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December 12, 2016
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May 4, 2001
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June 1, 1954
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LIAISON / Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-q 42R0001 00010-1 A IV6't7 DIA Declassification/Release Instructions on File DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, Intelligence Washington 25, D. C. QUARTERLY ROSTER OF ARMY ATTACHE SYSTEM 1 June 1954 PART I - MILITARY PERSONNEL PART II - ATTACHE POSTS WITHOUT ARMY REPRESENTATION PART III - CIVILIAN PERSONNEL AFF',.V ATIONS 1. ? AA - Army Attache 2. AAA - Assistant Army Attache 3. ALO - Army Liaison Officer - Army Liaison Office 4. AALO - Assistant Army Liaison Officer 5. OARMA - Office of the Army Attache Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 Approved Fo , letse-2Q /q@/p : 9-00~642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN EMBASSY KABUL, AFGHANISTAN AA AMERICAN EMBASSY BUENOS AIRES. ARGENTINA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA ARMY ATTACHE OFFICE MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA_ AA AMERICAN EMBASSY BASS E I.S . BELGIUM AA AAA AAA (##Also accredited to Luxembourg) Newman, William C., Lt Col, GS Arty Sherlock, Francis J., CWO Lugwr, Francis E., M/Sgt Tyson, Arthur W., Col, GS Inf Fitzpatrick, Edward D., Lt Col, GS Inf Heaslet, William R., M/Sgt *Middleton, John W., Col, GS Inf Milner, Walker W., Col, GS CE *Cressal, William R., CPO xSmith, George C., CWO Betzenderfer, William D., Sic ##*Moores, Zachery Ti., Col, GS Armor Schendel, Harry A., Jr., Lt Col, GS Pehrson, Norman E , Maj. GS CE McDougle, Ramon E., CWO?3 *Peacock, Marion A., M Sgt xBoyer, Bernard A. , M Sgt Marshall, Justin R., Sf.c Jaskolski, Edward T., Sfc Miller, Robert L., Sic AMERICAN EMBASSY RIO DE JANEIRBRAZIL AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY. RANGOON. BURMA AA AAA AMERICAN SASSY OTTAWA CANADA AA Sisson, Joseph W., Jr.,,Col, GS Inf Kuzell, Ralph IS., Lt Col, GS Armor Hammer, James S., M/Sgt Curren, William F., Jr., Col, GS Arty Hoagland, Charles E., Maj, GS Inf Mack, Mortimer J., Jr., CWO Hyndman, Edwin A., M/Sgt Jones, John L., M/Sgt Martin, William P., M/Sgt Bryer, Paul. J., Col, GS Inf Hoffman, Paul J., Sic Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R000*100010-1 Yarbrough, Samuel K., Jr., Col, GS Arty Long, John H., CWO Proctor, Ernest L., M/Sgt SANTIAGO, HILE AA AMERICAN EMBASSY BOGOTA COLOMBIA AA AMERICAN EMBASSY HAVANA CUBA (#Also accredited to Haiti) AMERICAN EMBASSY PRAGUE. CZECHOSLOVAKIA AA AMERICAN EMBASSY COPENHAGEN, DENMARK AA AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY QUITO. ECUADOR AA AMERICAN MASSY CAIRO. EGYPT AA AA AAA AAA (#Also accredited to Libya) AMERICAN EMBASSY SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR AA AMERICAN EMBASSY ON. ENGLAND Hall, Dewitt N., Lt Col, (,S Inf Lowery, John S., CWO Riviello, William G,, M/Sgt #Elmore, Vincent M.) Jr., Col, GS Arty. Reardon, Robert, M/Sgt Norris, John A., Jr., Col, GS Inf xDooley, Thomas, Col, GS Armor