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January 28, 2002
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January 30, 1969
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IDEA 0033-69 Copy Lf of 9 30 January 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: See Distribution I SECRET Approved For Ret se 2002%b@ii*LCRDP68B00724R0Q, -200220015-0 1. Request each addressee review the attached Commander's Report for problem areas for which he is responsible and forward within four working days, appropriate remarks and corrective action taken, or being taken,' to this component for consolidation and ultimate transmission to the field. Negative replies are required. 2. Request some comment be made by the appropriate Division on every item which is pertinent to that Division. 3. Upon receipt and consolidation of your contribution, a message will be prepared by this office for signature of the D/SA, who will indicate his approval by releasing the message for trans- mission. Attachment: As stated Distribution: #1 - COMPT w/att #2 - IDEA w/att #3 - D/M w/att #4 - SS/OSA w/att #5 - R,&D w/att #6 - D/O w/att #7 - D/SA w/att # 8 - AMS w/att if "- RB/OSA w/att Activity Report December 1968 WILLIAM E. SHELTON Colonel, USAF Deputy for Operations, OSA IDEALIST Approved For Release 2002/( 3 fib-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 25X1A Approved For Ruse 260~/11 .: iCIA-RDP68B00724R200220015-0 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A - 25X1A B. Operations: 2 5X1 A 1.1 1 completed their "C" model flying on the third day of t e mont We started them in the "R" model but training --went very slowly due to other requirements on the airframes. Its too bad as both boys have been anxious to complete the program and get home. Their attitude during all these delays has been excellent. 25X1A 2? completed the T-33 transition phasa during the month and complete e groun school requirements for checkout in the article. He was,DNIF for the last 7 days of the month which precluded him flying his first rides in the article. 25X1A Director, OSA SUBJECT: Station Activity Report - December 1968 PART I. ACTIVITIES, A. Summary: tachment as we were preparing for the first ferry of a U-2R, 15 January 1969 1. The month of December was a very busy one for the entire De- 2. completed their "C" model training during the month and started on the "R" model training. The latter train- ing got off to a slow start due to other requirements on the airframe and during the delays the boys maintained excellent composure. 3. I Icompleted the T-33 transition training and com- pleted the groun sc oo requirements for checkout in the article during the month. 4. I Isuffered its first T-33 accident on 30 December 1968. The aircraft receive major damage but the pilot was not injured. An ac- cident board was convened and will make their report shortl y; - collateral investigation officer from 5. During December, fourteen (14) sorties were flown in "C" model aircraft for a total of 54.8 hours. In the "R" Model, thirty-five (35) sorties were flown for a total of 125.4 hours. 25X1A 25X1A 6. On 18 December a 7.5 hour Iris sortiein article 053 was air- aborted shortly after take-off due to loss of the canopy. A I handing 25X1A was made after 0.9 hours flight time. A report on this incident is being compiled and will be forwarded to Headquarters when completed. uffered its first T-33 accident on 30 December 1968. eturning from a navigational proficiency cross country Approved For Release 200?/Q6/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Remise ?tid,,920'6/11y3 JCIA-RDP68B00724R200220015-0 flight when he. encountered trouble upon landing at Richards-Gebaur AFB, Missouri. The aircraft received major damage. The pilot was not injured. An accident board was convened and will make their report shortly. 