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December 23, 2016
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March 19, 2014
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June 28, 1958
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3TAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 4%114 WASHING:EON STAR SERVICE 4CENE ? eneral Bobadilla Of Chile Is Welcorried 50-Yr 2014/03/19 : CIA-RDP68-00046R000200240046-21 ? A black-tie'.dinn', , by the Air Force Cfi , Staff and Mrs. Thttria. ven of ex- ter White topped'a, bus, day yesterday ,for thlk- ' visiting CommandIf in Chief of the Air Force of Chile, Maj. Gen. Dario Bobadilla. 'Pile 'Whites entertained for about 70 gtieSts in the Officers Club of the Bolling Air. Forpe Base, theI. group including members-7;6f .'Gen. Bobadilla's staff, kiihci'!Came with him to, the 'United States! ? Earlier; the visitor was the guest of honor at an assem- i2ly Of the Inter-American Delense Board at 2600 Six= teentlf 'street N.W. and, at noon;0%,was honored at a lutfehieotl .at the Carlton Hotel given by .Gen. Lemuel C. Shepheid, jr., chairman of r the IAD13... , Chile's belegation ? Among those acCompanY- ing Gen. Bobadilla to the es- seinbly were Mr. Alberto Diaz, alternate representa- tive of Chile to the Organiza- tion of American States; Brie. Gen. Evaristo Gomez, chief, of finance of the Chile- an Air Force; Cot., HUnwberto Zamorano, chief Ok ,Chile- delegatiorr to. the TADS. and Col. Osvaldo Oralurviolle, Chilean Air; Wee .,Deligate. ? ? 'Others included Lt Col. Bernardo . Vera,' Ftkpikje. : of rnaintenance-en,ginceiliag;' Lt. Col. Walter.,,,, staff officer,' and Mej..anuel Vil- lalobos, all. frornf,the Chilean, Air 'Fora,' and;:Col. CalhOun, chief of the United Stalest-Air Force 'Mission to ' ? The luncheon guests in- cluded chiefs of delegation to the IADB and ranking officers of the board. The ctioty*, d'Affiires of Chile, setoe0oractix:tSuaretz, was a guest.- Itt, the ?nites' dinner iagtt? /fight; and, others : attending from the embassy ? t4v. 7; ' were tibitithily Attache and Zamorano and the. Att,,Atteche apd ?Benola Iglotkeyf011e.. Others on ttietWest list. included, Mr. Joi:geotTA. Sil- berstein of tiqe,.!Ohl:latan desk of the State DePaptrilftit, and Mrs. Silbersteinand JitIgum- her of Air Force ;officers and ttreir _ 1. Am ' cIP? li Mrs-., 11 Seth o.. In rs: 1(0;1, s. Char P.?Cahtfl, , Wife Of the Deputy Director of the. Centr,*ntelligence Agency, and it. Gen. and Mrs. William H, 'runner. Farewell rartim Tb e rnalittiO.'Canadian Military! Attache: and Mrs. ' Fan"- C 1.\ Zioiliew. whn start- ed it,, io? tlAk Mornihe. were , hoi,r,. t; *i" 'ft Ati:prier Jest I night given by Maj. Oen. i......._ . _...? ., , ...1 ? , ! Robert A. Schow, Assistant Chief of Staff of the United- States ArmWandIVIrs. Schow. The fareV*I prt,e- wa,.'neld at the 0 - , ,401111b of Fort Lesley , J. .,,-, t.' .Quest4i, 'd' Col. May- tie's sue C 1171CIOI 1. John 13. Al;lark;' andAlW4lian. Also i en' he l-list ' W 152 newcomer to'C.,.+#11efill 4Office, Brig. . Geh. BfieliaI ns,idirector of plans? , s and se- , OlititY:10tti ,:Collins, and ' tr! `JblinlJ :ins, 'Ii Green, de- fense re,spateltmember of the . } Canadian ' J,9irit'. Staff. and 1 ,Mrs. 'Green. . !' ,;Another "au revoir". party '?Another the reception given from ) i 6 to 8 p.m. yesterday by the Assistant Secretary of he ' Navy and Mrs. J. Sinclair i Armstrong for Rear Admiral ! and /vI.,r,s. William ,d. cooper. ' It 'was announced a few , hours before the party that ' Admiral t:CoOper, who until I i recently was Deputy Comp- trollert'lltther.Navy, is being asSighee as:N`?poritmander of th..tAriti;Submarine Defense : 110rIbe,'; Atlantic Fleet, With heldnuarter? in ;Norfolk, Va. -:'Assfstant? Secretary Arm- strong also serves as Comp- , . troller of the Navy. k The new Deputy Comptrol- , lei', Rear Admiral- George F. Beardsley, and Mrs. Beards- fey were among those at- , , tending the reception held at il- the Armstrongs' home o,r41.00 itForty-Fifth street. nRciassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/03/19: CIA-RDP68-00046R00020024.0046-2A