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December 27, 2016
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June 12, 2014
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November 18, 1957
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iTATE? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12 : @5P: Yr IA-RDP68-00046R000200090038-8 ADMIRAL HILLENKOETTERAFHINKS TTi ? - By ?DOUGLAS LARSEN wake `orizUssia's tlyo ? ." ? 'Man's invasiaii4 nikg. .of space _ ? . . . ???? ? 'should 'produce 'goluti ? ? 3 ;-t rned up 'again in the -,tion programs should give us , ,... I. neiv,' valuable information on UFOs, affording ? definite.. evi- dence as to their reality," he Says, t'and. this will result be: cause: of ? a tremendous in- -crease in obserVation of the w.sky. by radar and telescope tracking systems and byna- ked-eye observations.". . ? ' t t ? ? ? 600 feet. atimie: Washington at night ,rep'Orted to M o o n- Watch. 'control center:officers _here "thatT. he saw disk- shaped object-tflishinCaeross : the: skY.. ModnWatcti. officials 'quickly deterinified? that it' ? could nOt'hav,e' been .SPittrillt. tt * Maj. Keyhoe elaborated:.' , _ 4! "Russia and the announced they are definite- ly planning several space ma- chines; So it's quite possible that ? these first, space ships or satellites may encounter other interplanetary ma- chines, manned or otherwise. Our space devices may even be closely approached by such alien machines. OP 4;7111S lg "the belief .the - - . unidentified hying ilfitelligenceAgency, Admiral Cts?UFOs 'which to the _have roStrftrifr474 , . igt.,11pg .1,11YSterr-inerAeati of..theX;S$Central R' H. EXPERT ? Since leaving as boss of ? COMMUNICATION( the nation's top-level intelli- ?gence agency, the Admiral "If this happens our space his become one af the best- devices could be equipped to informed flying ' saucer ex- attempt automatic communi- pe,rts. He is a member of the ? cation, by light signals, or ,board of governors ;of !the-. radii:). Any answer would :be new National Itvestigartion automatically. rel a,y e to Committee On Aerial Phenom- earth, ,and. direct communica- ena,' with headquarters- at ; tion could be establiShed,fronft ?-?:- earth by remote colitrol ,of 1536 .COnnecticut-av nw. ,,; - ?the communication ?ysteins." !?.:NICAP's members ? include ir; 'sorrieltop scientists and prom- Mij: Keyhoe added: ". ? - ' 4 inent --citizens attempting' to '1 "Since the U.S. and the Rus. saucer mystery.., find scientific' answers,,to the ' , are ,planning .. ,_ bases,-.;it is impossible Tlie;-:!.all agree With Admiii that a race from some other -al Hillenkoetter'-that the ?ad-.', Planet,could already have se .yentOf pace .explsiration up --such an ? operating b o'kx1dr`solve' the Saucer sedrethi, And:, Ru'sSia.'S `Sputnik.,. ha? ? . ? alreadsgre,atly increased - re:. ? Ports of .saiteer sightings. . . the Maj. .i bon- ald -E.,,Keyhoe,. NICAF di rec- tor 'and 4-iote.claiithol; -on sau2 cers;,-repOrts:f.l'z'r:. ? ; ? , I . .1 I ? 'ard,,lilready.".increasi! es in; atithentlE'-ilf();ieports. -drevi.,....p.tih;lic :attention to the A18o:1,15 otter's.f.of ?nerd; ,tion .M6OriwatC117,' the '`.0.s;Isat'7? ellite; tracking ?net-Work, --haNte, ' sighted' -:a 'nunibr. of UFOs." . For example, several days, after Sputnik's' appearance anA Air Force jet`,pilot 4ffi Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/06/12 : Ir !AIR npm1on46R000200090038-8