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February 2, 1999
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February 26, 1958
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Approved For Relea 9A0002QW10036-7 26 February 1958 ADVISORY CO ITTEE ON FOREIGN LANGUAGE PUBLICATIONS F IEFTH ANNUAL REPORT I. Authority The Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Publications was established in pursuance of paragraph 5 of NSCID-16 (7 March 1953) to assist the :Director of Central Intelligence in the implementation of that Directive. The C ttee is composed of representatives of the IAC agencies and can invite other in~erezted agencies to sit with it on matters which concern them. Chairmanship is provided by CIA. II. Organization Three subcommittees have been established which comprehend in generals the responsibilities separately identified in the Directive and which are listed below. However, as the IAC bad established in 1955 an Ad Hoc Subcommittee, on Information Processing (AHIP) whose function covered all categories of intel- ligence source materials, the Reference Subcommittee was directed on. 13 January 1956 to suspend further meetings and consolidate its function with AHIP as CLong as the latter continues in existence. III. Responsibilities Accomplishments and Objectives p . PROCUB MENT 1. Responsibility: To assist the Director of Central. Intelligence in insuring the coordination of the procurement of foreign language publications for intelligence purposes, it being understood that captured documents are excepted from this provision. 2. Projects Completed: a. Preparation of a paper incorporating specific ex ples o0? the a contribution overt publications have made to intelligence With cooperation from the Exploitation Subcommittee and the research officals of the intelligence agencies, the State member of the Procurement Sub-, committee prepared a paper (State Circular Airgram 1505, 14 August 1957, SECRET) sent to Embassy Moscow, as well as to Bucharest, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. This paper specifically dealt with publications acquired and transmitted by procurement personnel at Embassy Moscow and cited specific examples of how the data was used to satisfy intelligence requirements. Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00200010036-7 Approved For Releaw 2001/08/15: CIA-RDP68-00069A000Z010036-7 C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L b. Provide personnel eMged. in interrogation work with adeSLmtel requirements for information on foreign 2~t lications. A guide for use during interrogations was prepared by the Subcommittee with the advice of the staff of the MC interrogation program, AFCTN, and Contact Division, CIAO The paper, specifically prepared with respect to need for Hungarian publications, we submitted in June 1957 to Contact Division, CIA, for incorporation into existing interrogation guides. c. Establish a means and schedule for reporting by members ------------ cones ng the scope and product o their procurement programs , exchanges. Each of the monthly meetings et by the Subcoenittee res teed in an exchange of information concerning procurement channels, a'tilabili of publications and procedures. As a result there was better coordination of requirements and closer cooperation among field collectors. Experts in the field of collection were brought in to attend meetings and gave the members the benefit of their advice and experience. These meet are the medium for the members to be informed on the respective procu*e- ment programs. d. Review the systems of reporting a uisitions b the member agens and sugges improvements where needed. Continued to l B 3. Projects Planned: a. To meet with primary collectors of foreign publications in th* field, including representatives of the three services and the Depart*ent of Late. A Paris meeting is scheduled for mid-April 1958, to be chaired 21 Chairman of-the-Advisory Committee on Foreign Language Publications. _--O W vbc v.-va ws w. i-ZU 07WTi CIA and USAFE (ATI). A similar program for the posts in the Far and Southeast Asian areas, together with a meeting of in the area, is scheduled for Fall, 1958. b. To participate in procurement programs of the U.S. Government ,of potential value to intelligence (National Science Foundation, Departme:at of Commerce/Office of Technical Services, etc.) c. To establish a practical policy on the exchange-of-publicationis program as related to procurement. d. To continue the program of evaluating overt publications for the benefit of the field collectors. e. To review the systems of reporting acquisitions and want lists! by the member agencies and suggest improvements where needed. 