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June 28, 2005
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July 8, 1965
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15338 Approved For F~8A' %8RW.: J %F 7B AF 00400170011-8 July 8, 1965 to silent abettors of the crime of incita- violation of International Law and in tion to violence and even to murder. violation of the U.N. resolution on Suez. NOT VOTING-9 Byrd, Va. Ellender McClellan Carlson Hart McGee D irksen Hruska Young, N. Dak. So Mr. PROUTY's amendment, as mods- fled, was rejected. Mr. MORTON. Mr. President, I move that the Senate reconsider the vote by which the modified amendment was re- jected. , Mr. LON9':of Louisiana. I move to lay that m ion on the table. The ion to lay on the table was agreed r. DODD. Mr. President, on June ser cope with grave domestic shortages. I believe that it was a tragic mistake to give this aid to Nasser without con- ditions of any kind. I wish to call to the attention of my colleagues a remarkable study, recently prepared by the research staff of the Anti-Defamation League, dealing with Nasser's worldwide anti-Jewish activi- ties. I heard of the existence of this 'study' last week, and I asked for an advance copy of the document because I felt that this situation has, or should have, a very direct bearing on Public Law 480 ship- ments, or aid of any other kind, to the Nasser regime. The document has not yet been pub- lished, but I am so impressed by the facts compiled in this study and by their per- tlnence to the entire question of our re- lations with the United Arab Republic, that I have asked and have been given permission to insert them into the REc- ORD for the information of Congress. I ask unanimous consent to insert into the RECORD, at the conclusion of my re- marks, the complete text of the study on "Arab Anti-Jewish Activities in the United States," prepared by the Anti- Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- out objection, it is so ordered. (See exhibit 1.) Mr. DODD. Mr. 'President, after reading this study, I can only agree that it constitutes a record of the most ma- levolent international hate campaign against the Jews as Jews since the Hitler Anti-Semitism, hard core and deliberate We have done nothing about this. in design- When Nasser organized a quisling coup Says the study of the Anti-Defamation in Yemen, backed up by an invasion of League- 25,000 Egyptian forces, not only did we fail to demand any action by the U.N., denials, a distinct mark of the authorized propaganda of the Arab world. This is the latest conclusion in a continuing study of Arab sources-official government publica- tions, tightly regulated domestic newspapers and magazines, and the voluminous output of worldwide information services. The study points out that in a pam- phlet entitled "Who Benefits From Anti- Semitism?" published by the Arab In- formation Center and available from the United Arab Republic Embassy in this country, the Jews are assailed with nu- merous quotations from that most dis- credited of all spurious documents, the so-called protocols of the Elders of Zion. The study quotes the following passage from the Scribe-April 1964-a monthly magazine published in Cairo in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish: At the risk of being accused o anti-bean ism (sic), we want, in the single pursuit o th, to prove that President Kennedy, ins ike the two American Presidents assessi ted before him, was the victim of a Zion Yemeni Government and we evth? Frel ""01 1 frained from any statement of at cial condemnation such as we made the time of the Indian Invasion of Goa. In response to this show of restraint on our part, Nasser has now increased his forces in Yemen to 50,000 men, and he has mounted campaigns of infiltra- tion and subversion directed against the other countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Beyond indicating our mild displeas- ure, or perhaps I should say beyond in- dicating our strong displeasure mildly, we have failed to react to Nasser's open support of the Congo rebellion, to the massive arms buildup carried out with the help of the Soviet Union and German scientists, and to the unyielding belliger- ence he has displayed toward the State of Israel. Even the sacking and destruct o U.S. Embassy installations, with t e in- R H dulgence and most probably witti the inspiration of the Egyptian authorities, brought no reaction beyond an ostensibly stern demand for indemnification- which Nasser was quick to promise. In February of this year, the Senate voted against continued Public Law 480 shipments to the United Arab Republic. However, the resolution barring such shipments was amended at the request of the administration in a manner which ilkes Booth, murderer of President Abra tam Lincoln, and Leon Czolgosz, who assns mated President McKinley, were both Jew n the service of the Zionist cause. newspaper as saying that "what Hitler did to the Jews was simply revenge for what they did to Christ." Still another article quoted from an Arab newspaper says: The Jews are use to living on f others, and whatever the Jewish people ave achieved was mainly arrived at by eans of disorders which they themselves rovoked to help attain their goal. The Communist revolution in Russia was orga- ized by the Jews for their own ends. orld War II against Hitler was a Jewish war. These are only a few of the many, many exhibits compiled by the research- ers of the Anti-Defamation League. In deciding last month to renew Pub- lic Law 480 shipments to Egypt, the ad- ministration was unquestionably guided by the conviction that, as difficult as Nasser may be, we must do everything in our power to prevent his further aliena- tion. If we decide to get tough with Nasser, so the argument goes, it may result in a complete rupture of his al- ready tenuous ties with the West and force him into the arms of the Com- munists. Out of fear of driving Nasser irrevoc- ably into the arms of the Communists, we have, ever since the Suez crisis, turned the. other cheek to each new af- front by Nasser and to each violation of The berserk quality of this propaganda is terribly reminiscent of "Der Stuermer" and Stretcher and Goebbels. To rational men, its sheer insanity may appear to render it ineffective. But, as I learned in painful detail at the Nuremberg trials, such malicious nonsense can poison the minds of millions of people; and -once they are thus poisoned, they become ca- pable of unspeakable atrocities against the objecl;s of their hatred. Thi$ new Arab anti-Semitic propa- ganda, like Nazi propaganda in its own day, is nothing less than an incitation to. murder. And if, in the interest of avoiding offense to the Nasserite ex- tremists, we close our eyes to the poten- tial consequences, we reduce ourselves left Public Law 480 shipments to the dis- cretion of the executive branch. I voted against this amendment, because~,~ as I stated on the floor on February 4 5.d e tRGH that it makes no sense for Cong ss to pass on the details of our foreign aid program, and then have the executive branch override the intent of Congress whenever, in its opinion, the national interest demands it. I "Relieve that the stand I took at that time has been borne out by the events of the past several weeks. As we should have learned from past experience, our new offer of aid to the Nasser regime has brought only more abuse from the Egyptian press and radio, and more praise for Moscow and Peiping. In this connection, Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent to insert into the RECORD at the conclusion of my remarks an article in the Baltimore Sun for Sat- urday, July 3, captioned "U.S. Food Aid Disparaged by Egyptians : Radio Stations Belittle Johnson Action but Praise Russ Help." The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. (See exhibit 2.) Mr. DODD. Mr. President, this is a very interesting article. I hope that the -pp- o ad - ur 11 was Only thanks to t "--- - - - Nasser was able to survive the Suez Mr. Paul Ward, the author of tG Ir'R G H crisis. But when we had pulled his cle, quoted the Egyptian Radio . s say- ,.h t:...+~ out of the fire for him by Sun- in es n porting a U.N. resolution calling upon Britain, France, and Israel to withdraw their forces, Nasser responded by impos- ing a blockade on all Israeli shipping, in Mates as charity or aid, as its trumpets ake out, but buy it at the full price which, ndeed, includes profit. There were favor- Approved For Release 2005/07/13 .: CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 July 8, 1965 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE $3 billion mentioned 'by the Senator in ' Mr. PROUTY. Mr, President, will the charge, of the .bill. Somewhere in be- Senator yield further? tween i the cost. Mr. LONG of Louisiana. I yield. These natters should be considered Mr. PROUTY. Is it not,,true,that the on their merits. proposal now incorporated in the brill The program will erode to nothing in would cost $1.5 billion? a few years If we start this practice. I Mr., LONG of Louisiana., Is the Sen- 1. 1 am not talking now about medicare. I ator asking whether it would cost $1.5 am against the medicare proposal. I billion? am talking about social security benefits. Mr. PROUTY. Yes. I mean the pro- If we continue this program, it will be gram presently incorporated in the bill out the window within 3 years. as reported by the committee.. Mr. PROUTYY. Mr. President, I am Mr. LONG of Louisiana. The esti- glad that the Senator has shown some mate is that it would cost 1.1 percent of interest inthe Canadian system, because the payroll. , That works out to $3 bil- I may offer a related amendment later. lion a year. That is what the actuary Eighty percent of the older Americans estimates it to be. He has been in the under social security have this income' business of estimating this kind of thing as their Qnly income. Half of them all his lifetime. have less than $12.56 in outside income. I heard the Senator from Illinois [M'r. One-third have no income at all. Six DOUGLAS] Who at one time was president percent of the social security retirees re- of the American Association of Econo- slue less than a month. It seems mists state that in his judgment the man to me that in the, interest of humanity, I have named was the most honest ac Congress can do no less than increase tuary in the entire United States. these figures. In the higher brackets So I say that that is what the proposed I do not exceed the figures In the bill. program would cost-more than $3 bli- The excess of $600 million that I have lion. mentioned is accurate. It has been ob Mr. RUSSELL of South Carglina, Mr. tained from socia~l security authorities. President, will the Senator yield? I believe it is fully justified. I do not Mr. LONG of Louisiana. I yield. wish to take any more time. Mr. RUSSELL of South Carolina. As I point out that, under the social se- I understand, if we vote for the amend- curity program there was general rev- ment, we shall Impose a burden upon enue refunding up to 1950. That was the general revenue. fund of $3 billion. with the approval of the late President If we vote for the amendment, there will Roosevelt. So this is not a novel ap- be an increase of $3 billion in social secu- proach. rity costs. Mr. President, once again I plead for Mr. LONG of Louisiana. That is cor- the 20 million old people In this noun- rect. That is what the amendment of try, most of whom desperately need an the Senator would do. increase in social security benefits. I Mr. RUSSELL of South Carolina. We very much hope that the Senate will are voting not only for the amendment, accord them the increased benefits but at the same time to increase the ap- which they so richly deserve and need. proprfation of the Federal Government Is the Senator from Louisiana willing by $3 billion. to yield back the remainder of his time? Mr. LONG of Louisiana. That would Mr. LONG of Louisiana. I should like be the authorization. to make a brief statement before yield- Mr.. PROUTY. Mr. President, how Ing back my time. Not only would the amendment change the principle of the social security, pro- gram, but also it would cost $3 billion of general revenue. It would not be the most efficient way to spend money under the program. Mr. PROUTY. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr. LONG of Louisiana. I yield. Mr. PROUTY. I should like to know the authority for that $3 billion figure. Mr. LONG of Louisiana. The esti- mate is that the proposal would cost 1.1 percent of the payroll. That Is the esti- mate of Mr. Myers, whose word, I always take, even If his estimate appears high. He is an honest actuary. I have heard many people argue about the estimates of Bob Myers. No one has proved him wrong. Most of us believe that Bob Myers is the most honest ac- tuary and the most honest person to estimate the cost of something without fear or favor that we have in govern- much time have I remaining? The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Vermont has 11 minutes remaining. Mr. PROUTY. Mr. President, I only. want to add that Mr. Myers, to whom the Senator from Louisiana was refer- ring, said that the same program which I offered last year would cost $2.1 bil- lion. I have that in memorandum form. I believe it was incorporated in last year's RECORD. ]Inasmuch as the bill now be- fore the Senate would increase the amount by $`i.5 billion, I maintain that my amendment would increase it only another $606 million. If Mr. Myers' earlier estimates are correct in that re- spect, the program would cost not $3 bil- lion, but only $600 million in excess of the benefit Increases provided In H.R. 6675. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Who yields time? Mr. PROUTY. Mr. President, I yield back the remainder of my time. ment. That is his estimate. He esti- The PRESIDING OFFICER. Does mates that it would ,cast a minimum of the Senator from Louisiana yield back $3 billion from the general revenue. the remainder of his time? 15337 Mr. LONG of Louisiana. Mr. Presi- dent, I checked with Mr. Myers before the amendment was offered. He is still firm in the estimate he.gave me. I yield back the remainder of my time. The PRESIDING OFFICER. All time having been yielded back, the question is on agreeing to the amendment, as modi- fied, of the Senator from Vermont. On this question. the yeas and nays have been ordered, and the clerk will call the roll. The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll. Mr, YOUNG of North Dakota (when his name was called). On this vote I have a pair with the senior Senator from Louisiana [Mr. ELLENDER]. If he were present and voting, he would vote "nay." If I were at liberty to vote, I would vote "yea." I therefore withhold my vote. The rollcall was concluded. Mr. LONG of Louisiana. I announce that the Senator from Louisiana [Mr. ELLENDER], the Senator from Michigan [Mr. HART], the Senator from Arkansas [Mr. MCCLELLAN], and the Senator from Wyoming [Mr. McGEE] are absent on official business. I further announce that the Senator from Virginia [Mr. BYRD] is necessarily absent. I further announce that, if present. and voting, the Senator from Virginia [Mr. BYRD] and the Senator from Wy- oming [Mr. McGEE] would each vote nay.? Mr. KUCHEL. I announce that the Senator from Kansas [Mr. CARLSON) and the Senator from Illinois [Mr. DIRKSEN] are necessarily absent. The Senator from Nebraska [Mr. HRUSKA] is absent on official business. If present and voting, the Senator from Nebraska [Mr. HRUSKA] would vote "nay." The result was announced-yeas 12, nays 79, as follows: Aiken Ailott Cotton Dominick [No. 167 Leg. ] YEAS-12 Fong Prouty Hickenlooper Scott Kennedy, Mass. Simpson Kennedy, N.Y. Smith NAYS-79 Anderson Hill Muskie Bartlett Holland Nelson Bass Inouye Neuberger Bayh Jackson Pastore Bennett Davits Pearson Bible Jordan, N.C. Pell Boggs Jordan, Idaho Proxmire Brewster Kuchel Randolph Burdick Lausche Ribico8 Byrd, W. Va. Long, Mo. Robertson Cannon Long, La. Russell, S.C. Case Magnuson Russell, Ga. Church Mansfield Saltonstall Clark McCarthy Smathers Cooper McGovern Sparkman Curtis McIntyre Stennis Dodd McNamara Symington Douglas Metcalf Talmadge Eastland Miller Thurmond Ervin Mondale Tower Fannin Monroney Tydings Fulbright Montoya Williams, N.J. Gore Morse Williams, Del. Gruening Morton Yarborough Hems moss ' Young," Ohio Hartke Mundt Hayden Murphy Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CPY,4'H1T" July 8, 1965 Approved For Release 2Q0.~/07(13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE able payment terms because the whea flour, and other supplies were surplus `in the United States. blaming the United States for the United Nations crisis and assailing both the United States and the United, Xing doin for their.,interventior in Vietnam. I bring these items to the attention of my colleagues because I believe that the time has come fora fundamental re- examination of our relations with ex- tremist dictators like Nasser.__ , . All of Qur massive aid has given, us absolutely no influence with Nasser. On the contrary, it seems only to have fed his contempt for us. All our attempts to placate and ap- pease him have only resulted in further abuse and more aggression-yes, and ultimately in the growing alienation which we seek to avoid., If we had forgotten the previous les- song of history on this score, we should at least have learned from our very recent experience with Sukarno. A policy of firmness from the begin- ning in our dealings with Sukarno would, in my opinion, have obliged him to pursue a more moderate policy. At the very least it would have encouraged the more moderate elements in his coun- try. But, instead of firmness, we dealt with Sukarno as we are still dealing with Nasser. We lavished aid on him, , We ignored his _ abuse, ignored the frequent attacks on American Embassy installations, ig- nored the consistent diplomatic aline- ment with the Communist countries against the free world, ignored the mas- sive buildup of Soviet weapons. We even went so far as to. give him our support for his imperialist grab of West New Guinea., The omentum of the course he was pursuing has now carried Sukarno al- most to the end of the road. He has withdrawn from the United Nations and has virtually severed relations with the free world. Bolstered by the support,he was receiving from both the Communist world and the United States, he has moved progressively to undermine the once-powerful moderate elements, em- ploying the salami tactics made famous by the Communists. And, now a point has been reached where most Westgrn commentators fear that Indonesia, un- der Sukarno, has become, or is rapidly becoming, a de facto member of the Communist camp. Such has ,been the consequence of the policy of avoiding offense to Sukarno, I gravely fear that, if we persist in the policy, of avoiding offense to Nasser, the ultimate consequence may be very little different. Because we refuse to offend Nasser, we cannot officially 'oppose or expose his anti-Jewish propaganda. Because we refuse to offend him, or to openly disapprove of his actions, we can- not, clearly demarcate ourselves mQr- ally from the many acts of , aggression Nasser. has already perpetrated against his. Arab neighbors, or from the major aggression he is plotting against Israel. Nasser does not speak for the entire Arab world. He speaks for only an ex- tremist segment of it. I think it would vastly improve our posture before the entire world, including the Arab world, if we made further American aid to Nas- ser contingent on his peaceful behavior. I think it would contribute to the peace and stability of the Near East if we spoke up in a strong voice against the crimes of the Nasser regime against its neighbors and against its own people. We must continue, as I have said be- fore, to offer Nasser the hand of friend- ship. But we must stop kowtowing to him, or muting our disapproval of his actions. Only such a combination of friendship and firmness stands any chance of per- suading Nasser that it is in his interest and in the interests of his people to abandon his present dangerous path and instead seek a regional settlement that would assure peace to the peoples of the Middle East. Especially on the question of the vi- cious anti-Jewish agitation now being carried on by his propagandists, it is important that we let Nasser know where we stand. Only several months ago, the Senate voted unanimously for a resolution, which I was honored to cosponsor, ex- pressing our moral condemnation of the persecution of the ,Jewish religion and other religions of the Soviet regime. We took this action because we believed that this was a matter that properly con- cerned us and that it was incumbent on us to express our indignation to the world. I consider the massive international anti-Jewish agitation being carried on by extremist elements in the Arab com- munity to be a matter that appeals equally to our conscience. Perhaps this is a matter, too, on which the Senate of the United States should let the people of the world know where it stands. Mr. GRUENING. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr. DODD. I yield. Mr. GRUENING. I commend the Sen- ator from Connecticut highly for his constructive criticism of Dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser. The statement of the Senator from Connecticut is one additional indictment on a series of acts that we in the United States seem not only to condone but also to subsidize. , The list of these violations, the ag- gressive acts of this dictator, the waging of war in Yemen, while we pour our money into Egypt for the relief of the undernourished and poor citizens of Egypt, is positively shocking. The list of his other aggressions and planned ag- gressions, his mutiple acts of violence and hate, are well known to the Senate. However, the indictment should lie not only against Nasser, but also against those in our administration who persist in appeasing him. Such indictment may apply not orily to the executive branch, It may be that we should be somewhat critical also of some of our own col- leagues who take the actions of the Sen- ate to conference, after an overwhelming 15339 vote that aid to Nasser should cease, and, almost invariably and without exception, the actions of the Senate are deleted in conference. I believe that it is about time that we had an extended debate on how long we shall subsidize such characters when their every act is a violation of every principle that the United States es- pouses. Mr. DODD. Mr. President, I am ex- tremely pleased that the Senator from Alaska made that comment. The com- ment needed to be made. _ I wholeheartedly agree with what the Senator said. I assure him that I will do my best and I know that he will do his best to see whether we can change our policy toward governments that are so hostile to us. Mr. HARRIS. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr. DODD. I yield. Mr. HARRIS. Mr.: President, I asso- ciate myself with the remarks of the Sen- ator from Alaska and the Senator from Connecticut, concerning aid to Nasser. The Senator will recall that, by a vote of 73 to 13, the Senate agreed to an amendment in the foreign aid authoriza- tion bill, declaring. that no aid should go to either Egypt or Indonesia so long as either of those countries continue their acts of aggression against our country. We now have a finding by the Senate that these countries are continuing their acts of aggression against our country. Reports filter down to me from the con- ference to the effect that that section of the bill has been deleted and that the measure will come back to the Senate shorn of the amendment which was agreed to by a vote of 73 to 13. This ac- tion in conference would be taken in spite of the fact that the State Department now admits that it has under investiga-, tion reports that Nasser is in violation of our 1962 agreement with him and, in vio- lation of the agreement, has been selling rice in excess of the agreed amount to the Communist bloc countries, including Cuba and China, against which countries we have embargoes. If that particular bill comes back to the Senate without that amendment included therein, with regard to Sukarno and Nas- ser, I hope the Senate will refuse to agree to the conference report. I commend the distinguished Senator from Connecticut for his remarks, which further strengthen the position of the Senate. Mr. DODD. I am grateful to the Sen- ator from Oklahoma. Mr. RIBICOFF. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr DODD. I yield. Mr. RIBICOFF. I commend my dis- tinguished colleague the Senator from Connecticut for making this case co- gently clear and bringing the matter to the attention of the Senate and of the country. I believe that the Senator has per- formed a most useful service. I should like to associate myself with the remarks and comments of my dis- tinguished colleague the Senator from Connecticut. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67BOO446R000400170011-8 15340 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD --SENATE Mr. DODD. Mr. President, I am pleased that my colleague joins me in this action, ,as I have joined him. I believe that we are making progress. I am glad that I was able to bring the matter to the attention of the Senate. Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? Mr. DODD. I yield. Mr. LAUSCHE. I associate myself with the remarks made by the Senator ;root Connecticut. I particularly sub- scribe to his statement that our policy of helping our enemies and looking In- differentlY and sometimes with coolness upoll our friends, Is the main ' cause of our problems. There are men in the State Depart- ment who believe that we can, by ap- peasement and by the spending of money, win the friendship of dictators who are basically and philosophically opposed to what we do. Nasser is a good example. He has flouted our flag. He has burned our buildings. He has challenged the honor of our Nation. And yet those men in the State Department, in the face of these actions, believe that, by pleas and by gentle considerations, we can win Nasser to our side. The fact Is that the more we help him, the more we supply him, the greater Is his challenge, because he be- lieves if he threatens to join the Com- munist forces we will yield still more. I Ommerid the Senator. Mr. DODD... I thank the Senator from Ohio, Mr. MILER. Mr. President, will the .Mr. DODD. I yield to the Senator from Iowa. Mr. MILLED?,. I also join the other Senators who have spoken in commen- dation of the Senator for making this most timely statement. In addition to other violations, Mr. Nasser and his gov- the ernment are very delinquent to Jnfted Nations in their dues and as- ses=Lei ts. That is only one of many other factors-that ought to be taken into account. I say to the junior Senator from Okla- homa [Mr. HARRIS] that we have been through this before. We have put amendments in the foreign aid bill In the Senate, and we have seen them taken out in conference. As sure as we are present here In the Senate tonight, Mr. Nasser is counting on action by the State Department with the conferees to take the amendment out of the bill. I hope he will be disappointed, but if pre- vious history is borne out again, he will not be disappointed. I dislike to say this, but that is the way it has been. I CPYRGHIink it is most unfortunate. I hope the conferees will stand firm, but do not count on it. EXHIErS 1 ARAB ANTI-SEMITISM Against Arab claims in regard to their writings, broadcasts, and press dispatches that they are solely anti-Israel and anti ' 1onist-standg the documented record o their own words. ' It is a record of the most malevolent international hate canipaig against Jews as Jews since the Hitler years and it bears the seal of the highest position of Arab officialdom. Anti-Semitism-hard core and deliberate in design-Is now, despite pious and often heated denials, a distinct mark of the au- thorized propaganda of the Arab world. This is the latest conclusion in a continuing study of Arab sources-official government publi- cations, tightly regulated domestic news- papers and magazines, and the voluminous output of worldwide information services. ATTACKS ON JEWS Though political war against the State of Israel may be the ultimate purpose of Arab propaganda efforts, the means to this end are often vicious attacks on the Jews them- selves, regardless of nationality or political belief, and on their religion. In fact, in notable instances the political issue of Israel Is so unrelated to the questions involved as to be obviously only the thinnest excuse for open defamation of the Jewish people in all parts of the world. Two well-documented examples--a barrage of' scurrilous anti- Semitic canards attempting to cite a Jewish plot behind the assassination of Presi- dent Kennedy; recent Arab pressure on the Roman Catholic Church to uphold the "guilt" of all Jews in all times for the killing of Christ-serve to demonstrate both the turn to undisguised anti-Semitism in official propaganda and the surprisingly unsubtle techniques involved. An Arab propagandist in the United States may write that charges "that Arabs are anti- Semitic * * * are not only false but ridicu- lous" '-but in January 1965, English-speak- ing areas in Africa were flooded with copies of a pamphlet, "Israel, The Enemy of Africa," vilifying the Jewish faith and labeling all Jews as cheats, thieves, and murders. Its authors cite and quote directly from the' "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and Henry Ford's "The International Jew," two of history's most vicious and most thoroughly discredited anti-Jewish tracts. Released by the Information Department of the United Arab Republic in Cairo, the pamphlet is available from the United Arab Republic Embassy in Washington, D.C. Such official sources prove undeniable government policy. But the rigorous press censorship practiced in Arab lands, especially in Egypt, points also to government aip- proval-if not to actual government origin- Of articles and opinions published in the leading daily newspapers. "Spot the Jew"-with this headline, Fala- stin, a Jerusalem (Jordan) daily, began its account of the tragic events in Dallas in November 1963. Emphasizing the fact that Jack Ruby was Jewish, the Arab propagan- dists discovered a blood conspiracy in far-off Texas, and the winds of hatred were fanned. On November 25, the authoritative Egyp- tian daily, Al-Gomhouria of Cairo, reported the assassination's aftermath in a. column by Nasser ed-Din An-Nashashibi: "In the same part of town * * * Ken- nedy's killer fell in his own life blood. "All eyes are turned to the new killer- the murderer of the assassin. He is a night club owner named Jack Rubinstein * * * a Jew, of course. "It has already been proved beyond all shadow of doubt that the new killer is of Jewish origin." On the 'loth, "Al-Hihad Dialog," a daily" column in Al-Jihad, published in the Jor- danian part of Jerusalem, reported: 'The man who killed Kennedy's assassin was a Jew. The question is, what were these vital secrets which the Jew who killed Kennedy's assassin was trying to cover up? * * * The role of this, Jewish killer in the dilemma of Kennedy's assassination moves people to ask whether world Jewry has any interest in this crime, and whether sub- ' Sami Hadawi, "Who Benefits From Anti- Semitism" (New York: Arab Information Center, 1961) pp. 1, 2. CPFRGH July 8, Y965 sequently, for fear of punishment, it got rid of the assassin lest he should disclose vital secrets? How many crimes has world Jewry already committed In history, to attain its ends and further its own interests?" On the 27th, the same column in Al-Jihad probed deeper into Its suspicions of the pre- vious day: "The Jews are used to living on the blood of others, and whatever the Jewish people have achieved was mainly arrived at by means of disorders which they themselves provoked to help attain their goal. The Com- munist revolution in Russia was organized by the Jews for their own ends. World War II against Hitler was a Jewish war. "Rooted in the Jewish character since the dawn of their history, these qualities domi- nate them In America and Europe just as they did in days gone by. "When will the Americans become wise to the secret crimes and conspiracies of the Jews-Heaven only knows." The following day, Beirut's newspaper Al- Hayyat published a letter from Na'if Shab- laq, a supporter of the Grand Mufti of Pales- tine, which added some new Jewish blood to the supposed conspiracy into which only "Rubinstein" seemed to have fit until then. Incredibly, the writer had uncovered "an im- portant point, which the international news agencies-mostly under Zionist influence- apparently tried to cover up; namely, that the assassin, Lee Oswald, Is a Jew on both his father's and his mother's side, a Jew by be- lief and a Jew by religion, who was born a Jew and lived as a Jew." This revelation continued the vision of the "hidden hand" plot behind all major assassi- nations-one of the oldest canards of anti- Semitic pamphleteering and one which the Arab ideologies have recently resurrected for worldwide consumption. It was set forth in the Scribe (April 1964), a monthly magazine published in English, French, German, Ital- ian, and Spanish by the National Publica- tions House in Cairo: "At the risk of being accused of anti- semitism (sic), we want, in the single pur- suit of truth, to prove that President Ken- nedy, just like the two American Presidents assassinated before him, was the victim of a Zionist-armed hand. It is no secret that John Wilkes Booth, murderer of President Abraham Lincoln, and Leon Czolgosz, who assassinated President McKinley, were both Jews in the service of the Zionist cause." To the names of the three Presidents, the Scribe added those of seven Senators-in- eluding Huey Long and William E. Borah- as victims of Jewish killers. The technique is to identify any American Jew as a part of what this Arab monthly referred to as "the Zionist octopus at large," then to insist that the attack is against Zionism rather than Jews as such. And in this case the picture of Jewish terror In America's streets was sharpened with a quote from some even more practiced masters of tortuous propa- ganda. The editors of the Scribe reported to their readers in five language: "The Moscow newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, organ of the Soviet Ministry of Defense, at- tributed, in its issue of December 14, the assassination of President Kennedy to Murder Inc., which succeeded the Mafia of sad memory, and which gave rise to all sorts of Israeli criminals, such as Al Capone (real name Isaac Schacher). " On December 4, 1963, Sa'id Nu'mat Ulla, writing in Cairo's Government-regulated Acher Sa'a, summed up the approved assas- sination story,, brazenly twisting the best evidence and adding a final virulent carica- ture: "The Zionist terror * * * and the Jewish gangs are the ones responsible for the crime of President Kennedy's assassination. "Investigators in America have all come to the same conclusion: this outrage com- mitted in Dallas, which shook the conscience Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CPYFH- July 8, 1965 Approved F~raig/gl/1EBDP%RR000400170011-8 15341 of the world, was not the act of one s ngle man. * * * Jack Rubinstein, the Jew who killed Oswald, had no intention--as he claimed-of sparing Jacqueline Kennedy the anguish of testifying in court. "All the evidence indicates that an inter- na$lonal gang is behind the assassination. Meanwhile, in Dallas jail, Rubinstein is busy writing his memoirs. He has announced that he hopes to fetch a very high price for them. "Once a Jew-always a Jew, even in jail." THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL The continuing study of Arab propaganda sources establishes that the renewed use of blatant anti-Jewish material, begun after the Kennedy assassination, was greatly in- creased at the time the Ecumenical Council of the Roman ' Catholic Church undertook consideration of its schema relating to the Jews-the clarifying statement on respon- sibility for trie crucifixion. The Arab nations seemed determined to halt the Vatican's efforts to bring about a better understanding between Christians and Jews-this, in an area far removed from any i;naginable dispute with Israel or Zionism, could only lead to grave questions concerning the motive for the Arab actions. "Certainly the Arab Christians have raised their voices against the attempts to alter the Holy Scriptures," declared Arabische Kor- respondenz, a German-language newsletter ,published by the Arab League in Bonn, West Germany, in its issue of October 28, 1964. "As inhabitants of the cradle of Christianity the Arabs are, in a better position to be able to judge the history of Christianity. That is why they permitted