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December 15, 2016
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December 30, 2003
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March 23, 1967
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WASHINGTON L?O&t ~t34 Ap release/WWS G"r&~W9B00369R000100020004-9 MAR23 37 ' i~?1 8S Duffle .s Flv N. Korea Newsman F], ees ;. Pnrnunorn in U.S. Car From dews Dispatches SEOUL, March 22-A high North Korean press official, jumped into a L'i,it;;d Nations Command car occupied by a U.S. Army colonel at Panmun- join Truce Village today and fled to South Korea. Commu- nist guards fired at least 40 shots at the speeding car. Lee Soo Keun, 44, crouched in ie rear sea ofi. ol. Donald E. Thomson's Army sedan as the car crashed through a wooden barrier has- tily lowered by a Communist' guard at the truce camp's southern exit. Thomson, of Chelsea, Iowa, . said the barrier struck "the front fender and bounced; smashing the windshield, and then hit the top of the car." Thomson was slightly cut by.- LEE SOO KEUN ... defects flying glass. transferred to a helicopter, in Lee was identified as vice ment and ignite a new war." It transferred With U.S. Army Maj. president of the official North .demanded Lee's prompt re- 'Gen. Richard G. Cicoilcla, sen? Korean Central News Agency. Dior U.N. Command delegate to A North Korean broadcast turn. I b later- charged Lee had been '?,ee had tone to cover the, the truce talks, Gen. Cicollel'a kidnapped ae "part of the ag? 242d meeting of the Joint Mili-,'tools Lee to the U.S. Army . Seoul''.s3 miles gressive maneuvers of thetary Armistice Commission, at; Hospital in - ---.--- U.S. imperialists to undermine _which the North Koreans; away, for a medical exam!-, the Korean armistice agree-;(charged the U.N. Command nation. Lee' was then released; with armistice violations and to South Korean security offi-i the U.N. side charged the I dials. Communists with firing on Lee is the third North' U.S. ~and South Korean troops !Korean to defect through Pan-! ,in the Demilitarized Zone1n.,t,ninm Tn 'l UFO i 11 g While the recriminations Joon, a reporter for aye Soviet were taking place in the drab, Communist Party newspaper ,; one=story conference building,' Pravda, defected after cover South Korean sources said.!: L e h ffi d l nyyavnc C ~+.... o cia e s ?] meetin Later a Communist and said he intended to rie g feet. i guard killed a fellow soldier Thomson, who commands at Panmunjom and defected. the advance camp , on the South Korean order, about a- mile from Panmunjom, nought his car to the front of the building when the meeting ended. As about ' 50 Commu- nist guards and newsmen watched, Lee jumped into the car. Two North Korean guards tried to.force their way into the car, but were shaken off as it sped away. 'T'hey then opened fire and were joined,'. by, other guards, as the car raced downhill toward South Korea. , ` ' At the advaiico camp, Lee: Approved For Release 2004/01/16 : C1A-RDP69B00369R000100020004-9