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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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March 16, 1959
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100200004-2 page Of End. No. _ (Clasli fication) ocawreed *#n Jomwxy I. !gym J*nmery 1 to r 314 it". win*gUlar"t W%:,50 ? all i U* Pori". mu*wg lama i w T o t r' i ti d d u r . the period jrsbwy Ie. Im to ar ar 3 1958 c ,ate toll her MiLumn On=mists as "PAw $ ; 9 !! k of Vem" -' t is Ago Dspar 4nt Isaser.Pass e*p}ieeagto9 ,1 -as s ' pei (). @OUP BOW IMP Dja rt VIUg Aftsolorma Sgspdr W. long Kong (10) 8 Amon pisr as be of assixtanee to u0m k' -mss 8- 069A000100200004-2 P a AtAmimal Science Joumal) :. Hakiih T Aumg Hof. Bi-m t a. '# done #ei) q)WArterig Pi,-voth1y I 11W 17 A, Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 -pgpyty]a Cihnngahm eftl Approved For Release~20 k )M M4ftPd-0006 (C1 usi~cdhon) %9ra1sa) 940h 'NOVU337 wag em Yon XOVJS F la) r . ftfm :$i Chile TRO LS 11K ak= At b o college) 1A , e , ~ju f4 Ch" Him (Not")- Pi .ai A I~f CM QLj6M M ITea C h ?ourwi of Cbiz ese medic&ue 3A tc ) me tbimg &a POLO y4r~ ~ lp 1 ii Approved For Release 20W, esa q Hwgdww s 0 -~-,> A Jay 1958.) L B ONX .,_ .. 124: C A=R6P68-00069A000100200004-2 Cho C ` L i n Y o h T 9 fit: ( ?great eta ) Y Ratan S iwnthl7 HsagcbW al C&l..ege ) ebb h lh eh Than Pao 8 Jon Wei Me, Vie, Pan to ( Ghek., ag Normal College: awtown of ! .tiee ) 0 Beek Yi ( BFI ae ah) .fr :) Chaff chih Ha3eh 1191 (Pe ;tieal, S ) Chi GhIh H&Ieh Lal (Political Stud. ). Chong Fa Iia1 ung (` ranalatie, P i.t? and Law) elf, 11''Bi ' 7f {.oats ,) WiYI t ie ui . y nt uta1Y Pei.-Ping Pete G I N(Xame changed to "Chug 1`a You Chia TTim.Liao HAUD I frcu 1959.) c Ia :_, USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 She Mmthly Peiping Gon tione) Approved For Release :OOW x$100069#, i s, (Clasri ccat on) F ch6 , Ph Ye Chin (Poxtti aM Legal -ee 'oh ) Ia Yen (aiu Tsu Liao Swun I WK Peipig ( ' eativo. Translations on Polities Research Materials) Ij- Ce g YU Kung Chit and Toole) 45 a l nthIr l tbl7 PShanghai eiping Hsieh Chi. S Kvuai Pas Semimonthly Peiping 1 f y-- - d Chti Ch9 Y Shn Chl s$ eh Lei 5 8 C it rig Chi Il i eh Lei 2, Sh cCheanuo Ch e 'ti Tsu Tung Ta9ao Taung Lei ( 1-,f. P - 1"t ) (Nechnical, & Technical 1cpr?ess "silo) ;Lt4j 4:4k o- f J?, I Lei, /..o Chi Ch ihi sao K:un 'anthl1 Peiping ih'.L #.C1 T 0Lei 1% h l 91T T .Lei g.1iC e7 c 6- CWCbluw She I Tsgung a Peip on mkmie-ipal C=U-motion) o Wives and Vehicles) N(N. now achaw Fad Ts a as s# ,1959. x(. ent3 die tinued & replaced .Chi Esieh Kluai Pea Series.) (s IAA. M old Approved For Release 20 iO : CIA-RDR68-00 69A000100200004-2 Approved For Release:,20C/ %.~~ 0 (CIasi fuation) >eh Chi Tien Li I Sly Ni-nth Shalw der.) . lieu Chih T (l ae Manufe, i ) Ifu ~A -_C p (C. Works) 11 Wok jKl Pa ( eea News 1 i,as ) -e &" Ile T ?+ Lm Chi N Chi L? , 9 a , & Ai t Madduo 44 : *W, -)kV mmtbly Chi l eh Chip T a Jig I Sem. nth1y Peipi (Teelm go j of Made utsat ing) Chi Hsieh Chili Teti* Wen hai Semi.,athly Peiping (lame au'aatMe beat) i,> i Rua Nung, Y ( p1 ) Chi Hsieh I To D (relations on Nec iaa ) IOU bk if /I, Glti,, Heish 14 uai Pao (l eas Neva on l a ce) Iku _#A IM 4p- a) Jo -.aKKI Lei (flat Works) b) La Chia K Kmfi, I Lei S i Peiping Peiping Saki. onthly Peiping piping OFFICIAL USE O ICY Approved For Release 204010812-4 CIA=RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 pro 1 Approved For Release 2000/(+ IATR '8-0 (Classification) 3, Chu Taco i eh Lei a i' 3_ Wei) > a, 4 . 4.0 Gb%Am Po Chi Tao Lei (S .p :iwi ag) ..b hi., Ref eh Lai Sew, t -' Peiping UR Chang ? She Chi Month Peiping 7 De ) A4, (Heavy Machinery) 069A001 ft-2 semd-monuutv, Peiping YADU4 Peip SP Seaig> Peiping IR 70 T um Je Chia Li Lei hr Peip IR 6? C$ieh Chia lung Lei (--tip W ke) $,- OPArging and Beat Treatment) OIL ,-?' ,. 8. ?m', Chih Teat Lei Smi, -moVth3,y Peiping (fie eastur ) AV A %I AAt ? Pam QuarterIq Shanghai v *al ;ineeri ~i1.t eh K mg - Je Chia Kiang ykntw~r Peiping - I l etthaniaed Worker - It-it Proceselm. Old Hoieh Kung Jena Lang Chia Kung th. ( sed Worker - Cold P.roaeeai ) X- h Chi Hsieh Kung Yoh (Machine lns ) Chi Run Qdx#OM ) ag`aR'te,< Approved For Release 200 /08/24 Peiping W k Peiping tit Peipi R(Changod from semi-anion as of 1959. S(Changed to "Chi Hua yfi T ?ua g Chi " Jau41959 ) IA-RDP68-000'69A000100200004-2 Approved For Release.200~: A68J00069 $- Choi clips Oboe L ( mobiles and V ,cie ) Choi woe Gh"e &iwg Yoh (Autmobf and a ele Indus '') , r. - J GhLChao TgoVki1 (A. b, and Tree) Ch CI To L W I T zg (Ts .tjo k4mables and (Cdasci ficati0,) ` Desp. t P Put Pei Peiping Paipift u th . peipiag S!