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December 9, 2010
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December 10, 1965
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Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 SPECIAL HANGLIN=r py 2 of 5. DOC. fjo. 2- copy OF-~L _ PAGES 9, PROGRESS REPORT PERIOD OF 1 OCTOBER 1965 TO 31 OCTOBER 1965 Contract Number AP33(6O0)4O280 10 December 1965 BY WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION AEROSPACE DIVISION P. C. Box 746, Balt more, Maryland 21203 I LLIAL HANCLING Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 TABLE OF CONTENTS A P-101 FLIGHT TEST .. . . . . . . . . . . . Flight Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . Modifications and Ground Tests . . . . SYSTEM Reliability . SPARES . . . . . CORRE ,ATOR OPERATION E CORR,ATOR MECHANICAL AIc.FE mmAR3. OF PLIGHTS . . 7 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Dl FLIGHT TEST S Six radar missions to obtain data for altitude comparison and two aircraft flights to evaluate repairs to a fire warning system were flown in October. Specific information on the radar flights is tabulated In Appendix A. Flight 190 was flown at an altitude of .0,000 fee recorder modified for the Field Flight Teat conditions and with 12 db r-f attenuation inserted to simulate the signa conditions of flights at 80,000 feet. Flight 191 was flown 140, 000 feet using the normal P-101 recorder and r-f configuration to provide a comparison. To verify the r-f attenuation, flight 192 was flown at 20,000 feet altitude with 12 db r-f attenuation, simulating the signal-to-noise of a normal F-ldl 40,000 foot flight. Other fly-bye were made on flight 192 with no r-f attenuation to show the beat signal-to-noise at that altitude. on each of the flights, the target area was the Delaware River from Wilmington, Delaware, to Trenton, New Jersey. Repeatability of the course was ood for the flights. TALE I P-l01 . PROGRAM SUGARY October 1965 Flights Scheduled Aircraft ar hts. Accomplished Aircraft Radar Good Data Poor Data Flights Cancelled Aircraft Weather Inflight System Failures Waveguide Attenuator -3- 2 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Less than optimum operation was obtained on flight 187 seeause an intermittent battery connection caused unreliable generator operation. A broken waveguide attenuator between the buffer amplifier and transmitter sporadically re- duced the r-f drive to the transmitter on both flights 187 and at tutee causing weak video. Radio communication problems ted aircraft altitude to a maximu of 24#000 feet on flight A fire warning indication was observed on flight 187 similar to that reported in. September on flight 186. Further tests indicated the temperature sensors for the warning system were defective. Since replac ent of the sensors, the problem has not recurred. A mandatory 50 hour: inspection of the P-101 was started following flight 192. A five day delay in flying is expected. MODIFICATIONS AND GROG TESTS The breadboard receiver was installed in the aircraft following flight i86. A review of the history of video striping: such as reported in September, indicated severe striping has never occurred with the breadboard receiver. A comparison of breadboard and production receivers is underway to determine the cause of striping. In addition, stab reflector voltage has been instrumented. Power ?upply An overload occurred on the system 20 volt line during ground warm-up prior to flight 187. Several loads in the 20 volt distribution system were fused to isolate the source of the inter- mittent overload if it should recur. A -45A Camera The camera was returned to the manufacturer again for correction of the shutter malfunction. _),_ Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 SPECIAL 1 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 IM1@UL11v V ANTENNA All of the array sticks for Antenna 002 have been bonded and given an 8 hour heat-pressure test at 550OF with a constant 30 prig internal air pressure. No failures occurred and no bubbles appeared as a result of these tests. Three modules have been assembled and electrically tested. A comparison of these r-f patterns with earlier patterns indicated no change in electrical properties. Soldering and then electro- forming of the array sticks in the modules are the next procedures. MODIFICATIONS The July 1965 progress report listed 15 minor modifications, of which 9 were complete at that time. Status of the 