4. Testing of systems and configurations for December were as TEST NAME/MODEL Training/C Training/R /R Red Dot/R 1 6.6 "D" Qual/C 1 4.8 "B" Interface/R 2 11.3 Iris Qual/R 3 10.2 "H" Qual/C 1 5.3 Hq Dir Sim Ops/R I 9.3 C. Support/Installations: 1. Changes in personnel were as follows (PCS only): FLIGHTS HOURS 6 24.1 4 16.5 7 13.6 Maintenance I Installations IEnstallations Camminications Command 2. Following are TDY statistics (overseas) during December: One CT/R One Supply NCO One Custodian Approved For Release 2002/ /9A rph DP68BOO724R000200220015-0 ukLilr. Approved For Reisarse 20021O6I.1 t *dL4RDP68B00724RW#200220015-0 C.. At OL-20 One Field Engineer (Camera) 4. Following Installations Branch activities took place during the month of December: a. The installation of an additional Trane Air Conditioning unit on the roof of the Shops/PE Building was started on 3 December 1968. This unit is to supplement the existing system by approximately 72 tons. b. Delays have been encountered in the completion of the Butler Building and no further progress has been made since the last report. The additional parts required were shipped from the Butler Corporation, Galesburg, Illinois, on 27 December 1968 and interchanged in Kansas City to D.C. International Incorporated Freight Line for delivery to this base. 25X1A Approved For Release 2002~Q.6lA3-Y;# --RDP68BOO724R000200220015-0 Approved For Rase 200299 11) , Ch --RDP68B00724PW0200220015-0 D. Materiel: a. Article 348 flew six of seven scheduled sorties for 31.5 hours with one cancellation for weather. Sorties this month included one Red Dot and two seven hour flights by the The time to hot section inspec- 25X1A tion on engine P612609, installed in this article, was extended by sixty (60) hours per letter from dated 11 December 1968. Reason for the extension was to coincide with the aircraft periodic inspection due time. b. Eight of nine scheduled sorties for 23.3 hours was flown in article 349 in December. Sorties included D and H qualification and one Red Dot. The one cancellation was for weather. c. Article 053 acceptance inspection was concluded on 5 December with a satisfactory two hour functional check flight. Six of eight scheduled sorties were flown for 14.8 hours with two weather cancellations. On 9 December a nite training sortie was air aborted due to a fire warning lite. Investigation disclosed a faulty fire warning detector probe in the engine compartment, which was replaced. On 18 December a 7.5 hour Iris sortie was air aborted shortly after take-off due to loss of the canopy. A lake bed landing was made after 0.9 hours flight time. The landing was complicated due to improper fuel transfer resulting in a heavy left wing condition, there was no damage to the article. Engine P612625 was removed from the article due to ingestion of pieces of the canopy. The engine was sent to on 19-December for QEC removal and return to 0 for repair. new canopy was fitted and installed with a satisfactory check flight flown on 28 December. d. Article 054 flew four sorties this month for a total of 15.5 hours. An All EWS simulated operational mission was air aborted on 6 December as the number two lox system overboarded from eight to three and one half liters, from two to three hours. Both systems were hot purged, re- serviced and checked. On 10 December following a 0 training sortie, post flight inspection revealed an excessive oil leak at the number six bearing. Engine P612617 was removed and sent to O for investigation on I2 December. No spare engines were available and article was transferred to an early periodic inspection, service bulletin update an configuration. There were three cancellations, all due to the engine problem cited. e. Article 055 was received from on 17 December where it received periodic inspection and service bulletin updating. During this reporting period seven of fifteen scheduled sorties were flown for 14.6 hours. There were five cancellations for weather, one operations and two for canopy investigation following the article 053 canopy incident. Com- pleted sorties were functional check flight ani raining. f. Article 057 periodic inspection was completed on 4 December with a 2.3 hour functional check flight. On this flight a hydro failure occurred after two hours and the hydro pump was replaced. The emergency AC generator and seal were also replaced as the generator would not come on line. All scheduled available service bulletins were incorporated during the periodic inspection. Eight All EWS sorties were flown this month for 52.5 hours. Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Remorse 2002)06K13~-lCk-RDP68B00724RD200220015-0 25X1A Sorties included 0 Doppler, Iris, Iris Interface and H Interface. There was an air abort on 12 December for an AC Generator failure. Post flight inspection revealed a shorted wire in the lower forward engine com- partment which was spliced per LCC Engineering fix. There was one cancel- lation for weather and the first PE functional check flight was cancelled as the article was not ready. g. Article 058 remained in periodic inspection through 11 Decem- ber. A two hour functional check flight was flown on 12 December complet- ing the inspection. All scheduled available service bulletins were incor- porated during this inspection. Four additional All EWS sorties were flown in December and included There was one cancellation for weather and one air abort on 20 December due to the number one lox system quantity dropping four liters in one hour. Check valve PM21136-3 was replaced with modified valve RQ1016-1. System was hot purged and reserviced. h.c inspection cycle on all R-Model aircraft presently 25X1A assigned at was extended to two hundred ((200) hours per Headquarters message number 8830 (In 31296), effective 20 December 1968. Aircraft records were posted accordingly to reflect this change.. E. Security: 1. Security Violations: There were no security violations during the month of December. 2. Briefings and Debriefings: During this reporting there were five persons briefed at the Idealist-3 level. One person was briefed at the Two persons were briefed at the Idealist/W-3 level. .Ten persons were briefed at the Local level. Two persons were debriefed at the Idealist-3 level. One person was debriefed at the 0-3 level. One person was debriefed at the T level. One person was debriefed at the TK level. Three persons were debriefed at the local level. 3. Liaison: Conducted liaison with local DSLE. Approved For Release 200/71 .Z~ -A-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 ~i_VI~L 25X1A 25X1A Approved For R*40se 2002/06i4-3 :%E,, DP68BOO724P.WO200220015-0 4. Operations and Support: a. Security escort was provided during shipment of a loaded nose cone from 0 to Burbank. b. Major General Hugh Manson, Commanding Officer FTC, was debriefed on 3 clearances upon his retirement. c. Attended a meeting at 25X1A d. In the accom an of Deputy Commander, 25X1A I latten e a briefing and demonstration o the main base Optical T.V. Tracker System. e. On 12 December 19681 departed LAX to accompany classified cargo to Rochester. Returning on 19 December. 25X1A f. On 16 December 1968 departed via 2 5X1A automobile to Castle AFB with a ua a security involving chamber runs for the drivers. 5. Security Travel Statistics: DOMESTIC DAYS LAND MILES AIR MILES 2 526 0 5 0 4528 TOTAL 7 F. Medical Section: 1. Treatments: a. 136 patients were treated during the month. The most common cause of illness was URI's. b. There were approximately 23 cases in Influenza treated. It is not known how many of these were of the Hong, Kong strain. No serious complications were experienced in conjunction with the illness. 50 doses of the Monovalent vaccine were received from Headquarters, and were administered to the drivers and personnel scheduled to go on the U-2R ferry trip. Another 40 doses were purchased from local sources and the second ferry group was inoculated. C. No injuries were reported. of the Survival 2 5X1A Section, reported in last months report, remains on an in-patient status and has continued to respond to treatment. His prognosis remains the same. Approved For Release 2T?1"115": IA-RDP68BOO724R000200220015-0 Approved For Ruse 2002/064L.~CiA. ROP68BOO724R1 'P2OO220015-0 b. Personnel: (1) was TDY from 1 - 7 December to Massachusetts and New York in support o 10 pressure suit fittings and altitude chamber runs forl AFB in support of pressure suit. was TDY from 16 - 17 December to Castle altitude chamber training in the partial (3) Four after duty man hours were spent in support of flying activities by the medical technicians. G. Personal Equipment Section: 1. Flight Support: a. 16 C-Model and 38 R-Model flights were flown during this report period. Pilot equipment was preflighted for 18 additional flights which were cancelled. 2. Personnel Visits: a, from New York visited on 12 December 1968 to discuss recurring LOX pro ems. visited on 17 December 1968 to discuss LOX problems. 2. Immunizations: a. 182 immunizations were administered. 