Cato, Raymond L., Col, GS Arty xWard, Peter q.,, Col, GS In.f Sewell, Harry B., Lt Col, GS Armor Knowlton, Bernard, M/Sgt Woodford, William H., Lt Col, GS Arty *Stringfellow, Bertie L., CWO xKyriss, Harold A., CWO #*Greenlee, Halford R., Jr., Col,, GS Arty xAshman, Alfred, Col, GS Arty McClary, Hugh W., Lt Col, CS Inf Johnson, Allan G. W., Lt Col, GS Arty *Tesney, Clyde C., CWO xKeesey, Charles R., CWO Cutshall, , Elwood E. , M/Sgt Farr, Robert F., M/Sgt Muller, Henry J., Jr., Lt Col, GS Inf Savage, Frazier, CWO Murphy, Billy, M/Sgt AA AA *Williamson, Rayrzond E. S., Brig Gen, GS xGlasgow, Ralph I., Brig Geri AAA *Damon John C Col g ~r Approved For Release 2001208/28 : CIA -DP69-0d642R060T00T0c610-1 AMERICANpproved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-0,6 2R000100100010-1 EMBASA LONDON. ENGLAND CONT'D AAA AAA AAA . AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY ADDIS ABABA. ETHIOPIA AA AA AMERICAN EMBASSY HELSINKI. FINLAND AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY PERK FRANCE AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA XGeorge, Max S., Col, GS Arty Iseley, Charles M., Col, GS Armor Koletty, John W., Col, GS TC Moursund, Walter H., Jr., Col, GS MC McInnis, Ernest C., Lt Col, GS Arty Saunders, William H., Lt Col, GS Inf Walker, Delbert F., CWO *Day, George E., M/Sgt Nauert, Frank A., M/Sgt Speerstra, Walter A., Sgt xPrentice, Curtis C., M Sgt xWorrall, James P., M/Sgt *Eldridge, Ralph S., Lt Col, GS Armor xTownsend, John D., Lt Col, GS Inf Dowdy, James H., CWO xTurner, James E., WOJG MakMymiec, Myr?slaw A., M/Sgt Stone, Junius F., M/Sgt Cochran, Avery L, Col, GS Inf Mabee, Richard W., Lt Col, GS Inf Mehrixg, William C., CWO Ongalo, William S., M/Sgt Sykes, Arthur M., M/Sgt Thidbodeau, Joseph L., M/Sgt Munson, Frederick P., Brig Gen, GS USA *Forde, Harold M., Col, GS Armor Harper, Neal W., Col, GS Arty Williamson, William E., Col, GS Cm1C Davidson, Henry E., Jr., Col, GS Armor Calahan, Robert H., Lt Col, GS TC xHarrison, Charles L., Lt Col, GS SigC Coleman, Hubert P., Lt Col, GS Arty xSchaf, Frank L., Jr., Lt Col, GS cm1C xWerngren, Martin S., Lt Col, GS ORD xBrey, Albert J., Mai, GS Engr Thomas, William G., Jr., Capt, GS Armor Richards, Burt L., Jr., CWO xStagg, Samuel T., III, CWO Bowman, Luis V., M/Sgt Carey, Francis E., M/Sgt Giffen, Glen J., M/Sgt Morris, Howard E., M/Sgt Drozdowski, Thomas P., Sfc Lyhus, Christian O., Sfe Salter, Bayliss E., Sfe Brading Merle R., Sgt Approved For Release 2001/0828 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN) ,Fpt ,leA9b/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R000MK)100010-1 ARMY ATTACHE OFFICE, HEIDELBERG, M, ZANY AMERICAN EMBASSY ATHENS, GREECE AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY GUATEMALA CITY. GUATEMALA AA AMERICAN EMBASSY TEGUCIGALPA. HONDURAS AA (#Also accredited to ALO to British Honduras) ARMY LIAISON OFFICE U. S. CONSULATE GENERAL HONG KONG.