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December 16, 2016
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March 14, 2005
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April 16, 1952
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ILLEGIB Apo ~Wi SECURITY INFOi ATION ORR Diary, 16 April 1952 25X1A Graphics Register, OCD, TO DETERMINE the AVAILABILITY OF MATERIAL 25X1 A FOR CIA/HR Project 9h-51, INTELLIGENCE DUAL OF FREE FORT'S AND FoRmaN TRADE ZONES. (1 1F r) (15 Apr) 25X1A p/A, I (CONFERRED WITH Messrs (G/A) and 25X1A CHAIRMAN. OF the OPERATING C011MITTEE, CONFERRED WITH I --I REGARDING unresolved questions with respect to the STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE TO TUE SOVIET BLOC OF ELECTRIC POWER GENERATING EQUIPMENT, ROTATING TYPES. Mesars (A/E) and 0 (Z/EE) WILL ATTEMPT TO DEVELOP specific ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE. (1/2 hr) (15 Apr) 25X1A 25X1A RAP N.easrs. 0 (I/EE) and (:/Air) ATTENDED AN OSI CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL COMPUTERS and their applications, world-wide. (2 hrs) 25X1 r) 25X1A 7 1 25X1A D (M/C) ATTENDED a MEETING OF the JOINT CHEMICAL WARFARE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE at which NIS..18 and OW RESEARCH AND DEVELOP-' N CZECHOSLOVAKIA WERE DISCUSSED. (1-3/4 91 A(15 Apr) QCI, TALKED WITHI (N/NF) ABOUT the IMPORTANCE OF COPPER IM PORTS FROM CHILE TO THE US. (3/4 hr) (15 Apr) 25X1 (S/TR) DISCUSSED WITH Lt. Cdr. S tock,p ONI, and Mr. Follaczek, OIR, STATE, the QUESTION OF PRIORITIES to be assigned To CERTAIN INTEL- LIGENCE COMECTION ACTIVITIES SUBMITTED TD THE BIC FOR _ APPROVAL PY THE TRANSPORTATION SUBCON MIT y i. (20 min) (15 Apr) 25X1A (S/TR) COMPUTED TRAVEL TIMES FOR the T NSPORTATION OF 2Q1 of OSI. (2/b hr) (15 APB') 25X1 2~ A MISSILES IN ME USSR (oso) CONTACTED I (s/TR) To OBTAIN INFORMATION ON the CHIEF AIR BASES IN. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, and the civil air- lines serving the area, together with their headquarters and ma1ntenance bases. Some information was furnished and selected files were made available. (3/4 hr) (15 Apr) Approved For Release 2005/03/29: C ftfttJ059A000400290051-0 Approved For Release 2005/03/29 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00400290051-0 %woe D/S (Con21d 25X1A (S/TF/S) CONTACTED N the PAR;A- 25X1 ITUM OF S OF "SERIES" DOCV NTS FOR PROCESSING IN THE ITR: (.1/2 hr) (IS Apr) PRESIDED AT the regular NIS CONMITIEE NEETINO. Apr) ((;/A) A T T E N D E D a ==FOG OF RESEARCH ATTACHE, who RECENTLY RETt F FOX the US Embassy Arrange- ments were made for later consultation wit or the purpose of obtain ng(sp cif, c information on the ~J Apr) (V(A) CONSULTED IaTH of another CIA office ON the ADVISABILITY OF COMBINING SEVERAL Ear REPORTS FOR ,THE AIR FORCE. 21r 25X1A d Messrs. ( A) ATTENDED a DEBRIEFING OF Nr. (2--311 hr) 25X1A I (Q/A.) WAS CONSULTED BY OCI, T?f'ho WAS. SUPPLI 2!5X1A xLROAD MAP: AND INFORMATION' ON 7-EC SLOVAKIA. (1 hr) (lh Apr) REPRESENTED CIA AT the regular quarterly NETINQ OF the t BO ,.HD GE tAPHIC YAM. (1-1J2 bra) (15, Apr) 25X1A 25X1A Messrs met with of another CU offii%`1$ ding special wall maps. (11? hr) (14 Apr) Mrs X CONFJU? WITH. Messrs. Barnekov and inuess? Department of STATE, WITH REGARD.' M ftEVI ING FACILITIES AVAILABLE FOR NIS CARTO- GRAPHIC SUPPORT. (I hr) (15 Apr) Balance of ORE - Nothing to report 25X1A 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/29 : CIA-RDP67-00059AO00400290051-0