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December 12, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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August 11, 1961
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c2~X Approved For Release 20 1/ 0666R00010{h 10,936- Chief , Chief, Intelligence otion Staff, C Foreign Agricultural Service Repo 25X1A 1. Agricultural attaches at all foreign posts are required to assign code numbers to all reports submitted to the Department. The code mists of a numeral to atenote the commodity or subject of the report. These numerals are followed by the capital letters A, B, C, or D which merely denote the type of form used for the report. is letter is so etimes felled by another numeral indicating the periodicity of the report. Voluntary reports are coded with a capital V and replies to a single-time request are indicated by a capital ST. The coding is given on the reference line of the form and is easily recognizable. 2. A review of the Agricultural Reporting Reference Code shows that ORR interest in agricultural reporting from the Free World areas is confined to codes 1, 24 and. 26 with two exceptions noted below. Interest in agriculture in Welt Germany and Y oslavia is confined to the following code numbers nt Division, OCR 41 5o 6, 11, 15t 22, 214, 26, 3. It would be appreciated if in the future Foreign Agricultural Service Reports from the Free World areas disseminated to be confined to those code nw ers as shove above and to the v and. type reports. ef, Documents 11 August .1961 R A +,, t 3 Approved For Release 67 00896R000100110036-3