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May 25, 1965
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AVgfeAFoyAglease 2004/05/(%NCA-p67'gf4Wr ORD 02 OOUS tied to the improvements in the social THIS Be OUR STAND security system. The same carrot and stick The primary purposes of the National Rifle approach will be used In the housing bill, Association of America, as stated in its con- where the accepted programs of FHA flnano- stitution and bylaws, are: Ing, college housing and when renewal "To promote public safety, law and order. comprise the vehicle for a new concept of and the national defense; to educate and rent supplements, direct grants for private train citizens of good repute in the safe and home rehabilitation and the new cities efficient handling of small arms, and in concept." the technique of design, production and The established programs to which new group instruction; to increase the knowledge concepts are tied are, what Mrzz calls sweet- of small arms on the part of members of eners, to make the new concepts seem more law enforcement agencies, of the Armed acceptable. Forces, and of citizens who would be subject Representatives, of course, are concerned to service in the event of war; and generally primarily with the Rouse. The Senate, how- to encourage the lawful ownership and use ever, has a greater problem, Mrzz said. of small arms by citizens of good repute." "An amendment in the Senate does not In support of these objectives, the National have to be germane to the issue as it does Rifle Association stands squarely on the In the House," he said. One example was premise that the ownership of firearms must last year when a reapportionment amend- not be denied American citizens of good ment was attached to the foreign aid bill, repute so long as they use them for lawful Recently, a proposal to permit delay of 1964 purposes. income tax payments was attached as a No other organization does so much to rider to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. educate our people in safety with firearms, Many measures so camouflaged, especially In the home and on the shooting range and some of the new welfare concepts which are in the hunting field. No other organization being added to our system with sometimes is so vitally concerned with the training of alarming regularity, probably could not citizens in the use of the basic weapons of stand on their own feet if they were held up national defense, the individual's personal in the light of Congress as separate and arm. No other organization so strongly en- distinct bills. It stands to reason that there courages shooting for recreation, in every would be more reluctance to launch new field and with every type of sporting gun. programs when their merits are questionable. No other organization does more to promote But when these issues are tied to programs the rights and responsibilities of reputable already on the books, they can often slide citizens who own and use firearms. through. For these reasons, the National Rifle As- Miss points out that the Joint Committee sedation is vitally concerned with efforts in on Congressional Reorganization will begin Congress to amend the Federal Firearms Act public hearings next month on Ideas to to provide Federal control of mail-order improve the operation of Congress. The guns. Since 1959, Investigations and hear- committee would do well to study MIZE's tgs have been conducted by the Subcom- ideas on omnibus bins Mr. QUILLEN) was granted permission to extend his remarks at this point in the RECORD and to include extraneous matter.) Mr. CLEVELAND. Mr. Speaker, the National Rifle Association has been wrongfully attacked in some quarters as opposed to all legislation to tighten Federal firearms laws. This is not true. On the contrary, the National Rifle As- sociation is deeply concerned by all ques- tions involving firearms. That is, after all, its reason for existing. The National Rifle Association does recognize the problem and does support sound legisla- tion to restrict the availability of weap- ons to juveniles and criminals and other irresponsible persons. The Association _and millions of other Americans who do 11175 vices such as bazookas, bombs, and antitank guns. They do support properly drawn legislation to curb the flood of cheap foreign firearms that are being dumped in America. They do support properly drawn legislation to impose heavy penalties for crimes in- volving the misuse of firearms. They do support the strict enforcement of existing laws at all levels of government. The National Rifle Association of America supports properly drawn legislation that is proposed to accomplish these purposes, and this is our stand. TRIBUTE TO HON. JOSEPH MARTIN (Mr. CONTE (at the request of Mr. QUILLEN) was granted permission to ex- tend his remarks at this point in the RECORD and to include extraneous mat- ter.) Mr. CONTE. Mr. Speaker, last night in Newton, Mass., I was privileged to at- tend the seventh annual achievement meeting of the Newton Chamber of Com- merce. This meeting was more than an- other meeting of a local chamber of com- merce to honor a local dignitary. It was a teftimonial to a man we all know and respect. It was a meeting that tried to express in some way the almost bound- less admiration that Massachusetts and the Republican Party has for this man. I am speaking, of course, of Congressman JOSEPH W. MARTIN, JR., the former Speaker of this House. I can only speak for myself and ex- press my deep feeling of respect, admi- ration-yes, even of love-for, this out- standing American who for so long has given of himself to this House and to this Nation. Ever since I came to Con- gress some 7 years ago, and even before, his guidance and counsel has been in- valuable-and unrepayable. His ex- ample as a Republican and as a Member of Congress has continually guided my actions and my contacts with my col- leagues. A few weeks ago In Westfield, Mass., I addressed a group of young stu- dents who were participating in a youth conference. The topic of my remarks was "The Public Servant." I do not believe that there can be a better ex- ample of a man in the public service than our colleague, Congressman MARTIN. At this meeting at which Congressman MARTIN received the 1965 Achievement Award, the major address was given by my friend and leader of the Republican Party in Congress, Congressman GERALD FORD. I can only say that I wholly con- cur in the remarks that Congressman FORD delivered last night. I would like considered with reason and logic and Federal Firearms rAct dealers' license fee- o, u,,, obese wno were not fortunate Speaker enough to be able this free of the emotionalism that surrounds contrary to claims by the antigun forces in honor of former r MARTIN: a good deal of the debate. members of the National Rifle Association REMARKS BY HON. GERALD R. FORD, AT THE In an editorial published in the May of America and millions of other law-abiding TESTIMONIAL FOR JOSEPH W. MARTIN, JR., issue of the American Rifleman, the Na- citizens do not oppose all proposed firearms NzwxoN, MAss., MAY 24, 1965 tional Rifle Association states its p08itlori legislation. They have recognized the prob- Although this is a nonpartisan dinner, I with forthright clarity. I offer it at this lems of some local communities created by would like to say that I'm particularly point in the RECORD as a contribution to the availability of handguns to juveniles, pleased to be here because I understand that criminals, and irresponsible persons through the city of Newton casts the largest number Othe wn discussion Position favor f sound gun legis legislation pre and They have supported of Republican votes of any eommunity in pared proposed by the Massachusetts. As the leader of the op- lation but in opposition to the stringent Subcommittee To Investigate Juvenile Delon- pressed minority in the House, it's a pleasure terms of the administration's bill (S. queney (S. 1975, introduced on Aug. 2, 1963), to be in such a friendly environment. 