themselves to oppose the attempts of the council." ARAB'PRESSURR Suggesting thus that its judgments on matters of Christian doctrine were superior to those of the Vatican itself, the Arab League stepped up its anti-Jewish propaganda. To this its agents added open political pressure on Rome, designed to convince the Council of the Jews' "total and perpetual guilt" in Christ's death. The following issue of Arabische Korres- pondenz (Nov. 20, 1964) announced the League's political orders clearly: "All Arab Ambassadors in foreign countries have received instructions to keep constant contact with the bishops and cardinals who participate in the council in Rome and to enlighten them about the political back- grounli behind the Jewish schema debated by the council. The Arab Ambassadors will also explain the Arabian point of view con- 'cerning this document to the Papal Secre- tariat and other authorities of the Vatican. This action of, the Arab nations is to be. in- terpreted as a good-will, action, in order to maintain good relations with the Vatican." The closing threat, though implied, was clear. Indeed, Catholic prelates now ex- pressed openly their concern for the well- being of priests and church in the Arab lands should the schema pass. President Achmed Sukarno of Indonesia made a trip to Rome to warn the Pope of possible diplomatic reper- cussions. On November 22, Jordan's Foreign Minister Kadri Toukan was quoted in a Bei- rut newspaper, the Daily Star, to the effect that passage of the proposed church declara- tion would be disastrous since, he said, "his- tory testifies to Jewish intentions of destroy- ing Christ and Christianity.' Ill-disguised assaults of hate from official sources had patterned such analyses as the following-from the Arab Observer, "the nonalined weekly," published in English by the United Arab Republic's General Organi- zatlon of Publications in Cairo (issue of Oct. 19, 1964) 1 "What are the facts of the -strife betvyeen opposing .groups of prelates? * ? * Some mention would inevitably be made concern- ing the references in the New Testament to the part of the Jews in the murder of Jesus of Nazareth, and o their and ua guilt in this crime. "The Zionising Cardinals * * * are the dupes of an incessant power struggle which uses the supposed sufferings of the Jews as one of its principal aids." In connection with these "supposed suffer- ings," the Arab League's Bonn voice had sought somewhat startling ties of sympathy with its German readers (Arabische Korre- spondenz, Oct. 3, 1964) : "The Council in Rome again occupies itself with Judiaism and Christianity * * *. The question arises whether it is prudent and right to correct history for the sake of Zion- ism * * '. Would it also not be right if one wants to forgive the Jews their 2,000- year-old guilt also to forgive the Germans their guilt?" POPE PAUL'S PILGRIMAGE All restraint seemed to be dropped in the barrage of propaganda attending the historic visit of Pope Paul VI to the Holy Land prior to the council debates on the Crucifixion schema. "They Will Not Deceive Him, for He Knows Them Well," proclaimed the headline in Cairo's highly-authoritative Akhbar el-Yom on December 14, 1963, over the following diatribe: "The Jews have already exploited this purely religious pilgrimage to create the im- pression in world opinion that the new Pope harbors some opinion concerning charges that the Jews killed Christ. Christianity holds fast to its belief that the Jews killed Christ-because they ad- mitted their guilt and boasted of it, and be- cause the way they treat Christians and everybody else is like that of bloodthirsty murderers. "And as for the claim these vagrants make-why do they trouble today to clear themselves of something they admitted per- petrating 2,000 years ago. Why are they so anxious to still their conscience over the blood of Christ, when so many fingers have pointed at them to claim the blood of Kennedy? "We are convinced that this visit will not influence the Pope's belief as to the nature of the Jews, since he knows them quite enough. And once he will have met them, he will get to know them more than enough." On January 4, 1964, in covering the Pope's arrival at the Emir Abdullah Bridge, Radio Amman (Jordan) broadcast a com- mentary which declared in part: "The events of history will fortify his lofty ,spirit more and more; His Holiness will con- sider how the Jews behaved at that time. "Some 2,000 years ago the Jews crucified Jesus, after beatings, humilations and tor- tures that heap shame upon mankind every- where. And 15 years ago, in the most cruel manner, the Jews overran Palestine. They attacked its innocent, unarmed citizens and subjected many of them to the most villain- ous atrocities. "Thus do the Jews prove their respon- sibility for the infamies of their forebears, and for the crucifixion and humilation of Christ 19 generations ago." HITLER, AVENGER OF CHRIST? Among the Ecumenical Council fathers there was deep feeling that distortions of the crucifixion story had spawned many of the slanders that had led to historic persecu- tions-slanders now heard again, ironically, at the very moment of these deliverations. The propagandists of the Arab world were attempting to turn that hatred which had made the schema necessary into a weapon against its success. Upon Christ's "murder- ers" should fall a heritage of blood and pun- ishment. And the killing of an American President had provided a fortunate parallel. Anis Mansur, writing in Cairo's Al-Musa- war on December 6, 1962, had turned the trick to the propagandists' satisfaction, set- ting a pattern for muc of e ensu ng cam- paign. Some significant excerpts: "I am not a man of religion, but I feel bound to broach an old religious problem, for reasons that are new * * * whereupon the connection between this problem and Ken- nedy's assassination becomes quite straight- forward. * * "What is 'new, however, is that there is a definite trend among Catholics to exon- erate the Jews completely from the blood of Jesus * * * The Jews have already suffered dozens of times since those days. They pleaded innocence of this dastardly crime hundreds of times. What Hitler did to them was simply revenge for what they did to Christ. * * * * Catholic Church, "A congress of Catholic churchmen was held in Rome, which debated a document appealing to brotherhood. * * * A vote was taken on this particular passage, which showed 2,114 for and 40 against. It was thus decided that Catholics the world over should know that the Jews had not crucified Jesus. * * * "It was strange that this congress was held in great haste, since one would have ex- pected it to take place in December, 1964. "Its decisions-in other words-were due to have been published in the middle of this month, a week before President Kennedy was assassinated. "Kennedy was a Catholic-and his assassin Jewish. The killer of Kennedy's assassin was Jewish too, and so is the man in charge of the investigation. "While the Catholics are busy making peace with the Jews-the Jews are assas- sinating the foremost Catholic personality in the world. * * * * "The capitalist regime in America tolerates the existence of Jewish gangs * * * and America pays the price * * * which this time was high. It is inevitable that anti- Jewish feeling-flickering at present-will turn into an open hatred as cruel as the bullet that struck Kennedy." On February 24, 1964, the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Mohammad Amin El Husseini, as chairman of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, wrote to Pope Paul VI decrying the principles of the Jewish religion-as in- terpreted, to be sure, in some of the oldest examples of anti-Semitic humbug? "The Zionist movement," he wrote, "is chauvinistic and reactionary. It is based on the Talmudic principles which consider non- Jews as goyim with no human rights." The same tactic-an apparent attack against Zionism as an excuse for vicious slanders against a people and their religious faith-is at work in the United Arab Repub- lic's government-sponsored pamphlet, "Israel, the Enemy of Africa," distributed through- out the struggling continent to the south of Egypt since January 1965. An obvious at- tempt to promote fears among the people of new nations which have received extensive technical and educational assistance from Israel, the United Arab Republic's political pitch has been one of religious hatred-re- plete with quotes from the notorious proto- cols of Zion forgery. A few excerpts from the pamphlet: Page 8: "Before we examine in detail the racial and religious discrimination practiced by Israel which also sucks the blood of the 9 The Mufti's letter was publicly printed in Beirut 4 days later. It has been distributed in New York by the neo-Nazi National Ren- aissance Party. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 GPYRGH Approved For @yX:J: ftlB9R f$ft4 00400170011-8 July 8, ~1T965 countries struggling to attain freedom, let us look at what the Talmud says:' "The Talmud considers the Jews equal to God, and as such everything on earth should by right be theirs. "For Instance, the Talmud says: 'If a non- Jew steals from a Jew he must ,be put to death whereas if a Jew lays his hands on the property of a non-Jew he is not liable to punishment.' "Th Talmud condones the murder of the non-Jew. The Talmud adds that it is for- bidden for a Jew to help a non-Jew get out of a hole. It decrees that the Jew must cover the hole with a atone and bury the non-Jew alive. "Such are the teachings of the Talmud which are binding to the Jews. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone when the Jews ? * cheat end rob. Wheh Israel extends her hand to the Africans, she is extending a hand covered with blood." Page 19: "The Talmud is full of agitation -against the Christians, and insulting words against the Virgin Mary whose virginity is doubted." Page 22: "The Jew Is a materialist and a heathen." Page 24: "It is laid down in the 14th pro- tocol of Zion which says: 'When rule is con- centrated in our hands, any religion other than Judaism would have to be destroyed.' "Israel is using another manner of weapon in Africa that is spreading moral corruption among the African youth. "In doing so it is applying protocol 13 of Zion which says: 'In order not to give the noh-Jew a chance to think. independently, we must encourage him to enjoy himself' * * * This. Is why the Israeli Government has opened brothels for the Africans and en- couraged them to keep company with Israeli girls, in the hope that they may forget their national mission." But the "Jewish corruption" theme had other ancient. versions, and the Arab govern- ment, propagandists could scarcely ignore them. On November 16, 1964, El-Kuat El-Muslaha, the official journal of the Egyptian armed forces, published a tired expose of Free- masonry, supposedly a licentious Jewish secret society designed to bring about the "elimination of the Christian religion" by luring young Christians "into the arms of Jewesses" and into moral ruin. Corruption was allegedly Introduced into Germany in the 1920's when one of the secret plotters introduced in the Reichstag a bill to legalize sexual perversion. "Another member who could not restrain his feelings, went up to the rostrum and struck the Freemason a sharp blow which felled him to the ground. All the members in the House, applauded with the exception, of course, of the Jews * * *. If that Free- mason had survived until the Hitler period, Hitler would have broken every bone in his body." VICIOUS CARICATURES Such diatribes of hate are not isolated in- stances, nor have they gone without conse- quence in the life of Arab nations. In the New Yqrk Arab Information Center pamphlet mentioned at the outset, Sami Hadawi wrote that "there are no discrimina- tory laws anywhere in 'Arab countries; Jews are legally recognized as citizens and exer- cise full and equal rights with Moslem and Christian Arabs:' Yet on December 8, 1963, the Jews of Iraq were ordered to report to the Department of Travel and Nationalities within 10 days, bringing with them proof of Iraqi nationality. Those recognized as citi- zens were to receive identity cards; the prop- erty of all others was to be impounded. The significant point is that the law (law No. 161 of 1963) was