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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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March 23, 1966
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Appresve4,Fo~ Release 2;0$1107/26 CIA- D. P' 8300 32R0,0Q5, 0010 2 0 Mardi 23,'1966 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -HOUSE c+intrel city, and If this werakened, the on9.ire area s a+a calling on the suburb and parks to be The editorial in its entirety will be of he city does re. general Interest, and it is with this in z notions are too - mind that I have asked permission of my colleagues to have it inserted in the xu;lts RECORD. who is executive The article follows: eague, is familiar' "FACELESS" %K V1E= 14AM t problems-race The leading article In the April issue of oho Negroes. He Fin Affi ifldditi t oregarss a useu aono our t in Chicago, and knowledge of the Vietcong and the National roes in race rela- Liberation Front In South Vietnaml The n remarkable- article, called "The Faceless Vietcong," was ,rrltten by George A Carve.. 1- who is Lin- r breakthroughs ids by .h agazin a stude ` of poli i- most progressive cat theory and Asian affairs and a former of- This has come hoer of the U.S. aid mission in Saigon. Mr. Carver's article supports the general ecognition of our position of Secretary husk and other officials e hi the city'r of the Johnson administration In that it finds detormi:aation to that the National Liberation Front and the ,at goes for every Vietcong are, basically, instruments of the organizattion, cry Communist Party of North Vietnam. They it school adtnints, were inspired largely in North Vietnam, Ile buslnes,s leaders, writes, and are controlled and energized from labor unions are North. Vietnam. It is Incorrect, he feels, to i think of either the Liberation Front or the an at all Vietcong as non-Communist to any impor- be alined len 1be aimed lead tent extent, even though some non-Commu- t because we area nists may be represented In them, and even I Toe,q today, every- though they are are a social revolu- e rate a overly tion which goes back a long way. their records are so Thus he writes that "the current struggle comparison, we. in South Vietnam is an historically rooted, way ahead of the political phenomenon of infinite complexity, mind be: Row near particularly sines it involves an externally to be? The impor- directed Communist drive for power inter- 've begun to work to- larded with a genuine Indigenous social revolution. In analyzing such a phenomenon cage has begun. So 'truth' is often a function of one's angle of now what this city's vision, and myth is not always easy to d14- that eenm Inca then. n spec `the urren st,,ua- ? tion in Vietnam concerning which confident assertion is a mark of ignorance or disin- genuous intent, there are certain aspects of the insurgency, and of, the Vietcong struc- ture through which it is being waged,. which t p: bw cal (Mr. FOUN' Mr.. RONCALIO) "i. VWL U, ALL UM are not open to Intellectually honest die- ektrltl coils mat- puts.,, RECORD slid to 1~ rwsr ref') .` There are un questionably many non- f LtCr.. ?Or ' T 1Clliallrs r.1Il tip Communists heroically serving in .various Oafte`l.ll;JjJCll(i1.7F,1 components of the National Liberation Front th1s: "We have' out of a desire to redress genuine grievances Any bir or in the honest belief that they are thereby elty does. ',FACT r f ' a VI,.,; ,4ON(3 helping to build"a better political structure lon, The re"ALI Oil, for their native land," he goes on to say. "As CIV e WAIL i+, (at t, i,. lCqilcat of ,Nis. an organization, however; the National Liber- ~ 'vC,,YGAI,IG)- Kr ' (;i'a17tr, Tuu ils5lon to dish with no indigenous oopolsubject to the "xtexid hi;l rerh~tt'ks At tins poi it the ,e mayor for one ultim to control of the Lao Dong (Comma- 311re;: "If you atoi ?REOOR> anti ti) iitGludc + 9 t. ancotl ,alai nisi) party in Iianol fiffcrc r..ce? Gov tot` b In this analysts the Vietcong is identified 1>u1311c The IVjl Ft1TaL,O7l Mr ~i~eaker T wish t,4 esettll fild ,sn+.ty as ae command of Hanoi, and or the people eal~ the attent on Of, mt e?lleagu a'to an the National Liberation Front has no serious . ' .r_ . ,r~ ,~;q ! i ;rl ~ t.i r ?