1592), was set forth in the RECORD of May to establish Federal controls over the trans- While everyone knows that it was Nathan 4, pages 9102 to 9103. portation of concealable firearms in inter- Hale who said, "I regret that I have but one The editorial fellows: state commerce. They do support properly life to give for my country," tonight I would Approy.e F0,4,Release 2004/05/05 . f *bft7ft8' t '02i$00W24 add a modern corollary to that famous "as our investigation progressed, it be- came apparent that a major source of fire- arms to Juveniles and young adults was the mail-order common carrier route. This proc- ess involves the ordering of the firearm by common carrier. Present Federal law pro- hibits the delivery of a handgun by mail except to firearms dealers. "An overwhelming majority of the 69 re- spondents to the questionnaire (law enforce- ment authorities throughout the United States) indicated support of Federal legis- lation to place enforceable controls over the interstate transportation of concealable fire- arms, which enter their Jurisdictions for delivery to prospective purchases. "The need for Federal remedial legislation is apparent. As a general statement, it can be said that all of the witnesses who testified recommended Federal legislation to prevent the shipment and delivery in interstate commerce of mail-order firearms to Juveniles u d n er the age of 18 years; that proper safe- guards be written into the Federal Firearms Act to preclude shipment of these firearms Approved For Release 2004/05/05: CIA-RDP67B00446R0005002 0042-1 May 25, 1965 11176 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -HOUSE y ceed statement. It is this: "The Republican none other than the legendary Diamond Jim 110 Viceyou President rtcwhen Truman es c the pie Party regrets that it has but one JOE MARTIN Brady. to give to our country." All would agree By 1924 JOE was running for Congress, and slbility of a bachelor President was a great adies of that'more Joe Martins would make America he's held-that office as your Representative temp Job n MARTINto single elluged with this Coh OfWas d Off - e w even greater, ever I feel a special kinship for our guest of Th Those were the days of great orators in the marriage. (One proposal that particularly honor. JOE MARTIN once said, "the Pact- Housa of Representatives. However, not all amused him came from a woman spiritualist Wends W. Wiillk eh hadr told that the thannkless Rep- Congressmen could keep from In cl cis. JOE remembers that one aof the first deceasedClarksburg most the tion of esentativesIs minority the leader r Washington. I would not take 10 times great speeches he heard began: "I say to you, marry JOE.) 00 are tics makes , that now And retai reasons lowOwh a t y ng too fill the giant hoes thfel- at fella s. Especially lisince women agot i to MAa IN's sue ess.1e But Iawould like to jneO- nge wore for so long, with such dfstine- 'em/ tion just two of them. tLo ilia, dedication, and ability. Jos was put on the House Foreign Affairs The first is his adherence to the old New But JOE MARTIN and I have something else Committee. Of course, he really wanted to England principle of thrift. Once JOE MAR- in common. We have both been avid area- be oI the Post Office Committee. (But not TIN invited a President of the United States tour athletes. I was once a fair football all fl eshmen legislators could be that lucky.) to his office for lunch. He called a caterer player at the University of Michigan, and he Interestingly, at that time the Foreign Affairs for some box lunches and was told that they a , Well. ld cost this see was once a very good semipro baseball a rmmshakinge qu stionswasktoo whether or bit thigh to JOE, so he shopped aroundnuntil a provide woul plar. who M box Many of you may rot know that JOE has not trauthorize $20.000 for an international unchufor $1 9. I an sure dhat this mak s through his contacts hwith baseball h- poultry show of Tulsa, bargain price through the years. When n Waal ere asJohnson, his The reputation as egfighteran to entertain a PresidentYat American rar n res s' if l pitcher, JOE has always applied this ran for Congress, his is friend JOE MARTIN ve ors And. But he also learned the pitfalls And, le, two campaign speeches a far hto ohh to give of his office. After getting new post office same principle , JE to the taxpayer's dollar. . Unfortunately the t a other er to give f {or ]call l River , it turned out out that t the building Second, JOE MARTIN Is is a very likable ble per-. Even his are ose who before labor groups, olitical before farmers. politician, Johnson was building contract went a firm St. Louis .. The s onents haven come to have a spepcial place o n nd their hearts for him. For example, there t better pitcher than , delivered He got the i, was constructed not with Fall ARiver p two speeches mixed .the labor granite, with Indiana Is quite a collation of GOP elephants in speech say to farmers th and d vice versa. NeI RPS was all off, the job of of night watchman ocman JOE's office, and one of the most handsome proves he the election. which ng bpe was given to the father r of JOT'S Democratic emocratic was given to him by Harry Truman. The ago what Jo ean learned a long time op pe, de. story behind this is that someone sent It to It's easier to be a great eat Washington Yet, t e such temporary sstb y- the White House, and President Truman told Se : ember of the House iuse of oP ROppt getting slated to Congress. " A A dairy- his secretary, "Take this up to JOE MARTIN. rSenator sentatlves. Mthan a Member MARTIN man from om Taunton once said, , I vote the I don't want any dannned dancing elephants The man we fire tonight has had the straight De . ticket, except for Con- around here." currently ie record of public service of grarsman MARTIN. I always t to, vote for him be- ." JOE has served our Nation with great skill. most remarkable any person active on the political cause my ,JOE MARTIN told 15 years vital He has been a major force in some of the cite scene. So, If h he will forgive me, I would like. ikf indeed, JOE had become a a vital n- most crucial decisions of our times. To cite to turn these remarks Into m my version on of stitutihn his district. ust one instance: During World War II Gen- to j "This Is Your Life." Much deserved recognition came often - oral Marshall came to him and asked for Repub- $1.6 billion to manufacture an atomic bomb. JOSEPH MARTIN, JR., was born on e- Joe MARTIN. In n as s chosen Massa- chusetts.Inational committeeman 6 he he was vender r 3 3, 1884' the e day before Grover Clevve IIcFn hewas elected chairman JOE's job would be to try to get this money land is was elected President for the first time. from Congress, largely on faith-for the H