred with of the '/An 10 , D Street CLERICAL POOL on the TABULA DATA. (3 hra (25 June) furnished OPC, with information regarding EXPORTS OF COPPER FROM CHILE AIM I..XSCO TO THE SOVIET BLOC SATELLITES. (1-1/b bra) (26 June) visited W. Land, NAVY RES?ARCH, BUREAU OF ORDNANCE, urpose of discussing with his the MINE FILLING 1QCAYN AS for the p HnX-3 and to compare it to the filling of a captured Soviet magnetic mine. (2 hrs) (26 June) 25X1A of OCD, at the request of the ECONOMIC COOPi ATION asked for available information on l INISTRATION 1 A ITALIAN SHIPI.4ENTS OF SULFUR TO THE SOVIET ORBIT m 1951? The purpose of ECAQ s request is to check on destinations of the quantities of Italian sulfur reported to be available for export this year. (3/4 hr) (26 June) Approved For Release 2002/05/09 CIA-RDP67-00059AO00400270024-2 Approved For .e ase 2002/05/099:CI~A-~2Qp67-00059) 0400270024-2 w .,. w w r P (Continued) CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD, Cannon d U I s r so contacte and Miss Hanes, yCI+-2, to ascertains on behalf of D/B,'~ PORTUGAL HAS PROMULGATED A BASIC AIR LAS' SIIIC= 19119? (26 June) ) as contacted by Mrs. Camnon, CIVIL A MONAUTICS I (g/lR , CIVIL AIRLINES ARE =I ACTIVE IN fl DOov MLkT t find out BOAT ) , 26 e) br) 25X1A CBINA? 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A (S/TR) discussed With IJ OCD, method of utilizing Intellofax related area code to show the 53 railroad systems of the USSR. Ii opposes this. Question will. be discussed w i t h b y (20 mires) (26 Ju ) (Clem ) discussed wit of OCD the substituting of Soviet railroad system iamabere for related area code in InteUofax code,, agreed? (1 hr) (26 June) ?A_ Financing. riplAted, to the external research project :1: involving I /-D 1A IN II'iGLISH OF CHYNMS HATr I OVAL R,-00-a--0,4_ ___~ e the pro - 25X A I were co le Vim. at- 25X1 A 25X1A sent to of the 25X1A who is directing the projecto spoke ' f the mco~ect n te t o s a ra by telephone regarding the aduu.nis for which has already made the raaceasary arrangeaxnts. (2-1/2 bra) (20 pane) Balance of ORE - Nothing to report 25 Approved For Release 2002/05/09 : CIAAR[ DP67-00059AO00400270024-2