- BCC ALA AALO AALO (#Assigned OARMA, England w/dy eta ALO, Hong Kong) AMERICAN LEGATION BUDAPEST, HUNGARY AA AAA Leonard, A. La, Jr., Lt Col, GS It Strange, Hubert E., Col, GS In! Walters, Warren E., Lt Col, GS Ixf Selton, Robert W., Maj, GS Inf Zacharias, George A., Maj, GS TC xClare, Joseph F., Capt, GS Arty *Hoffman, Kenneth L., Maj, GS Inf Harris, Edward E., CWO Berry, Clyde, M/Sgt Keep, Paul P., M/Sgt Kimes, Robert F., M/Sgt LaRose, Henry P., M/Sgt *Lynch, John M., M/Sgt Rehm, George E., M/Sgt Spence, Horace B., M/Sgt *Hecht, Russel E., M/Sgt Pavlick, Joseph, Sfc Test, Augustine J., Sgt xSmith, Edward L., M/Sgt McCormick, Aloysius E., Jr., Col, GS Inf Cantu, Edelmire G., Sfe #Sawvyer, Charles F., Col, GS Arty Mudge, Byron R., CWO Carroll, John J,, M/Sgt #Rittgere, Forest S., Col, GS Inf #Jefferds Jerome S., Lt Col, GS Ord #Collin, Jonas E., II, Maj, GS Irf #Lee, Joseph B., CWO #Beck, Leroy, M/Sgt #McMahon, James J., M/Sgt Pittman, Joseph M., Col, GS In! Fields, Harry C., Jr., Lt Col, GS TC Glaspell, Richard J., CWO Lybrand, Henry C., M/Sgt *Yeakel, Harold J., M/Sgt Johnson, George A., M/Sgt Dimon, Wilbur L., Sfe Approved For Release 2001/x8/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 4pproved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN ENIDASs NEW DELHI, INDIA ik- AAA AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY DJAKARTA. INDONF IA AA AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY TEHRAN. IRAN AA AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY BAGHDAD, I?AQ AA AAA. AMERICAN EMBASSY DUBLIN. IRELAND. AA Pearson, Harold Jo, Col, GS Arty Parmley, Loren F,, Jr,, Lt Col, GS MC Rohan, Thomas C., Lt Col, GS Arty *Stephens, John Jo, Lt Col, GS Inf Young, Roger L,, Lt Col, GS CE Mitchell, Joseph A,, CWO Cassidy, Fred K,, Sfc Inhoff, Jack E,, Sf c xPlamer, Robert L,, Sfc *Pryor, Ralph Ho, Col, GS Arty xNash, William L,, Col, GS Armor Rouse, Jerry E,, Lt Col, GB Armor *Picquado, Angelo F,, CWO xFoote, Glenn M,, CWO Broderick, Robert At,, ],,J/Sgt Dierker, Clarence F,, M/Sgt Davis, Russell E,, M/Sgt Wengert, Earl A0, M/Sgt *Fredericksen, John N,, M/Sgt xSmall, Edward F,, M/Sgt McNulty, William A,, Col, GS Inf Moushegian, Richard, Lt Col, GS Inf Meade, Stephen J,, Lt Col, GS Inf Forsythe, Erwin F,, Maj, GS Inf *Knight, Reams R,, CWO xBurrill, Don H0,WOJG Cosey, Victor-J,, M/Sgt Whitney, George G., M/Sgt Dell, Paul J,, Sfc Deremer, Herbert D,, Sfc Spangler, Paul D,, Sfc Zellner, Donald G,, Sfe Kirkpatrick, Robert W., Sfc Cobble, Lynne M,, M/Sgt Tucker, Henry P,, Lt Col, GS Inf Forsythe, Alva J,, Maj, GS Armor Haas, Robert L.) M/Sgt Pepper, James C,, M/Sgt Spinks, Leslie, Col, GB Arty Shriner, DeVaughan S,, M/Sgt Whitaker, Thomas J,, M/Sgt 5 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICANA ' I1 For Relent 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642RO00 100010-1 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL AA AMERICAN EMBASSY ROME, ITALY AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY TOKYO. JAPAN AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY AMMAN JORDAN AA Kane, Michael, Jr., Lt Col, GS Inf Keenan, Walter A0, M/Sgt *Baggett, Judson E., Sfc Davis, Lynn M0, M/Sgt xBartlett, William F., M/Sgt Dawson, Gordon E., Col, GS AGC Chittick, Gervaise S., Col, GS Cm1C Hail, Clebert Lo, Col, GS Armor xMcDonald, Aleck. F., Lt Col, GS