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December 21, 2016
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September 3, 2008
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February 24, 1964
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Approved For Release 2008/09/03: CIA-RDP67B00558R000100060044-6 State Dept. review completed NSI: Keview Completed. NGA Review Completed. MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 24 February 1964 SUBJECT: Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Special Group, 24 February 1964 PRESENT: Mr. Bundy, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Vance, and Mr. McCone. Following the COMOR and USIB meetings, the Special Group met at 1130, 24 February 1964, to discuss the following USIB approved requirements: a. Comprehensive coverage of South Vietnam in connection with the strategic hamlet program; b. The preparation of a study (including an engineering analysis of the capability of the perti- nent roads) from available photography of the road net of concern, any important gaps to be identified for coverage in the near future; c. As near as possible daily coverage of roads and logistic routes from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia, the results to be the subject of continuing analysis by MACV and Washington Intelli- gence Community to determine whether the data acquired are of sufficient value to warrant continuation or require modification of the program; d. Pre- and post-strike reconnaissance of 34A targets. Mr. McCone noted that he had pointed out at the USIB meeting that it was illusory to believe that daily coverage would result in consistent comprehensive coverage of Viet Cong infiltration and build-up. The past record just does not support such optimum achieve- ment in this theatre. Mr. McCone pointed out that, with the exception of truck convoys, NPIC, in five years of experience, has not found photographic evidence of Viet Cong infiltration. Another considerable factor is weather; for the past 34 days most of the weather has been in category 4-5. Mr. McCone stated that the forecast was that the weather would deteriorate for the next 90 days due to the approach of the monsoon season. IDEALIST/TACKLE BYE 26508/64 (Series B) copy I of 5 copies TOP SECRET, Approved For Release 2008/09/03: CIA-RDP67B00558R000100060044-6 C Approved For Release 2008/09/03: CIA-RDP67B00558R000100060044-6 The Group agreed that Saigon should develop an immediate capability to process film locally if the tactical information was to be of use. It was the agreed position of the Group members that, to carry out the above recommendations in paragraph a. and part of paragraph c., three SAC U-2 aircraft, using unsanitized military aircraft and crews, will be based in Saigon. The decision will e cleared with_ m Lid e and General Khanhwill be so informed. General Khanh, however, will be operationally advised only of the South Vietnam mapping coverage. Peter Jessup Distribution Mr. Johnson Mr. Vance -?,.?.,:Mr. McCone 25X1 ,Series B) copy -2-- 01 D copies Approved For Release 2008/09/03: CIA-RDP67B00558R000100060044-6