-Mantb,17 Peiping tt . Peipjmg a9E/,i P.,ping N(1) S(Pt ., by * o Si.e Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100200004-2 Approved For Release 2g00 Gh$i Pao 8-a0069A?8'b L)ep. N From -&uAth4 Pe$pdug Yoh K? t ,C 1959) Pah W(Commywcad J 1,1958. way NNahkJ~W Isla* f P litagod Educatiom- Primaxy ~ -uf tia ftbmg i ih Pa xth i - (Pertr CeU Activities Kiang ' Chia I TP-0 (Gh eae Medicine in .Kiaaag at) L- Oblaw HA Rua P (Nimagid P , i K"t Nauch9mg (sx as aript as of Dec. I jt(F*. "Ob"O To" l NN(AgTlgeed Kong amn *am, Pao 8 on Jam. a 1199) oz _'..L. USE 01 Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For Releas ,? 00 1-C+ C-R 68 ( las ification) Ha; (j i,t' C*11e) Ch&am Huai Won -eh After Ii ?stlAre ) chigmg &a c ! (ice ' Lion 7, 4, fi) (mikaujowmI Tra ;ti.o ) VAT Pao Wen Su Wen I (OAWU to) t 00069i4O0 Dcsp~ W Fro tbntW7 xam~klmg Rae; *M W Reftho o 19590 P d $$ o Oct. 1958 c') chiom $ Tin r mmtw4 Nanking Wei C (Speak t Heim) (ft T~I y Yen U (TeachIft and Rene ) mmthlly 1eipift XB( b0 by Public i ? ICIA1 USE Owl Approved For Release 2000108124 : C1A-RDP6-8-Dd069A000100200004-2 Approved For Release 20 -r Tu iv xWougm e t W k-- Chi" ee? .Gamette) Page `vice Week Peipiag ; eed ) Chia* T lung Ta HmUh eh Pao 194 (J of ou e Al f 8< (T? t.ons cm Education) ObU* TTit Kunj tic ) NUMUCS turd kU44 9 Pao ('vase Chinese Affairs) r 0 -. i (MA ) (Classification A_ R8 840069A00 +SP(Changed to "Chi~ Ohl" It HSU* Net" Pan" M I N(Pres t)S~ G eeAMU* If -,44 th Ch*rgft N(Cm==*W J1617 181980 ) O IC: AL O MY Approved For Release 2060/08t24: CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 ?rL B Chi Wi FOLP kaW Songs Selections) Ax- AmUly Pe.p Peiping S. S(Amd. of Science) C ti ,gym ostiom. Q 9 a' 8( aby Min. cm5bracuom e) lit RR(GhwWed to Raw; paper undl a X71. g. 956q) I Approved far Releas 2C 00/ T M8- 0069 I CmstructieA T -ques) Qu91 Pei ft-mamthlf Pd smi-wntuy Pei swl-muth4 peipft c an Pao &-A peipftg (J _ of Cmotmation) (T a o ) 1'`XL~ 'Chu ITh QM9 pa* so ll v , ~ 1~-) f, 5 1 pvaR eh Pao 'FI(:IAL ow Approved For Release 20 0/09/-Z4-: CIA--RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For Release 2 0 M-x''68- 0069AWQA4O.D.40:04-2 tom. t ) Chien Chu She Chi ( ural Design) Chu Ta oai Liao . Shia ,p ir e*Wque of Architectural Tsoai `I4ao Kung Yoh Ar ,tectu Materials Industry) (aou tiou Monthly) Oh Bien Chin ((Forward, Marsh) eiexa Mda - in Kasaw (1ammrd Bch) "0 T sung Hsi on Bulletin) eu lush V'as ~j ~!t] ~ ~ V~ L Chien Chin - in Uighur (Forward March) cies Chin YHeh Van in Uighur (Forward March monthly) Gheien Helen (Front Line) 4:c" :4 I JTJ Gbib Sbih au Plant Pathology) eSalem#.) Approved For Release 20DOtO8/2 CtA--RDP68=00069A000100200004-2 eon I ca n g0 e suthly Peiping Peiping " th7 +- Peiping (On subfptij an of Deese 1958) J emiisonthly. Peiping SP (in) mthly Peiping N Month y Monthly WUMOU /I t_1 t y phi SP (Canneneed an Ju3y 1$1958) Nouthly Urunebi H(Prese nt status as wnj boa { b same as above.) Ssmi r,,nt} Peiping monthly terly Peiping K ID L U S E O Materials ) Chih Po Partgr Coll ,.hies) Pu Sheng Coll Activities) Activities) C h Pu Sb.emg Hno Te 4 ei Ching Pan m can Lew we (Party- - Call Activities- Economic F i Edition) 11 ~ ~Jv stl--J~ ~-( ShiYh C i Sh h Li Liang Nontt*. ( l is strength) Pei , S( of Lab w) I O'hii Fen Lei HeUeh Sao Quarterly Peiping $(Ae ,e of (journal of Botaa@al Classifications) 141 A-4114)1~111 teh Pao Quarterly of Botr) " t4, chih VU eta Wen chal wee (Botanical Digest) (Plant Pathol Tr sUdo ) Ch Pin H( 9,?ah I Pao Qu t? Peiping Mont Peiping Mew Peiping See1nt ~ Peipi g(Ceneed p bli R tioa in 19 7). EP~,8~0006 A 00100200004-2 Peiping pmoutw* Peip Said-moutbly Peipiag Paev Tsmg Via I t Pei .t*r?sl News, ftppitp~anttuT? Approved For Releas%r O xU9 YB YbOV44 Peiping C t ve JabW t) :Pei; P 3t I Peiping An wee lie 4 m? Apimltural Reclamtion ? lLP wMwas Ag , ,t al Nova) Approved For Release 20 Peipixg TwI veek Peiping S Bi csutd 8-010 69A000100200004-2 Approved For Release '2g0 1 -Op069A Wa 9bmw 0 Tien l (. s Nffldox) Obling AND Tsao O ( ss smP Caatr ") 1 AV ohms mw Tang raw % 9* ASSWARP) 1Z Kw T Tog R. Pax ;teas 3ps Pia i;a1) Petpift O(AsOa0ed IF Id Mod shamsbal { Peipif QIt(Oft subs iptio* from secp1958) Chubg Lou S a n going Ttab xa (F I yam, ,} F i ) *14 ft=g Ran VVg Teh Leh Iii KSOA Pao (jowmal a chmgma mbing & Metan=w cow) A& sha. Pao -o g T Ck69 e a T Ou Chien ('101j=1 of Chmgmn civil inecing ca ,ego ) T a Pao 8 Quarterly .GkiNg INd Tea YAOA :Jowmal of Approved For Release 20 69A100200004-2 Quarter eeL) Irk T V Yin Yash A(VAildreava tic) f ec in Fmglish language IR (3 pe ed aftor 09, at 1950) Approved For Release 200010872q: CIA- uIth5-uuu69A000100200004-2 PeLying Pegg P go"MODM4 Foreign - A Bidn lst z = ONLY Ho Tea T~Ung Han Mangy COOPOMUTIS re.epo adeese x) Tao TOung Pa Peiping Peiping Si Is Chluese MmOWaa bier o .to ) Approved For Release 20 Biw Pelpia XMWY t 8 lop vd S a o t ?o Ohmg Tin TBt MDAWT Foochow M MOOR x x ybVWr Foochow YAW of iee Pr viruse ) 4,-*, "If A-11- . 