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December 27, 2016
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June 12, 2014
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May 2, 1963
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From ?that MAY Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release , HARTFORD, CONN. ' ORNING fi:4,108 SIINDNY- 155,642' -VAN Aerial Pheizonzeita ? ? ,aoUil ANT' To the Editor of The Courant: The U.S. Air Force has ' re- peatedly told Congress and the public that they, do rut withhold or censor information. on un- identified flying 'objects (flying saucers). However, the revised Air Force Regulation 2002 dated 20 July 1962 clearly shows that , UFOs are serious business. ,Fol-_ towing are sonie?e''Orri ' the revised regulation.' ?, ? 1 , lei UFO investigators are au- thorized to make telephone calls direct to the Foreign Teahnology Division of 'the- Air For Sys- tems Command' to ? report on high priority findings. ? Interception, identification, or air segrch ' on UFOs, 1 if rf- propriate and within the sCope ,of air defense regulations. A In response to local inquiries regarding any UFO .reported !-in the vicinity of an Air Force ba,4et - the commander of th.: bas e corti? cerned .may 7release information ,to -the press;,''or general 'Public only after positive identification , rif the sighting, as a familiar 'or known object. ' ' Air Force personnel, other than ' those iof the Office of Informatroll,? will hot discas their operations , ?ndl`functions ,with unauthorize;li 1 ,persons GnIess;;t[,so directed, a'nd 4 tthen only on a "need-to-1mA"), basis. yce_AcillizalZoscoe R. Hilleiy-, i kEieTei-, - fume idireclorwoU.S: ! .?Central Intelligence Agency, stihi3 t$'-irtliMillife:S'irtion-... .Ceining Air Forte policy on this Subject: '`Behirid the scenes, i :high-ranking.. ,Air Force officeT's i are Sobegy concerned -about the tIF0s. But ?through official "Irr-4 ?and ? ridieule, many citi- zens are led to ?believe the .iiii.; !'knewn. flying objects Are rion?:, ' !sense. ? Hundreds of authenticlre-1 : ;ports. by veteran pilots .and ohier, i I ' 'technically l'rained obserlia I have been ridiculed, Or exPlairied 1 away as mistakes, delusions or hoaxes. The,A.E..,has assumed the , ,,... right to decide what what the Amer- ica-if People should or should rritt i know. It is time for the truth i i to be brpjatvouciLi,open,COri-, , ' ii:essionaLhearings." ; t-Tfiose desiring the full UFO fa'cts .please write to the i\ta- , i tidrial Investigations Committee .1 Aerial Phenomena 1, I 1536 Connecticut Avenue, : Washington 6, D.C. ? ,, . ... Neil .J.JkAlmcitiigi ili...ii.........,.., -.. 7:3.1... 2 Nal @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12 : CIA-RDP68-00046R000200090008-1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12 : CIA-RDP68-00046R000200090008-1