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December 15, 2016
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May 18, 2004
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October 31, 1967
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D 976 Approved For Release 2004/05/25 :CIA-RAP??? p3 0100128125-4 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -DAILY DI~ October 31, 1967 National Eye Institute in the National Institutes of Health. Testimony was heard from Representatives Frie- del, Young, Murphy of New York, Fulton of Tennessee, Eilberg, and Rooney of Pennsylvania; Dr. William H. Stewart, Surgeon General, Public Health Service; and public witnesses. Procurement; Julien Lopez, buyer; and Armen Hand, technician; all of the Department of the Air Force. CREDIT PROTECTION Committee on Banking and Currency: Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs met in executive session and con- tinued consideration on H.R. 116oi, the' Consumer Credit Protection Act. No final action was taken. Ad- journed subject to call of the Chair. OCEAN FLOOR Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Inter- national Organizations and Movements met in execu- tive session and considered H.J. Res. 8r6, and related bills, in opposition to vesting title to the ocean floor in the United Nations. No final action was taken. Prior to the executive session, the subcommittee con- tinued hearings on the measures. Testimony was heard from Dr. Robert A. Frosch, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research and Development; Rear Adm. Wil- fred A. Hearn, Judge Advocate General of the Navy; and Rear Adm. O. D. Waters, Oceanographer of the Navy. BRIEFING-AFRICA Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Africa met in executive session for a briefing on Africa with R. Peter Straus, Assistant Administrator (Africa), AID. DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on For- eign Economic Policy continued hearings on U.S. pri- vate enterprise and trade in the developing countries. Testimony was heard from a public witness. WEATHER CONTROL AND FORECAST Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Sub- committee on Communications and Power held a hear- ing on H.R. 9212, to authorize the Secretary of Com- merce to carry out a comprehensive program in the field of weather modification; and H.J. Res. 688, to pro- vide for an expanded and intensified effort to increase the accuracy and extend the time range of weather pre- dictions and to request the President to take action so that the peoples'of the U.S. derive, at the earliest possible time, the social and economic benefits that would ac- crue from achievement of this new level of capability in weather predictions. Testimony was heard from Dr. `Robert M. White, Administrator, Environmental Sci- ence Services Administration, Department of Com- merce; and Dr. Milner B. Schaefer, Scientist Adviser to the Secretary, Department of the Interior. NATIONAL EYE INSTITUTE Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Sub- committee on Public Health and Welfare held a hearing on H.R. 12843, and related bills, to amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for the establishment of a COPYRIGHT PROTECTION Committee on the Judiciary: Met in executive session and ordered reported favorably to the House S.J. Res. 1114, extending the duration of copyright protection in certain cases. Began consideration on H.R: 11679, to provide for uni- form annual observances of certain legal public holidays on Mondays. No final action was taken. CARGO VESSELS Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries: Subcom- mittee on Merchant Marine held a hearing on H.R. 12954, to amend the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, with respect to development of cargo container vessels. Testi- mony was heard from Representatives Matsunaga and Miller of California; and James W. Gulich, Acting Mari- time Administrator, Department of Commerce. TVA BRIDGES Committee on Public Works" Subcommittee on Flood Control met in executive session and approved for full committee action H.R. 8953, to amend the act of Novem- ber 21, 1941 (55 Stat. 773), providing for the alteration, reconstruction, or relocation of certain highway and rail- road bridges by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Prior to the executive session, the subcommittee held a hearing on the bill. Testimony was heard from Repre- sentative Brock; Aubrey J. Wagner, Chairman, TVA; J. Porter Taylor, Director, Division of Reservoir Proper- ties, TVA; Robert H. Marquis, General Counsel, TVA; and public witnesses. VETERANS' PROGRAMS Committee on Veterans' Affairs: Met in open session to review the scope of various veterans' programs. Testi- mony was heard from William J. Driver, Administrator, Veterans' Administration; Robert McCurdy, Chairman, U.S. Veterans' Advisory Commission; and other mem- bers of the Commission. SUBVERSION Committee on Un-American Activities: Subcommittee continued hearings on subversive influences in rioting, looting, and burning in various cities. Testimony was heard from public