6 ctc ia1) 't Lou d papa So in UiWlta Daily) Approved For Releas Tao T o& Ghih Bi nt 3 Feue r Medical JoLzrno1) O h l = Yhw S?a ,~-mo#hlg Foao :tea ftoMandist) Foote 6-antb Foote SP( 1958) N(C e1 1958) as abow4 ) X(Pressat status u ) II(ComWed 4r_ 195 aniptum z". 1 9590) X(PrOWA ) 690100200004-2 I t ' a s a ten age Hsieh v si anitiee) 8 Tsu Jan Kgo eh IX 'AV a ro 3 Natwml Science) Sh"Oud R(Cka aabsw pti from ?eb di959 ) , Rat h pin I=g Yob Ta HoSeh Heteh Quarterly Sarbis S 'a ,49mmal + b Indus University) pfr- xfA--,t ~,,A 1 -1, K;!t bin t a` C'e) ate. College) 'Apprcyed ForReleasd loins Mh a" L, i lawledga A?", % .,w /Se k; * Vie) ydu atio ) Approved For Release - 0069A0 100200004-2 ~- '11 716-7 ung"Aft Pi torW) %M i 1ig Chiang Baas Gh et a Y 3omthl3r Harbin ( tang lid andist) Ai7iQ Chiang Rua 'an fth2r Serbia e~ dJ g Chi I Van Mefteal Jo ) s l Sim Peyg G iags is X(Preant out" Barba NOW Pib t- .?a i ebJw an Out*' 19580) i lam. g Sao $,,tiax+g 41 Ig a tioa . fl ter*a y) Approved For Releas2 ,20. 0/ CM&UMO069A i I You Isiah Pao of Rofei mini= C01.1eg$1 N" K=g ion .~ ~ X/ 4' Win. )ft xmm Pamw) Bth Pet C Ovw7u .","13." Chs &"21" days of the moat %.O - 1 ~ I"--& Mawr PaotbW Fay Rua Pao NontbI7 Paotiag -4, V w go Pei Nw )ae"n (Rwal HO Pei rflan I (Hopei Garden Semimmaath] Paotiag Semi-ammany Paotiag 00 P og ho She Mul Chi I Wen T 81 monthly Psipiag (QuOstims on Pease and Socialism) fang Bi th] Sian N frays i She, f Chlu" as of Jan, 11 I OWIOM USE o Approved For Release 2000/0o124` GTA-RDP6- 0069A000100200004-2 I1R8,-0Q069A0.1 14,11r:w In OAM Dram) ( W ter?e ia e) ad- c"10#141111104 I Sam 1 ~V, QPFI ,AL USE O Approved For Release 20 " " RDP68 - 069A0000100200004-2 ftf, *00 Pei Peiping Qwwtwr PAL. _ Rnartar Peip a~g 1 ea 1939?) San 3 g !eh Ve H 1Ieh QMr'fx?- Ch drag ( # , g r i , . % L e n a of Sout1weet Q U O N" ILM rim NX Tun Chin Houk e Pam at gcanml Cc ege ) (flee) h? It Sian *am* - .Lei. L T Hs eh Hifieh Pao a Quarterly Sian ion Hfla Heh (Jo x q1 Hest University Approved For Releasvmf CO - * Hsi poi, xeh KOO Hates B . tha Sian (eat 0. Job of Apim"Tal ienee) I ut1ti~s } - ` A- H Pei Ta He h bsfiah Pao go Quarterly Jan V o Heh (Jmmof Northwest University Nat-oral sane) 4; %W Hsia VAm Shu, H eh T Bung Hsfiz: Quarterly Amy Math tion Bulletin) Hsia Men Ta H eh HA eh Pao a Quarterly Thu Jan Xle Ha bah Unix bity Joura Natural Science) tA, Hein Her Ta fieh Halleh Pao,. Quarterly S#ie fti Vo H sh (Amoy t versi ty Journals Social Science) H iaa Ch ? t gg lt99* B 6 .14 ht Pon (spa Pte) Hams Hateb. Sao gH (Pri a y. s to Education) ~`b t7 Monthly Wntbly Peipi 5 , Approved For Release 2016dl 69A000100200004-2 ~~~ Approved Fcir Release Hsi U T 9 HAIn OV +' " 0 ..020" Hangobw ( (amrospeod6*0 MW may Si 444 ef%t e Mu tion) a k1s the Tr*h) Ada P9=g Yu Ste.. Friends) Lin S Cog I Tao (Today4 e Chinese 4idieiw) n. I Lien Tai ''o #h (&d e sad) ) 11k rl Hsion !i ek uChi KQ*a Ph xGp]W and e science) !film Chap Bien d in Ch i nese yea) Rein Ghlang Chi" 111 In Ka"kh la s (u*iamg , atio i) Seminthr Maughal Peiping Peiping Qwn-twly Peiping P)I aIB(On cubs ipti ae of Jan.1959) month 8ei C Chian U m in Uighur t Jfrumdd (Sialems P P a)- Options in Cese L Uighur gain chiam *A& AO t (S ieaag at~f o c~ Approved For Release 2 InnAMITNOCUSIRMIMR-n 069A000100200004-2 Approved- For Chiang won in Tighe Siukiagg t e ) Hain Chien she (N 'ion) f 4111-1 nth Peip si tk4 Peiping semi-southly Peiping t Tientsin S .cmothly Muinghal Semi-monthly Peiping Seml-mouthly Peiping B1.