His father to name him Grover of the . national Republican congressional Republl- greatest secrecy had to be maintained. Thus, Cleveland Martin. But his is mother a stanch cal lead e er In 1939 he became the he ext even- a con- for putting through a program that even- His father was ahrd-warni hard-working North Artier Striated a n dark eivcandidate 44 votes for wr the Eve tually shortened the war and saved millions at the e conven ct of American lives. - boro blacksmith whose earnings were never de tarty, and received rep- more than the $18 a week. this. Although he never sought the office, But speaking to you, in a sense, as a rSiohe o family Was Poor, Young Joe this is what great Kansas editor, William m resentative of JOE MARTIN'S party, I would n White, said h hhc of him: "He will make also like to say a few words about "Jos MAR- started work outside of school s hours Alte < _ * n I the dice e roll l right, aliberty liberty-loving TIN-Republican" the ag the age of 6. One his jobs was brush Alter, the flies no h the horses while his s father shod r pr 'Rhea Wendell When he was first nominated for House them. Another job was Evenig a delivery boy for When begged J JOE E to was become made the m a an leader in 1939, it was said of him: "We are the Northb Attleboro ewsboy dreams of ams Of of the f thee, Republican ubli National Committee. doing more than electing a floor leader. We (Now yrbcom every othe piper. devotion to party aare choosing a symbol of the Republican one day ARTINw the owner pun man . Putting d, the Joe accepted the above post. Party." But JOE MART d was one young mwho was chairman had usual, the rare distinction . see- And JOE MARTIN has been a magnificent to make this dream come art hi r the cc m it building symbol of integrity, dedication, honor, and He got his political l start by marching McKinley old wh ey wh n was purchased evicted teb from r its organization patriotism. a t1896. At parade for family d told it was en too friendly by an organization pThrough the darkest days of Republican s. Ht been ton hough to ms tar fro Party history, he has played one of the most his father, At the time, a family friend told that te he's "Don't let that boy go Into poll- ans. However, JOE Eltok o r was far from significant roles in keeping the two-party otherwise a fellow of ex- a Healthy liga took f as a personal Ila- system alive and functioning. e wng and obligated himself as a personal in- The dedication of JOE MARTIN'S autobtog- Jot-, whotoo was good a soundy good sense, did not iteten to this blaty for the $33,000 lease. (Is there any raphy reads: "7b the millions of Republi- sound advice. Traveling by horse and buggy, wonder why Republicans love Jot MARTIN?) cans-and to the many Democrats and lnde- he campaigned for the Massachusetts House The greatest tribute came to JOE MARTIN pendents as will--who fought with me of Representatives In 1911, and was elected-- in 1947 when he was first elected Speaker of through the years to maintain the two-party age 27. He Horse. Next to the President, as most system of government in the United States" In 1916 he began attending Republican students of government know, the Speaker This has been Joe MARTIN's greatest fight. presidential conventions. This would be- is the most powerful elective official in the And all Americans, regardless of party, are come a habit of more than 50 years' duration. United States. very much in his deht. and owe him a Salting And today he holds the record-unsurpassed But what most people don't know is that ,to of thanks. in either party-of having been five times besides presiding over the House, the Speaker From all of us, JOE MARTIN, thank you the permanent chairman of national conven- his a great many other duties, such as from the bottom of our hearts. tions. supervising a Capitol bank with assets of $4 from gentle humor has broken many tense nllllon. The Speaker also has responsibility moments at conventions, as all of us recall for four barbershops and a beauty parlor. CORRECTION OF ROLLCALI. who were at San Francisco in 1956 when a But JOE, as a confirmed bachelor, told a col- COR MC RECTION OF Speaker, on Nebraska delegate tried to nominate "Joe league, "I think I'll let you run the beauty Smith" for Vice President. parlor. You are more experienced with the LOlloall No. 109 I am not recorded as But not all moments at national conven- women than I am." . I was present and voted "yea." tions are so supercharged. At his first con- This question of experience with the op- voting. ask unanimous onsete accordingly. night to flat that a poker game was in prig- tie new law of at din line if anything The SPEAKER, Without objection, it ApprOVAR '990 Qe whaDIl1(#0F3 9$R000b00280?4R"-11a so ordered. met'r, To Ap ve or Release 2004/05/05: CIA-RDP67B00446R000500280042-1 1965 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -APPENDIX A2621 Both sections of our Magnificently reunited gem and pressures and that is the basis'of all these perilous times in which we live. We country sent into their armies men who be- human morality." must keep faith with America. We are told came soldiers as good as any who ever fought So It was that Robert E. Lee, member of that the time may come soon for honorable under any flag. Military history records noth- an old and honored family, whose forebears compromise to prevent a nuclear war and Ing finer than the courage and spirit die- had played distinguished roles in Virginia possible destruction of the human race. played at such battles as Chickamauga, An- and early American history; so It was that With this we can agree. For history teaches tietam, Kenesaw Mountain, and Gettysburg. this Lee, born In Westmoreland County, Va., that the Government of the United States That America. could ;produce men so valiant later graduated with honors from West Point, itself is the result of compromise--of each and so enduring is a matter for deep and first distinguished in the Mexican War, and man taking a little less than he wants so that abiding pride. later renowned as a promising soldier and a meeting of minds can result and thus The same spirit on the part of the people leader of the future-so It was that Lee did insure reasonable life for all. We should at home supported those soldiers through 4 what he felta "man must"-Ire turned down never forget the inaugural advice of our late years of great trial. That a nation which an offer from President Lincoln to command President John F. Kennedy, "Let us never contained hardly more than 30 million peo- the U.S. Army when civil war appeared ire- negotiate out of fear, But let us never fear ple, North and South together, could sustain cement. 'Only a few miles from here, in his to negotiate." 