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December 15, 2016
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September 16, 2003
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September 29, 1965
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For -f a- 20 Reports On Soviet Forgeries ono Representatives who over- i. SPY." see the CIA budget. The CIA report said both that agency and Hoover's FBI are prime targets of the Soviet Union and the Communist bloc. It said that such forger-' les are the work of "the Dis- information Department of the KGB," the Soviet state se- curity service, the work of which is "reviewed and passed on by the Soviet leadership." Unspecified Project Michael Lerner in a special! dispatch from Rio de Janeiro said Tribuna da impresna had published the letter of con- gratulation involving an un- specified project called "over- haul." The document quoted Hoover as writing that "the CIA people did their part well and accomplished a great deal." The Embassy In Rio im- mediately branded it a forg- ery, saying it had first appear- ed on July 23, 1964, in Propo- sitos of Buenos Aires, then in Ultima Hora of Santiago, Chile, and had been quoted on Radio Havana and Radio Pe- king. The embassy commented, on this and another recent had been privately submitted newspaper Avghl recently ran to the small group of Senators ,n article ent@tled "U.S. Mas- such forgeries and their o newest target, the report stet-, came to light the same day. It ed. The Greek Communist' '350 Items Annually' IA-RDRU$dt04 I MO M70012-7 agency "now produced be- tween 350 and 400 derogatory items annually," that it is headed by Gen. Ivan Iyano- voch Agayants and "by iteilc- ing at the CIA, the attack also centers on the Intelligence community .with partla"lar A Brazilian newspaper yes- thrust against the P'8 and terday published what the Mr. J. Edgar Hoover." American Embassy termed a The purpose of such alfacks forged letter allegedly signed is to "defame - and Qi nct- by J. Edgar Hoover, a letter U.S. departments and agencies purportedly written to con. that have major sibiti- gratulate an agent on the sue- ties for national securit ecurity," to cess of a large-scale secret divide.the Western allies and to, uddermine American pres. operation, tige around the world. By chance, a Central Inte% The CIA's new director, gence Agency report on jttij 4dm tVt1Ham Raborn i th poison relations between the Brazilian and American people and governments, they have long since been exposed and, discredited." The CIA report repeats part of the story told at Senate hearings in 1961 on Commun- ist forgeries. It adds that since the 32 forgeries then disclosed, 14 instances came to light by this July, presumably includ. ing the one republished in Brazil. "Obviously calculated toI Approved For Release 2003/09/26 : CIA-RDP67B00446R000500070012-7