--monthJ . Peiping 4ti rter PetpiM tio 0otb1955) s(.Ceao , publi a- 1 N(Ca is ) R (On sales .ption as of Dec-1954) Weased pu sac tion as of 1939).' Approved For Releas 3 r -00069A000100200004-2 H ChOing Rua (Now T aa) /~ r4 Hain cchubg I Tao (Nov Cheee Wadicins) N ' Doan Hain Nxid (New ,na semi-monthly) gain (W 184 bor) JJ~~ Helm (New Deco) Hs Ku Ch a (Nov Obao ar ) 1 11 'r I (view luduaU7 & Commerce) Hain eh I Pao (1? r ti.ons Psy'7 HS l Aelh Pao (a of "Sy0hol r ) Approved For Release B "I Im Ts, (Bey A) (New Y?i4e) )bnthl7 Cheha R1 Bi-math }r T ?aia sei athjy Mukd? Se ith Peiping 3emi~sa zth1y Changsha N(Caatholic ) Ustft Won Chan Bars (eta )bntlal Peiping Papa } lin wen She Ting N } l+lmthly Peiping (P a~ J B Wen Ti flPion Cho Pao (P t* saw* W ) *.q 0), -,Vi~ A, Weekly Peiping XR( have cease publication) Yoh thly Ang Ra g , - 9 VI I I~thr Peiping Chengtu Sh xf 1 loan tl Chem9tu S (Star Pee rind S a I! thy) ' 1 Approved For Rel,,as 8-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For Relea Ns (Abstract and Ccarrete ) Hellas Wv Na T=g a a Instigation) HxReh Wien dsfr-, "u (: a do a Ware Schooling) r II",wk, N (Study Iir ' .eh H Uhien Haft i vief Ne Is on -Study) thl l tbi r iat Monthly Anhwei Sod-monthly Harbin N _ I th1r Peiping S(Ceas pliblirmam tioxith 1fod3d4 issue at 1958) S uthly Peiping S cut3 Ohungki g Send-monthl r Nanning S(Ceaased publi - tion after 19th iesme 9 1958) Fsi, CI en She Seed-monthly Nana .ng N(Pre t sta?taas , Ota struotion Studies) ImUVW%Lm ) fi N , Hsi I Tovung Mc the Peiping S(Ceased publican ( a slationa an Study) tion Nov'J958) Stu r) - - -- Approved For Relea a /W @ R68-00069AO00100200004-2 Approved For Release (gal Of 9M*) H 'h Hsi, dace 14 ,.. %7'1 It , " e~h. Jtsi?' Haag Life of Stir Rid'sh Hai ' he by,;dtg) fti Tate Pao (amide to ftudy) 17 "I", I PI -a HsV*h Hsi T e Haft (Stuay $utia) Ewi T9 (Sudy Bulletin) Hsfth Rod Shih Chi*, ( Pratice) `7 (Tei; Studies) (S~ ,eno, Std ) H*Uh Li L$ (Lwaving The=7) RaUh &M ITo R g (xr ti on eta) Deep. No Eton AMIOUNKM n -$ o Semi ath2 Cast= Sami- Sew.- utb1 J Chaugaha Semi-monthly Shantung Semi-mouth ly XJWWOI 1&3th2y Huhehot mouth Shanghai Semi-mouth]y Peip Sftd-m th Harbin tbly Peiping N(CaMenced Ju:1y,1958) r$P by 'bove N(Bep1 ced "Li Hadeh I "g vhiaY was au-- pearided from Noa14 isst s5S) W(Name changed f o* 'Roe Hai I Taeg" q was sua ,Pended from Novo 5S) Approved For Rele~a~se 8-00069AO0010020000.4-2 RA"h Shy fsh V (&.,t Std r w ) IiT Chih (NT ,,g famine) `.wato ) MoAthly Shanghai Bsi-mmttar Peiping W thl7 Changsha h g k s `stn F- T a S , nth1y Ghangs (i in Gr fit Cooperation) k& i ~ ?FR'F 1141 ? a n wla l .~ i Sbi h Tax Liao Q a ter +' Gha 3 (i te::._ on Runan fi g ) [ Van lfatLah Yea Iisfeb Pao NK (a : o,n of guran Agxiai itura1 001-1'1450 G aba I tl} Gha. ; . Twv, der; o &As (H5 No w:? S ?hool Journals t ai Science) ~w Fier) 311 U N11% -Shih luau H ekh Pao s Quvrter.],v C s a [an CM &O Y ' M g ih ! Pao 7"'A wen 10 0 Houk : itiss) Quarterly Changsha G lQP_68-00069AO00100200004-2 Approved?.F f-Releas H~i Pei HAIR Pao (: Pie ) VU Pal, n1, (Fkpeb Literati ftpoh H" M=V Shib Pan H ieh Yftn Quarterly NK Halsh Pao (Jourr49,1 of Central China Normal College ) lina He1eh Chu* Heitebh (+h ear Teaching) YG r w s R ie lHmdeh Pao (Arta Chun. a Siniea) a He fish I Pao 4Chia men1atione) Hua K "eh K Yea (Chi na1 I iu try) it "a eh Lu Wen so Tin (Tladew. of 'Varies of Che,e r ) Rua H ,eh Shi.h Chieh (Chet t World) Him HA* h T vung Pao (40mmal of Chezi atrr ) W. Ca , e ei Suan Yen t ,y D ee s a te) Monthly Peiping M(t subseri~ i from 19 ~ Bi n h 4 ?icmmth]y Peiping 3cmi-%o4th3T reipi g I(G ed from mawth2y in the late pert of 1958) XoAth }r Peiping S Monthaq Shanghai )& nthl r Peiping *?-?mt Peix'. N(Sube=ipti.or berme 14".) Approved For Release 20 -, PS -00069AO00100200004-2 'row Approved For Rel 171, Mmwi s So Liao I t Peiping N(3bsse iptio Gh 9 1 Heh Wien ien Wei ~C: eml, t H , s P sti-o9 Thabbor MrntbetiO wid Y -ber a ) 1i7 . K Htd*b Pau I th4 Peiping (C ae t , udustry and Engineering) 1 a". Tvung Yung Chi Hsieh HK a- al l`,nd. s r and General Mechanics ) MCI::, 1 ; . - in Mongolian 16 uage -1 1 lb .4 of South China Industrial, College) Peiping N S -month r` Hahehot aft Kwng Hs eh f u Horeb Pats NK Canton Hu NanNu eh K vo y1ateh Quoxterly Canton (Soot, China .ieai tural Science) ?1uua N SK.Mh Pan Ae6h Y11 Irregular Cantos Harieh Peo a SLR Hui K o o HaM eh (South C' Una. North College Journals s5a.iai Science) Hutt Ti Ylla~n Yoh t Ruhehot ( Field of Flowers) 'I' Fang Cbih Kt, g H eh YOM Qu erterl7 Shanghai Rk e , Pao (Jourmal a Eastern China Textile 1. ua a CoU.age ) '- Yeh KV h k i Ckd a Journal: e .i@ .1tur Beienoe ) r .~ Approved For Releas $ L ": 8-00069AO00100200004-2 Uh Ta. HaUeh. Parr a er r Wea X U a R .h (Pu 3, . or Yates China No tk,ITei 3 , ties ) 7 quarterly Shanghai N UaApq F(GO.od 1958)1 Monthly Sdn .-mox th1r eat Peiping S(C n ced 1958)' M Mthly Cheagehow g 1958) about July, Man" W7 hehot Sea?. ssath:!YT Chengt t Approved For Relea e_ 2000L08L2.4 :.