600,000 deaths without faltering is a lasting home in Arlington, now a national shrine, Neither should we forget the words spoken testimonial to something unconquerable in Lee made his fateful decision that was un- last Wednesday night by President Lyndon the American spirit. And that a transcending questionably based on a matter of principle Johnson, which said in effect, we shall never sense of unity and larger common purpose and deep conviction. For Lee was a man of abandon those nations, however small, that could, In the end, cause the men and women exemplary character. He believed In God. seek our aid to maintain freedom. who had suffered so greatly to close ranks He did not believe In slavery and freed the So on this day while some predicted 30,000 once the contept ended and to go on together slaves that he had inherited. His decision, fellow Americans are gathering at this mo- to build a greater, freer and happier Amer- from every indication, was based on inner ment at Appomattox, Va., as I plan to, upon lea must be a source of inspiration as long conviction and adherence to duty as God leaving you today, to pay homage to the as our country may last." gave him the right to see that duty. character of men who "rendezvoused" there A philosopher once said that music is to This was the same fortitude displayed by 100 years ago, let us remember the challenge the soul as the wind is to the sail. I have President Eisenhower in proudly displaying left by the noble and gallant Robert E, Lee. reap that more songs and music came out a picture of General Lee on his White House Let us especially remember the last 5 years of of tale Civil War period than from any other Office wall and subsequent reply to a critic his life during which he left a heritage and war In which Americans have fought. To in these words: "Gen. Robert E. Lee, in my a message that should be echoed by every .appreciate the feelings and convictions that estimation was one of the supremely gifted American. As president of Washington Col- prevailed 100 years ago, let us listen to two men produced by our Nation. He believed lege, now Washington and Lee University, he musical numbers that some believe best unswervingly in the constitutional validity advised a Southern lady who inquired as to represent the respective feelings of North of his cause, which until 1865 was still an the rearing of her children, "Madam," said and South in that War Between the States arguable question in America; he was a Lee, "don't bring up your sons to detest the of our Union. The first number, "The Battle poised and inspiring leader, true to the high U.S. Government. Recollect that we form Cry of Freedom," recorded for Columbia trust reposed in him by millions of his fel- one nation now; abandon your local animus- Records by Richard Bales, was a rallying low citizens; he was thoughtful yet demand- lttes and make your sons Americans." song reported by Conferedate troops to have Ing of his officers and men; forbearing with Facing the duty of the hour, Lee realized in been sung by Union soldiers during attacks captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting, the last 5 years, of his life that the question made in the Seven Days' Battles of the Pe- and personally courageous in battle, and nev- submitted to the arbitrament of war had ninsula Campaign. As Union troops charged er disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. been fully answered. He recognized that the they would sing at the top of their voices, Through all his many trials, he remained unity of the American people had been Irre- "Rally around the flag, boys, rally once selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in vocably established. He, therefore, promptly again." his faith to God. Taken altogether, he was counseled his old soldiers to look upon the A few days before his assassination, while noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied great country thus reunited by blood and being serenaded by the U.S. Army Band on as I read the pages of history." And Posed- iron as their own and to live and labor for the White House grounds; President Lincoln dent Eisenhower continued: "From deep con- its honor and welfare. His own conduct was viction I simply say this: A nation of men In accordance with these teachings. Day-by- was asked what he would like to hear. The of Lee's caliber would be unconquerable in da exam les illustrated the declaration of President replied that his favorite number y P was "Dixie" and that according to his Ad- spirit and soul. Indeed, to the degree that his manly words "that human virtue should jutant General the song was now Federal present-day American youth will strive to be equal to human calamity," property and therefore belonged to all the emulate his painstaking efforts to help heal Said Lee after the Confederacy had passed American people. He requested that the the Nation's wounds once the bitter struggle Into history, "We had sacred principles to band play "Dixie" for all to enjoy, Let us was over, we, in our own time of danger in maintain and rights to defend for which we listen to "Dixie" as an American song. I divided world, will be strentghened and were in duty bound to do our best even if In a publication entitled "Facts About our love of freedom sustained. Such as the we perished in the attempt." I submit to the Civil War;' published by the is reasons I proudly display this picture of the you, we have sacred principles to maintain Centennial r," publish in .105 the Civil War r great Americans on my office wall." Such and rights to defend in the Republic of Center ial expressed in a letter , the cunt was the same conviction that has motivated Vietnam, In Berlin, in Korea, and to all those mission his expressed pleasure with the as men throughout history to stand for sacred places wherever freedom exists, pamphlet Such is the same conviction that Students of Robert E. Lee'High School, you well as with the objective of the centennial motivates men to volunteer to fight and observance ported. This letter contained in possibly jungles of confused and are to be commended for your achievements part the following comment which he also strife-e-tarn die Republic theublic of Vietnam w both in scholastics and insgorts. Greater m and where- Springfield and surroundin communities was kind enough to tape for occasions such as this. ever the right of free choice is threatened; are well 'aware of your successes. You are "I would urge in all our commemorations this Is the same conviction that motivates recognized as one of the great high schools young people today to take a stand, to set of Virginia and rightly so in keeping with of the Civil War Centennial, that we look on a goal and then with stanch determination the spirit and character of the man for whom military Per a period in our in dire need of additional leadership and thought with you and only you can decide history in which the times called for extra- duty faithfully performed. on the merit of my gg iotism on estion. r or the men dinary regre rees of patrand moand heroism Yes, Robert E. Lee, American-Yid what Day, 1962, it was my privilege On peaky to he felt he must. So it was that Douglas the faculty and students of Walter Johnson the North and. the South. In this context Southall Freeman did what he felt he must- High School in Montgomery County, Md. As we may derive inspiration from their deeds determined that America should never for- I entered the main corridor of that school to renew our dedication to the task which get, he devoted 20 years In research and my attention was drawn to a large painting yet confronts us-the furtherance, together study to write three volumes entitled "R. E. of Walter Johnson, a member of Baseball's with other free nations of the world, of the Lee" and in those pages, so throughly re- Hail of Fame. I was greatly impressed by freedom and dignity of man and the build- searched by Frooman, emerges the profile that well-lighted likeness of the school's ing of a just and lasting peace.' ? not only of courage, but of stamina, of namesake and the attention It commanded. In a biography of John F, Kennedy, 35th devotion to duty, of love for God and coun- Later I was equally impressed by an outside President of the United States, William Carr try, of humility, kindness, and benevolence marker to Walter Johnson's memory; at the completed his book with a quote from "Pro- so sorely needed in the world today. Such base of which marker I spoke to the stu- files In Courage" as expressed by President was the character of the man for whom your dents. I shall never forget the spirit of that Kennedy. 