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December 12, 2016
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May 31, 2002
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February 17, 1969
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Approved For Releas~2 -- 02/06/1 IDEA-0179-69 Copy_)3 of /3 1? February 1969 8B00724R00020~0026-0 25X1 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy for Operations, OSA TDLALIST/Operations/OSA Deputy for Materiel, OSA Weather Division/0/OSA Contracts Management Division, OSA SUBJECT: Proposed Conference to Establish Sensor Thermal Stabilization Requirements and Solutions 0 dated 11 February 1969 1. A meeting is being planned to take place at Project Headquarters on 4 March 1969. Contractors to be represented are: Itek (IRIS II and Delta. 3), Hycon (B and H) and LAC Items to be discussed and resolved are stated in reference. 2. Tentative agenda for this conference is as follows; A, Purpose of Conference (SSD/R&D/OSA) B. Project Headquarters Operational Input (IDEALIST/Ops and/or Deputy for O erations) (1) Operational Concept: (a) Mission planning (i.e., can time of placement of photo configs in Q-bay be reduced; necessity to reduce time to thermally stabilize cameras; time to reach operational altitude under various conditions.) (2) Percentage of missions requiring minimum time for thermal stabilization. (3) Probabilities of operating in areas other than SEA. NOTE: Above are only examples of items which should be presented. Operational personnel should be prepared to present any other information which will aid Proj. head- quarters in making determination as to urgency of thermal stabilization require- ment, solution, and justification of Approved For Release 20~~f~6/1~3~~18B00724R000200020026-0 25X1 Approved For Releases?,002/06/13 6~B00724R00020~20026-0 IDEA-0179-69 Page 2 25X1 C. Weather and Environmental Conditions on 11 February 1969. D. Camera Configuration Contractors (Hycon and Itek) Each contractor will present his requirements fox thermal stabilization. Preliminary dis- cussions between representatives of camera configuration and contractors indicate following will be required: (1) Average Q-bay must be 50? to 55?F. (2) Humidity within Q-bay to be 50% R.H. (Note: No agreement at this time as to variations permitted in temperature and relative humidity limits). (3) To achieve above, must have ground con- ditioning equipment which must have capa- bility to heat, cool and control humidity within Q-bay. Plus - (4) Q-bay insulation. E. Aircraft Contractor (LAC) (1) Aixeraft contractor will give existing U-2R Q-bay environmental capabilities. (2) Modifications, approaches, etc., to achieve above camera configuration require- ments. F. Pxoject Headquarters Decision (D/M, D/0, D/RFD, Contracts, Comptroller (1) Guidance given to contractors to proceed towards solution of problem. (2) Time and costs involved. (3) Tests required to verify validity of solution. (4) Authorization far contractors to proceed. _ -= wxloPS7o~n~ - 61'~/?PS/QSA will brief all attendees on environ- i~rental conditions existing at Dets. G and Ii, aboard aixcraft carriers and - her deployed sites, i.e., etc. Both 25X1A ground and air orne environmental conditions at these localities will be presented. Under- signed has had preliminary discussions with Approved For Release 2002/06/13 ? - B00724R000200020026-0 25X1 SECRET 25X1 Approved For Releas~A02/06/1 B00724R00020~20026-0 IDEA-0179-69 Page 3 3. All recipients of this memorandum are requested to take the following action not-later than 25 February 1969: A. Indicate approval of agenda or any changes desired. B. Give names of attendees and, where appropriate, person who will give presentation, Meeting is set for 4 March 1969 and may take a maximum of six hours including lunch. Tentatively, we could start meeting at 0930. 25X1 25X1A SSD R&D OSA SSD/R&D/OSA :b j g Distribution: Cy 1 - D/O/OSA 2 - IDEA/O/OSA 3 - ]~/M/OSA 4 - D/RED/OSA 5 - WEA/O/OSA 6 - CMD/OSA ~ - COMPT/OSA 8 - B&FD/OSA 9 - D/SA 10 - SS/OSA 11 - SSD/R&D/OSA 12 - SSD/R&D Chrono 13 - RB/OSA w/o att. Approved For Release 2002/06/13: CIA-RDP68B00724R000200020026-0 25X1