-~ 8-00069A000100200004-2 Tom ! T Shah Ta fh I'S .08 Caarterl ' ftanghai T Jan. #$o Hasa (-1ovrWL of Eastern China Normal Uh:iVec?%" 8 Natural Science) 11 PN T1 IT l 'rung h to Hersh Pao x We KVU ? pa~ ,e' China Nonal _lUni 'es. Jorn R li.k-temt re and A to) H _$ . Sih ]fan Otwit--Tin Hax?n t school) 4~ i. Huang n Chien Sh Ca t : or Yellow River) Flag) i Ch J i `ihou 11 wig wf t is , law La e) Approved For Releas Approved For Rele- 8-0 HUB Be S4oNie (Red , aS ) -water F ; HU% 'ran (Red Pmalp .ce) Hung T (wild Geese) r a &p art) Hua We e bih k ? o (Train pT Table) Ts Peiptug Bu(, Pi Hsin lung I Te sung ter1,r t Peipiflg (E tions Cu renqy & Crodit) 'ems. Cb4 Sbu at and T Technique) Peiping 68-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For Relea I Q H~ Chi less (C ?ctfoo tray ecUt,r) Shb i Pa Chien Ts& 014k ( d t , m , Matwy & nth S i, ?s ti,at,oh, I ?ion (T - atio ) 3'n& (;heng Tovag Pao ( 1.ti Diming) -44, Jm R (Dyeing) Jan Liao *% PILO (joy moo) J ao Ion G1 iu I Pao (J ?, of ans ns an Fuel PAs ) 1 (Wt W L (l) dL Approved For Rele rooms -000600100200004-2 Nix G aoT 9 LuPan C ,li tic"n %WO f. j 3 AIII Approved'"For Release' 1* T Too wa amps) A, OID, 4 le T&i `? eo . I P*o (TravalAtion Tropical Crape) jar. ' ' it -$- Je Tat "Too 10o a eh I Pao t~aA kTr oms T oplasal crops Scielac e) JJ Tai T 6o Wa Tan C i Tguig ai-mmsh4 Canes ( tL1eti n of Tropi: i Crops Reoeaxah J ~Ulchqarjg Chiang Bankow (Peeple 9 e Yangtze River) Jan P Chiao T 8 H@L ! Pae (Par e 4 a Navigation) F Jan Min Chico Tti (People 0.4 uraation) i Kb (People p 4. C. ) r j Jon Min Chung Rio Pao Tao (RePc C& People 0a Chia) Approved For Release Peip: ~Bi-mon h.l Peiping S(Ceaaed publication x.`1958) acs 11Peop1e go, China0n P-68-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For.Releas -0006 .CI 7d 04-2 Lip Iy , . ft, 9 .:a mi: th4 Peiping 'Vietnamese 5 )Tibetan, Jon Jib Pao So Zia (bidw People pe Dai.4) 1 4. Ion Pao MAM (People's Health Cars) fem.. k 4 /I sru" 14 Japaueee 15 B ,e 16 )AraR"ic Peipi S. 1)Nwg Eoareesa yontA4 Peiping $(Rep ,aa d OCk Rua I { .e}a Tea Ch'' SAU A Pao Chien TouC J S (Peoples" Taxes) L /e ~/z j -4~ Jon Kin Tien Teh (People s e El ectriaal 1ndus# r ) /, ) *Mi-MAtuy Peiping hly Peiping M R(i aubacriptku film Ju ,1958 mewed with "Tseaj Chang" 1959) R(th eubscriptio* t'ra J x,195$ and replaced t r Li Tien Li" an Nov1, Me) 8-00069AO00100200004-2 i ( PeV~ 4, te", ,i Him jib Pao so Tin to XWOS-Sing ) I Gib. 0 Chi mm eOWAGAWAg T t 4tL 10,41 gPe XG Noun ( of adoaitii g Songi) B t - guano to -. 0OU of oa aatiig Songs) tiona of a Basting Songs) a ftloloewilkg) (fig l i, E ginee 'i g ) X ling Sbam Tien O U ~,~ iu Chung I ( t Chinese Medicine) Lw* g H CL ?u . YUn c 'f a1) x(P*Ii*4 to .ta 1959 fly I OW=AL on O NS I Approved For Release 2D0U108724 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100200004-2 Approv i &, P p istsa ) ~s 6 Nog Tegun ego Soh Hax To', KgO Hash (Rur&&ien ) Tocuu 1 4c Hash Chip Shih tKawiedg* of 8u?a1 Science) -1111 T ;~~ 7 Soma.- rthlr Paatiug S+emi-m=thly lingehow MIMg Tm gun Kung To T Bung Hstn $3uth4 (Rural Work BuUetii) A B Ta ? K To T Bung Heft Peiping *N Man (Rwal W k B zUetiA- Supplement) j N; TO ?u Shang Haas (Rural L if'a) KIYAg Leh Chi Rateh (Agric into ai Machine) semi-mnthly HQxpeh mi ;th4 Peiping Hz Yoh chi Beieh I Pao 4 thly Peipix (" tip .s an l hani end Agricult ) 3(Pressa atus Known) H(Preeent statue r ) R(C aabeeri. tioa fry Onus, 19 8 ) S(Ceaa .as pub-= ct o Jay 1958) Approved For Relaso 2 `,T 8-0006000100200004-2 : iou1tw a1 Technique Bulletin) Teh Chi, S ` T Ou Raft 3 Pe4TA1nff 41- Choi H ,cultural Meteorology) frig Yeh Chih i t a1 K le ge) N .Z ehChiS ( c tur Khowle ge) 14 NWT Yoh Ching Chi I TsOung ~ ~s t on. Agricultural Nung yeh iatkeh Pa (A?t i ,tu 8ini ,) Iw Ieh KOO Hsieh Wrlwltural Sciei ?e ) SWi-m*nthly Peiping H(comenow 19580) S mGuth1y Tsinan - R S ?Oft i1y Nanning QtWwterly shaawhai Quarterly Peiping 3e ,mantb Peiping S (Name fr"Su Lien Hung !eh V o HstehW is 1.959 ) NW4 Yeh K ?O Ha & Wane , Shih Swi- orit Haugehow N (K a la gs of Agricultural Science) Nuvg, Yoh V& H eh ChO g K~uang KOu ti _. Pars Welly Peiping N(Co . z ( 'e s News on the Aspect a of A?riou1tur .1 A it.91959 Siena ) rk Approved For Relea '$C D.