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December 12, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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August 8, 1951
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Approved For Release 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP87-00059A000400280099-9 ~ `r.~ ORR ~~ F3 Est 19 t..~D/RIB infozmatisan unless other~.se sf~.-ted} DIAa Z~sarg. at~F,endeti a r~eet~ of SP ~' IAL 25X1A9a COI?Jt, ~ , 4PJ DA ST-~?'JBST TIC (TTSC~. fl,~h~',3.,~.ht,~ ~f tYte tip ar+e 13.sted Uelc~+rs I1x?. Harold Linderg STATE, ~d`~Pt~2TLaU O~1 tl~a went idEGOTIA- TIC~IS i2EGARL)TT~G the ADDITZOPd TO I~?1T~~ d~TT~iIAL LIST I QI~ 1~LVIOUSLY P1QT~'-AG`?~EL3 3:`1`~.~5. TI~I#iiTYmk~ OUI~ TTT:~.; 1'~ 11DDLD TO TI~G ~T~iT, leavinC 19? ir~ludin~ i~.bber ar~d tine 3ti11 on the US List ?Ao Scrose of tht~s~ v~,'~1 be added to 1I, II with st~.ctar quantitative contacol. LKCEPTTONS TO the. KEai:i A~r'~I+JDt.2EtdT k:' ~ ~ i?BCO:.~:1 ~-~mBD It'd TEiE CASE Ole GItE}~CEy 3TtAQ, LLxiAI1?Id, S~'ft7ll$ AFGIIAtd3STAidy AND 13i1R:fA. The CZI~ representatives ~com~?:~nded the deletion ~ ~ e.?~.-..-. ~,~,,...~ and their inclusion in thQ cl.aasi..fied sup~alement. This - ~tas agreed in d . A pro,~ress repox~ on c~~rtificatic~ns bt; the Lat~rc Ar_lerican repu~l,ics Tres. submitt~. by State, A a~a.3ority of the coeantx~.es are expected to be ablay to ma~ae.:rert3 ~ica~.tion as s?equired by Kem Amendment. Tt may be r~cess~~.ry to asl: exceptions in tho case of llargentixtar, Brazil, Chile, anal Peru, and possib~ ssaam4 othera~, Tri>a t~c~ru~Ir~ts or Try ~I3Ar suncozr. ~ ~ ors ~irE ~1~ SIiIP;.iII1T OP C?IZLE~fIb CO:aPEEZ :AS .l1YPrZt'iVI:D, It ~s AGE TIl1l?T tYio PdATO COt~VTRII;S ,'~OUID ~ COTaSIDBI?ED t AS A GROUP I.t :.;AAKTIIG ~`s. D ~ 1 ~ T.IIT+~TIC~ UT3D;~i TfID 1:.TM.I 11,:: ~`II~- i," +'t~ITo 25X1A9a D/A, ~a.~ add+sd tc~ tho draftamr.~ subco.~m~.tteen ~~ I~rs) (7.aug) ~,rrb ~ ATT~imED :.'~T1T~JG or ~~~ R l~~toCEDU.ftB SUBCO? x:~ ~? ,. . _8t ~icli LICL"'?ISD APFLICAiTut?1S .T'O~t I~ ~~3T 4i~ STP.ATBGIC C9:.~ i:It}DTTS~;S AitiiD ~QiTIP"Lily~3T Tn :;.USTR3.A, StT,"~:;~Z ~, ,~1;1D' Sy/IaD~s AISD IiUrtGAI~ ti ~ ~ Cp~dS1"AS~I). vine snd caper expert -pro~~rams for Austria far the 3rd and ?nth quartc3r~a ~:,re considered, but f-~ n.,a?, det~airs~atioi~ was deferred pexxi~ gag adc' 3.t~.ana1 information bn ~.~ locations to Austrian consignees. In ~~~h~is respect, the CIA representata.~ reserved his pos~.t3.on p;wnding an ana]:ysis of avail-~ e inte3li.C~nce y~ertaining to the re~,utabilitj of several. cor_~ s~mees :s.ridirca.t~rd as recipien~`~ of Zi11a~ and copiaer. ~~ZTH RESP ~,C7' Approved F?or Release 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400280099-9 Approved For Rele~ 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000~280099-9 D/A continued ~ ~ PROPOSEDL;XPORT TO A S~iiISS FiRZ.t KidOtiVN TO BE SHIPPING STRAT.EOIC COR~.40DITI,l:~ TO COi~.