'The courage of life is often a school is named. school. Since the change of the name of less draniatic spectacle than the courage of In Lee there was no mystery or enigma. your school from Lee to Robert E. Lee, I have. a final moment; but it is not less than a mag- He did what he believed was right. And I often thought--are the students of Robert nificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A submit to you that we of the faith of our E. Lee High School fully capitalizing on the man does what he must-in spite ofpersoonal fathers mu _s?yj day a i,`y~r of their school? And even more lm- AISp31'~ued' FtiP 9 ~QFW/ VW5 : AtR~ ~~o113E 9 1 ant-are you emulating the character of Approved For Release 2004/05/05: CIA-RDP67B00446R000500280042-1 A2622 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - APPENDIX. May 25, 1965 Robert E. Lee? Can more be done to channel "On means the method Christ advised and prac- (]~ :turning the Other Cheek his traits ttced When He came face to face with evil will by Dr. Frederick B. Harris whose aim was desecrate the innate dig- you can thousands answer who this pass question. this way? Only Onlyy to In your ]leans you wIR nd the answer. nity of other People . It must never be for- .MtTENSION OF REMARKS gotten that when the Master fronted evil aimed at other people "Ho looked 'round ON. J. OLIVA HUOT Mr. THURMOND. Mr. President, our We are not through with Him when we dwell on his sweetness and light. At times He is OF KEW HAMPEFIIRE distinguished Chaplain, Dr. Frederick tender-at other times He is terrible. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Brows Harris, continues to write a very As a keen student of the Christ of the Tuesday, May 25, 1965 forthright and eloquent column on im- New Testament has put it, "any darkening portant principles which should be fore- of the world by cruelty or craft brought HIS Mr. HUOT. Mr. Speaker, much dis- most in the minds of all who are con- soul lane feet eyed and the ihypocritical Wcession has been generated by S. 1592 cerned with preserving our American can read leaders of His ono f the i without and H.R. 6828, the controversial fire- way of life. The Sunday Star of May 23, that He is In the presence of a wrath like arms control legislation. 1965, published another outstanding 8r- molten lava. If anyone has no name for the I have taken a position in opposition title by Dr. Harris; it is entitled "On strong Son of God but "Gentle Jesus, meek to this legislation on the ground that it Turning the Other Cheek." and mild," and who thus assumes that the was oppressive and unrealistic, particu- I ask unanimous consent that the or- Christ-like solution for solving any situation larly that provision of the bill which title be printed in the Appendix of the is just for one having been slapped on one would absolutely prohibit the purchase RECORD. cheek to meekly offer the other, such a one of firearms from mail order houses by There being no objection, the article must be assured that he is looking at only a partial Christ. To be Christ-like is never to individuals. I believe this provision was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, be neutral, placid, or complacent when evil would discriminate against gun owners as follows: Is having its malignant way with Individuals and collectors in smaller cities and rural SPnt#s OF THE SPIRIT: ON TURNING THE or with society. areas. OTHER CHEEK - We are grateful that only a tiny minority Previous legislation Introduced in the (By Dr. Frederick Brown Harris, Chaplain, of sincere people In these days of destiny Congress would permit mail order sales U.S. Senate) dare to suggest that the way to deal with and require the purchaser to register A certain correspondent has pictured ruth- ruthless dictators Is to give them a chance at the other cheek. Florence Nightingale did when securing firearms in this manner. less dictators who, with the godless rent- not turn the other cheek when she was as- I believe this legislation to be beneficial mentid systems they that makes America e other war cleaner sailed by those whose hearts were not moved to the general public rather than S. 1592 all at the horror of hospitals In her day. A column or HR, 6628 which flatly prohibits such sty. . 's This kes is co by i makes a bid for an ap- suggesting, makes regarding bid these modern biographer of her inspiring career passer pictures sales International bullies, "In spite of all rebuffs her not just as a gentle lady with a Since the Introduction of S. 1592 and and Insults, why don't we just turn the other lamp, but as a crusading lady with a lash, Its House counterpart, my office has been with the call of God loud and clear, within cheek:?" In the article there is the implied- her uncomfortable soul po l pounding and bully. overwhelmed by mail from outraged tion that such a suicidal policy would be ing government officials into providing de- sportsmen who sought the opportunity essentially Christian. Here, standing bel- cent treatment for the wounded and the to express their opposition to this legis- ltgercntly against all that we steadfastly be- dying. lation. For this reason, on May 14, 1 lieve, are tyrants who are the incarnation of One of the greatest peace advocates of our brute force and who do not hesitate as do all generation, Harry Emerson Fosdick, in a sponsored a public hearing in Exeter, of their kin, to deceive, to a break across solemn all N.H., on firearms control. Over 300 in- stirring hymn has written some striking sen- and r abutcher d whenever tences worthy to be written on the protesting terested to plot murder mischief voice sportsmen attended this hearing frontiers, banners of millions who could be mobilized to v voice their views. Those in attend- such tactics further the completion of their to surround the White House, backing the ante presented both their own personal diagram of world conquest. President and the congress, determined to views and the views of organizations to These modern Caesars welcome, as a syrup- save both the peace and the freedom. On which they belonged. I would like to tom of weakness, any apparent softness on each banner there ought to be inscribed, the part of those who are arraigned against "negotiation without strength is surrender." point out that te these people were not e then.. Confronting such Individuals and Underneath that could be appropriately put unaware of the problems s caused b by the ?oncentration camp systems for which SomeOf Fosdick's lines which do not suggest unregulated traffic in firearms. They they are the spokesmen, we are advised not turning the other cheek. This, for Instance-- were aware of the needs for some regu- to use the hard pebble of truth in the sling "Save us from weak resignation to the evils lation to cheek the