6 incomplete modifications, plus those started since July, are reviewed as follows s oazlon Transmitter, TWT Filament Supply Recorder, Flip-Plop Redesign Recorder, Blanking Change Recorder, Additional loop switch Low Noise Pre-Amplifier (Par Amp) Nay Tie-in, Integrator gain change m Units Spare Units av-Tie-in, Pitch gain adjustment Transmitter, Vac-lon operation in Stby Transmitter, TWT filament Switching Transmitter, TWT overload circuit order, ABC and light meter Recorder, Aluminum. rollers Receiver, Addition of AGC Transmitter Servo, Additional filtering Units Complete In Work _5 Sr_LLdAL HANDLING Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 RELIABILITY of the, two systems for the last four months operation and since February 1964 is as follows P-101 System System 002 Report Period 6/23/65 to 11/5/65 8/17/65 to 10/31/65 Standby Time 189.5 hours 14.0 hours Transmit Time 69.7 hours 5.0 hours IV BF for Period 29.9 hours 4.' hours MT since February 1964 24.4 hours 9.1 hours SPARES No items were added to the spares list in October. Status of spares Is summarized items Shipped Items Per Cent in October Open Complete System 17 99 sic list plus first 10 amendments 99 Amendment 11 0 9 36 Ground Support Equipment Complete D CQRRGA'OR OPERATION The triggering lamps for the data block transfer were relocated and the sensitivity readjusted to provide better reliability in the flash circuit. At present the far range is satisfactory. Work will continue on the problem of transferring the data flash on the near range. Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 E ORRELATOR MECHANICAL REVIEW Both the technical memorandum and proposal on the White Light Correlator Review are complete and will be released early November. Density of the output film varies across the range sweep because of variations in antenna pattern, spectral content of the rbon are., spectral sensitivity of the film spectral tranemi of the rainbow filter, and the cosine fourth power effect of the lenses in the optical system. Several correlations were made of ht 137 using normal output slits, wider than normal slits, and shaped slits to compensate for the uneven distribution. Results of these tests showed little improvement in the non-uniformity of density with shaped slits. Much of the non-uniformity is in the ckground rather than actual target density and. may be due to stray light. The extraneous reflected images and degradation,due the wider alit was more objectionable than the original non- uniformity. No further work is planned with shaped slits, The Log-E- runic Dodging Printer can improve uniformity of 1 x 18 prints where required. Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 4 ke Recorder Hi h g j Altitude Data 4 1x Recker., High 4 kc Recorder* High Altitude Data Altitude Data Sy4: M ICAN-T IISY ST'EM CHANGES i i 4 KC Recorder, Re- linstalled breadboard batteries receiver. variations in density was made at ,t ft' low for good tree- after clock 13 which marl he attributed to loose tracking. VPO frequency wandered around before clock 13, with only occasional map data, areas were I az truth. Partly bees were scarce a of signal level, bat] density variation bands near 1/2 range and f which could not be I ale- range were faded aztr1.Dutea to orrset y me aenai y var ..ati -a - b dt di rA rp -doll strumentatjon. Replaced VFO control None Map beat over center of Because r permission to Map best from 1/3 ramie. :En some areas fly at 40,E ft. coed range to center, resolution and contrast not be obtained fli Signal level is too } Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 unusual map with 4kc ? though bridges even ;ood focus in range w4s lution is not the beet narrow but presentation in either range or A SOMM OF F.'S SIGNIFICANT d SYSTEM CHANGES Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 10-f-29-.65 PhiladelphPa., Philadelphia, Pa:. 1 8 Recd er- Airrh tI4nwim A~ ta` Altitude Data Cont ever ther WtIere I VII not out y ac ts a 8 a 1 good and better than. I mall targets were s' 'ong 191, even w ben rf along roads. Offset ttenuaIs 9 db or a little high and ev 12 db C t t . on ras as .us in beat is bridges had little or, l t- t u .ate a if ~ t consistent ti h no divergent alter are better than usual. flight* , Caul i be Some low density band y The- aide of nearange swath was faded bowm of h:' h offset due t& mmem. Approved For Release 2010/12/09: CIA-RDP67B00657R000200210007-6 focus range ; , kt a tal i f a o pmitivity is very ?iit a l i