applicable to neither Moslems nor Christians-nor even to Israelis or Zionists as such-but sole)y to Iraqi Jews as Jews. If such laws were reminiscent of the Nazi regime, so too was the ' malignant propaganda which acccompanied them in'the daily press. The leading Jordanian daily, Al-Manar, of November 24, 1964, for example, published caricature of a..Jew wearing the the vicious Star of David on his chest and surrounded by bags of money. The caption over It read: "The hungry one who is never satisfied." The Unified Arab Republic's armed forces weekly, El-Is uat El-Muslaha, in its article on freemasonary, drew an equally vicious caricature in words: "The Jew in his very soul and character has not the qualities of a man who bears arms. Ile is not naturally prepared to sacri- fice his life for anything, not even for his son or his; wife. If there is today in Israel a man who bears arms he does this because he is sure that there is another man who will pre- cede him, who will stand in front of him not behind him in order to defend him when the time comes. Were it not for that, no ,Tew in the world would agree to bear arms." The expressed views of certain Arab leaders, like their propaganda techniques, seem to echo a recent European sound. An inter- view with President Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic was published on May 1, 1964 on the front page of the Deutsche National Zeitung, an extreme rightist Ger- man weekly edited by Dr. Gerhar l Frey, who had visited Cairo that spring to bolster his international anti-Jewish alliances. In the Interview with Frey, Nasser said: "During the Second World War our sym- were with the Germans." LIE OF THE 6 MILLION Nasser added that recent policies of the West German Government, Including the payment of reparations to Israel, irked and confused him. When Dr, Frey explained that these payments, and other examples of West German accommodation with. Israel, were the result of what he called the Jew murders, of the recent past, the United Arab Republic's dictator replied: "But the lie of the 6 million murdered Jews is not taken seriously by anybody." Certainly not by the authorized peddlers of hate. The Arabs, wrote Saleh Joda in the Cairo newspaper Al-Musawar on December 20, 1963, "have always had faith in Germany's friendship, and in the fact that the great German people, which tasted disaster and de- struction at the hands of Jewish arms- dealers and bloodsuckers, can trust them no more." The writer added: "There are still a few Jews left in Germany, who are trying once again to raise their viper's head and seize control of economic life, business, and politics." Events in other countries have been re- ported in the approved and sometimes gov- ernment-subsidized Arab press from a simi- lar viewpoint-particularly those events which lend themselves to an anti-Jewish slur. The notorious.Profumo affair in England, as described by Ibrahim Sakjaha in the Jor- danian Falastin, was headlined "Jewish Scandals," and the writer concluded: "In all this scandal and corruption, one fact stands out. Most of the leading racketeers and vicemongers were Jews * * *. Jews in England who ran these rackets amassed their fortunes by the foulest and most depraved of means." On August 8, 1963, a venomous analysis of history was offered by "Wayfarer" in the Jerusalem (Jordan) daily, Al-Jihad: "Of all the dwellers on this planet, if any scholar were bent on counting; * * * the nations who hate the Jews * 'i * and those who are pro-Jewish * * * would he find so much as one single nation that like them? * * * I am sure that on this score everyone feels the same way. "All of them hate to have Jews in their midst, and all do their best to get rid of them. Obviously this hatred is rooted in world feeling since the dawn of history. "But why is it that everyone hates the Jews? "The reason is one and the same * * * with everyone * * * in every age. "It stems from the mentality of the Jews, and their character, which impels theme to live within a nation * * * as a people apart * * * with different aims * * * and feelings * ? * Because of this * ? ? and because of their spiritual insolationism * * * among whichever nations they dwell * * * they plunder its. wealth * * * and are not squeamish over the propriety of'thelr meth- ods. "This is why the Jews are the root of all creeping corruption, and there is no doubt that this is also one of the main reasons why Jews are detested." But the persecutions of the past are not all that the Arab propagandists seek to justify. The threat of future anti-Jewish recriminations, even more terrible ones, are often only lightly hidden. In an article called "The Sinister Grasp," in Falastin (Nov. 22, 1962), H. Ibrahim Sakjaha began with a report of Jewish crimes in the Soviet Union, then produced a torrent of analysis and grave prophecy: "'The mouse is dead but its tail is wag- ging' runs the well-known Arabic proverb. And it springs to mind, when we read of an- other band of Jews in the U.S.S.R., sentenced for economic crimes. "Not only Jews are tried on the charge in that particular country, admittedly. But most of the convicted criminals are Jews--- for one of two reasons. '"The Jews try to get control of financial and economic life wherever they are. "In this attempt they usually tend to em- ploy unscrupulous and illegal tactics. "Obviously it is not just the Jews of Rus- sia who commit economic crimes, try to get the whip hand, and use underhanded tactics. In Russia, however, they are caught and tried, and some of them get the death sen- tence, in accordance with the severe laws there. Whereas in the United States, for instance, and other capitalist countries, they pursue their nefarious work unhindered, liv- ing a life of pleasure, and seizing all in their clutches, without their deeds being con- sidered a capital crime. On the contrary, some of them are even thanked or decorated for what they do. "Take for instance the stock exchange crises in New York, London and elsewhere. Most people blame the Jews for profiteering on the stock markets to their own advantage, but all the same nobody takes them to task. In a city like New York nobody can settle accounts with them. "Yet if the powers that be who yield to Zionist domination because their economies are in its clutches shut their eyes to crimes like these for the while, will the peoples who are lorded over by these Jewish exploiters be able to keep silent forever? "We do not think so-nor do we doubt that they will square their accounts with the Jews, one day in the not too distant future. This accounting will be cruel and terrible; it will take reckoning of the sinister Jewish domination over the economy of the free world." THE EXPORT OF POISON Much of the blatant defamation of Jews produced by the authorized Arab propa- gandists-that which is paranoid or patently nonsensical--is obviously intended chiefly for internal consumption. For, only under a system of rigid press censorship which con- trols the public's level of awareness could the distortions in 'the Arab version of the Kennedy assassination, for example, be ped- died seriously. But the growing hate cam- paign has had international elements as well. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 Jury 8, 1965 Approved Fg tgSJ TZ/1 EG ' ~-B% R'`6R000400170011-8 So malevolent has been the anti-Semitism of Arab pamphlets published in Germany that the central board of the Jewish commu- nity at Dusseldorf pleaded with' the Bonn government, on January 11, 1964, to take steps to limit their spread, considering the danger of the possible incitement of resur- gent Nazi groups to violence. In Argentina, there are a number of anti- Semitic groups, many of them Nazi In flavor and beliefs. According to .a leading Argen- tine daily newspaper, El Siglo, an agent of. the Arab League named Hussein Triki has been working closely with some of these groups and financing their activities-par- ticularly a 'banned fascistic organization known as Tacuara. According to the Buenos Aires weekly, Pr'imera Plana, the police have known of Tacuara `expenses being covered by Triki. (Triki, a former representative of Algeria's FLN who was known for his openly pro-Nazi sympathies during World War It, publishes an anti-Jewish newspaper, Nacion Arabe, and has fostered widespread distribu- tion of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion")' ARAB BLASTS IN VNITED STATES In the Arab States, Arab propaganda is issued regularly from several special offices. A press release dated March 5, 1965, issued by the Palestine Arab Delegation in New York, was, quite in keeping with the official anti-Jewish propaganda abroad-charging that Zionists had started 'the Second World War in Europe in 1939 and had later "capi- talized on the alleged destruction by Ger- many of 6 million Jews." The release added: "It is appropriate to point out that ac- cording to statistics published by European governments, it is estimated that more than 45 million gentiles lost their lives in the Second World 'Par and yet no one hears about them, no one is capitalizing on their deaths, erecting monuments in their mem- ory, or cashing in through blackmail on their misfortune." Deliberately, or not, the authors had con- fused the hapless victims of war with those of programed murder. But such confu- sion fits the divisive purpose apparent In today's Arab propaganda throughout several continents. In "Who Benefits From Anti-Semitism," the New York Arab Information Center's pamphlet, Author Hadawi quotes proudly from a book by Dov Joseph, who had been military governor of the Israel part of Jeru- salem, In order to bolster claims that such propaganda was merely anti-Israel, and purely political in nature. "I have never found among Moslems * * *" the author had written, "any trace of feeling against Jews comparable to anti-Semitism." If this is so, then the flood of anti-Jewish hate sampled in these pages becomes all the more damning of its perpetrators-all the more tragic to the hopes for ultimate under- standing between peoples-for the responsi- bility then must fall almost entirely upon the officials of the Arab governments them- selves. One such official, King Hussein of Jordan, declared in a speech in Washington, D.C., on April 15, 1984: "It is clearly in the best in- terest of the adherents of the Jewish faith wherever they live to make a deep, soul- searching, and, perhaps, an agonizing re- appraisal of their attitude toward this whole program of Zionism. For if they could only do that they would be able to make a far- reaching contribution toward solving a tragedy which threatens to engulf them and others in a senseless and ruthless calamity." The tbxekt--against "adherents of the Jewish faith. wherever they live"-was, ' like all threats of its kind, only thinly veiled. May 17, 1965: Bjorn Lundahl, leader of a group of Swedish Nazis, at whose headquar- ters police discovered a cache of weapons and a list of Swedish Jewish leaders marked for assassination, was charged with high treason. Lundahl had held at least 3b conferences with the former First Secretary of the Egyp- tian Embassy in Stockholm. April 24, 1965: Radio Cairo, commenting on the "necessity of the destruction of Israel and the disappearance of Jewish people from the face of Arab soil," declared: "We find our- selves facing human groups whose nature prevents them from coexistence with other peoples * * * These groups plan aggres- sion of, and domination over, other peoples." April 16, 1965: Mahmound Riad, Foreign Minister of the United Arab Republic, in an 'interview with the "Deutsche National Zeitung and Soldatenzeitung," extreme rightist German weekly, said: "Most nations are not interested in these (Nazi crime) trials and (wish) that these nuisances be stopped. This self-flagellation does not bring honor to Germany. Often, it seems to me as though the Germans were begging to be slapped. What is referred to in Ger- many as pressure of world public opinion is in reality the pressure of a tiny minority." April 15, 1965: Hilmi Salem, writing in Al Gemhouria, attacks President Bourguiba for being the first Arab ruler to have nominated a Jew, Andre Baruch, a relative of the famous millionaire, Bernard Baruch, as a member of his cabinet. March 6, 1965: The Palestine Arab Delega- tion