CE xNeary, Elmer J., It Col, GS QMC Hofmann, Ralph M., Maj, GS Armor xMoffett, Oren E., Maj, Inf MI Ballard, Richard W., CWO Anderson, Benjamin H., M/Sgt Drew, Stewart W'., M/Sgt Sullivan, William C., M/Sgt Simmons, Richard F., Sfc xMotsenbocker, John D., Sfc Ryder,. William T., Col, GS Imf Fusco,-Jeremiah N., Capt, GS Innf Anderson, Warren P., M/Sgt Butcher, Frederick A., M/St Davis, James P., Col, GS Inf Passarella, Frank J., M/Sgt Cc*dery,, Richard G., Sfc AMERICAN EMBASSY, PUSAN, KOREA' ARMY ATTACHE OFFICE, TEAGU, KOREA AMERI CAN MASSY BEIRUT. LEBANON AA AAA Raymond, Charles.Wa, Col, GS Arty Zeiders, Cloyd E., CPO Houck, James C., M/Sgt Salsgiver, Edward L., M/Sgt Merriott, Curtis 0., Sfc *Lawlor, Thomas J., Lt Col, GS Inf xWorks, Robert C., Col, Inf Carter, George F., Lt Col, GS Arty Oglesby, falter K., CWO Ryan John M., M/Sgt Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 ved ARMY LIAISON For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 U. S. CONSULATE GENERAL SINGAPORE, MALAYA ALO AALO ARIA .(#Also assigned OARMA, England w/dy sta ALO, Singapore) AMERICAN EMBASSY MEXICO CITY. MEXICO AA AAA AMERICAN LEGATION TANGIER. MOROCCO AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS AA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY WELLINGTON. NEW ZEALAND AA AMERICAN EMBASSY MANAGUA, NICARAGUA AA (#Also accredited to Costa Rica) #York, Robert H., Col, GS Inf *#Michael, James R., Lt Col, GS Inf x#Harrison, Elmer C., Maj. GS MI #Howard, Ira J., CWO ##Martin, Edward A., M/Sgt Spitnale, Paul D., M/Sgt Berry, Logan C., Col, GS Armor Brant, Philip D., Lt Cal, GS Inf Davis, Walter R., CWO Sibley, Wilbur H., M/Sgt Hughes, James R., Lt Col, GS Armor Sanders, Cecil M., Lt Col, GS Inf Whiteley, James E., CWO Quinn, Alan J., M/Sgt Tonasak, Paul, M/Sgt Lotz, Dalton E., Sfc xHaff, Joseph, Sfc Pritchard, James R., Col, GS Arty Hoffman, Aldon M., Lt Col, GS Armor *Wallsten, Richard P., Capt, GS Inf Dennett, Francis J., CWO Painton, Morse M., M/Sgt Weaver, Louis J., Jr., M/Sgt Woodbury, Lynn W.,, Si' c *Emmel, Kenneth G., Sfc Bill, Harold L., M/Sgt *Brown, Phillip A., Sgt Hearne, Julian G., Jr., Col, GS Inf Staats, Harlan H., CWO Swenson, Sidney R., Sfc #Layton, Charles B., Col, GS Armor *Quinn, Leo M., CWO xBurdick, Ralph M., CWO Craddock, Henry H., M/Sgt Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN Mg?d For Rel a 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R00100010-1 OSLO. NORWAY AA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY KARACHI. PAKISTAN AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY LIMA. PERU AA AA (#Also accredited to Bolivia) AMERICAN EMBASSY MANILA, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES: AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY WARSAW. POLAND AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY LISBON. PORTUGAL AA AA AAA AMERICAN LEGATION BUCHAREST. RUMANIA AA Humphrey, Robert B., Col, GS Arty Ward, Kenneth A., Lt Col, GS Inf Damon, Harle H., Capt, GS Arty Hawkins, Coke G., M/Sgt Jones, Gerald V., M/Sgt *Kjelstad, Nels 0., Sfe Wyman, Leslie H., Col, GS Arty Grant, Wilburn E., Maj, GS Inf *Smith.. Barra