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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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July 18, 1958
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?AJred For Releas 68-00069AQW100200608.8, ON. SERVICE DESPATCH R r U. S. MISSION BERLIN STATINTL TO /Act? /71 lie vatsh 50 THE DEPARTMENT OF STATL, Washington. July 18, 1958 C T/(/1 SUBJECT: PUBLICATION S PROCUREMENT Ito SCANDINAVIA The PPO visited Denmark, Norway and Sweden from June 5 to June 27- A number of bookstores were visited in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and consultations were held with Embassy officials. In all three countries publications were picked up which fall in the purview of standing requirements. Since this was the. first regional ocurement trip to Scandinavia, some older reference works were pprchased 4hich may have been missed in the past. The outstanding feature in all three countries is the high price of books, probably a result of small editions. Yearbooks are often published bi-annually only and reference works three to four years old are con- sidered quite up-to-date. In none of the countries does anyone store stock all titles in which we are interested and service is slower than in Berlin. Copenha, en The PPO arrived on June 5, a Danish national holiday; the Embassy and stores were closed. Next day she was informed that the Embassy had appointed a now part-time PpQ who visited several bookstores with. her. At a iTtli Embassy officials the PPO explained that the full and part-time publications procurement program does not duplicate the CERP program. The funds allotted to the Embassy by SP and WF were used in addition to Berlin selection funds. eniza.tion, to ARCS and Wr. We saw a few of the gratis serial publications which the Embassy hap been sending to.ICD/F'P and believe Teleteknik and ElectrotekA1kerem to be of interest to WF and InggnioeKMI the organ of the Danish engineers* State [fit. declassification & release instructions on file Z b; For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069AO001 08-8 Approved For Release-2b'010759/247- -RDP68-00069 "q;0."% MISSIC*I BERLIN While in Copenhagen, WF'a order # 8/58 of May 29 came in and we omitted a.number of publications which we had intended to buy for WP. The PFO also visited the publications outlet of the Danish communist paper and bought a few propaganda pamphlets and some Russian titles of which very few were ins took, -:_- MR Arrival June 12, departure June 19. The part-time PPO had a book- store prepare lists on the basis of the requirement guide which proved extremely helpful. This was a small bookstore and the owner had a good idea of the publications in which we are interested; un- fortunately very few were in stock to be looked over. However, he got them together for us during the week. The PPO also purchased at a second store. which the WF representatives had visited in Oslo. While in Oslo, the AMS allotment of $200.00 came in; the previous balance of obligation 1404 had been spent in Copenhagen. The SP and WF funds, allotted to Oslo, were obligated in addition to Berlin selection funds. Stockholm. The FPO arrived late in the evening Thursday., the 19th; the Embassy and the stores closed as of noon June 20 for Swedish Midsummer weekend. On June 23, the reporting officer consulted with the Stockholm FPO and was accompanied by a local. employee to the largest bookstore in. Stockholm where the Embassy places its orders, we believe that prices for publications are still higher is Stockholm than in the two other capitals. Orders were also placed at a second bookstore. Hone of the stores appeared to have more than one, copy of reference works in stock but most of the publications eiam in. before the FPO departed. The. Embassy had spent approximately $75.00 of the WF allotment prior to the arrival of the PPO, the balance as well as the SP allotment were obligated during the week. The Stockholm PPO informed us that he had sent samples of serial publications which he believes to be of interest to 's ashington agencies. The PPO left Stock- holm June 27; the Embassy had gone to great trouble to get all obligatia documents to Washington before the PT 58 deadline. After Stockholm the FPO spent a few days leave in Helsinki; she, iscussed publications procurement with the ad hoc PP O.. She also visited the Academy bookstore in Helsinki which has an amazing numb,er of Russian books, including dictionaries, in stock. Some +o W publications date back to 1946. 1It is "ja that some Russian titles vhich-ma h v been missed in the past could found in Helsinki. Approved For Release P68-00069A0.OO100200008-8 Approved For Release 4 :A- P68-0006 Summs . We. believe that one trip a year by the regional FPO will suffice to supplement the local Publications procurement program. It is suggested that the Department send copies of its orders to Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm to Berlin to avoid duplications. The assistance of the Copenhagen# Oslo and Stockholm Embassies gra.tefnYly acknowledged. FOR THE ASSISTANT CHIN? OF MISSION; aiding Administrative Officer Distributions Embassies Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP68-00069AO00100200008-8