~68-00069AO00100200004-2 ApprovedFor.Release ~ tg ! Vo BY Tgung Han ( . , Scion, yeti) i 0 Wen G ,o aa eh ( saems * aian) ti fication Semi-m tb1y Peip# Peiplag Bi-monthly Peiping S 0 m X Ta? u - I HaHeb Wen Ha ;Bi` l ( aaa Tr `fix S e~tzo iit I a&ie ,) 0 YT ( Language) VW a-I C a N Monthly Harbin o T,O o c HVIsh A Yen Ghiu Bi-m=thly Harbin, (Teaching and Researching in Russian) 01A Beh Hsi ( " of Russian Language) 0 1 &w rig Po Yfleh K9am *Mth4 (Russia, L+ e boasting monthly) Pa. Fu Fu o Chi Shen Ching ft-monthly Peiping N(1 ha* a TL u n g Tea Oxib I T's ?uaag *eased pub- (Pawlav's Jownal of Higher Nervous ioaUon) Aetlw,tles. ?X'a~ tiaaas ) r1owary `i.e;l4 ) 4A Yell She Ks'. Chi. tiAg for' Agridultural etr ) Approved For Releaj 1 n le I I - kMR-ftP69-00069jAO00100200004-2 Peiping S(Nami ced from ' ohg Rita 0 Yl't Jan. 1959) Approved For Rele Pau ( wing) Ching Chung I (Pe3ei g G ee ) dic Peiping Pei T Qie a K=g Teh Quarterly Peiping H u h . Y Hafteh Pao (Join Pekes Steel Industry xaatit?ite ) Pei Ching f? Shang Bi, onthly Peiping DSO) P el ( XQuang Yoh Hefieh Yl Quarterly Peiping Bah Pao (Pekin i g and tallurgical College Job) Pei Ching Nang 'Yoh Ta a h. Hs eh Quarterly Peiping Pao (Peking Agricultural College JouTmal) 6T, Pei. Chi Shia Pan s Hs41eh Monthly Pc;ipi g H eh Pao 8 She Hui Vu a Hstleh (ou , of Peking Natal University x 5&oial Sotenee ) Pei Chi ship Pan Ta Beth N ieh Pao s T Jan V o Hs eh (Perki g luemal Triieraity Journ ll x Natural Sei AGO ) lo, Pei Qdng Teti Bush Ieh Pao s J Won Voo Bedeh 8-0001004-2 Desp. Na B , thIj S.he hai Quarterly Peiping pelping Approved Le For Releasi~wm ~ 8-00069A000100200004-2 Quarterly Appro.''For Release (Journal of Poking IIn v'eratty s Natural Science) ((zoursua of Peking coil 'fax Rlffah Ptto Pei Ching ten l (Poking Literature) P I % er #aL V& tune Peking Review ( sh ) NX Peiping N Monthly Peiping Pei Yang Wen Saeh Monthly Peiping O Liu (`arrant) o GIWW gua S a,adia do ) rim Ohi Wen I ( . Literature) B ) 7E. eaatia a News on China aof Peiping Monthly Chengehov S Bibmonth]y Peiping Monthly Kunming semi thly Wueheng 33(Chimged f month1y as of Febol959) Monthly Peiping S Approved For Release 2 on't z Ee0069t 00100200004-2 (Clas j shm Hsi I Leh Tam Chih quarterly Taiyuan Xumm !eh T 4 una Raft M mthly Peiping N (Shensl &la cation) own H4 Rua Pao th (Shassi Pictorial) 8-00 Monthly Peiping every 10 days Taiyuan a" "Chnag fto Vo Re RbAn Hsi C fl ithly Tiey Shan Nei Shih Pan Hsfieh Titan Quarterly Tail sh Pao (Jour Shansi Normal College) (a ne of Shansi Medical Science) Nei KID Ron" mthly Stu Song Selection) ONO *a > Flower) hl"Tit _ to ZLtat;on.) rest Industry Bulletin) 4,4" At 11L Ei Cheng Pao ei Political News) Approved For Releaso 2 N(Present status =known) Monthly Kweiyeng S Ituy T since I -00069A000100200004-2 a :IT T7/ ? Ha shh . Ta03e h Pact Jan V.~ (Low= to Univerai. : kragulw Tainan QdAW, Tfl =+ biu g Leh P.,. M t on i Aaagosi Xdn tjcU Niddle School Iditina} I& Chia* U ' aeao ffideh 1:e Fem. ( Education Q Priwry School Edition) c ~ G Chou ti Shm I T R Hman c?turt i,.. Sh ng _ _Q a Medicine) QW9 IZaoTea %mwwvo one Journal) f Ybdisim) Approved For Rel 68-000694000100200004-2 YAW N Hxfieh Than Quarterly Shanghai Yoreign Language School Quarterly) UP, g . ; ReUeh Para i i di. al Journal) She* !eh I Te?ung (Tian tiona on Commerce) Shang Xing Hua Pao (8heughai ,e Pictorial) stream) 41 I Shang Xnduatry and gorcmnerce) .-I- Semi-monthly Sharrhai i Ti I I fah YiIan Quarterly i " P" I of 8h x gh First Medical -e) Bi aonthly Si-monthly Peip Monthly AmthlY canton Se i a thly Can a S (Changed to "S g t Hsieh Pao* or about June 1958) S (l a Chang trot "fig wTi I 1 Ba eh Tun eb Pao) S(CeaMa ed piibl ,' eatioo with NO.2 issue of 1) SP(Cot eteed Aug,, i3,i9) t GEMUL Un ear -1 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/24 :CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2 Approved For Release $IN* Sim Lh ' a=g Karam lar N Fxh T 1 Hua Pao (Tom-age's' Pictorial) Nien Weir I outh LIterature) ure) zi ~ 4- ~- L It" a NioS,iIChia (Young Artist) Shen HA Ham- C.Iq 9" y Uan (Shensi Propagaz i st ) Ohm Hai Hua Pao (Shensi Pictorial ) 'JP .~ Sbe l: - Nuns Haft (ats, Agri cultural News) shan Hsi M ( i Agricultuar?e and Forestry) ShAft Hat went I (Shensi Literature) 13anth2r Shangha, Di-momth:llr Shanghai Semi-monthly Sian n Month37 Sian Shang Hum &a eh Pao Quarterly Peipia (AA@ta Diochimi Si ,ca) Sheng 11 Hus T liar Chien y Chien Quarterly Peippin g x0ang (Living Ccnsiitione and Health) Shm Id RsHe Pao (A P2reislogi S,50 Approved For Rel9ja Quarterly S Neat status =krWvn) SP(Gommenced Prob0 Sept. 1950) Dl :A 68-0000001 00200004-2 Mxe ShiaCt + Aftefro" .t xt,eaegoa $.ieaa e) 4 4 $ H" " c; OWN 1 ioa,l: Spence Abstirait) k~ 1 . H ou 1bUsh Peiping thi" U T e g ) {4 -tang Shah Toung Pao )ntb'r Peiping (Jou r al of bialy He teh Won Chai s Chih WU 7-# P pia (H$or Digests BotaaW) 