T). , Jr. , M/'Sat Jenkins, Henry C., fe #*Leakey, Frank N.,. Col, GS Arty xMetz, Thomas M., Col, GS Arty Edwards, Wesley B., Col, GS Inf Cross, Thomas R., It Col, GS Int Stover, Glenn S., M/Sgt Knause, Charles W., Sfe Russell, Wallace, Sfe Alspaugh, Ralph, Lt Col, GS Inf Aubrey, George A., Lt Col, GS Arty *Jaffy, Bernard J., CWO xCalhoun, rogar. Jr. WO.7G Cardin, Ropole'7, , J"/ -t *Smith, Ralph M/Sgt Shaw, Frank E,., M/Sgt Connell, Thomas F., Sfe *Jones, Malcolm D., Col, GS Armor xPoinier, Norman E., Col, GS Arty McKee, Gregg L., Lt Col, GS Armor Tordiff, Joseph F.., M/Sgt Lander, Quintin S., Col, GS Inf O'Sullivan, Ralph. T., CWO Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN EMBAgfroved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 MADRID. SPAIN AA AA AAA, AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY STOC OEM. SWIDIIrT AA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY BERN. SWITZERLANN. AA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY DAMASCUS. SYRIA AA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY TAIPEI, TAIWAN (FORMOSA) LA AAA AAA *Shipp, 'William E., Col, GS Armor xWilliamson, John, Col, GS Inf Fiore, Caesar-F., Lt Col,, GS Armor xA.bert, Joseph L., Lt Col, GS Engr Bitting, Winfield ., CWO Hatcher, Lando 0., Sfe Mulderig, Gerald E,, Sfe Griswold, Robert W., Sfe Sperry, Frederick M., Col, GS ;Amor xLewis, Leroy, Lt Col, GB Ord Emerson, John Ea, Jr., Maj., Inf AUS Hoska, Lukas E., Jr., Cal, GS Arty Sprankle, Dane 0., Lt Col, GS SigC Sweeney, Arthur He, Jr., Maj, GS Ord Van Blarcom, Harold L., CWO Foldy, Theodore J., M/Sgt 'Whitehead, Howell GM/Sgt Weisz, Edgar A., Sfc Stevenson, Hugh W., Col, GS Armor Dunlop, Donald D., Lt Col, GS Inf Livingston, Chester K., CWO McDonough, Eugene P., M/Sgt Darling, Stanley A., Sfc Schantz, Oliver 'P., Lt Col, GS.Armor Baskin, John S., Lt Col, GS Inf Bradley, J. E.9 Lt Col, GS. Inf Morgan, Newton H. , CWO *Compton, James D., M/Sgt *Newman, Jack H., M/Sgt Pead, Richard R., M/Sgt xPerkins, Wesley Y., M/Sgt Nanson, Robert D,, Sfe xSorenson, Melford S., Sfe AMERICAN EMBASSY BANGKOK THAILAND Cowen, Edward T,, Col, GS Inf AAA Peters, Alcee L., Lt Col, GS Inf Koch, Harlan G., Capt, GS Armor Munger, Byron G., M/Sgt Peterson, Darrell xEvans, Clifford Be, M/Sgt %Gatlin, Sam, M/Sgt Approved For Release 2001/8/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN R ved For Rise 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP69-00642R0M100100010-1 ANKARA. TURKEY AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AMERICAN EMBASSY PRETORIA, UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA AA AMERICAN EMBASSY MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY AA (#Also accredited to Paraguay) AMERICAN EMBASSY MOSCOW, USSR AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA Peeke, Charles M., Col, GS Arty Jaoobsom, Joseph S., Lt Col, GS Arty Koehler, Milford A., Lt Col, GS Arty Nitch, James E., Maj, GS Arty xGlidden, John E., Lt Col, GS MI Bergeron, Theodore H., Maj, GS Inf Riek, Justus R., Capt. GS If White, Fred R`, Capt, GS Armor xBrown, Charles W., Capt, GS Arty *D(Palma, Joseph R., Capt, GS