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December 12, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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June 16, 1961
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V! k-, A Sl WWI U a. LL. . i t Approved For Release 2001/08/30 : CIA-RDP67-00896R000100110066-0 16 June 1961 MtI 0 AN1XJ d MR s Chief, Document Division Status of ONI Indexing Project 1. . Since I.finished my TDY at ONI on 3 March, I have received every weev approximately 20 of the more difficult Navy documents to review for consistency in uce of the ISC. Late in April I began to spend I day a week with the ONI personnel in diecuseing coding and systems problems. The aim all along has been to determine when CIA could accept ONI coding for acceptance into the Intellofax system. 2. Although ONI'o coding has progressed and improved.. I have still felt it necesoary to review nozza of the work before giving the green light for final acceptance of their work. Oita is having difficulty in classifying the jobs high enough in line with Air Force and CIA. At present there is 1 GS-9 (Assistant to Mrs. Young).. 1 GS-7, 2 GS-5's and one Chief. Navy Classification has not been convinced that the coding operation deserves more than 0S-5 rating. This has made it impossible to recruit badly needed additional gvalified personnal. 3. The hardest blow was received this week with the announcement that the GS-9 was resigning effective 16 June to accept a position with private industry. This means that there isno one person to do the reviewing and to act as supervisor. There can also be no recruitment for this vacancy until decisions higher up the line are resolved. 4. Syr informal recommendation to Mrs. Young was that the 4 coders be temporarily detailed to CIA where the work could be closely supervised and the final product used both in the Intellofax System and in ONI's machine system. The difficulty in accepting this proposal lies in the fact that 3 of the 4 coders need to be on hand to answer questions re3arding other operations in OP 923 M5 and cannot be physically away from the area. 5. Ideally CIA should send someone over to ONI again to supervise the project. Vacation schedules in our own Branch iiv a this well ni;h impossible during, the summer months. ONI plans to rotate weekly the reviewing work song 3 of the coders. Some batches will continue to be sent to CIA for review and I will try to maintain a weekly visit to the Pentagon. NAVY DECLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE. Chief, Analysis Branch Approved For Release 2001/08/30 : CIA-RDP67-00896R000100110066-0