2 C-O-a P-I-D-S-N-T-I-A-L Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069A000200010036-7 s'-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L Approved For Release 2001/08/15: CIA-RDP68-00069AO002 010036-7 B. EXPLOITATION 1. Responsibility: To assist the Director of Central Intelligence i# insuring the coordination of the preparation and dissemination of En ish- language excerpts, suamslries, abstracts, and compilations from foreign fang usge publications. 2. Projects Completed: 25X1C4a a. During the year, the Foreign Documents Division/CIA FDD established and commenced operations in contractual exploitation facilities under the nominal cover title of b. Pro== reviews. All reporting programs of FDD and its contractual facility, were reviewed and in response to the resulting recopmner dations FM made adjustments so far as possible to comply with the needs expressed by the Subcommittee members. The Subcommittee surveyed the needs of the IAC agencies resulting from the dissolution of Joint Press Reading Service, Moscow, and termination of the contract for "Selectiloras From the Soviet Press." The major requirements of the IAC agencies were met by the production of the FDD report "Sure of the Soviet Press."' Additional requirements were absorbed byi 25X1 C4a c. Publications. Two surveys, "Foreign Publications Exploitatiob survey,, 1957and Foreign Language serial Publications Exploited by Foreign Documents Division" were completed and disseminated at the Sub- committee's request. In addition, a listing was issued incorporating the current FDD and USJPRS periodic reports in answer to the requirements of the ccenwuii ty. d. Coordination. Throughout the year the member agencies established closer liaison and entered bilateral arrangements with FDD in the interest of coordinating the work load with existing facilities and avoiding duplication. 25X1A9a of FDD made an extensive tour of the Par East to survey the overseas exploitation facilities in the area with a view to improving coordination between them and US facilities, and between ewh other. At year and., recamm andations resulting from this trip were under study by Subcommittee members. Department of State arranged with Bong Kong Press Monitoring Service for closer coordination with FD), and Department of ttee 25X6A AraW t e. Reclassification of Reports. At the request of members, the; Subcommittee considered the classification of certain FM reports from the standpoint of need for dissemination. As a result of subcommittee recoam =ew dations, FDD made the following classification adjustments: Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00200010036-7 C-O-N F-I-D-E-N .T-I-A-L Approved For Rele%2V0P/116?(J1,jikD2069A0002P010036-7 a. "Annual Report on Crime in the USSR" from COAL to FOR OFFICIAL USE ONIZ. b. "Weekly Information Report on Communist China" from COISFIDENR?AL to FOE OFFICIAL USE ONLY. c. "Consolidated Translation Survey" from SECRET to COHFID~1gxIAL. d. "IGY" information lifted from the COaTIAL "Scientific Information Report" and reported separately under FOR OFFICIAL USE ORZyy . 3. Projects Planned: a. The Subcommittee plans to conduct periodic reviews of all exploitation programs during 1958, and will continue to take coordinating action for the avoidance of unnecessary duplication among exploitation activities of the intelligence community. b. Review the developing scientific exploitation facilities of !the Department of the Air Force and their coordination with existing facilities. c. Review the development of coordination with the new project in the Office of Technical Services, Department of Commerce., for scientifiO and technical exploitation of soviet publications. d. Complete surveys under way at year end on: (1 Chinese scientific abstracts in the "Referativnry Zhur#a1. (2) Volume of available biographic information on significant Western World scientific personalities. (3) Feasibility of Army Or Air Force facilities in the FhriEast C. REFERENCE 1. Responsibility: To insure the coordination of IAC indexing end control measures which provide access by subject to foreign language publicaktionsi 2. Projects Completed: a. The Reference Subcommittee continued during 1957 to operateiunder the aegis of the IAC's Ad-Roc Subcommittee on Information Processing (AMP) as directed by the Chairmen of the Advisory Committee on Foreign IaAwmicr. Publications (ACP'LP) on 13 January 1956. Approved For Release 2bel /'f3"Ibi8' 069A000200010036-7 Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069AOQ0200010036-7 dr, C-O-N-F-I-D-E-E-T-I-A-L b. During 1957 ABIP took the following actions on matters re..atinjj, to Reference Subcommittee responsibilities: (1) Issued a Guide to Intelli ence Periodicals published at Headquarters. (WQULTSP-R-l, 6 December 19 7 pstem enerage provided with each periodical title described open literature wherever appropriate, e.g. as in the case of most FDD titles. (2) Recommended standards for the citation of enclosures supplied with IAC information reports. Many enclosures identification OPO* literature and citation in the