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December 27, 2016
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June 12, 2014
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June 1, 1960
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101H1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12: CIA-RDP68-00046R000200090025-2 WC/IMES I EK (IvIMS.) gun 'NW GAZETTE Circ.: e. 100,462 ? Front Edit Other 12," Page Page Page Date. ? JUN ( ? 196e o'? Congressional Action Chief( ? Wants UFO ProbeL objects. .ThaV-WirifireiiFelisiiki ,!conClusions which, among othr .things; said the UFOs pose no ap- parent threat to national security and recommended that the public be . told more about them. This recommendation immediate- ]y died.' , ' No? need, to str'es that when r Admiral' Hillefiltdetter states the UFO's are intelligently controlled "?and were, neither our invention, nor Russian inventions he speaks ? with a knowledge possessed by few other citizens. Whether a for- mer director of C.I.A. keeps in some contact with the C.I.A. ?and its information after he has left the Agency, no one will probably answer. Lied by Plan But to come to the U-2 matter, Here was a case where we lied by prearrangement, lied by plan. In the light of the Air Force han- dling of the UFO matter, insisting against plain'evidence to the con- trary in certain cases that the UFOs can all be explained as familiar objects mistakenly iden- tified, the question inevitably arises: Is the Air. Force following a prearranged plan of . public statements on the strange ob- jects? Is the Air Force deliberate- ly misleading the public? 0. Regarding' our early lying about the captured U-2 plane and its ,pilot, our statement that the plane was an innocent weather plane, ? George V. Allen, director of the. U.S. Information . Agency, said that this statement was a? "push- button" reply, which he stated, had been prepated in . advance. Sec. of State Christian A. Herter said our, statement was ",la cover 'story" that "was prepared for that contingency". And Undersec- retary of State Dillon repeated we used a "cover story" which "had rieen previously prepared for such instance." An all:inmOrtant revelation for our citizens, from the 11-2 case, , is that itis high official policy to ,,lie to our citizens and to the world, in some. cases: Mistaken identity Do the UFO sightings constitute By. BULKLEY GRIFFIN Chief of Evening GazeCte Washington Bureau WASHINGTON ? Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter, ,who headed the Central Intelligence Agency from May 1947 to October 1950, recent- ly declared, speaking about the so-called flying saucers: "The un- knovin objects are operating un- der intelligent control, It is im- perative that we learn Where the UFO's (unidentified flying ob- jects) come from and what their purpose is." Then, referring to the years' ,of World War II and the years im- mediately. following, he said:, Vi know that neither Russia nor this country had anything- even' ap- proaching such high speeds and maneuvers." Here 'Admiral Hil- lenkoetter presumably "wasspeak- ing of at least part of the period during which ilie was the director of C.I.A. . Admiral Hillenkoetter Wants a Congressional investigation of the 'UFOs. This is a proposal that oth- ets have made in recent years, and it has been consistently op- posed by the Air, Force which possesses -exclusive official au- thority to investigate and report to ,the public upon the unidentified ?.flying objects. So far' 'Congres- sional committees have shied away from such a probe. , The U-2 incident, with its at- tending circumstances, furnishes particular life and significance to the Hillenkdetter'conlictions. ? To begin with, the 'admiral for about three and a half years held ,the same jOti that,Allen;WASulles ':now holds. Hillenkoetter un- doubtedly received reports on the UFOs, including the findings of investigations concerning them. Dulles without question has re- .?ceived reports and findings on the ' UFOs. By the way, in the early 1950s the C.I.A. rather openly i helped arrange a Pentagon meet- L ing of top scientists on the strange , ? ? ' I I ? ...._ such a?case? Let it said paren- lhetically that the majority of , isightings' obviously involve mis- Itaken identity. But a .small mi- nority do not; these 'present evi- dence that that Air Force ex- ilanations 'are not. true. Admiral Hillenkoetter, with all his special 'knowledge; says this ?;-says this indirectly, if You will. ? . 1 Does C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles believe that something like national panic might be produced if 'the Air Force flatly. said that it just can't explain certain UFO sightings? Or has he advised, for some other reason, the Air Force line:of conduct? Former C.I.A. Director R. H. Hillerikoetter does not believe the ADM. R. H. HILLENKOETTER Wants To Investigate U.F.O.'s Air Fore is telling our citizens the truth about ? the unidentified flying objects. He:would' have a Congrestional .invtigation. His judgment is entitled to extraordi- nary attention. Declassified in 'Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12 : CIA-RDP68-00046R000200090025-2 4