Imf Dalton, Thomas J., GWO Barquist, George L., M/Sgt Measner, Donald A., M Sgt Slattery, John H., M/Sgt *McElmury, Samuel W., M/Sgt O' Dani el, Paul A., Sf c Good, Louis D., Sgt Livingston, Robert L., .Sgt Keener, Ernest E., M/Sgt xSchneider, Robert V., M/Sgt xFiolds, Ernest E., M/Sgt DePass, Morrie B., Col, GS Inf xMcDonald, Eugene O., It Col, GS Inf Emmett, Wilferd S., CWO #Moses, Merillat, Col, GS Arty *Stok*itti,, Stanley S., CWO #Lynch, William B., CWO Easter, Carter G., M/Sgt *Mickelson, Earl L., Col, GS Arty xMearne, Fillmore K., Col, GS Arty Fe chli *, Howard L. , Lt Col, CS Imf *Yeager, Frederick J., It Col, GS Imf xRichards, Ira B., Lt Col, GS Armor Stroud, William R., Capt, GS Arty Mule, Walter, Capt, SigC Cardella, James A., WOJG Bailey, Larry, M/Sgt Bryant, Charles H., M/Sgt Robert C., M/Sgt ~'y, Richard A.$ M/Sgt McMahon, Frederick R., Sfc Row, Glen, Sfc Thomas, Robert S., Sfc Richardson, Dennis E., Sfe Botsford, Eugene L., Ste Approved For Release 2981 /08 9$IkD'64 0m'W0100010-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-0642R000100100010-1 EMBASSY N AMERICA CARACAS. VENEZUELA AMERICAN MASSY SAIGON. VIET NAM AA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA (#Also accredited to Cambodia and Laos) AMERICAN EMBASSY BELGRADE YUGOSLAVIA AA AAA AAA *To be relieved. xAssigned but not yet joined. Haley, Charles L., III, Col, GS Arty Monteith, Lester g., CWO Skidmore, Cooper, M/Sgt #xS,iaughnessey, Leo W. H., Col, GS Inf #xEvans, James B., Col, GS Arty GS Inf #Burhans, Robert Do, , #*Taber, Robert, Lt Col, GS Arty #Buford, Lanier D., It Col, GS Inf #xMcGowan, John D., Mai, GS Arty #Rheuark, George D., Capt, GS MI CE #xPereival, Allen C., Capt, GS Arty Todd, Howard P., CWO Stange, William F., M Sgt Shedlock, John F., M Sgt Coyle, Thomas J., M Sgt Johnson, Clifford C., M/Sgt xAllea,-James.W., Jr., M/Sgt *Morrison, Raymond C., Jr., Sgt Sinclair, Robert E., Sfc xCorneau, Nelson E., Sfc Means, William B., Col, GS Inf Cavanaugh, Michael A., Lt Col, GS Armor Vanek, Vaclav H., Lt Col, GS Arty Conquest, Frederick S., M/Sgt *Follis, Marion C., M/Sgt xFlowers, Paul B., M/Sgt Hair, Paul D., M/Sgt Hroch, Frank, M Sgt Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 PART II - ATTACHE STS WITHOUT ARMY REPRESENTATION' AMERICAN EMBASSY COLOMBO, CEYLON Navy Attache AMERICAN EMBASSY CIUDAD TRUJILLO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Navy Attache Nixdorff, So, Cdr., USN Gilmer., H. C,, Lt Cdr, USN Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 PART III-- CIVILIAN PERSONNEL = r. AMERICAN EMBASSY KABUL. AFGHANISTAN AMERICAN EMBASSY BUENOS AIRES. ARGENTINA AMERICAN EMBASSY, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA ARMY ATTACHE OFFICE, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA AMERICAN EMBASSY BRUSH I ? BELGI M Harcourt, Edith M. Arnold, Joan Howell, Lucille M. Browning, Violet Clark, Marion Doman, W. Shay AMERICAN EMBASSY RIO DE J ,IRO. BRAZIL AMERICAN EMBASSY OTTAWA. CANADA AMERICAN EMBASSY SANTIAGO CHILE AMERICAN EMBASSY BOGOTA. COLOMBIA AMERICAN EMBASSY HAVANA. CUBA __ AMERICAN EMBASSY COPENH&GENd DENMARK Derenzo, Pearl Carr, Betty