3. Other Medical Activities: a. Personnel Visits: 3. Personnel: Headquarters, visited on was promoted to SMSgt effective sometime during b.1 was TDY to Boston and New York during the week of 2 December for t e purpose of pressure suit fittings and altitude chamber flights. C.1 was TDY to Castle AFB on 16 - 17 December Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 25X1A 25X1A r, ? Approved For Re'!ase 2002/06/tS'-dik-;iDP68BOO724RW200220015-0 to assist with the nressure suit indoctrination and altitude chamber flight of 4. Other Activities: a. conducted 5 ho s of combative measures training for' b. The Technical Representatives maintenance van work areas are now fully operational. c. discussed emergency procedures, ejection proce- dures, over water ai out, parachute operation, signalling devices and the survival kit contents with the following Drivers 417, 410 and 408 in conjunction with the forthcoming U-2R ferry to 0 d. The full sun visor was placed on order for the S-1010 PPA. H. Survival Section: 1. Personnel: a. had half of his Striker cast removed. He has. undergone physio erapy and now has limited mobility on crutches. He is currently at home and will remain there until the cast is fully removed estimated in four weeks. Further prognosis will be given at that time. 2. Activities: a. made seven training parachute jumps in main- taining his-proficiency as a parachutist. These jumps were all made from a helicopter at 1200 feet into an open field. One jump was made at 5700 feet. 25X1A 25X1A b. Extra classroom training on navigation was given t nd reported in the quarterly training report 25X1A w is was to be sent out on 2 January 1969. C. completed half of the testing of the.modified tree letdown de e - own was made from ten feet and thirty feet using the low flight harness with the following results. If the harness straps are .not tight, the slack is transferred from the Koch release point to the let- down device with a sudden drop of approximately three feet. 25X1A suffered a harness burn on both sides of lower back from this parachute drop. Recommendations are that all Drivers be instructed to keep parachute harness's tight. Further, testing with a full pressure suit has beer. de- layed until 3 January 1969 because suspension straps for the training device are being re-sewn by the base parachute shop. d. Health Center management is still being retained by Sgt however most of the ti:;a consuming tasks have been taken over by the appropriate contract services personnel (i.e.) towel folding, bulb changing, etc. Approved For Release CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 !.. c i ti E 1 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Re se 2002/ + 8B00724RCMOO220015-0 C. U2 Pilot Flying Accomplishments: 25X1A PILOT u-2 TOTAL TOTAL 3.5 SORTIES SORTIES TIME C/R C/R C/R T33A SORTIES TIME 25X1 A TOTALS 0/5 0/.2 0/13.4 1 2.2 0/6 0/4 0/31.4 4 5.2 4/0. 2/0 14.6/0 0 0 114 1/2 5.3/16.9 4 6.3 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 0 2/5 .2/5 10.3/29.9. 2 3.0 2/0 1/0 6.3/0 2 3.0 1/3 0/2 1.8/10.2 4 5.6 ON 0/0 0/0 17 25.8 0/5 0/0 0/10.0 2 4.3 2/3 1/0 8.2/6.0 0 0 2/4 1/0 8.3/7.6 1 2.0 8/15 54.8/125.4 ' 37 57.4 NOTE: 1. 6.6 HOURS OF ABOVE TIME FLOWN IN IRCRAFT. 2 5X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 y 14 Approved For ReTWse 2002/b6t rctA1-RDP68B00724R 100220015-0 0. Operational Ready Percentages of Possessed U-2 Aircraft: Type Serial Number Hours Possessed/Hours Flown OR U-2G 348 744 31.5 0/ U-2G 349 744 23.3 03% U-2R 053 744 14.8 Op/. U_2R 054 280 15.5 On/ U-.2R 055 345 14.6 U-~R 057 744 54.8 0'% U,-2R 058 744 19.1 0.O NOTE: All articles carried "In-Commission" only - need systems checkout. E. U-2 Sorties - Scheduled versus Flown: Scheduled '~ I 348 349 053 054 055 057 058 348 359 053 054 055 057 058 Operational 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Training 7 9 4 7 -11 9 5 6 8 4 4 6 8 4 Maintenance 0 0 4 0 4 2 1 0 2 0 1 1 1 Ferry 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 { Total s : 7. 7 15 11 8 6 4 7 9 5 Approved For Release 20 .61+3;-GIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Re se 200 {Df j G; IA-RDP68B00724R( l1d"200220015-0 tt. F. U-2 Flying Hours'- Scheduled?versus Flown: 348 349 Operational 0 r 0 Training 32.5 29.9 Maintenance 0 Ferry 0 Totals: -32.5 Operational Training Maintenance Ferry 0 29.9 SCHEDULED 053 054 055 057 058 0 0 0 0 0 20.0 24.8 21.0 59.5 22.0 8.0 0 7.8 4.012,0 0 0 0 0 0 28.0 24.8 28.8 63.5 24.0 FLOWN 348 349 053 054 055 057 058 0 0 0 0 0 0 31.5? 