past has raised many handling problems for reference personnel. By the end of the year, many of the member agencies had incorporated major portions of the new! standards in their operation procedures. (3) Developed a new classification for coding of area referenpes in intelligence documents and, open literature enclosures. The Air Force Minicard operation began experimental use of the scheme in October- CILA expected to begin its use in 1958. (4+) Planned a major revision of CIA's Intelligence Subject Code (ISC) to meet the subject classification requirements of all IAC agencies and directed that the revision be completed during 1958 with the advide and assistance of a classification specialist from the Library of Congress. This program will have direct bearing on the indexing of open literature enclosures. (5) Established. a standing Group on Inter-Library Services which met frequently during 1957 to identify the reference resources of the community and to improve their accessibility for intelligence research purposes. 3. Projects Pled: In the last quarter of the year, AEEP began discussion of proposals for termination of its ad hoc status and reconstitution under the IACjas a permanent Subcommittee on Documentation with revised terms of reference These envision permanent transfer of Reference Subcommittee responsibilitiev from, ACFLP to the new organization. 25X1A9a Chairman Approved For R e l e a s i 2 8 , 0 JL% 8/11, ?JJ QRBAAP069A000200010036-7 Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00200010036-7 CUR MT PERIODIC R8l MIS :ISSUED BY ?(REIGN DOCt rS DIVISX AND U. S. JOINT PtRILICATIt ARCH 9ERVI - SCIEIT]FIC AND =CAL FL cientific Information Report Soviet Bloc IU;Y Infcar:ation J.PRS cc unications in the USSR Radiobiology in the USSR Electric Passer In the L EM USSR Public Health Program Public Health in Yugoslavia Soviet Academies at Sciences Nuclear Research and Development in Poland i iology in the USM Soviet Scientific Personnel Production of Soviet Commaunicatitma Equipment Soviet BioloMgical, P'harmaceuticel and Medical Industry Ae~caraechanics and Mechanical Bering in the USSR Territorial?Admiaitraati*a Changes Report on USSR Ministries (Subtitle) Annual Report on Crime in the USSR Soviet military Ibforantian Report Repot on USSR Production or Industrial $quIeent Quarterly Report on Chaness in USSR Foreign Trade Person l Report on Labor in the USSR (Subtitle) Annual Report on UM Republic Budgets semimnual Report on Vho esele and Retail Trade in the LESS Transportation, Ccaaemicatioms, Electric Power, and Urban Development in the USSR Activities in the Arctic and Antarctic Data 0% USSR Eztraative Industries USSR Agriculture and Forestry Report Survey of the Soviet Press JPRS Building Materials and Construction Industry Approved For Release 20Q1 ij. $LJW-gWA000200010036-7 ? Approved For Release 2001/08/15: CIA-RDP68-00069AO0040010036-7 i s= y Eca c Report cm Eastern Europe military Report an E a.ern Eurcpe Ea tern EorO I t ;c 1. MU-M aei a ted Esgters L E z Jpe Political Transi+aticem Roai .ogice.. Report rte Czechosloreakcia (deft spay ucation in Bu: r:L & S ?ry a ?,h P inciai. Bungeria - Press : Ludy of 1 tOt ID' in Bulgaria Diog epbic WO, unt!`fyn on fibers the Rama tnn Wald I T e t. i o n e l. A s s "l, y political D formtia i an cteehaslovakia Hungarian .4 rice l turd, Forestry and Fishing 'Legal.. Abstracts: Hv pwy - mar XSOwl0My Legal Abstracts Csedhoslovakia - Rbirka Zak= ea Legal Abstracts h Czeea;hoslrriraici.+s Digest of (3a dac i t? lay Health ariltatan inxay eek' tformatton R t as Gist China Mina }Iilitav- artaatian Report I mtb1 r Information Report on Continental Sct theaat Aai nthl t Information Deport on North Ico rea Monthly Indonesian Press Surv" ouad iafonwtian Report on Ladonesla Ian technics]. !location in Cam mist Anna Mae Reorganization in Canwalst Chine. Domestic Trade in Ccamist China Agriculture in North Korea Political Theo r and Ideolo in Com imist China Health and Sanitation in Cbraunist China Forestry in Casmunist Mina Trade and Pingace in North urea Industrial Develap^ent in North Kama Textile Industry in Cost Chine Wages in Caaasmist MUM Manpower in communist Chins Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : G1A2-R15P68-00069A000200010036-7 =C-E F-I-D EA`-T-I A-L Approved For Release 2001/08/15 : CIA-RDP68-00069AO00200010036-7 W we {LD made, of "Le ,r xsde of "Les 8taaPs" MA "Le Stamps Sera," mrc ation. remit ort Arab States mnd Isreal. Infer ti m cox Worth A trica :Ent tiara a ric:H South of the Sahara W-bathly ;It ormatiace !*port can Af* ieta n Develo t oce Political, Attitudes in West Gemsr,y l d Press Summate cd` T*te ',ion .. Devel? t, mast--V t J t rs--(mrbit '.1 end Contacts bzek] y P.t'e se Notes T iternationai Ccnfereue and Pairs F iff- Press Repm-Ons nV Int tidal Trade and 8h{ C ol, dated '!ran It tins Survey Approved For Release22Q:(1 1t5D1 .W069A000200010036-7