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August 20, 1998
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December 22, 1960
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Approved For Release O00/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069AQQ0100130010-3 PROCIB-M-24 22 December 1960 UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE BOARD COMMITTEE ON PROCUREMENT OF FOREIGN PUBLICATIONS Minutes of the Twenty-Fourth Meeting, 20 Dec. 1960 MEMBERS PRESENT AIR - Maj. Elias Bacha ARMY Mr. Gerald C. Cooney NAVY - Lt. Cmdr. H. A. Ku'sulos STATE - Mr. Iohn I. Morrow CIA OTHERS PARTICIPATING AGRIC - Mr. Kirby B. Payne AIR - Mr. Donald W. -Anderson ARMY - Mr. Henry Holz CIA 25X1A9a 25X1A9a LC - Lewis C. Coffin NSF - Mr. Paul S. Feinstein - Mr. Bernard G. Hoffman STATE - Mr. Sidney Friedland USIA ,- Mr. L. King Quan Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100130010-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100130010-3 v 25X1A9a 1. Minutes of 22nd and 23rd Meetings Approved. 2. Re Zonal Seminar on Bibliographyv Documentation and Exchange of Publications, Mexico City, 21 November - 4 December, 1960. This conference was organized by the Government of Mexico, with the collaboration of UNESCO. The National Science Foundation observer at this Seminar was Mr. Bernard Hoffman, who was invited to present his comments to PROCIB, Mr. Hoffman reported the expansion of the Bibliograffa de Centroamerica y del Caribe, which has been published in Havana with the 1956-58 volumes already published and the 1959 volume in press there, Brazil offered to publish the 1960 volume. The bibliography will be expajhded to include other countries of Latin Amer" changing the title to Bibliografia de America Latina. Argentina and Chile will be included in the 1959 volume, Uruguay in the 19609 covering only books and pamphlets Periodicals and reference works are being planned for inclusion in separate bibliographies.: Mr. Hoffman announced that In the discussion on documentation centers, Chile reported a plan to establish one using $ 150, 000 of a total $ 800, 000 U, S. Government loan. This center will coordinate existing library facilities, will issue a union list of holdings and will sponsor the study of documentation centers abroad by two Chileans., ACTION: The Chairman of PROCIB requested the National Science Foundation to determine the U - S. Government source of the loan to Chile.; Since Mr. Hoffman did not attend that portion of the Seminar devoted to the exchange of publications. and the Library of Congress had an observer present, Mr.. Coffin reported from their observer?s comments,. Briefly, no now international exchange agreements were needed, since compliance with the existing agreements would achieve the results:, 3.: Proposed Publications Survey to Latin America. In connection with the discussion above,, the Chairman announced that he had gotten approval of CIA financing of the publications survey trip to Latin America by 9 the Latin 25X1 A9a American Area Coordinator in the Acquisitions Branch of the CIA Library. Although no other agency offered to share in the payment of expenses for this trip., the Chairman bellieved the benefits to be gained from it important enough to have CIA financial support. proposes to leave in mid-June. 1961 and return in mid-August.. Agencies tntereited in levying requirements on can reach him on code 163$25X1 A9a extension 8691. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/25 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100130010-3 Approved For Releas g 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-000694900100130010-3 CONFIDENTIAL 4. Symposium on the Dissemination of Linguistic Literature. This ad hoc Symposium on Dissemination of Soviet and East European Linguistic Literature was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and held at Indiana University, 2-3 December 1960. Mr. Hoffman. NSF, also attended this symposium and reported that there was a general review of the state of the art. Including machine translation. Specifically, the poor quality of JPRS translations in the field of linguistics were mentioned. It was agreed to continue a small amount of translation in the field of linguistics. but to try to acquire more publications in this area. A Farmington Plan for linguistics was suggested. Mr. 25X1 A9a challenged the statement on JPRS translations and suggested further qualitative analysis., He also deplored the fact that the papers presented at this Symposium were not all pertinent to the subject assigned and that the recommendations. as reported to him by a CIA observer, were vague. Mr. Coffin reported that the Library of Congress regretted not having a representative able to be present at the Symposium because of illness. In connection with the acquisition of Slavic material, Mr. Coffin described L. C. procedures, together with a detailed description of the disposition of duplicate materials. The Chairman expressed the appreciation of PROCIB to Mr., Hoffman. 