sale of firearms to of righteousness, making sure it reaches the we deplore." And this- minors and felons. They were, on the adpana against giant, but to no weapon ''Gird our lives that they may be armored other hand, concerned that S. 1592 as gaint placed undue restrictions on but that of turning one's cheek to take his with all Christ-like graces, written blows. In the fight to set et man free, legitimate r xresponsible firearms users. Alen, this turning the other cheek tech- Grant us wisdom, For example, , the the bill makes s no o allow- pique is at the heart of much of the "peace Grant us courage, ances for unserviceable antique weapons. now" protests which In these days of destiny That we fall not man nor Thee." It makes no exceptions for the 'trans- are coming from church pulpits, from peace- portation and sending of weapons to or at-any-price pacifists, and from college earn- by law enforcement officers. And, as Muses which prate the same sophistries which previously pointed out, it places an ab- brought on World War H. Such Vociferous Joe Martin Testimonial solute embargo on the shipment in inter- groups chant the demand, "negotiation now." state eomhierce of firearms to individ- But how utterly true is the burning message of President Johnson, to the midst of the EXTENSION OF REMARKS uals. nightmarish days and nights through Which OF The 300-plus people in attendance at we End he, as our leader, are passing that HON. F. BRAIDFORD MORSE the hearing expressed nearly unanimous should we agree to a spurious peace ini dun opposition to S. 1592 as now drafted. I time, "the future will curse us for losing OF MASSACHUSETTS share this opposition and express the both the peace and freedom." IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES hope that the respective committees True It Is that the greatest of all teachers 25, 1965 charged with the responsibility of deal- admonished, "If a man smite thee on one Tuesday, May ing with this legislation will see fit to cheek, turn to him the other." But, remem- Mr. MORSE. Mr. Speaker, one of the incorporate responsible amendments her Christ was touting about some divi al most moving tributes ever paid to a Mem- eek Is In i the h In s e ber of this body was rendered to our be- turning ia the other cheek between and revisions which will make this Innis- Carrot uals, . then If it hk t Ad ge6 fFdIPk96iT06'4ib5jW: ygplN7 ,,??r4iy~Eyp `{Ge ~rt~ Jpyed former Speaker, the Honorable sets. erne a ~}rt "lRdt^Etlatt"lx Mt"576ssPH W. MARTIN, Ja., of Massachu- M Opp pve ?gr Release 200C65W1M QRfi7R [3HR0895 U42-1 11107 In his commencement address, sen- the members of that Commission and your But for this day and this occasion, I would ator ANDERSON challenged Alaskans to Gov. Bill Egan appointed Joe Fitzgerald to like to point out what it does not mean. It take their full part in the development represent your State, a partnership was does not mean that the Congress has given struck that never faltered. Alaska a blank check. It does not mean that of their State. Be said that a bright It was the President, too, who directed the the Federal Government is going to pay future of trade with the East and in the Federal agencies involved in the reconatruc- Alaska's way. There is a special relationship, exportation of natural resources lies be- tion to out redtape and to speed every ac- but there is not a special license. fore Alaska. I agree. tion. With my appointment as Chairman, As the record of this Congress has made Before I ask unanimous consent to have he gave me There eauthority civil me that this was cl Alaska r, the ngre In whey ay it share but in the RECORD, IS wish remarks printed and in Washington, who know that when The Federal Planning Committees are now in the RECORD, I wish call attention to the Commission said, "Do this," it meant, "Do in operation, and the able Joe Fitzgerald is another person who received a degree at it now." There are many in the Congress chairman of the field committee. This com- the same Commencement exercises: The who know that when the President said, "I mittee-sure to be invaluable to the future university awarded a doctor of science want this for Alaska," he wanted it now. of your State-Is unique In the history of degree to Max Brewer, the head of Arctic As a result, on the first anniversary of the our country. Here a joint Federal, State, ad lo research, and founder of Orlis II, ice earthquake, overe$ 22millionoto the job. hOf econ omics devel pments a in to State:n to see voy- age which just completed O ed a n 3-year r and this amount, close to $150 million was in the that the capital Invested In this State Is in- ane across the Arctic Often. Men and form of outright grants, $82 million for the vested in as efficient and productive a man- ice instruments on the drifting island replacement and repair of Federal installs- ner as possible, in accordance with the overall were gathering priceless information tions, and $91 million in long-term low-in- and long-range economic development needs about the Arctic Ocean-information terest loans to Alaska businessmen and of the State, The mission of this committee which will help unlock the mysteries of homeowners, Is exciting; the potential of its work seems the Arctic and will help make available And as a further result, unemployment Is unlimited. Such a concept places heavy ens leade p in on the turn, uthe pon thershi quality soutt sources of untapped natural re- to down, nconstruction is up, do the production back in bust- Alaska and thus, inlity of all. ness of education which your university provides. sources, university the benefit Ing two The U men who chose aw done in honor- The recovery of south central Alaska is of The field committee must make the.stud- Alaska men he have done much for importance In Itself; it is also important to fee, coordinate the development and recom- Alaska and for their country. as a whole, for a body with a diseased mend the programs which will give en- I ask unanimous consent to have the member is not a healthy body. This is as couragement and direction to the State and commencement address by the senior true in economies as it Is in medicine. And its growth. The field committee Is here in Senator from New Mexico Printed in the this truth is as important to Fairbanks as It Alaska and it is Alaska that will provide its RECORD. Is to Anchorage. Without regard to the leadership. The Federal Government will There being no objection, the address earthquake, there are still too many sections Provide the support but the State must lead was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, of Alaska that do not have a healthy son- the way. carry. Too many communities are in a de- Now I must admit that I have heard some RS follows: pressed state relying upon industries which good-natured grumbling here in Fairbanks FULL PARTNER FOR PROGRESS are dying or dead and gone. Too many of as citizens survey the reconstruction and new (Commencement address by Senator Cnxx- Alaska's communities are dependent totally building that is going on In Anchorage and moN P. ANDEasoN, University of Alaska, and literally for their daily bread upon deci- throughout the earthquake belt. I have May 24, 1965) - dons made far away in the Pentagon. even heard it said that some feel that per- It Is a pleasure to be back in Alaska. I It is, in many ways, a cruel hoax that his- haps