In New York issued a press released en- titled "Germany, the Arabs and the Inter- national Zionist Manipulators" stating: "No German leader with any self-respect whatso- ever would take such a position (arms de- liveries to Israel) knowing as he does about the sinister role played by the international Zionist manipulators to crush Germany in two World Wars. What would it matter to them if millions of gentile lives were sacrificed?" January 2, 1965: A cartoon in the daily Akhbar al-Yom shows Golds Meir kissing the hand of the Pope and saying: "Thank you for the resolution declaring that the Jews did not hang the Messiah. But next year we will demand a resolution be adopted declar- ing that it is the Arabs who hanged the Messiah." January 1965: The United Arab Republic distributed through its Information Depart- ment in Cairo and its Embassy in Washing- ton, D.C., copies of a pamphlet entitled "Israel, The Enemy of Africa," replete with quotations from the "Protocols of The Elders of Zion." November 26, 1964: A radio Baghdad com- mentator deplores the alleged invasion of the Vatican by Jews who succeeded in "forcing a few Christian clergymen to publish a docu- ment which distorts the contents of the New Testament * * *. This way the Jews are murdering Christ and His mission once again." November 24, 1964: Al Manar, a Jordanian daily carried a cartoon showing a malevolent caricature of a Jew, wearing a Star of David on his chest and surrounded with coins and bags of money. The caption read: "In con- nection with antipoverty program-the hun- gry one who is never satisfied." November 23, 1964: Al-Manar (Jordan) publishes a cable sent to the Pope by the Christian members of the National Council of Jordan. It "strongly deplores the resolu- tion of the Ecumenical Council which ac- quits the Jews from the murder of Our Lord the Messiah." November 22, 1964: The Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon) quotes Jordan's Foreign Minister Kadri Toukan as predicting that the ecu- menical declaration would pave the way for "Zionism and Israel to continue their mis- guided policy. History testifies to Jewish intentions of destroying Christ and Christianity." November 21, 1964: Over Radio Amman, Ka.dri Konkan, Foreign Minister of Jordan, commenting on the Ecumenical Council's 15343 vindication of`the Jewish people, said that the Jews were responsible for the war against Christ and Christianity and that this was proved by history. November 20, 1964: According to Al- Akhbar, United Arab Republic, Abel-Allah al-Tall published a book under the title, "The Danger of World Jewry for Islam and Christianity." November 20, 1964: Arabische Korres- pondenz, published by the Arab League Office in Bonn, under the heading "The Arabs and the Jewish Scheme," declared that all Arab Ambassadors were to maintain close contact with Vatican authorities "to en- lighten them about the political background behind the Jewish scheme." November 19, 1964: Damascus radio said that while the Jews might have merited mercy before the establishment of Israel or before the Nazis, "Jews certainly do not deserve pity or mercy now, as their hands are still soaked with the blood of Arab Pales- tinians." November 16, 1964: El Kuat El Muslaha, journal of the United Arab Republic Armed Forces, carries an article by Mustafa El-Sid entiled "Return to The Black Chamber." It depicts Freemasonry as a Jewish inven- tion and instrument of Jewish international intrigue. October 1964: Number 5 of "Publications of the League of Arab States-Cairo," German edition, is devoted to the subject "Israel Persecutes German Scientists." On page 3 appears the following comment: "The Fed- eration of German Labor Unions * * * has concerned itself strongly with German for- eign policy in the Arabian part of the world. Whether this is really in the interests of German workers * * * or whether this is the work of the Jews who operate In Germany for Israel, cannot be judged easily." (This is an insinuation that Ludwig Rosenberg (Jewish), head of the German Federation of Labor Unions, is an Israeli agent.) October 28, 1964: Arabische Korrespondenz contains a strong statement against any changes of the Holy Scriptures by the Ecu- menical Council and ends as follows: "It is in the interest of the faith to look for the cause of anti-Semitism in men themselves, not in the Holy Scriptures." October 19, 1964: The Arab Observer pub- lished in English by the United Arab Re- public's general organization of publications in Cairo, carries a 2-page article entitled "'I Am Content', says Cardinal Bea". It refers to "Zionising Cardinals" as dupes of * * * a power struggle which uses the supposed sufferings of the Jews as one of Its principal aids." October 3, 1964: Arabische Korrespondenz editorially comments: "The (Ecumenical) Council in Rome again occupies itself with Juddismaand Christianity * * *. The ques- tion arises whether it is prudent and right to correct history for the sake of Zionism. Would it not be better to examine one's own shortcomings and not seek them in others?" Summer 1964: The Arab League repre- sentative in Argentina, Hussein Triki, trav- eled through Argentina delivering lectures sharply attacking Judaism and charging that the Jews were planning a "Zionist America." May 12, 1964: Nacion Arabe, a newspaper published in Buenos Aires by Hussein Triki, contained a front-page anti-Jewish carica- ture showing a claw bearing the Star of David attempting to seize Argentina. May 1, 1964: Deutsche Nationalzeitung and Soldatenzeitung published an interview with President Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic quoting Nasser as de- claring: "During the Second World War our sympathies were with the Germans * * The lie of the 6 million murdered Jews is not taken seriously by anybody" April 1964: The Scribe-Arab review, pub- lished in five languages in Cairo, contained Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R00040017001'1-8 15344 Approved For ftWRN8R13L: Rk-BI PJ7Bg%fJ%00400170011-8 aP*RGH July 8, X965 a four-page article entitled "Was Kennedy the Victim of'a Zionist-Armed Hand?" insin- uating that the late president Kennedy and American statesmen 'before him, including Lincoln, were murdered by Jews. -April 27, 1064: The Argentine Arab Youth Movement distributed leaflets inviting the public to a "big tlemonstration in support of the Arab League* * *. Enough of currency evasion and gcgnomic criminals that bring misery to our people. Enough of double nationality, * * * ." At the meeting, slogans such ' as `Long Live Hitler," "Nasser and Peron," "Jews to the Crematoria" and "Mak.e Soap Out of the Jews" were voiced by partici- pants, ntany of whom were identified by their uniforms, as well as by their Nazi salute, as members of Tecuara and Guardia Restaura- dora Nacionalista, neo-Nazi groups. April 15 1964: King Hussein of Jordan, in a speech in Washington, D.C., made veiled threats against "adherents of the Jewish faith .., wherever they live." Be intimated that unless they abandoned Zionism they would be engulfed "in a senseless and ruth- less calamity." March 9, 1964: El Siglio?, leading Argentine daily, denounced Arab League agent Hussein Triki chaiging that he was collaborating with anti-Semitic and nationalist groups. February 24, 1964: The so-called Grand Mufti of Palestine, Mohammad Amin El Husseini, chairman of the Arab Higher Com- mittee for Palestine, in a memorandum sub- mitted to Pope Paul VI stated: "The Zionist movement * * * is based on the Talmudic principles which consider non-Jews as Goyim with .no human rights and with whom Jews cannot live or associate." February 1.964: The newspaper Al Nahar (Beirut, Lebanon), assailing President John- son. referred to him as "Johnson the Jew." January 28, 1964: At an Arab League ses- sion in Cairo, the Egyptian representative proposed to renew distribution of the "Proto- cols of the Elders of Zion" in the countries of Asia and Arica. January 21, 1964: At Dusseldorf, Germany, Dr. Hendrik Van Dam, Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, ap- pealed to the Government of the German Federal Republic to take steps against the spread of anti-Semitic pamphlets published by Arab propagandists. January 8, 1964: Al Anwar of Beirut shows a caricature of a Jew labeled. "Cohen" about to collapse, supported on each side by Brit- ain and the United States. The three fig- ures are encircled by cannons with inscrip tions of the names of Arab League . coun- tries.. The cg?ption puts the question in Cohen's mouth: "What? You are leaving me?". January 8, 1964: Broadcast over Radio Amman referred to the Jews. "hostility to- ward the other cosmic religions, and Chris- tianity in particular. Thus is the truth re- .vealed, and with it the shame of the ene- mies, of.,God, and of Islam and Christianity. Thus do the Jews prove their responsibility for the infamies of their forebears, and for the crucifixion and humiliation of Christ 19 generations ago." January 1, 1964: Ad-Difa'a Jerusalem (Jordan) daily, carried it column by Yusef Hanna stating: "The reader would do well to know that Johnson is said to be infatu- ated with the Jews as Truman was, and that Mrs. Johnson is said to back Mrs. Roosevelt in her outbursts and 'Zionist outbursts and Zionist leanings. Mrs. Johnson's daughter is engaged to a young Jew by the name of Rosenberg, who works as a real estate broker in New York." December 20, 1963: A1-Musaw,ar,,` Cairo daily, carried a column Pictures Behind the 'News by Saleh Joda containing, the. follow- ing comments: "The great German people which tasted disaster and destruction. at the hands of Jewish arms-dealers and bloodsuck- ers, can trust them no more * * * There are still's few Jews left in Germany who are trying once again to raise their viper's head and seize control of economic life, business, and politics." December 14, 1963: Achbar ell-Ybrn, Cairo newspaper, insinuates that- the Jews were as much responsible for the murder of former President Kennedy as for the death of Jesus Christ. ._December 6, 1963: Al-Musawar Columnist Anis Mansur described Jews as killing Catho- lics 'while extracting concessions from the Catholic Church. December 4, 1963: Columnist Sa'ld Nu'mat Ulla writing in Acher Sa'a (Cairo), declared that Jewish gangs were responsible for Pres- ident Kennedy's assassination. November 28, 1963: Cairo daily Al-Gom houria featured a cartoon showing a hang- man holding a torch to enable Ben-Gurion to write on a wall, while Uncle Sam stands by indifferent. The wall bears the names: Ber- nadette, Lord Meyne, Deir Yassin, Lincoln, Lumumba, Hammerskjold, and names of Ger- man scientists. Ben-Gurion has just added the name of President Kennedy." The cap- tion reads: "The Page of Precedents." November 28, 1963: The Beirut Lebanon newspaper Al-Hayyat published a letter to the editor from 1* supporter of the Grand Mufti, bearing the title, "World Jewry Be- hind Kennedy's Assassination." November 27, 1963: The daily column "Al- Jihad Dialog" in the Jordanian publication, Al-Jihad, reiterates typical anti-Semitic charges of alleged Jewish responsibility for mankind's misfortunes, from the Communist revolution to President Kennedy's assassi- nation. November 27, 1963: Al Gombouria com- ments: _"The killer Jack Leon Rubinstein- Jew and Zionist-is not just a symbol of criminal Zionist domination over public life in the United States * * *. He personifies the subjection of respectable American citi- zen to machinations of the criminal.. Zionist gangs * * *. To date the Jews have founded over 70 hospitals, for the use of their own race * * * Special Jewish institutions * * * for their own advantage * * * for their own patients In the United States." November 26, 1963: Alakhbar, Cairo paper, commented: "To say this Jew killed Ken- nedy's killer to defend the reputation of Dallas and Texas, which has been soiled, is pure and utter nonsense * * *. Those who know our Jewish friends well know that they don't get excited or involved unless personal or material interest Is involved * "' * All this goes to prove it was a well-planned ac- tion to hide the motives of Kennedy's assassi- nation. The removal of details of the crime was to the interest of some gang * * * " The paper went on to say that "when this Jewish killer goes on trial, Zionist elements