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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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April 15, 1952
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5F~URIT1: ~dFOITIO~d ~Appr'oved For Release 2006 CIA-RDP67-00059A00040Q290052-9 - ~ r~.rr ~ ~~- 2 ~ NOS ~ ~' # ~ ~ There w..~,1. n?t be aza Cwt Staff 2~e lcm ~ ~ ~' OAD/RR: 1 h?7.d sepa~ta u~etan;;s w3.fh (a) Cdrs. Dearer and Stock, 02II9 (b) Lix?. Kul1~?en~ G~2~ (c) '? ~/icdcmanny vRS9 STATEe and. (d) ;Srm Doherty IFI~ STATES TO DISC;,~SS items on.. the EIC agenda for Tuesc~a l5 April 152.. (5 hrs) ~1~ Apia) ?~essrs. _ (A/E) and ~ (~) ATTEY~LDED a tt.1'EEETT~IG OF the OPERATItIG CO*TtITTla~ which (a) -accepted COCOPd reco~tP- rnendati?x~,s with respect to locomotives' (b) redefined ].?comotives for US export control purposes and (c) disc cussed rotatinb electrical ~ener~tin ; equipraent~ but a?iaachodl no aCreement on the specific items to be added to the US List IAA, (3?1,,?2 hrs) (1!t Apr) (M~AG) TALI~D .~4ITH Qvren Dawsoni a cora~ultant~ aAn,TTd Off Andax?sQn~ ~=~JS Denari~rr~nt of AGftICULTUftE' RIlf~ARDING -CHINA 2~~1A AI~D~ OILS. (]. hr) ,(7.Pt Apr) (Pd/:JI?`) C0; P ~ ~dITII : iss '~~;r and :Ir. iie~lson .; ~at the US DtJREAU OF ISI:IGi R.EGARDITIG Exb'Oi~CS OF COFPI~ FRA:: the ttirce princ~.ga~.:ominin compana~.es in CHILE. (3-1/2 hrs) ` 2~N ~Pr) (~/Y) COPII''Ek2.~EA ~+i~II ?,Ir? C. T~~ Bux?ri11.9 PETROLEUM 1lDI1ITIIS'I'IiATIOII I'01?t DEFIIISE~ OPI ~I31E-~,0, (1 I1r) (].tt Apr) .,(M/P) CQTJFERI~D 1!1'1'II r'azroi~n. Transportation Divz,rdiond PL'~OLEITLt 1lD~JIS7.'R1ITIOPI FOR. D ~ ~ ''ZdSE~ ON OIL i'IPELIIIES TI; cANAD~:. (~ hr) C1~. Apr) (S/COI} :3?~~ hf of osz/p/c, A~TEIapi~ the FIRST ZdEETING OF the .CC`~d[INICATIgTdS AD. IIOC GROUP OF the ETC SUI3C0~![~ITTEE OII I~4~UTft~~N `S AVID FACILITIES FOR COIF! TIOIJ~ wPnich vas held in SCIA Arrr~ offices Old 2lavy Buil,dix~a {2 hrs) -(7~. Apr) 25X1A 2 X1A 00/C9 COI?ITACTED ~ (S/TR) T(7 OBTAN GtJIt?A-1C1; CO:ICER:IIIIG ~:PES OF AVIATIQiI rIFOREIE1TI0id of particular value to S/`:R, Sub,~ect of ma3or interest were indicated and I.iiss Begnoche was referred to I/Air far r,~atters concerning aircraft production. (1,/2 hr) (11c Apr) Approved For Release 2001/07/26 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400290052-9 S~F-C.~t,.I;:.T Approved For Release 2001/ 7/26 :CIA-RDP6?'0'bD5'9'A'QO'040029-9 25X1A ~.Tra }3yron L. Tor~aohlen, A;1R TARGETS DIVISIONS USAFa C0ISULTID the ~ ~ ct x-51 {'.:iEfi: PCR. ~ ) I1V Df ft and DISCUSSID 1'~'I TII TIIC DIS TRIB'J ~IOI1 OF UI2R PAPI?RS i 0 AIR 2X1 DTtr1SY0N.. (1 Iar) {~hc~~r) ..C,DjFt) and Eiessrs. (DA)s LCDR: Dua~nt -and ~'. Ryan OSI, met ~'r3.th cf University RI;LATIV7; TO a PROPASL;D PROJ~T relatin to g desi^nsti,.ons of various foro:i.Un e~cplosiv~es, UNTIL AD- DTTIUIIAI, I]A.STC STUDY Or' AVAILAT3LI; SOJRCES is completed b,,? tha other office, -iJ0 REt~UEST .ZLL DI; 2iADi; OF ORr~ FOR G(~dZRIBUTiONS to the pro~eat. 3ce'a~nic~tl. adv~c andai evaluation of the uses and vsilue of material ot~tained by the other CIAi offive f,~om pulal.ished intelliGence on the subject matter trill be provided, in the interim by ORR analysts, (l hr) {7.!} ~gpr) . '~FX'I D ' D i3 t `.~T PtITII .;dr. Gerard' Revietr , ilranchD (3-2,, C1N NI/S 26 (USSR) Seotiaa~ f;l (GROUPm FORCES) ;7E~'ONS MATERIAL. 2{5X1Ahr) {9 APr) - ?~T ZNITII '.'1fr~ Glinton~ ~ctinG NTS Committee represent~- ative? OIR, Department of .SZri71;, O;J NTS 39 (CIiII1A) Section 63, (AGRICUL:~ AND )FOOD) ar~d i1IS a {PORT~JGtIL) S?etion 63 2 3x~A "LS 'AND ]1~T~1LS2~X 1 At1/2 i~r } (9 Apr) ,. I:fET 1~JITH~ on finalizinG ;11`39 (China) ~~~~~on 5":t. (They Constitutional. Sfstem). f 3~ hrs) (10 Apr) ~ . i.~T l~ITti Colonel Varidex~x?ift and fir. Si~aaons, TRA:7SPORTATTO:I CORPS, and 25X1A ~lr, Ccx~aa G..2, Chw~ter TII Goord.ia~a.tos Oil I7TS 13 ~~~,I4on 31 (RAILI7AY). (1 hr) (11 Apr 0~ ~ '~ fir. ~ci;stain, ~~//STI~TI~, Oa!~ 2. 39 { . ) action ~l (AO'#JL2' AiiiD Fr9QD) . (l hr) (11 Apr) I3a3:azzcer of ORR - Nothing to ~~pa-rt Approved For Release 2001/07/26 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400290052-9