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December 12, 2016
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February 1, 2002
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June 5, 1951
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Approved Fo F ,elease 2002/05/99 C ft MP 7-0005,$00400270040-4 .Oporl Door?" "Isolated . . . trapped by the symbols of office . . . hoer can he tune-ird on i?in Lrirx y_i_nn? VAn-hn:; the matter with shat 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A OA Diat Jaffe l (AD/R.i information unless otherwise stated) A3" ?: The AD/RR and the Chief of the O/I fl Economic Analysis Division met with the AD/IC to clarify CIA intelligence support on export control procedures, (L Juno) 5poc, recorunends to all,, article: "Problem for the Front Assts. Office .? Com.mnication"s FORTUNE., MV 1951, 25X1A Available in CIA Library Reading 25X1A .DA: Mr, George Pollard, DDpartt nt of STATE, requested of the name of a CIA analyst in a position to furnish bim INFOEM TION REGARDING GLOBAL PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES IN THE FIELD OF POV'P2 GENERATION EQUIP! E TNT. Mr. Pollard was given the names of Mr. Moth of O/ERL (1/4 ' hr) (1 Judd) 0/I: 25X1 B el consultant n D/I require or Intelligence on the ropean abrasive an machire tool industries, (1 hr) (3 Jan) discussed with O/ i3 Industrial Panel consultant, various procedures that right be used in determining capabilities of Soviet textile machinery plants for producing both civilian and military equipment. (1 hr) (3 Jun) ~s 0/CIA conferred with representatives of Non-Ferrous Metals Branch on the IL tTS OF COPPER FItCii CHILE and their relation percentage-wise to the US requirements for 1950. (1 hr) (5 Jun) I LTDRARY, consulted with Ferrous Metals 25X1A Branch, ?regardix REVISION OF THE FERROUS P,4ETALS SECTION OF THE CODE INDEX- (1/4 hr) (t Jun) Approved For Release 2002/05/09 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00400270040-4 Approved F ro Release 2002/05/09: CIA-RDP67-0005 000400270040-4 S--E.C E--T D/11 (Continued) 0/SI, consulted with IJ Ferrous Metals 25X1A s Branch, on HEAT B SISTA:IT ALLOYS FOR AIRCRAFT, (3./!4 hr) (4 Jun) 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A , Petroleum Branch, talked with Mr, Sears of the PETROLEUM A11 IUISTI?ATI0N FOR D + +ETNSE and arranged to obtain data in. the fax l stages of preparation showing CIVILIAN REQUIRE'.NENTS FOR PETROLEUM FOR 71;QRLi AREAS E CLUDI:UG THE SOVIET ORBIT, (1/2 hr) (14 Jura) received a call from Pars, Luba Richter, Regional Economist (Agriculture USSR), DRS, (Department of STATE in regard to STOPPING T >R- E- D/St 25X1A D Q: D/S, attended 114th meeting of Task Force utilization of foreign civilian : anpower, outline of Policy Staten, ent was discussed, (2-1/2 hrs) (L Jun) conferred ivith 00/NE, vith regard to a map for N m-36. (1/2 17r) (It Jun) Balance of 0/RR - ilogative Approved For Release 2002/05/09 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00400270040-4