a little earthquake for Fairbanks- appreciate your many kindnesses to me and tory has played upon Alaska. Here it is, the with a resultant Inflow of SSA loans and Mrs. Anderson, whenever we have visited you. State of the last frontier, a true and vital and OF3 reconstruction money-would not come YOU may have cold hands but you have promising frontier; yet too often Instead of ami s . BuinF far bakes eeadn otewor cake a q warm hearts and I thank you for your coos- lively independence, Alaskans are tied to de- here in its university. During testes. and venturesome made e. instead of a bright In the long run, the University of Alaska the hearings on Alaska statehood , tdevelopment of vast fine will be more important to central Alaska, the Alaskans too often are indeed to all Alaska, and full as productive, and in n the months following to the earthquake, tapped resources, y I visited sourdoug inouguad to begin to feel like caught In dying agonies of gold mining fully as income generating as any quake. have been through of a mere cheechako. and nd the Ineffici the ency of canneries neries with anti- An active university generates new ideas, a real , - quoted equipment, . Afishing boats with out- creates leadership and produces the ex- since We hthey been th27 ea a lot-you and I flood. the March 27 earthquake, fleee, and moded gear. Alaskans o often n live with a citement, controversy, and confidence which as have e worked and worried and haphazard, acsporadic economy supported by are more powerful than any earthquake, r ore got argued as the massive job irregular injections economy of Federal ma ous Alaska, more far reaching than any tidal wave. that the se demands economy coululd respond In- It. parts. Alaska oP the an, sum or is, healthy offering an opinion, the mission of your unl- W the immense demands nds placed to upon n Itte. o reed in other Words, an only versity-in the heart of Alaska, on the edge fell sought guarantee that if box revenues grated and and coherent nc nu system. only of the Arctic and the rim of North Pacific- ort he continued cooperation Of is threefold: ec omy, the ebecause of e-s the severe blow to your graou- planning n t cenomy, Suesei government provide re- the be governments .The President recognized this close, when, the State to provide the studies and develop govern- w services y required of ii it. At last, a year l year later, as the reconstruction effort t came e to a dos the talent needed by business and govern- to can on fey that the le economy l l has been pulled d he proclaimed the formation iatlon of the Federal al met if growth is to proceed. . The Planning Cesnee for 2. The university has a responsibility to to its feet. The State e government is not Al ela me only alive, but kicking. Reconstruction has Alaska. Thane two committees, one In to Washh- central Alaska to provide the cultural been be w n the Insure meephere, the Intellectual yeast and the eco- -as financed it is is people-took well underway. - ingot and one 1 Alaska, designed s an between Stthe of Federal ex- nomic benefits which a great university can worst a State and as a hl the the full cooperation a wos orst t that nature could throw itand ny ive branch and the C Alaska's , and d bring. survived. mind that there can can be doubt in in any Development an make Planning Committees ll mind that the State of Alaska will endure thereby make clear, and for all, all, that the 3. The university has a responsibility Once as long as the Union endures--and that Federal Government has has a particular and per- itself. It should respond to and take full means into the limitless future. manent Interest in the economic growth and advantage of the special scientific and cut- Reconstruction, this great effort, has been sound development of Alaska and that it tural challenges presented by its location at remarkable for two things: the cooperation shares this interest jointly with the State the gateway to the Arctic and the keystone that made it possible, the efficiency that government. This recognition of Intents- of the Pacific. a made work. . are indebted to President Federal important step Which the e Fedral-Statel Cooper- taken, important is a livi gv m exaple ofland Johnso on for both. Itt the dark days after the disaster, It was not only for the future welfare of Alaska, offer. Mining and mineral studies here are the President who determined that wbut hole country of benefits flowing f om Alaska gyaand glife lsci nces ae well worldep esented. and the must be a joint effort of u the State In the form of resource development and in- The university's geophysical Institute, sup- this about, abefit, he h full created by creased tax revenues. ported largely by Federal funds, explores the bring governments, ship. To Federal on and earth~re and the phenomena of executive e order, the Federal al Reconstruction That there is a Federal responsibility and a souter and Planning Commission for Alaska which joint Interest in Alaska's future has been sec- Pace together with State authorities adminis- ognized by the President and the Congress. The university's laboratory of forest re- tered the programming and expenditures of There Is time to talk about what this will search studies the control of foliage-eating the rebuilding. When the President picked mean as the work of the Committee proceeds. pests and disastrous forest fires so that the Approved For Release 2004/05/05: CIA-RDP67B00446R000500280042-1 ApprdvW%or Release 2004/05/05 :%W Dfl9 1T6mmmo&00sgjATE May 25, 1965 harvest from more than 160 million acres of But I have watt you at work, sand liked forest in inland Alaska may be brought some what I saw. The licensing fees Manufacturers, the day to market. The new water pollution lab- I hav e or`ih two of Alaska. bill relate to dealers, and orat i ory s almost complete, the Arctic Health Importers, not to individual purchasers Research Center Laboratory is underway and and Owners. These fees are designed to I would not be surprised to have the years SUP D AM END- insure that no person shall be ejOJPRoPOsI ahead brine to the camnns nnntp,r ,.f .en,a_ _ permitted search Organization Tracking Station to be _o_a mend thV1'1"'..U,U.. >0 or11a.L 0111 1OSZ, Under this proposed legislation, various built outside of Fairbanks, te Firearms Act. I wish to abuses in the existing Federal Firearms The university, with its scientific ca abll- explain, for the RECORD, why I support It p this bill. Act licensing system would be elimi- y, especially In the fields of biology and Hated. The hazards and dangers of arctic sciences, is making use of the oppor- MY Primary reason for cororing free-flowing mail-order traffic in fire- Russia which its location presents. While the bill is that we need effective e controls Russia and the Scandinavian countries bor- in the movement of firearms in inter- arms would be reduced. dering the Arctic Ocean have long been en- estate commerce. Too often these fire- With our ever-increasing clime rate gaged In such study, the United States has arms find their way to juveniles, the and with statistics showing that an ex-, been slow to apprehend the significance and :uentally ill, drug addicts, habitual prim- tremely high percentage of Crime is Com- under the our promise of arctic and subarctic lands ;nals, and other unstable persons who mitted by persons bearing firearms, I feel years ahead flag. this I an c university y will will t make that in clear to the ;nay misuse them. this legislation IS very much needed. the world its preeminence in arctic scientific Every year, hundreds of our citizens - studies. 