~ ~1 ,~i~ ;.i o- a , ,. , _ .. with the commu~er tral s? and expressways but allows the take fret tt eaten away, And, when spond to peopla's needs; little and too ltite. w33AT NEGRO. i.dwin C. harry, a Nei;r~ director of Chicago Urban with the city's nicer diCtc relations and the plight o also knows the powerful ni their opponents, He says "Ill the last 10 years, pr, bons in Chicago has b mainly because we had s, we are on the verge of inc that may make Chicago it, major city in the North about for variot's reasons, "The major rca:.on is the problem by declslo:mial, power structure, and tinC do something about It. diecietonntaking person o;. Copt for the schou:. board i tration; Ii:ellgtc~ua leader the city government. alit committed to help. "NOW, a lot of c.:Iticlsir these groups. hJsny pee ere, have thought that j ` little less unju.c.t to N thing's OK. I 'ale .sut w with other cities -beta bad. That's au odi can't be proud of bet worst. The question are we to what we out taut thing is witethor ward progress," Mr. Barry thinks do many others, wh problems were a de proyements that liar ldiey still are low,tr I. of the suburbs. Loa Angeles, or Detroit. + t w e tied 1;ldustry " l .1 w ?d I i CL11tt in t:hi$a urban re ca - ponds on the --Chicago-is cal matters, from raping matters, are ;o. Mayor Daley's See here often is Mites in Springfield, for the express- renewal, educa- al taxing bodies- ork. Philadelphia, residing over the many of the city's and professional al phicago? It my party can give superior reprt?se4tatton and service, that's better than it we w Q politically divided and gave In- ferior sorvibo. known as the a:.trmblt Almost overythi.n the complaints, run machine Is pa.tro:sago Further, these oppone lishment builds visible scrapers, but overlooks >i{mans, a :ntineber of liberal ltt.v Negro . and civil-rights other powers that is rent. iaponent. in general, Ike this: , The Daley buys Negro votes musing, and prom. El claim: The estab- flings such as sky- MA-MP r4i editorial in the Baltimore Sun of March 21, 1966, which deals with the "Faceless Vietcong.,- The editorial quotes from. an article, written by George A. Carver, Jr., which appears in the April issue of Foreign Af- fairs magazine. As the Baltimore Sun points out: Mr. Carver's article supports the general position of Secretary Rusk and other offi- cials of the Johnson administration in that it finds that the National Liberation Front and the Vietcong are, basically, instruments of the Communist party of North Vietnam, They were inspired largely in North Viet- nam, he (Carver) writes, and are controlled and energized from North Vietnam. It is in- correct, he feels, to think of either the Lib- oration Front or the Vietcong as non-Com- munist to any important extent, even though some non-Communists may be represented in them, and even though they are exploit- ing a social revolution which goes back a long way. ;AppwovedFoe;ReIease`2001/07/26: 0A-RDP68B004 O32, L CONG ESSIONAL. AE claim to U4 considered the able legitimate Union managed the co erence. the 'stars' ilia leaders of 'na- voice or the people of South Vietnam. The attending were the gue ViatcDng has been kept faceless, to the pub- tional liberation mover lic. t7 mask its dependence on North Viet- from the four 'fightlrl d Peru Vouezuela Colombia, , can governments ar sa'alarmed that the raiziatlon of Am . iancd the cottferet ~,'S p-311cy of at rod Intervention. for the 13 let missiles leclered that ezrep In. Cuba, 'no even ly ou:;ly the terrltoii I and political Integrity of our continent.' t One pub`:icati~ rarely juatea from the pages of another. t alone;%trom its publicity blurbs. 11crewll. , however, Barron's is pleased to reprod' ce the first paragraph of the release surtm lx:ing the contents of the' currant Issue of T e Reporter. Though open as the magazine quietly ed; closely in Europe, the "received little or no ": ' kajor U.S. newspapers rk/Times considered only urinating dispatch from Time somehow sue- optloning the Conference As Mr. Carver says. truth Is hard to pin ;down. We would add that Informed opinion, In a matter like this. becomes all the more valu[,,blc; time that this liavnnli, (The same journal .owever, last week man- ed the, revival of the aged to devoid a c or story to "Eastern Eu- " .) nation le and that at So ~c -Life UnHcr Relaxed Communism CiIS News ap rare ly chose to Ignore the ig the olnmtinlsts had Whole afrah?. series l of aggressions Unlike the I$on tain, which supposedly c are new experiencing Isn't soundproof. a all of silence has kept 1 subversion and ter- most Amerlear4s fr in learning the truth n weapon in these bold about Havana. Yo despite the remarkable muniSt victory. lack of ir.,tcres a ,vn by so many great of the +tl'agedies of our media of cornmunlc Ion, the tricontinental coni:erence was114 m nentous news. With tat thetAmerican press monolithic unit wa thy of Stalin himself; attention to this his- the leadete