23.3 11.0 15.5 12.0 52.5 16.9 0 0 3.8 0 2.6 2.3 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals: 31.5 23.3 14.8 15.5 14.6 54.8 Approved For Release blTW/IJi CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Rese 200.?JQ6/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R(Q100220015-0 POL and LOX Section: 1. Three (3) fuel samples were submitted during the month of December with satisfactory results received on two of these, results still pending on the third. Results. were also received on the last two samples submitted in November. 2. R-2 refueler S/N 62L326 was completely painted; R-2 S/N 62L335 is the-last of the refuelers requiring repainting. 3'. The A.E.L. water detector was received and the following is a general evaluation of it's performance. The A.E.L. water detector is far superior to the ESSO Hydro Kit in that it's results in parts per million can be evaluated down to 5 PPM or less where as. the ESSO Hydro Kit indicates less than 30 PPM, but where specifically is relatively unknown. With the ultra-violet light used in the A.E.L. water detector, there can be no doubt as to determining the amount of entrained or free water in the fuel. Use of the A.E.L. detector at home station for the storage system and refuelers it's adaptability is excellent, however, for in the field use, such as a ferry, it's adaptability is presently doubtful. The fact that a vacuum pump would be required, also electrical power, and last but not least the refueler utilized would have to be equipped whereby a sample could be received under pressure with specific adapters required. A detailed message regarding the use and adaptability Of the A.E.L. water detector kit will be forwarded in the near future. 4. Safety equipment boxes are presently being manufactured and installed on all LOX carts. Aircraft venting tubes are also being manufactured and installed on all LOX carts. These are utilized during the Loxing of the aircraft. Approved For Release 2002/06/13 CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Ruse 2002/063~RPP68B00724R(J200220015-0 Baker Section: 1. A continuing effort to make all sensors, components, support equipment, etc., compatible and operationally ready with the new article has still dominated our working hours. 2. With the introduction of the Instrumentation Package came the initial problems encountered when going through the 'ole learning curve. The package did, however, perform correctly in its inaugural flights and has returned invaluable information on three separate configurations (B-2, Iris II, and H). 3. The arrival of the H-configuration S/N 003 along with its test program contributed to an already busy schedule. Initial problems with the unit seem to continue to plague us with different aspects involved in each of the two flights. 4. Sorties scheduled: SORTIE NUMBER DATE CONFIG PREPARED CYCLES ACCOMPLISHED PERCENT EFFECTIVE GT 68-550 3 Dec 68 B-2 S/N 229 748 100% GT 68-552 4 Dec 68 B-2 S/N 229 498 77% GT 68-554 6 Dec 68 B-2 S/N 229 205 100% GT 68-559 10 Dec 63 B-2 SIN 231 2,085 100% GT 68-574 17 Dec 68 H S/N 03 4,269 50% GT 68-576 18 Dec.68 H S/N 02 3,914 100% GT 68-580 19 Dec 68 H S/N 03 Cancelled - Weather GT 68-596 31 Dec 68 H S/N 03 4,342 100% Qualifying remarks: GT 68-552 - HS-732 shutter malfunction. 145 frames lost. GT 68-574 - IMC and stabilization inhibited. Approved For Release 2002/O6f13',: C7 -RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 y Approved For Re teerse 2002/06/13 CIA-RDP68B00724R0W200220015-0 GT 68-576 - Basically an EWS flight in which the gyro package and IMC assembly was not installed. GT 63-596 - The added function of a thru focus test was not completed due to incompatibility of article wiring. Configuration operated as required. 5. Chemicals mixed: a. 14DN20 - 160 gallons. b. Type A Fix - 200 gallons. c. SB-5b Stop - 160 gallons. d. Ektachrome chemicals - 7 gallons. 6. Material processed: 11C Versamat a. 3,500 feet of Iris II material. b. 9,386 feet of B-2 material. c. 2,904 feet of H material. 411C Versamat a. 1,537 feet of Tracker material. b. 2,600 feet of Delta III material. c. 3,600 feet of Iris II material. 