will try to influence the jury." November 26, 1963: Falastin, Jerusalem (Jordan) daily, headlines a report about events in Dallas, "Spot the Jew." November 26, 1963: Al-Jihad's column "Al- Jihad Dialog" stated: "The man who killed Kennedy's assassin was a Jew * * *. The question is, what were these vital interests which the Jew who killed Kennedy's assassin was trying to cover up * * *. The role of this Jewish killer * * * moves people to ask whether world Jewry has any interest in this crime, and whether subsequently, for fear of punishment it got rid of the assassin lest he should disclose vital secrets? How many crimes has world Jewry already committed in history, to attain its ends and further its own .interests?" November 25, 1963: All Gombouria, in a column by Nasser ed-Din An-Nashashibi, referred to Lee Oswald's murderer as "Jack Rubinstein * * * a Jew, of course." August 8, 1963: The column "A New Phenomenon" by "Wayfarer" in Al-Jihad deals with the reasons for the world's hatred of the Jew. July 17, 1963: A column entitled "Jewish Scandals" published in Falastin traced cor- ruption in England to Jews. July 13, 1963: Falastin headlines a Reuters dispatch from Moscow about alleged profiteering in the sale of Matzeh: "Jewish Crimes in Russia." December 4, 1962: In an address at the United Nations, Hussein Zulficar Sabry, United Arab Republic Deputy Foreign Min- ister, said: "I am more Semitic than all the Greens, Zlotnicks, Shkolniks, or Shimono- vitches put together-those East Europeans born and reared in the 19th century in Plensk, Poltava, Kiev, Bobrinsk, or whatever it was * * * and they found it expedient to take on Hebraic aliases to make the world believe that they are of Hebrew origin." November 30, 1962: Ahmad Shukafry, Saudis Arabia's envoy to the United Nations, in an address at the U.N., stated: "Recently in Argentina * * * a national movement under the name of Tacuara has started, for which a gentinal should be saluted. Tacu- ara has proclaimed a crusade against Zion- ism. The extermination of Zionism is a master key to the solution of the Palestinian refugees. We hope that Tacuara would spread in Latin America and we propose that Tacuara be adopted by the United Nations." November 22, 1962: An article in Falastin headed "The Sinister Grasp" by H. Ibrahim Sakjaha repeats the canard that Jews con- trol economic life everywhere in the world, but are being punished for their crimes In Soviet Russia. June 11, 1962: According to the Ruz al- Yusuf (Cairo), Deputy Foreign Minister of the United Arab Republic Hussein Dhu al- Figar, commenting on the Eichman trial, denied the fact that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis. He declared: "There are documents confirming the existence of Jew- ish gangs in Germany whose task it was to kill Jews in order to create sympathy for the Jews and Ben Gurion himself was the leader of one of these gangs." February 1962: The weekly "Al Amghreb Al Arabi," published in Rabat, Morocco by the Popular Movernment, serialized "The Protocols of The Elders of Zion." . December 6, 1961: Ahmad Shukairy con- cluded a speech at the, United Nations by denying there was anti-Semitism in the world but that anti-Semitism was being 'used as a propaganda "tool" to serve the interests of Zionists, who had "created anti-Semitism in order to justify their demands." December 5, 1961: Ahmad Shukairy chal- lenging the objectivity of Dr. Joseph E. Johnson, United Nations refugee aid, be- cause he is a U.S. citizen and the U.S. is "in Zionist captivity," demanded that the United States must be "freed, emancipated and lib- erated from Zionism" before its statesmen can be trusted. October 1961: The Palestine Arab Delega- tion sent to all U.N. delegations a formal statement of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem declaring: "The enmity of Nazis to Jews * * * was based on well-documented re- search and studies" which showed that the Jews were "a strong factor" in bringing about the defeat of Germany in World Weir I and dominated the "political, eco- nomic, and professional life of Germany." August 1, 1961: "The Crescent and the Cross," newsletter of the Palestine Arab Delegation, adopted the anti-Semitic canard of the Khazar origin of present-day Jews. It charged that the use of the term "Israel" by Jews was an abomination because only follows of Jesus Christ can be considered "fellow citizens" in the commonwealth of Israel. It added that Zionism was deter- mined to eradicate Christianity and that this "Zionist fanaticism" stems from the Talmud. Summer 1961: ' "The Crescent and the Cross" charged that the Jews were respon- sible for "railroading the United States into Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CPYR'GF' Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CPYR July 8, 1965 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE June 6, 1961: In a letter published in the San Francisco Examiner, Mohammed T. Mehdi, then west coast director for the Arab League Information Center, charged "Ameri- can Jews are Israelis residing in exile and potential Israeli citizens." April 15, 1961: Il Nahar, of Beirut, Leba- non, published a cartoon depicting Eich- mann standing on a heap of skulls with the caption: "Eichmann is being tried for his mistakes. He didn't kill them all." March 25, 1961: In an address before the American Friends of the Middle East, Sami Hadawi, then charge of the Southern Office (United States) of the Arab Information Center, asked: "Is it in the interest of the 'United States to allow a minority group to influence its policy, and is it in their in- terest of the Unted States to allow tax-free dollars to be used for harmful things to American policies?" January 20, 1961: Al-Ahram reports: "The Information Department of the United Arab Republic has been able to obtain copies of the protocols of the elders of Zion, of the Talmud and other books * * * The depart- ment is now engaged in translating these books into. Arabic, French, and English in order to distribute them in African coun- tries * * * The Talmud says that whoever kills a non-Jew will be admitted to Paradise. The Talmud also permits the stealing of gentile property and attacks upon the honor of non-Jewish women." December 1960: Al Gomhourla an- nounced that one of the last few copies of the Nazi film, "The Windering Jew," had been obtained by the Egyptian Government and would be shown on television in the United Arab Republic. The paper then stated: "All the other copies were seized and destroyed by the Allies, but we succeeded to get a rare copy so that our people will have the privilege of seeing it." November 25, 1960: Al-Abram (United Arab Republic) carries an article by Salah Darsuki which tries to prove the validity of the "protocols of the elders of zion." The author's crown witness is Sergei Nilus, no- torious anti-Semitic forger under the czarist system. Darsuki reiterates the old-Semitic canards that Wall Street, the French, and British economies are dominated by the Jews. August 29, 1960: In an address before a convention of the Organization of Arab Stu- dents in the United States, Mostafa Kamal, QV#ed Arab Republic Ambassador, stated: 5['8lbnists in this country organize the Jewish minority in a bloc, powerful, rich, influen- tial, fanatically self-interested and perma- any understanding between the Arabs and the Americans." June-July 1960: The Jordanian paper Al- Sha'b contains an article by Yuruf Hannah which reads in part: "Genocide and war crimes were invented by the Jews and per- fected by the Zionists. The Torah is full of genocide propaganda and blood-thirsty teachings, and the entire Jewish religion is based on hatred, revenge, racial discrimina- tion, intolerance, racial persecution, aggres- sion, murder, looting, and raping." The Jordanian newspaper Falastin pub- lished an article by Yehya Hawwash which contains the following sentence: "Compared to the Jewish gangsters, Hitler and the Nazis were pure saints." June 23, 1960: Radio Baghdad commented: "Eichmann Is a Nazi German Jew who killed Jews-many at that-during the Hitler era." June 13, 1960: Radio Cairo: "The aim of the kidnapping of Eichmann is to extort money from world Jewry." June 12, 1960: Radio Damascus: "The Israel the old legend about the millions of Jews who are supposed to have been exterminated by Eichmann. * ? ? This absurd legend is devoid of all basis in fact, and nobody be- lieves it * * * not more than 150,000 Jews were killed throughout Europe during the Nazi regime." .June 11, 1960: A Radio Cairo commentator declared: "Here is Eichmann who is going to be the victim of world Jewry. Our sym- pathies are with him, not because he was realistic about the dangers of world Jewry, but also because he will see how injustice is practiced in a country based on injustice and lawlessness," June 9, 1960: Ai-Anwar of Beirut publishes a cartoon with the following message: "Ben Gurion: 'You deserve the death penalty, be- cause you killed 6 million Jews.' Elchmann: 'There are many who say I deserve the death penalty because I didn't manage to kill the rest.'" June 9, 1960: Falastin, Jordan daily, made this comment: "The Jewish race goes into hiding after every war, like the snake that strikes and then takes cover * * * May the wheel of history turn so that the leaders of Jewry will stand trial for the war crimes they perpetrated against all of humanity." June 2, 1960: Al-Hayat, Beirut daily, pub- lishes an article by Yunis Bahri, who broad- cast in Arabic from Berlin in Hitler's time. Bahrf wrote: "It appears that the Jews, having failed to attain the ends they set for themselves in the Germany of today, looked for some weak and miserable prey such as the fugitive figure of Adolf Eichmann, in order to try him for the crimes of the Hitlerite Nazi regime which, according to their claims, destroyed 6 million Jews * ? * The Jewish fabricated stories about the desecrations of their synagogues ? * ? This campaign, too, ended in failure, but the Jews did not retreat, for after all trickery is their trade." May 31, 1960: The Saudi Arabian paper Al-Bilad carries an article on the arrest of Eichmann under the headline: "The Arrest of Eichmann Who Had the Honor of Killing 5 Million Jews." May 26: 1960: Ash-Shaab, Jordan daily, contains the following comment: "Chief Rabbi Niesim's statement on the Eichmann case is a true interpretation of the teachings of the Torah, which are based on the incite- ment to hatred, revenge, racial discrimina- tion, aggression, murder, looting and other virtues practiced by the heroes of the Bible." May 7, 1960: Abdul Gamal Nasser, in a statement on financial dealings, referred to "the methods of Cohen." EXHIBIT 2 U.S. FOOD Am DISPARAGED BY EGYPTIANS- RADIO STATIONS BELITTLE JOHNSON ACTION BUT LAUD RUSS HELP (By.vaul W. ar WASHINGTON, July 2.