J. Moses, Janet R. Manning, Evelyn Cotton, Cassandra Tabulara, Isabel Robertson, Barbara AMERICAN EMBASSY QUITO ECUADOR Hathaway, Marjorie AMERICAN EMBASSY CAD-0. EGYPT Downs, Barbara Miller, Jean Peterson, Louise Approved For Release 200/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN EMBASA?'roved Fc elease 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-0064 W00100100010-1 SAN SALVADOR) EL SALVADOR AMERICAN EMBASSY LONDON, ENG~ :ticker, Betty A. AMERICAN EMBASSY PARIS, FRANCE AMERICAN EMBASSY ATHEN$a GREECE AMERICAN EMBASSY GUATEMALA CITY. GUATEMALA AMERICAN MASSY TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS ARMY LIAISON OFFICE U. S. CONSULATE GENERAL HONG KONG, BCC AMERICAN EMBASSY NEW DELHI. INDIA Atkins, John L. *Beattie, Rachel M. Campana, Vincent A. Draskin, Mary J. McDaniel, Shirley Ward, Florence C. Yeargain, Dorothy *Cate, Dorothy Colard, Elizabeth Wilson, Robert A. Goodrum, Jack Herrick, Florence J. Johnson, Virgil 0. Kovacs, Julia LeBoase, Louise C. Wild, Carolina Faliski, Joseph 1. Meszaros, Helen *Vordemberge, Barbara xMessick, M. Louise *Snider, Ann xHoffman, Joe W. *Marcurio, Jean xTollett,, Mabel B. Pekors, Alyce *Koehler, Esther L. xDudley, Lillian Powell, Elva Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN EMBASS~pproved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-09 42R000100100010-1 TEHRAN. IRAN AMERICAN EMBASSY ROME. ITALY AMERICAN EMBASSY TOKYO. JAPAN AMERICAN EMBASSY AWAN. JOBDAN AMERICAN MASSY BEIRr U- . LEB AMERICAN EMBASSY MEXICO Cam- MEXICO AMERICAN EMBASSY THE H:GUE THE NETHERLANDS AMERICAN EMBASSY WELLINGTON. NEW ZEALAND AMERICAN EMBASSY OSLO. NORWAY AMERICAN EMBASSY IMA PERU AMERICAN EMBASSY LISBON, PORTUGAL Campbell, Kathryn A. *Fee, Edna xPletcher, Mary *Conant, Virginia L. Flavin, Francis E. Halverson, Harlan G. McNamara, Walter A. xjohnsox, Alfred L. Carr, Maxine *Price, Martha M. xDodd, Mae Evelyn Wing, Chloe C. Griffiths, Ellen V. Novel, Marion Barbour, Serena W. Cortes, Mary S. McCrory, Janet C. Stack, M. Irene Bradfield, Elizabeth Marry Helen Stone, Carrie N. Aiken, Christina Edwards, Marjorie 3 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1 AMERICAN ' For Releaft 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP69-00642R000 0100010-1 ,411 MADRID SPAIN AMERICAN EMBASSY S OKHOLM, SWEDEN AMERICAN EMBASSY BERN, SWITZERLAND Anderson, Gerald Belson, M. Edith *Jackson, 1Tilliard Padden, Margaret xBeamer, Mary Dupre, Germaine Tirrell, Natalie AMERICAN EMBASSY DAMASCUS SYRIA AMERICAN EMBASSY TAIPEI TAIWAN (FORMOSA) AMERICAN EMBASSY BANGKOK. THAILAND Tidd, Genevieve Sterquelle, William McGovern, Kathleen C. AMERICAN EMBASSY ANKARA. TURKEY AMERICAN EMBASSY PRETORTA,_UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA AMERICAN EMBASSY MONTEVIDEO~_GUAY AMERICAN EMBASSY CARACAS. VENEZUELA AMERICAN EMBASSY LEDs YUGOSLAVIA *To be relieved. xAssigned but not yet joined. Atwood, Dorothy Saunders, Dorothy Talbot, Mary C. Singleton, Charlotte G. Young, Barbara *Herrick., Mary H. x!eeks, Willa B.. Campbell, Evelyn S. Harrison, Helen 4! Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP69-00642R000100100010-1