witnesses. TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS Select Committee on Small Business: Subcommittee on Foundations, Their Impact on Small Business, continued hearings on tax-exempt foundations. Testimony was heard from public witnesses. Approved For Release 8004/05/25 : CIA-RDP69B00369R000100120125-4 Approved For Release 2004/05/25 : CIA-RDP69B00369R000100120125-4 October 31, 1967 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-DAILY DIGEST D 975 CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on the Federal pay aspects of the bill from Chairman Committee on the judiciary: Subcommittee on Separa- John W. Macy, Jr., Civil Service Commission. t:ion of Powers held. hearings on S. 2307, proposed Fed- eral Constitutional Convention Act, receiving testimony from Prof. Alexander M. Bickel, Chancellor Kent Pro- fessor of Law and Legal History, Yale University; and Prof. Ross Mendelson, department of government, Uni- versity of Texas. Subcommittee recessed subject to call. POSTAL RATES AND FEDERAL SALARIES Committee on Post Office and Civil Service: Committee concluded its hearings on H.R. 7977, to increase postal rates and salaries of Federal employees, with testimony Select Committee on Small Business: Subcommittee on Monopoly resumed hearings on competitive problems in the drug industry. A demonstration of a medical com- munications system was given with testimony from George Callahan, sales projects manager, American Telephone & Telegraph Co.; and Dr. Thomas C. Meyer, assistant dean of the University of Wisconsin Medical Center; and several, other members of the medical profession. Hearings continue November 15 and 16. House of Representatives Chamber Action Bills Introduced: 15 public bills, H.R. 13768--13782; nine private bills, H.R. 13783-13791; and nine resolu- tions, H.J. Res. 915--918; H. Con. Res. 563-566, and H. Res. 961, were introduced. Pages H 14310-14311 Bills Reported: Reports were filed as follows: S.J. Res. 114, to extend the duration of copyright pro- tection in certain cases (H. Rept. 87o); Conference reports on H.R. 8718, to increase the an- nUal Federal payment to the District of Columbia (H. Rept. 871); H.R. 13669, regarding military claims (H. Rept. 872); S. 423, regarding small-boat harbor at Manele Bay, Lanai, Hawaii (H. Rept. 873) ; S. 1552, to amend the Highway Safety Act, amended (H. Rept. 874); H.R. 3639, to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cos- metic Act, amended (H. Rept. 875) ; H.R. 6692, regarding Bayou Lafourche, La., amended (H. Rept. 876) ; and { H.R. 2138, to amend the Immigration and Nationality +Act, amended (H. Rept. 877)? Page H 14310 Meat Inspection Act: By a record vote of 403 yeas to 1 nay the House passed H.R. 12144, to clarify and other- wise amend the Meat Inspection Act, to provide for co- operation with appropriate State agencies with respect to State meat inspection programs. Rejected a motion to recommit the bill to the Com- mittee on Agriculture by a voice vote. Rejected by a teller vote of 98 yeas to 14o nays the Smith-Foley substitute amendment designed to give the Federal Government broader powers in regard to meat inspection. Adopted the committee amendments and several tech- nical amendments. H. Res. 957, the rule under which the legislation was considered, was adopted earlier by a voice vote. Page H 14214 Late Report: Granted permission to the Committee on Agriculture to file a report by midnight Wednesday, November i, on H.R. 13653, to amend the marketing quota provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Page H 14260 Quorum Calls-Record Vote: Three quorum calls and one record vote developed during the proceedings of the House and appear on pages H14215, H14221, H14248, H14257. Program for Wednesday: Adjourned at 5:56 p.m. un- til Wednesday, November 1, 1967, at 12 o'clock noon, when the House will consider S. 1985, the National Flood Insurance Act of 1967 (open rule, 2 hours of de- bate, waiving points of order). Committee Meetings GRAIN RESERVE Committee on Agriculture: Subcommittee on Livestock and Grains met in executive session and continued con- sideration on H.R.12067, and related bills, to provide for the establishment and maintenance by the Commodity Credit Corporation of reserve stocks of agricultural com- modities for national security, public protection, meeting international commitments. No final action was taken. Prior to the executive session, the subcommittee con- tinued hearings on the bills. Testimony was heard from Dr. John A. Schnittker, Under Secretary of Agriculture, and other officials of the Department of Agriculture. DEFENSE PROCUREMENT Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee for Spe- cial Investigations held a hearing on Defense procure- ment policies and procedures. Testimony was heard from Anthony Scarpa, Director of Procurement and Production; W. R. Koshak, Chief, Cost and Price Analy- sis Branch; Ruth Sanders, Contract Officer; George E. Miller, price analyst; all of the U.S. Army Mobile Com- mand, St. Louis, Mo.; Col. Stanley Allen, Director of Approved For Release 2004/05/25 : CIA-RDP69B00369R000100120125-4