-President Johnson's June 21 decision to ship another $37 million worth of American foodstuffs to Egypt is get- ting an unrewarding reaction from President Gamal Abdel Nasser's regime there. Government-controlled radio stations, on which the regime depends for indoctrina- tion of an electorate that is 70 percent il- literate, are belittling President Johnson's action but simultaneously praising Premier Alexei N. Kosygin of the Soviet Union for having taken similar action 3 days later. Recordings of the Arab broadcasts that be- came available in translation here today also contain quotations from Cairo's govern- ment-controlled. newspapers that show Nasser's press organs being as pro-Soviet and anti-American as his broadcasters in this matter. CPYRGH 153T15 STOCKS NEARLY DEPLETED They show, in addition, that Egypt was thin 3 weeks of exhausting its grain stocks when the State Department announced here n June 22 that President Johnson had de- ided the previous day to resume aid ship- , ents to Nasser's regime. The decision entailed arrangements to hip 260,600 tons, or $22,400,000 worth of heat plus $8,900,000 worth of tobacco, 5,600,000 worth of vegetable oils, and $100,- 00 worth of dried milk to Egypt in comple- ion of contracts made in October 1962, to upply that country with $431,800,000 worth f American farm products at bargain prices epayable in currency spendable only in gypt. Three days later Nasser got a note from osygin promising an additional 300,000 tons wheat for Egypt on terms that he left ubject to negotiation but vowed would be ept within the means of an Egyptian regime hat, according to Israeli publications, had ust tried to contract for annual shipments f 1 million tons of wheat from Argentina ver the next 5 years but could not meet rgentine credit requirements. DESPERATE NEED Egypt's desperate need of grain was also ointed up in Cairo broadcasts about osygin's offer. They stressed that it en- ailed immediate diversion to Egypt of Aus- ralian and Canadian wheat in Soviet ships hat had been bound for the Soviet Union. The first of those Soviet ships, northbound, eached the Suez Canal last Saturday. The econd, bearing another 11,500 tons of Aus- ralian wheat, reached Alexandria Tuesday, nd a third, carrying 9,500 tons, is due there unday. Nasser's radio stations, which had forecast 'resident Johnson's decision weeks in ad- ance, treating it as something Arab pres- ures were certain to extract from the White Ouse, began contrasting Moscow's action 7ith Washington's as soon as Kosygin's note as received. They have, moreover, used each Soviet ain ship's arrival as excuse for elaborating n their pro-Soviet and anti-American theme nd for blasting at "pro-Zionist American ongressmen clamoring for stopping the ex- ort of wheat and foodstuffs to Egypt so that is sons may starve and succumb to Ameri- an policy." FAVORABLE TERMS "We do not get wheat from the United tates as charity or aid, as its trumpets make ut," they add, "but buy it at the full price hich, indeed, includes profit. There were avorable payment terms because the wheat, Lour, or other supplies were surplus in the United States." The contrastingly pro-Soviet note is struck n Cairo broadcasts saying Kosygin's promise as accompanied by "a profound diplomatic emark; namely, that the Soviet Union fully ppreciates the policy of nonalinelpeYR espoused by Nasser. ll,~ "The first (Soviet) consignment of w eat cached us," they add, "while discussions were taking place (at Cairo) between Presi- ent Nasser and Chou En-lai, Premier of the hinese People's Republic which is contest- ng the Soviet Government on vital ideo- ogical subjects. "Despite this, neither the Peiping Govern- ent nor the Moscow Government sees any trangeness in the supply of Soviet wheat to he United Arab Republic. GREAT LESSON SEEN "This is because each behaves within the Balm of peaceful coexistence among lib- rated peoples. This is a great lesson for he U.S. Senators who have often pressed heir Government to break the wheat agree- at with us. GH Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CPYRGHT 15346 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE July 8, 1965 "We have been able to prove through ma terlal evidence that the land of God whin produces wheat is wide. We have conclud deals to purchase wheat from Mexico. Theare other wheat deals being concluded These deals will meet our requirements 'unti we produce our own wheat in 2 years' time "After 2 years It will be our right to tel those who helped us 'thank you, and thos who were hostile to us `what did you gain being hostile to us, other than failure?'" Nasser's radios, which also have been blare lag the United States this week for all th United Nations' Shortcomings as a peace keeping organization and simultaneously de nouncing both Britain and the United State.- for their actions in the Vietnam crisis, hay just broadcast, in addition, some detail about Egypt's present grain stocks and futur prospects. These broadcasts are based on an an- nouncement made at Cairo last Sunday b Deputy' Premier Kamal Ramzi Istinu, wh said Egypt has managed to "overcome th difficulty of meeting its requirements i wheat, corn, and flour" for the next 1 months. It had entered last Saturday, he added into a contract with Mexican authorities fo 400,000 tons of wheat and 100,000 tons OF. corn to be supplied it on an 18-month credi basis. Egypt, which currently has to imporE 1, 500,000 tons of wheat a year, also has con tracted, he said, to buy 55,000 tons fro Australia plus 30,000 tons from the Unit States exclusive of the additional 260,00 tons due it under President Johnson's Jun 21 decision. Added to the 300,000 tons promised b Moscow, these figures reach an aggregate o 1,045,000 tons of wheat, or enough, he said to last 10 months in Egypt, which normall consumes 125,000 a month. OTHER FIGURES It has also contracted, he added, to bu 380,000 tons of flour from France, Italy, an Spain and this, added to its stock of 80,00 tons, will cover Egypt's flour needs for months. He did not project any imports of corn be yond the 100,000 tons from Mexico, saying instead, that Egypt's Ministry of Agricultur is Increasing acreage that will yield a con crop in September of 1 million feddan (1,470,000 acres). The United States has been shippin about about 2 million tons of wheat an nually to Egypt as part of economic ai allotments to that country which by Jun 30 last year had reached an aggregate o $943,100 and topped $1 billion at the end o Wednesday of fiscal 1965. - MILITARY AM ALSO But Soviet economic aid commitments totaling $1,011,300,000, according to Stat Department data, have been supplement by military aid commitments in excess o $1 billion. Some of the latter are, however not directly attributable to Moscow, bein shared by other Soviet bloc members suc as Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary Poland, and Rumania. According to State Department data Moscow's foreign aid commitments wer trippled during 1964 and a third of the tots, went to Egypt which got, in consequence $467,300,000 in credits from the Sovie Union. Communist Chinese credits Egypt amount, on the other hand, to onl $84,700,000 to date, including $80 millio granted last year. Mr. JAVITS subsequently said: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that this brief statement may appear in con- nection with the statement made by the Senator from Connecticut [Mr. DODD] on President Nasser's anti-Jewish propa- ganda. Mr. President, I believe that the Sen- ator from Connecticut has rendered the country a distinguished service in dis- closing the facts of what appeasement of President Nasser has come to mean to the United States. I have been trying to disclose these same facts constantly. The Senator from Connecticut has given enormous aid to efforts to show how misguided the United States has often been in Near East policy, especially with respect to the recent release of wheat to President Nasser's regime. I hope very much that every Senator will read the remarks of the Senator from Connecticut, as we shall be trying to implement by legislation these policy recommendations. SOCIAL SECURITY AMENDMENTS OF 1965 The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill (H.R. 6675) to provide a hos- pital insurance program for the aged under the Social Security Act with a supplementary health benefits program and an expanded program of medical assistance, to increase benefits under the old-age, survivors, and disability insur- ance system, to improve the Federal- State public assistance programs, and for other purposes. AMENDMENT NO. 330 Mr. CURTIS. Mr. President, I call up my amendment No. 330. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will read the amendment offered by the Senator from Nebraska. Mr. CURTIS. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the reading of the amendment be dispensed with, and that it be printed in the RECORD. .The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. The amendment (No. 330) offered by Mr. CURTIS, is as follows: On page 126, line 13, strike out "programs" and all that follows, and insert in lieu there- of "programs." On page 123, between lines 13 and 14, insert the following: "ALTERNATE VARIABLE DEDUCTIBLES UNDER PARTS A AND B RELATED TO INCOME TAX LIABILITY "SEc. 1876. (a) Except as is provided in subsection (c) (1), the inpatient hospital deductible applicable to an individual. under part A with respect to inpatient hospital services furnished to him during any spell of illness shall, if his income tax liability ex- ceeds the amount of such deductible as de- termined under section 1813, be, in lieu of such amount, an amount equal to his Income tax. liability, or the amount of the custom- ary charges imposed for the inpatient hos- pital services furnished him, whichever is the lesser. "(b) Except as is provided in subsection (c) (2), the deductible applicable to an indi- vidual under part B with respect to services provided him thereunder during any calen- dar year shall, if his Income tax liability ex- ceeds $50, be, in lieu of $50 an amount equal to his income tax liability, or the amount of the customary charges imposed for such serv- ices, whichever is the lesser. "(c) (1) The inpatient hospital deductible applicable to any individual- "(A) who, during any calendar year, has received inpatient hospital services with re- spect to which the inpatient hospital deduc- tible is subject to increase by reason of the provisions of subsection (a), and "(B) who, during such calendar year, has received medical or other health care with respect to which the deductible applicable to him under part B has been increased by rea- son of the provisions of subsection (b), shall, in lieu of the amount determined un- der subsection (a), be (i) the amount deter- mined under subsection (a) minus the amount by which his deductible under part B was increased (by reason of the provisions of subsection (b)) over $50, or (ii) the amount determined under section 1813, Whichever is the greater. "(2) The part B deductible applicable to any individual- "(A) who, during any calendar year, has received medical or other health care with respect to which the $50 applicable thereto is subject to increase by reason of the pro- visions of subsection (b), and "(B) who, during such calendar year, has received inpatient hospital services with re- spect to which the inpatient hospital deduc- tible has been Increased by reason of sub- section (a), shall, in lieu of the amount determined un- der subsection (b), be (1) the amount deter- mined under subsection (b) minus the amount by which his inpatient hospital de- duotible under part A was increased (by rea- son of the provisions of subsection (a)) over the amount determined under section 1813, or (ii) the amount determined under part B (without regard to this section), whichever is the greater. "(d) For purposes of this section, the term 'income tax liability' means, when applied. to any individual, the amount of the tax im- posed on such individual for the taxable year under chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, reduced by the sum of the credits allowable under part IV of subchapter A of such chapter (other than the credit allowable under section 31 of such Code). "(e) For purposes of -subsections (a) and (b), an individual's income tax liability shall be determined on the basis of his last taxable year which ends prior to the date he com- menced to receive the services with respect to which the deductible under subsection (a), or (b), as the case may be, is being determined. "(f) In the case of any individual who is married and files a joint income tax return with his spouse, the Income tax liability of such individual shall be deemed to be one- half of the joint income tax liability of such Individual and his spouse." Mr. CURTIS. Mr. President, I advise "Members of the Senate that I expect to ask for a rolleall on this amendment. Mr. President, I ask for the yeas and nays now. The yeas and nays were ordered. Mr. CASE. Mr. President, will the Senator yield briefly? Mr. CURTIS. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that I may yield to the Senator from New Jersey without losing the floor. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered. . Mr. CASE. Mr. President, I call up my amendment, which is at the desk, and ask that it be stated. Mr. LONG of Louisiana. Mr. Presi- dent, reserving the right to object-and I shall not object-I hope the amend- ment can be agreed to. We have dis- cussed the amendment. It is not con- troversial. If we can dispose of it now, without the Senator from Nebraska losing his right to the floor- Mr. CASE. Mr. President, I ask unan- imous consent that my amendment may Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000400170011-8