~:fiJNIST DESTINATIONS (as to rich the C~:A representatiee ~ presented intel.~.ig~nce) ., NO ACTION WAS TAKFi`I by the C+o~.ittee PENDING A POSSIBLE POLICY DETERP~tItJATIOtd ICJ A'~iaWEJi TO TAE QUESTIONS IS IT CONTR.AFtY TO US SECURITY Ir1T~ESTS ~ ~' US TO LICEI~i LIST II ITE2',3S TO A Vdr~TERtt L'UROPEAN COUNTRY (not a COCOPd ~e~nb~r) IF THAT . Ct7tTl~J2?P.Y z5 ERPOItTTNG S~1#TEGIC PRODUCTS Ta THE SpiTIL'T BLOC? The Ch~rcaan urged each C~nnittee ~ae~nber to present his agencg-~e s view 3yn this regard. (2 hrs) (7 Aug) 25X1A9a D11: r.Iessrs. taltsed with YKiss Iie~*l, Fiscal Policy and Trade Developnent Ara~nch, INCA, IiEG1!RDING an ~.+CA SURVEY ON i'lEST~N L'UROPEAPI AiTTT~-FRICTIOPJ B.~~IPTG PItGDt~GTiON AND TRAI3E. Tentativt~ arr~eraents we~?e made for CIA tr- ret~eive certain reports and ~ralls3.ng papers on the subject.. ; (1 l,/~ ~ (7 Aug) ~fr.~ FUIt'~JISHEG T~JFOR.4ATION TO I?'ar. Andersen, Irtdustr3ax. Div~.sion, ARr.TY ORDNAN'~I; DEP'T'., which he requested ON ~i>; ~ FACTURE, of AN I~LOSavL cor.`.I'0:`JEI~T Tp Bi; scI~uL~kiJ Ft~ ?.SAI'dC1:- ~`A~?~'t1I$E IAJ DIRGE- QUANTITIES. PTe'v3.0u81~y' coordinated N~..tt! 25X1A9a Gyi~ (y ~.) (? ,fig) 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ~.9 ~s OOH D]CSCUSSLD 'nrith Idx`. ~ 1~:a~:F't7I~$ EUROPu A.dD ^JORT:i AJVD C.T~J71~AL 1I,F'RICA, They estab3.3.sdcfd. fiat the s~aurces arere ~+a~th wile and reliable fox? future reg~s. (l/!t hr) (7 Aug) 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 3.Sessrs. IDD, COI!JSULTFD t~3.th ?,.ieesrs. ~, art COVEtZAGL OF r?/2~ TEE$J L'UROpE II?J 'T`~ ~~' ''It?IER,P.iS 25X1A9a I:'IEtS. 1 ~ ~ Aug) 25X1A9a fir. ~ visited the BUREAU OF T,i.]IJl%S, Aeoar'~ment of intsri.c~, ate. SECURFO D~ITA frcxn L'1r? I3v~diclce Faele Util.i~ation Brancha ?T+1 QUAIlITY OF PC3R1aTG?d COATS. (2 1/~ hx?e) (? Aug) 25X1A9a hiss DIaCUSS2,T1 R1;QU71~':~tTTS ~'Of~ IPJ~'OI~.tATION OI~I TfiE COAL I;JDUS7T8Y OF Y?/ESTIIi~l EUROPEAt~J COUP:TRIL'S ~3.th 2.'Ir. ~ 25X1A9a and I,~r' ~ ~ FDD. (1/~ ~) (a Ate) 25X1A9a 25X1A9a L4iss ~' FDD, COnaulted vr3.t3i LSr. ~ I2EC~DING tl~e .r"DO1~J0?.iIC ~VAI.dJE OF a BOOK va~itten by a Sa~viet a,sada~io~.an COVEJiIiiG TIiE. ?.'IAtJGAN""%SE ORE DF~OSITS OF 'THE. USSR. Certain parts wex~ cozy aidered w~c~thy csf txans]?at~.on. (l/2 hr) (? Aug} 25X1A9a 5~E-CSR-EST Approved For Release 2001/11/tT1?"CT~7-00059A000400280099-9 S?Q~-C~ FrT 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Rele~ 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP67-00059A00Q4~280099-9 D/l~~t ce~ntiata.25X1A9a 1+:qr.~ TAI~D tiYITH ~. Ortez .of STATE Tlepatent and P~tr. Strib]Ling Snod~ra$s' PETROITtfit ADt;4II~STRATIOr~ I't)R ~EF:yJBE, RI7.aAFrAIrIG the .~AVI$ALiILITY OF LaTAE#LISHIt1G A ~T~.Y3 PL~'I?0 AD~[SOR~C PANEI, TO TIC EIC. Farther dLscuBSi.vna 'arJ.l~. bs held on Ei2 (1/2 hr) (? Aug) 25X1A9a ~.~. ~ ?.qE'i' Z`i,ITIi I3a~e ~, 00/C, to DISCUSS PZ,A~tS ~.