'ire killed by weapons in the hands of There are, however, other aspects of the ii`responsible persons. Tightened fire- POPULATION GROWTH REPORT Arctic which could also be profitably studied. arms regulations will, In my opinion, pre- Mr. YARBOROUGH. Mr. President, The Arctic is rich in resources--and they are vent many needless tragedies. All of us the National Academy of Sciences today untapped. Is there a way to develop them I:now, that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Pres- released the first report of its Permanent economically? Can new and better mining ident Kennedy with a gun which Oswald Committee on Population Problems. The practices be developed for the exploitation purchased through a mail-order catalog, report, entitled "The Growth of U.S. of thealemeanss off trathe Nrth? Are nsporting bulk there Had there been effective controls on the Population," surveys the major problems modifies at resecamble prices across the road- distribution of firearms, Oswald might in this area, and presents the commit- less tundra? Can more work be done on not have been able to buy a gun, and tee's conclusions and recommendations easing the physiological and psychological president Kennedy might not have been for further action. demands made upon man by arctic climates? killed. All of the recommendations would be These are things that a great University of The bill does not, however, restrict furthered and the solution of the prob- the North should study. legitimate ownership and possession of lem would be aided by early enactment We know that Japan and the Far East lie (rearms. It would simply terminate of Senate bill 1673, which would create in Alaska's future. Alaska's resources and interstate mail-order traffic of firearms, Assistant Secretaries of State and of the needs of the highly industrialized East and would prohibit over-the-counter sale Health. Education, and Welfare for pop- must, and in due course will, come together. Pacific trade, growing by great leaps from of firearms to person under 21 years of ulation problems. year to year, will profit Alaska immensely as age, except that shotguns and rifles could I ask unanimous consent to have her fish, metals, timber, and fuels--both Coal be sold over the counter to persons 18 printed at this point in the RECORD the and oil-go to market. The university of Y?ars of age or above. conclusions set forth on Alaska should encourage these developments. I am acutely aware of the enormous of the re pages 22 to 25 It has need a capability in Eastern volume of mail in opposition to this pro- U.S. Population entitled "The Growth of guages history. and sociology. There posed legislation. I am persuaded, how- be exchange programs with students and e'rer, that many of the opponents of this There being no objection, the excerpt teachers from oriental universities. Alaska y from the report was ordered to be printed businessmen need to know how Eastern busi- bill are misinformed concerning its pro- in the RECORD, as follows: newsmen act and think. They need to know visions. The bill would not hinder the ' about Eastern culture as well as Eastern Importation or sale of firearms for law- c fa business so that Alaskans, in the years ahead, fti 1, sporting purposes, or the importation The freedom to to limit limit fatally size to the will be as comfortable In Tokyo as they are in of antique and unserviceable firearms. number of children wanted when they are vlew. basic San Francisco. In this regard, I am pleased Gun collectors and sportsmen need have The wanted Cited In this report shows ciear- to hear that the university will have next fight. year a history institute sponsored by NDEA no fear that this bill will hamper their 1y that most Americans of higher income funds to study the history of Russia in any activity. If I were to find that and better education exercise this right as America--a haunting but little known epi- may provision of the bill would cause un- a matter of course, but that any of the sode-and the equally little known history necessary hardship to responsible sports- poor and uneducated are In effect deprived of the northern Pacific. These are things man Or Collectors, I would support an of the right. No family should be fated that an alert university halfway between the arlendment to correct the bill. through poverty or ignorance to have chil- Far East and the Far west may claim as Its The public should clearly understand dren they do not want and cannot prop- special field. that: erly care for. Responsible parenthood re- And through tourism, a rising Industry Nothing in this bill would Prevent y the the as ability that coand do so, couples of to lim births eans it] errata have which you must nurture, closer ties will be citizen from Purchasing a gun any they wish so, in accordance Wit when cemented with the South 48. The marine a personal o In ort, with ba highway-the ferry system, financed wholly spxrting-goods store or hardware store Personal cnvlcilons. In short, this basic sic by Alaska he will bring a host of tourists in in his State. freedom for the Individual family should be their cam up the Inside Passage. While this, :Nothing in the bill would prevent any made effective throughout American society. of course, is largely a seasonal affair, It will Citizen from taking a gun or pistol across We are glad to note several important de. be an important element in the State's soon- State lines for a lawful purpose velopments to this field since the Academy's only as travel Increases and transportation 1963 report. The President's pledge In his facilities improve. Nothixlg in the. bill would prevent or state of the union message, that he "will In the days after the earthquake we re=tract the sale and distribution of guns seek new ways to use our knowledge to help learned that to share the wealth we must in every State by reputable licensed deal- deal with tie explosion in world population share the work. We learned that Federal era, and the growing acarCity in world resources," and State Governments harnessed in partner- 1, too, am a hunter and a somewhat was an enlightened and statesmanlike re- n do n. The new mor for Awithabusiness an iindussttry can do mope inexpert skeet and trap shooter, and I spouse se to the Agovescyt fa r r Inter atinnfa poises firearms for this i assistance my arately. We learned the need of leadership-- purpose. can rIll- planning to provide totfforeign oleadership that must come from within the decd, almost aS long ago aS I can to the Planning at the request of govern. State. The development of this leadership ~T~ I accompanied my father to the meats 1s a welcome step forward. . The re- and the provision of the technical and cul- duckblinds, and learned to shoot his cent statement of the American Medical tural services it needs will mold and make double-barreled shotgun. I intend to Association, quoted above, shows that the the mission of the University of Alaska. give my son the same training. This bill leaders of the medical profession recognize The future or the State of ppds the broad respnsibllltiea that American Ap~ljp~@rIJ~ ; (~~?q 0&'j P}rysfclans share In educating their patients an fe.