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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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April 15, 1952
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SECURE 1~1FOTION Approved For Release 2(~0~07/26 : CIA-RDP67-00059A00040020 3-8 r~ l~l 2 ~ NOTICE ~ ~ ~ ~ # There ~...~.7. n?t be aa~ CSR Sf~ff Pd; is km ~ ~. ~'2~X~A~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~r~~~~~~r~#~~~ ~1D/RRs h?]La~ sepaz?~~+e m~e~tin~;e ~i~h (u) Cdrs. Dune and Stock, Q2IID (b) T;Ire KullnD G~2D (c) ;r3x?, ~died+sr~annD vRSD STATED and (d) i:Ir~ Doherty~D %F'I~ STATED TO DISCUSS items ora. the I;IC a;enda for iliesday? 15 April 152? (5 ms's) (lt~ APs) LS~ssrsQ ~ (A/E) ~arbd - (T;~EE) ATTENDED a LiEr~TTtG OF the OPERJ1TItIG CO'.StIT~i'E~ which (a) ?acce~pted COCOtd recom- rrn~ndations ~ritki respect to locomotive~sD (b) redefined 1?comotives fc~r US e~~ort contro] purposes nhd (c) dis- cussed. r`otatin~; electricc]. I;enera,tin ; ?quiprm~ntD but re~aehe~ no u~e~nt on the specific items to t~ added to the U5 List I~ ? (3?],/2 h rs) (].lt Apr ) I)JLSs (~AG) T/1LKFD .~"rITH D a cor~sult~an.tD and 0is,.# A~da~?son~ ~=US De~pa:ri:r?~~,?~ of AGRICUI,TUREs RFIGARDTN'G CIiII+dA FATS AMID OILS, (1 hr} (l~ Apr) 25X1A (r~/:r~) COI ~ ~ ~rrrII : ~,ss '..~yer and =lr. T:olson .; ~at the ~US DUREAU OF TSZ:ICS Rk~C.ARDTTIG ~POi~PS OF COPPER FRO:,T (th~$y three princxp~l.;,m3.rain; companies 3.ra CHILE. (3~l/2 hrs) 25X1A pr} ~ (~/Y) COTIFEftRED -+iblI ?,1r. C~ T~? Bux~i.L1D PETROLLULq ~t~IS7.'ItATIO21 T'OR D~ETdSLe OTI ~NOm (1 hr} (l4 Alar) .?(2+4/P) CQTJ,E'ITRRF~ 1'IITFI ~'oxoi~ T~?ansportation Div~,r,ionD PL'~,'ItOLEITPS ,ADtd~tISTR11TI0Pi I~'OR D'+~;TdSE' OI~T OIL i'T.PEI,ITdES IiT CAT,tAD9. (1 hr) (1!~ Apr) ?~. (s/co~~. 3?in;~d b f --.-- - - ~f OSr/P/c, A~T~T1D~ the FIRST 1nCETING OF the .CC'?~~JNICATIOTdS AD IIOC GROUP' OF the SIC SUI3COt~tdITTE1r OIJ REG~UTRE,?~N `S ACID FACIGITTES FOR GO?~TAT?'OI~1y which vets held in SCIA Array offYcesD Old Plavy Bui]Jdingo 2~X~f~~) (~.4 Apr) 25X1A 00/Cy COTJTACTED - (S/~) TD OIITAIIT G~JIDA~JCT COJCgtTJII~IG ~~PES OF AVIATIOIJ P:1FOI3~dt1TI0IJ of particular value to S/`:R. Sub3ect of ma3or interest were a..ndicated and '~Siss Degnoche eras ref?rred tcs I/Air for r,~attsrs conaerni.n~ aircraft productign. (l,/2 hr) (1!~ ~'~pr) S..EmC-:T Approved For Release 2001/07/26 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400290053-8 approved For Release 2007/26 :CIA-RDP~-'it!(?~59+i~68400290053-8 I TAT~tt~~S D1VZ5ION.. (1 hr) (~ ~pr)CJF UIaI;, PAPERS 10 As'R 25X1A 25X1A ~~ i~h'. `nyron L. Torrnol~len, ATTt TA~L*,r5 DIVISION, USAF, CONSULTED 25X1A the DRAFT OF pro ect u-~l (::i~; POi. ~ ) IN D 1'+TTII ?? /~ and DISCUSSED. TIKE DIS TR CD/R) and Ziessrs. ) LCDR: Duz~zt -and fir. Ryan met ~~ith D another .CrA. Office and Dr, of University RELt~TIVE TO a PROP051~ PROJECT relat3.ng to des3,~^'r~ations afi? various f i orv: Cn explosives, UNTIL AD.. DITIUTIIIL ITt1SIC STUDY Or AVAILABL> SOURCES is completed b,,? the other office, Td0 REt~UEST .ILL BE 21ADTa OF ORR FOR Cf.~?J ZRII3UTIONS to the project, olnical advi,,cse and sez evaluation of the uses and value of mate the other CIA offios cm published iaitelli nce arstd ~ subject matter trill be r ~ on the p ov~.ded iri the ~.nterim by ORR Y$t3e ~1 hr) l'11~ . ATMI ? PSIS 26 (USSR) Sectiaal~ #1 (GROUND Fp ~,ES) ~;/E~ONS idATER~IALo 2~L'I~hr) (9 Apr)' ?dET 1M1fITii r11r, G1~.nton, ~+Cting NIS Commit at3?ves C~a DePart~ent of .STATI; O;J NIS ~' representy 39 (CIIITIA) Section .25X1 A bl, (A(~tICUL'3~Pf~ AND FpOD) artd TIIS p (PORT~JGAI,) Section ,63 . (T~It~IIiALS AND ?~'AIS) . (~,/2 hr) {9 Apr) 25X1A . ,;~~ ~~+. ~?Y.~j~n :ax',~on finalizinC ;TIS.~39 (Cl~i~a) 25X1A SeGt3on~5X1(Ahe Constitu~t,~.ona1 Sfstem), (3? hrs) (10 Apx~) f~:ssrs, and - I.~T 47ITII Colons]. Varider~r- and r, Simmons, TRA:ISPORTATIO:I CORPS,. and 11r. Coto, G..2~ Chapter III Coordinatort Oil TJTS 13 (GE[~t::ATIY) 25X1A Section 31 (ItAILl7AY), (1 hr} (11 l~pr1 - ~I~ Nr. ~'cl:t~toin ~3~/:'/s~~~, ~~: 39 (~~l) Seota~on ~1 (~t~lL' F'pOD) . (1 Izr) (11 Apr) Balance of ORR - Nothir~ to ~~port S-E?C ?R-&,T wr .Y. ~r r ~ r Approved For Release 2001/07/26 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400290053-8