of t e ' obal Communist con- Ught ith danger to splracy-including 1 "relaxed" East Eu- ]d. ropeans-in effect d c ed war on the West- vely~pleased to point ern Hemisphere. , nists: willy-nilly did wring the ensuing 6 Thereby the Co. n lore attention is being more. They cerl&i: otlee that the great anh;evcnents of prt. a, Capital, such as the, gniflC nee of the Its- oiliiolds of Vesnezte'a nd the copper mines )y some of America's of Chile. have be y ra prime targets in a publio4ttons. I have Class strug:;[eaw'hich *lio ore neither privileged n the. RECORD an ex- sa.n? tuairiea nor na fen I boundaries, They itch a]peared on this ct.pised the darrgerus Ily of the Fulbrights refuse to - eknowl- igo Sull- Ttines. ? a,?d know-nothings, wh e wni n appears this ..,__._.n._ _.__.. ationa Business and the ss in gauntlet na, to thi R gaunntlet ii go and (.also the very vowed to prevent Cuba : Dian ]repared by Paul D. for revolution ared iAi the current. proclaimed a biz npdr ; 1964. "They're still, 9 r this ;~Iavana con. . they're getting loser important as a pre- They're also+igrow(n derstariding of why Indeed, the cxbnlmu,n Southt Vietnam to conceal their aggres4I ling both of s4 man dailrditton, # today. Presidium or the atian botter Ra :hido# u1ekly s R. IRashtdo}', candi ' 11 re doing in delegatio he as ling fqr a piece of_ once to emote it t youth Vietnam, but unity of`intl-im tall Rm, pattc'n of Corn- Conti~{ehi.u, so as a,i1 t, celoni tie +"onununl.sts h ::acct b; U.`S apltlal ed out, in Havana Beale bier eomm tall -ration I h V1eint[ni. t;un ,pror.ted 1 '1,0 Ace yf :_ r roe report n)Llgbt r 21, 1906]n..ting. C called Ti ,~,++ a+:i L1gr',a:al ,I STAveS ,A,i uv t a s the le nrvN.fy'T IN, L??at- Sno',Lor: for t~le ~[t~gta,grtirsag for >rr'C"", a`llly""rimer]c ,.1f nd. i cv .i?nl,tcnts attd ae'4eira?to -enei? la warfare in thin h .tnlsphero, 5r~he plate, Olt. up at the vireo- Conti nent Opnpnllpint Ceri et." Tb' ? Cenfereriaa demanded- "total In 31w-,via last January, cries for 'the use o:c:dicatton of Yankee, military Installations of c;vrry terra of struggle neenxaey, lnchrding 17i Puerto Rico," and urged maximum effort armed battle " " ? ` Although the Soviet by those " Nlio are fighting with arms in their; i _ I a, a1C I _ .~ / r. ?IFESTO lid request of Mr. his point in :the gxtraneous mat- of this House to the world l3res~ y colleagues observed, and PPoll aich was held Havana Coufereni urin?; thfirst 2 weeks coverage hr the Tbui, the New Y~ s year and which was one short, 1lniilr than edo leading Coln- Renter's at to pr 3 continents of Asia, ceeded In briefly n l's I kly ;le NLr. e floe Ion of: crence ' in inse RECOR lp our ; New C world h2 ubvcrt L Issue of the R?por Because I Cpnsi we cannot ahando the Comiilunir~ts, I lllul'list conqu st see for three con,rents a'.ixUa is the pe x~,ast,ur plan to 8000500010028' RD === HOUSE razll's.OAS mbassadSr' Latin America. Three years ago, according . the Reporter. t Senate Internal Secu- trainth,camps in `., uuoa, zoaay over ?+.u, capable t+t turning oat 10,000 activists yearly, are functiLLLLLLtiing In onezuela Red terrorists have captuled and 't eld as hostage U.S, military pere afel: 1 t December, the wife Communist ban and Guatemala,, To both open pr vacs ton and hidden ag- gression, the Unite St te~, which officially clings to the myt of , "good" and "bad" Communists, has 1 rgel .failed to respond. True, mounting co gree tonal hostility has persuaded. ;tae, ad inisration quietly to shelve some of 'its p ens or expanding trade and otherwise' ?bui din ; bridges" between East and West. 11ow 'ver, despite such emotes travel and led cultural ex- countries. Other tale have learned d by the Czech diplomatic rela- ers' arms, Ilolivia s. Tracking down to be "specialists d Peking who are our becoming a base worry," satirically miles away." But the time. the perpetrators of the authorities found the trying to penetrate Ve terrorist operations." contrary to ;the peace hemisphere.', It also d use of fore) against giving suppcjrt to any bolder. In Havana, is didn't trouble to the tone. "The Soviet came to this confer- Communist Intern to recognize the e (Fty.P During, the fir i March 23,:1966 e forces of domestic oligarchy the service of the United nero,Tney nave ra,snu criminal art; In Peru Red ation of American ared that sovereign only for the open other but also for the indirect forms the organization of nishing of war ma- against another." on September 13, oses by force or the any nation in this an offensive military acity for the Soviet but also with a new onale. Until it learns A coNFERENCE