10.7 Ohms Wu H a He leh Wens Cheri a *nthly Peiping igsaag Sheug Su (Bio h misty Digest- Antibiotics) Ship Chang Chien She Month]. ' Peiping IR ( i Government Construction) Sh Chieh Chih S1,h 4emi=mouthl r Peiping (World wledge ) 4Ot k t nth Chieh Ching Chi Wen Hui mthly Shanghai ( ld Economic Review) 4-4V'i c, N" chish Ci 4 vies. Manthly Peiping N(Ceesed (Vwla Yo) P&U"ti+ ) Approved For Releas~.20 MA96126 -00069AO00100200004-2 Approved For Release - I - - t gal ITo I t3 a ffistwy Studies) ean ( eto manth y) (Poetry) li--mon Peip g' 3 (Nam changed fr " I Won" Jan 03,959 ) 3bnth1y Cheng hov IR *mth.y Peiping S Cis x 1m th Peiping S (World Trade Mdm ea* t auk Ckift ). , t; T41' )bxth4 Peiping In Imw Y=9 011a gear OK X&OU i *i Study) Rua Semionthiir Shantun N %jww D ~=Dge Pictures) Pai -!rya (tad s` r ) Approved For Rela iotrth1yy Peiping Semi thly Peiping IK( a subscrip- tion Dee 1958.) 20 :CIA P6 -00069AO00100200004-2 Approv '.&Ad" ReI uthlar akdh you Shop$ Wu R 446h, Pao Se 3.Qm~tth Psip ( to >t $iologiaa. RA U&) uITe1mg (Petroleum Translations) Shib Yu Van. Van (Pstroi Survey) > `"Ah SbAh Yu K !eh Chi S km Hain Won (News on The Technique of Petroleum IMnaty ) A Sh Yu Xui g Yeh TO ung ft (Su,i1etib of Petroleum I ust, ) %, S xULiesC ( ineme it of 'et 'oL, n) shou Hu (Sarb"t) sou n4eb Chi" Huh (reaching of MUthomatics) Si Re3keh C1 ifl1C (Y the .tie Ad'%I&aGeni nt') Shm Hai eh Wish Pao (Aota t th t , 3W04) Shu 4 eh T ?mrig Hain ( ties B ) Approved For Release -000 Peiping N(Na a ahsr4ed tc. Semi-monthly Peiping Semi-monthly Peiping Se ' thly Peiping lint it Peiping Ii-Inoaxt .1y Peiping Monthly S .:ngha i Q terly Shr ghai Quarterly Shanghai ntb1y ' Yu. K a t Van. 1958) KOM Babse,ptt 1959) 00069AO00100200004-2 Approved .For Releas T n Pao e $ull. ) eh Won Gds Chi Suan Ibnth1y Chi Shu (bath tics Digests calculation) Ste. Hadeh Wen Mai -Wei Pen Monthly Fang GhUeng ( - ioe Digests Differential Ge1oulus Equation) S I Tao Van (GoUU00tions on Plague) S Kwa g a in Kazakh (T ht .Light of Darn) Sbui Li Fa Tien ( droalectria Power) (TwanaUti on Water GonaervatC97) ftui Li eh Pao (Jour of Waiter Conservatory) Shmi Li I Ts lung Gonsurw. Lion) -m cons r7 H o~eleotrio th Peiping Peiping Peiping Peiping y rterly Peiping thly Peiping Shui LI S wi Tien, China She : ~ i~moarcals on Natural, Science) Tsu Jar P. a Clams Pa Yen Chin. mthly Peiping Thing Beat (Research Ball.,atl of Natural Dialectic) Approved For Releas 0004-2 N S(Replaced by "C, Rutz ylk T Chi in 1959) S(Ceased pram,,, nation with No a9 ieeew 1958.) N DP.$8-0006SA0001002000D4-2 Approved For Release 2 ', w Tau T gTienLiTooTung IS2 (T ?m a o s an Autmatic EJ a j4 'ogre } Bi tb.4 Peiping sway Sh pra* g Wai It cmae Hsttab It Pan I Ida~t Sbaa~g (P Lattagar a Toaddng and Tran ?tic ) Wei H (bate tie alai See Chvftn E ung Too (Ptablio Huth Propaga a work) Wei Meng W Hash I Pao (M ffobic l?a Tram ,tsJ.ations ) Wei She tWU klotteh Pao (A&. a. I i obiolok i s 5i , c) Wei.. SheW- Wu Hodeb Wen Cbai ( , ?obioiogic Abstr ctj W 'A: eh Ch.' S (ftowledge of iterat e ) Approved For ReleJe every 10 days Hei ungehiaag W (Spp,emeny Edit] a of "Q Itt map web Yet yen E aiu" I4aat Pei N(Preseaxt stag own.) Ei? Pe ,ping Quarterly Peiping P~ ?nti Peiping S(Cc "bed publ~ cation J, 19 3 ) Nkp~~ Peiping 00099000100200004-2 %ff ;xt _y IOU W A i eh Lt Lam I Ts 4 ang Quarterly Peiping (T an*lA ti Literary Theor ) Was HmOdb, 11 Rauh Pao (Wn4av H ver o Journal of Natural Wu Helen Tien (Radio) ij Wu Helen Tien K ? uai Pao (Radio epeam News) W Uoien T..en Y Tien S_kaik (R&iio and Television) i + ifa Wen I (Wu >hu Literature) N' W C" iao gefteh ( ee Teaching) Wei L i NAOh Pao (A-fta P jc Sini a ) Peipjag every 10 Peiping days Monty Shanghai nt r Anhwei Monthly Peiping Bi-mffionthiy Peiping N (Comced late l95) N (Pol rienc Ju y 1958.) 1959.) N(c aube i Jan, 19"j- Approved For Release -00069AO00100200004-2 Stage and Audience) thwjr Peiping nth] y Peiping ntbiy Pe;,pjsg N(M wthowiptim fr" Ja 9 ). Nbutbly Peiping N t on Oubo ip ,i,i Semi-monthly Canton -A-A 10 w u T Monthly Peiping (') IV : No ~fx- Approved For Release. I V Yf y~.f`- Wu Li Lim Wez so Yin Timex to Rep ;,a on P raaaitia ) Wu Li d'ung .Fib (Jots of P ra i Wu Li Wen Chai Pan Tao T ? i (Pbyet igeaa t ? S.+'.~.~._?a Cor iuot o ' ) t T+4~ WU 14 Wen Cam, fl Yuan Tea Ho (Pkeioa Digest - N ear) A 4 . Wu T Qa ~4 KUaU Chung Wu Tao Fu Van Nbnthlr Peiping (Dace Supplementary) Approved For RelQas 0"?t \o?1 ~, of the tear) Monthly Wusha l e. , is Chu Li YbAthlY Pew rk a Neat Treatment) 00069A0001002000,04-2 Approved For Releald 3io .Chii* Pa (L"V lr -. Pie'twii1) A Tao Eseh Hex Pao (Mta P eutjoa Sinica) Tao Na#ieh T - ung Pao (P gy letin) VO, Iao i eb Wen Chai (Phaz"moe tioaI Digest) Yoh Chin Chien she (metallurgical Cons Zction aot; Yoh Chin Z Shu Ms',u!gioel Translations) . 