7. Ground photo support: Film processing a. 1 roll B&W 120. b. 14 each B&W 4 x 5. c. 2 rolls Color 35mm. Film printing a. 135 each B&W 8 x 10. b. 25 each passport photos. Approved For Release 2002/06/1 CW -RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 Approved For Rel se 2002Y66tb"-'C1A-RDP68B00724Rdb 00220015-0 Delta S4. ct .on: The Delta II Configuration S/N 6 was flown three times in the month of-December for a total of 2,246 operational cycles with no malfunctions. Two of these flights were Red Dot missions. The Iris I configuration was not flown this month. Iris II-1 arrived at this site on 12 December with engineering support from Boston. Five test flights were flown for a total of 2,668 operational cycles with one malfunction. This one malfunction occurred on GT 68-589 flown on 27 December. Ground testing and two testflights were unable to duplicate this failure and it is being evaluated?by engineering from Boston. I eturned from three weeks Iris II training in Boston on 6 December. Approved For Release 200106 :TA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 %.~ L. i ".L TrackeriAPPMPd For ReF a 2002/06i trA=RDP68B00724R 200220015-0 1. Tracker activity: a. Thirteen Tracker sorties flown. b. Thirteen sorties 100%. 2. Tracker maintenance: a. Replaced Negator Spring (614-1046) on S/N 310., Spring would not return focal drum. Replaced Take-Up belt (614-1112) on S/N 310. Belt worn, b. Replaced Drum Release plunger (614-0031) on S/N 312. Roller assembly worn causing drag on cam assembly. 3. Driftsight maintenance: a. Re-installed Driftsight Power Changer S/N 313 in Art 058. Removed Driftsight Head Assembly and replaced cracked corrector lens (152-1003). b. Replaced capacitors in Servo Box SIN 216. c. Checked Servo Box S/N 221. A&E servo bad. Returned to plant for maintenance. d. Removed Mark III Hand Control and adapters from Art 349 and installed Servo Box S/N 216 to support H-config operation. e. Aligned Servo Box S/N 219 from Art 053 (would not follow ..and control)and installed Servo Box S/N 215. Returned 219 to plant. 4. Screening station maintenance: a. Replaced lamp socket (614-3020) in Screening Station S/N 1. Approved For Release 2Q02/p6L13- CIA-RDP68B00724R00020O220015-0 i , ~r O Approved For Rele 2002/06/13': CIA-RDP68BOO724ROQ200220015-0 Avionics Section: 1. Flight Testing. a. EWS Flight Tests performed. (1) - 6 December - Article 057. (2) - 13 December - Article 057. (3) - 17 December Article 058. b. The above flights completed the instrumented phase of EWS testing for Articles 057 and 058. 2. COMNAVAIDS : a. The ADF noise problem was evaluated by Raytheon and a preliminary report from them has been received'. Copies of this report have been given to The Headquarters copy was submitted to 0 Systems: II has sufficient systems in all categories to equip Articles 057 and 058 for the 14 January 1969 delivery date. 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/13 :, .CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0 r r Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R0O 00220015-0 ACTIVITIES REPORT FOR 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A (NORTH BASE, W.R.S.P. NO. 4) EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE PERIOD: December 1 thru December 31, 1968 A. ENGINEERING OFFICE (3) The sprinkler drawings required for modifications in Hangar 3 have been started and this particular job will be put out under the same contract with the igloo and inspection facility, when and if the final criteria has been decided and drawings and specifications have been completed. (1) We are still waiting for the final criteria in re- lation to the igloo ected that I will visit e of January at which time will also be present for the purpose o finalizing all requirements in connection with the igloo problem. (2) At a discussion held at Edwards Air Force Base with project and Air Force personnel, it appears that there are two separate problems related to this igloo, one, the storage facility and second, the inspection facility, and both of these must be finalized before final drawings can be completed. B. TRAVEL 25X1A to Edwards Air Force Base on December IuTn n , for the purpose of discussing with base personnel requirements in relation to the problems related to the igloo and inspection facilities. 25X1A 25X1 A SEPARATE COVER ATTACHMENT Tot Approved For Release 2002/06/13 : CIA-RDP68B00724R000200220015-0