5. Status Report on State Department Procurement Program. Mrs Friedland reported on behalf of the State Department that the PROCIB proposal to establish a full-time Latin American Publications Officer had passed most hurdles and will probably be approved for Fiscal Year 1962. Travel funds are practically non-existent unless some supplemental appropriations will be provided, The Paris Publications Officer staff is being one local employee. but the PO will be able to make a trip to the Benelux countries to fulfill her area publications procurement responsibilities, Mr. Friedland also announced a critical situation in Moscow as of 15 November, with the Russians insisting in a drastic cut in the number of pouches, which is delaying the receipt and processing of USSR publications ACTION: The Russian desk in the State Department is working on the problem; the Department will notify the Chairman as soon as action is taken. Mr. Friedland concluded 25X1A1d 6. Current Developments in Communist Chinese Publications Procurement, The 25X1 A9a Chairman announced that will be making a trip to Europe, during which he will survey the availability of Communist Chinese publications in portions of that area. In view of the dearth of publications from Communist China, the Chairman Approved For Release 0&OMI/I!P:"CtJ4TF b8-00069A000100130010-3 Approved For Rase 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-OOQ69AO00100130010-3 CONFIDENTIAL i:.rged continuing sponsorship by the National Science Foundation of exchanges been the U.. S. and Chicom scientific societies, Mr. Feinstein reported that NSF is and will continue doing this (i. a., American Mathematical Society, American Chemical Society. etc.). Mr. Feinstein also stated that he has received information from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich. about a proposed $ 80, 000 purchase by the Communist Chinese of U~ S. doctoral dissertations on microfilm. The National Science Foundation would like advice on the matter. ACTION: The Chairman requested that the National Science Foundation write him a letter of the subject. He also requested further information from the National Science Foundation on the subject of undue delays caused by U.. S, Customs in the receipt of Communist Chinese publications by U. S. universities or other appropriately accredited institutions. (cf. item # 7 in PROCIB-M-21) The Chief. Acquisitions Branch. CIA Library reported that effective 1 January 1961, availability of Chicom publications authorized for export to Hong Kong will be through official Chicom outlet stores only, This means that the following outlets will become the agents through which subscriptions to serial publications and purchases of books and monographs can be made: 1. San Lien Publishing Company 54 Queen?s Road? Central, Victoria, H. K,. (Kowloon Branch: 658 Nathan Road, Kowloon) 20 Commercial Press 35 Queen?s Road, Central, Victoria, H. K, 3. Chung Hua Bookstore 50 Queen's Road,, Central, Victoria, H., K~ 4. Peace Book Company 9 Wellington Street, Central, Victoria, H. K. The following information with respect to these four outlets may be of interest: 1. and 2. handle Chinese language publications only; 3. specializes in serial literature, both Chinese and Bloc; 4? is the Hong Kong outlet for the Foreign Language Publishing House in Peiping,, and carries all the authorized Chicom 'blassics" in English, Russian Germane etc.. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100130010-3 Approved For Releasi000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069400100130010-3 CONFIDENTIAL 7: Exchange of Publications Programs Stimulated by the National Science Foundation, Mr. Feinstein reported on a proposal for a compete exchange of publications in the field of mathematics, between the American Mathematical Society and the Lenin State Library. The National Science Foundation will finance the U, S., and of this exchange, Mr. Feinstein also stated that Swets and Zeitlinger has announced availability of translations of Russian mathematical publications into English by a firm in New Delhi. Another grant is being given to the American Mathematical Society to explore the mathematical research publications exchange between the Communist Chinese and the Japanese. Further a grant has been given to the Association for Asian Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. to study over two years the Communist Chinese publica- tions picture in the field of social, natural and applied sciences. 8.. Briefing on Functions of CIA Office of Central Reference. The Chairman offered to brief PROCIB at its next meeting in January on the huaction~s of the CIA Office of Central Reference, of which he is Deputy Assistant Director. Accepted. 9. Title of Interest. Mr. Feinstein called the attention of PROCIB to a publication, G. E. Tempo. RM-60-TMP-72. Science and Technology in Communist China. 25X1A9a Secretary CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP68-00069A000100130010-3