3engehaw Quaer Peiping Mo t SP(Commenced JWLY 19%1) Peiping S Peiping rVe7 10 days Peiping th2 2 Chin Pao (Metallurgical News) Week Peiping R(Chnngrec3 to newspaper under same title k SmImw 9 1958) Teh Chin She Chi (Metallurgical Design) Bimmonthly Pei,.,:>ing N tsh Chin Wer* Cha.i (Metallurgical. Digest) Manthl.y Peiping x Tea Chuang (.cuing and Singing) Monthly Shang -. Approved For Releasle 2 i , 8-00069A000100200004-2 PO lea 9 Y' eh KQz lei Chi Chiao I'd T Dung Hsun n? Fermi Y Chi Eaia? Hsieh Chiao YH Monthly Yenki N (Y i PPim U Education - in Korean) you C en I Monthly Yenki N (Yeti Literati-*) t Cffiii Pao Kagd, NK Peiping SP(Chinese ( s -t Repot - Water Conservancy) 5 . Ce Yen Chi Hatch Hai - in Korean NOUUUT Zed N (Y i std) OWd Education Bul letij) fen hlr Sian (" River) S ~~~j) LEa ax,e Ze& Pion Choi Nien - in Korean M t Yeaki N titute) T401 Ho ! eh KRan Monthly Sian N(P o ~a e (Y Hi I'll- Ten Pies shao Nien in Korn image (Yenki,'$ordw Teen- eru) Approved For Reba Mwtb3y Y N 8-0006, 9000100200004-2 Rn SAM ) Yin Ieh (me, Tea) ~ ~ I ae Tin I teb Ch0t ag Teo (Mue ,o Creation Yin IIeh I Vn (Tg?Bn Lions on Music) Yin Yt, Sham Huo (Waical Life) 'eipg Peep Montla],y Peiping ki-monthly Peiping Monthly Sher at~g Ying Yang HsHeh Pao Quarterly Shan (Ao 1utr enta s oa) 'ling Yam Ka Chung Hafteh Pao Quarterly Peiping (Uta Ceaon ,C,-En logica Sinica) Ting r it HeHeh Hai Monthly Peiping (lid Study) Yu Rag W-14 monthly Peiping (llrrxb r e~ elaip) I'd Rua (Rain Flower) Monthly Rankiag 2n se Chin me Montuy Peiping (NW-farr meta") H(Co mne ed in 1958,) Approved For Relea~~'' C,8-00069A000100200004-2 Tu so chin Shu I shu F _. s ous .se TZaaa ,ous ) l It Won Chi fa Hoteh (mom, Teaching) yfl We Chiao If Ash T o Htin Seeni itonth1r Che Chow OWUUn of Lwguage Teaching) ra .~'f " f"i'1 T&A Won C Shib (use 1owl-edge ) ,r~p g,y Yf- Wen Iajteh Hsi (gunge S' `) ~J 3 It Wen Hatch Pao (Jou a of L ngusti s ) ~ i,~ es~+a~~h) "th],y Shams, S mantbily, Peiping s AxinuaI4 Pei p W'ea YOU CU 1 R tl- Peiping t1 Ien Ho ieh I Ts o Quartez^1 Shanghai 4T anslatiens on Li ;uistics) TY I Pay 4 H g w Yea I lta* I mkthiy Chongtu. (Beautiful Garden) Y4 a Ida l ,o Fu Van .Ri?-ant ai; Chou (Deautifii, Ga b Suppa1ement ?y ) Approved For Rel eje 00 - P~~+000_O00100200004-2 !thin Tsu Nang (Atomic Energy) -x !t Tzv Nang I Ts ?ung Quarterly Peipiaig (T? tico on Atomia Energy) ItWh Ch Qt (.Xw gtu Sorge ) Caz to t % Nan Ch1h Pu Shang Huo Sean, mossthly K (Yunnan Party cell A0tivitiea) y Nan T a H a t i e h Heileh Pao Setmi-amiua.1] KunmixAg Jan Wen K V o He .eh Pan (Ythin n D .iveraity, Jourm s Hume Lire ) (Jour of Iu aan Univerwity s Tea Ilan Ta H SSh Hetleh Pao T Z. Jam K90 Hateh Natural Sci. e o ) Approved For Release 2'2 Semite nab KwMing 0069A000100200004-2 FWVR" C a. 5 Tie Van ', u~tity) i Chin (World Tod ) .~- ei Cb0eng Rua Pao (The G re-at Z u Pictoz ) C ng Ott ?a* Ph, }, g Nba1etjn) Mo Pao Ckwn . )I ~ Chn Liu t)instr ) rim OQn Pau Ilieh Van (P.Ubltio Monthly) Ch? Ch hDu (Sp,rirjg and Autumn Ch' skexrg (MMesea V4100) Week- K Name I Xaa nt MiM N e w M e d i c i n e ) Approved -For ReIea DPR8-00069000100200004-2 (Week-eat Rows) Approved For Rele Cmmuxdst Gig Px o Reeea ? - des Dai4 Doman dity Quotation For Eastern Eoc;c Review ( in 1t) Weekly arA Fa Eat Builder DI-montay Koh Gent Gazette H Xozg Trade BUetin ( Ea gnob ) . Reng Kong d S tia tics ( -e and ports) in F. l , a i Tau (Roiet?a. ) Ran Tai C 1 I !v (Coate p(rary- Chinese Meilicirke) tfeek1y ,nay Sea iamonth ,y Mont `ly R ,en Thi Fi&feh Shu Chi Kan Qu trter r? (C tamper r P Lc sepln r& Social sGienCee) 3 Hain ChUmg l Rua Pa (fev Chin. PL ;t to ) ,Pon - Approved For RPIPase ?I (1( ? 00069AO00100200004-2 H Taa 0h@u Paca t*e ~ta Wes) (o) Jounwl of Oriental Studies (In Uglish - oj1 awe PQ (Damoamuc mew) sad tin {, in She Tug Tao Pao (Society News) Smh T PLPbg (C it+ r r critic-dam) ~z 4 Shih Tao Chou Pio (Moral Wee ) - - )I@14 A- Tea Salem E in U931 Sh ~ Approved For Relas Weekly 1958 8-00069J4QD0109200004-2 Approved For Release 2000/08h24 ,CIA Tau 196 ) 8 Thee Reie Pont T 'fu Rofteh JeA (P'ee. halare Uvice Research Service ( I g1ish ) Von I Sl x Chi ( ,terature Century) ,ter Wen sh Shih CYeh (Literature World) g mthly Twice weekly Monthly Quarterly Approved For Release 2 CIA-RDP68-00069A000100200004-2