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December 12, 2016
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February 19, 2002
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October 9, 1969
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TOP SECRET Approved For ReleasVO02/OdPIE3'! OiTA-T ibttB00724R000? 090003-8 IDEA 0846-69 Copy_tof- MEMORANDUM FOR: See Distribution SUBJECT: Resume and Critique of Mission C229C 1. The critique for Mission C229C, flown on 25 September 1969, was held in the OSA Control Center at 1330 EDT, 3 October 1969. In addition to General Ross, representatives from the Deputy for Operations, IDEALIST Division, Intelligence Division, Deputy for Materiel, Security Staff, Communications Division, Avionics Division, Weather Division, Office of ELINT, Office of Scientific Intelligence and HASC/OEL were present. Following personnel critiqued on applicable portions of the mission: Mission preparation and exe . - Forecast and. actual weather. ]Materiel and. Avionics - Sensors - Communications equipment and I target coverage and er ac ivi y. Analysis of signals recorded on 25X1A 2. Mission C229C (Canned Route 1120) was alerted on 25X1C 22 September 1969 for a 23 Septembe launch. Mission execution was delayed 24 hours fro If or a mi ours. The mission was planned to GROUP 1 Excluded from auto ti oved For Release 2002/06TOP CSE Pl8BOO724R000200090003-8 downgrading an p~ TOP SECRET Approved For Releas,X002/06PMA CIA P68B00724R000200,p90003-8 IDEA 0846-69 Page 2 collect photo and ELINT information along the South China coast from east of Hainan Island to northeast of Fouchou. The route was flown as briefed until 0450Z, when the mission was aborted due to an "H" camera malfunction. One and one- half flight lines were lost because of the malfunction. Other collection systems were the T-35 tracker and System 17B h of which worked satisfactorily. completed his second operational sortie. U-2R 057 was own. Preplanned Mission Data: Distance 1681 NM Time to Landing 4+30 Hours Mission Profile Maximum Altitude Take off Fuel 1288 Gallons Fuel Reserve at HiCone 175 Gallons 3. Weather; The weather forecast was for Category II with light haze except for an area of Category III between longitudes 113E - 117E. The pilot reported predominately Category II weather except for a solid overcast north of Hainan Island and Category III to IV in small areas south of Swatow and northeast of Chinmen Island. activity. A local modification will correctvthisjdiscre pancy. System 13 showed improper response to self-test during post- flight. Replacement of a circuit board corrected the problem. The cause of the "H" camera malfunction that caused abort of the mission was found to be a faulty germanium transistor in the shutter motor trigger circuit. Germanium transistors will b e replaced by silicon transistors in all "H" cameras to prevent this type of malfunction. 5. Communications: Except for problem mentioned previously, all Co ions were Approved For Release 2002/OOOR :C-p'p68B00724R000200090003-8 IDEALIST/TACKLE 25X1A_ 25X1 D I 25X1A TOP SECRET Approved For Relea;,2002/06tnt_CtA DRWB00724R000QQ090003-8 IDEA 0846-6.9 Page 3 6. Intelligence:, a. Target Coverage: Photo interpretability ranged from poor to good. Overall interpretability was poor with 65 percent cloud cover reported by OPIC A. NPIC reports 45 percent. Target coverage consisted of 15 programmed COMIREX targets, two bonus COMIREX targets and 12 bonus non-COMIREX targets for a total of 29 targets. 25X1 D Approved For Release 2002/06M P CMM8B00724R000200090003-8 IDEALIST/TACKLE TOP SECRET Approved For Relea O02/OdA `:LtsIT4'- lbG$B00724R000 090003-8 IDEA 0846-69 Page 4 f. Electronic Warfare Systems Activity: No EWS activity was noted in the area of interest. 25X1A Lt. Colonel, USAF Deputy Chief, IDEALIST Division, OSA Attachments - 2 Route Overlay Target Coverage IDEA/OSA 1(9 Oct 69) Distribution: #1 - D/SA (w/att) #2 - D/O/OSA (wo/att) #3 - D/M/OSA (wo/att) #4 - SSD/R&D (wo/att) #5 - INTEL/OSA (wo/att) #6 - IDEA/OSA (w/att) #7 - RB/OSA (wo/att) Approved For Release 2002/067 ()PC T8BOO724R000200090003-8 IDEALIST/TACKLE