~~R :'LOITINIG TiIE Z90RT~ ~Jl~~A?.~LURGICAL CONS aich i.s to be he~.d 3.n Detroit October :9.~7L9. 00/C i.s i,nn the process of abtsin3.n~ names of vi.sit3~n~; de~.ogates ~o~z tiYestern Ltiaroge,~ also, of their U s Qa~unterpasts: It wms tisoid~ed that kT~ prepare a Jli.st of Cenaaca'L re~uirem?nts -for information relact3.r,~ to the iron and steel industries of ttao orbit e:oun~txies. 25X1A9a was unformed tk~at a representat,3.ve- of both ~~~ and :~es plan to attend the Conss. (1 hr) (? Aug) 25X1A9a Pdr. _ (k:~C) attended meetinC bf the JC~C (J'a3nt Chemic~sl ~arfaa~a Itr~eLZigerace~ Ca?mittee) ~ Sk'VE~I. CW itITELT~I(~rr~dC. RE~'C~iTS tE 17ISCUSSED ITICLC7D~_~IG ONI; OF Rk~'ORTI~J ~1~tVE GAS PEi.OllUGTI0i1 IfJ C~EC:iQS7aC1VAIiIA. Procedure was di,~cussed on IAC ae~nmittee ei~ee;tives few CIA semi-ax~nua3. CIY estimate on UDR. putline of the project and division of responsibilities are to. be pa?esented for discussion at the next meeting. (1 1/~ I~e-s} (? Aug) D/s: rrr. (s/TT'' Co~1SULTEA 1YITFi 2,~unitivns I3ranch9 7Ia, , 7.4ro , IFt, REGAT~tDING AVAILABILITY OF DATA FOR E~TAIiLZSIiZrIG PUEtCHASING POZ7II~. PARITY E7CCNArdGL P.ATk~ 13L~'~N ~fiIGARJC~N A11~1 U i FIR?.4S' DaY~1GAFtS BASIdC1 OPi LIBOR CQSTd Ynf obtained was lar~;e~y negative. (2 hrs) (? A'n8) ? ~r~ ~ ~s~"z,) cc~~er~r~ c00~D~IATIOrr of ~.~rnov~ D~A~A Arm TIICT ~'OR ,Tp 35 1~'VTTFI r:~r. Kirk of o]~, STATE. (l/2 ~ (? Aug} 25X1A9a ~,* ~ (u/EP} together with r epresentatives of S/7~' , end 25X1A9a S/ds ?iET i~JITIi ~;ac. of FDD at their ~- quost TO DISCtiSS TTtl~r7SLA7~ '?J' ft?~Il7CRk3.:E:3`~B t`~fxTH RLSP,:ICT .T0 ti7Eu TcJRN F~IROPE. S3.txce~ the Western :Ea''uropean Brar~h . of FS~D ., h~ just r?ecently hewn establishedi the above mentf.oned iuxtsrviews . r~+prea sntec3 prelimir~axy and rather general investigation of taans.~.ati.on proble~as. (]. l/2 hrs} (? Aug) '~Ieasrs. ~I,YET ~~T~i ~sr. D/A, REGARDTPiG then ~.O~I~i OT' A S~DCIAL aIAI' OiJ Tlii~; USSR felt u,ae in D/A and pOSa3ble rise in OAD/Rftr (l/~ hr) (7 Aiig} SSE-C-eR~;~*T Approved For Release 2001/11/0?`:"t~l~~d1~~7-00059A000400280099-9 5-SFr-C-~+Fr-T orw.nww Approved For Relea_ s~ 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP67-00059A00Q4~280099-9 L/G cvntinue~3. 25X1 Aga ~' ees~'s ? CQi ~ ' ~ 1RITI~ L'I~3s South~rds A,CI3! ARRiY' ?1.AP SII~VICE, R]~GAItAINC P?LTCY to be fol].o~d $~. _E4AP REl'fi.~EN`I'ATTOP3 OIL' SG~VEFiETCr?TTY C1I~ CERTATi'1 IY3R.EE~ JAPAPrFSE isrnrr~s ~*~m ?.~L1lP:DS ~ Ti1E CEiVTR1~L PACIFIC. (1 hr) (7 Aug) Pdr. C~TTiiE br~ofed. par$onnel of the Teahni~al. Service, ~?3.v~.s~.on, 25X1A9a D~Ca ~dessrso a~ A/G and ~ c~.f S~AU met ~r3th 25X1 Aga ~~~ ~ ~d ~! Ad~3.n3.etrativia ServiQ?s} ~ the s~b3e:t of ORR RESF'OiVSTBTLITY TP1 Ti~EE VITAL DOCU'L~11T5 PROGItAtS4 (1 ].J'2 hre) (? Aug) Bel.ance of aRR a nothing to re~3art 5+~~~E~ b +r y OM ~ ~r Approved For Release 2001/11/01 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400280099-9