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December 15, 2016
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October 16, 2003
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June 8, 1967
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K\ L10e. TIM es % t 6 Approved For Release 2003/11/04: CIA-RDP69B00369R000200240120-5 SPYIRG ON CST IS TAIWAN'S ROLE Operations Reveal Secrets: Reds Have Long Hidden 1pies Use Parachutes planting spies in Communist China has never been much of a problem for the Nationalists. They can easily be parachuted: have also been userr as aispawn points for agents who were put ashore at various coastal ren- dezvous points in speedy "air- sea rescue boats:' Some sources here insist the. boats were op- TAIPEI, Taiwan (UPI) - Taiwan is the Peeping Tom of Asia, where spies play a'deadl3 game of China-watching witi' torture and death to the losers On this Chinese Nationalise Island, science and human court age have pried apart the'bam boo ; curtain to, reveal secret; the Chines Communists havti hidden for years. ,"We know everything that'! going on in the mainland milt tartly and economically," a Na- tionalist Intelligence source said, "and there's not much tak- ing place politically that we don't know about." The Nationalists use t a lat- have agents planted throughout China and swear their intel1i genre network reaches deepp in to :`the inner workings of the one ok an orth over __ na ng" p p pgxap is eggpment so ,se personals _ rodess al a film.. At least riff e -2 s have been lost over the main- land,, presumably due to engine fail,}ires that forced the,, pilots down to lower altitudes, where they were destroyed by Com- munist fighters or missiles. ~ The riots In Macao earlier this year` were a bitter blow to the, Nationalists, who had been usi3'igg the Portuguese 'colony 'in the? Pears Rive Estuary as an escape route for their agents. many Chinese in Taipei be- lieve the riots in Macao were set off to force the Portuguese authorities to halt the exodus of mainland "refugees." majority of these peo- ple are refugees," an intelli- erated by American crews, The Nationalists operate a sophisticated, high powered communication system on Tai- wan. Communist radios, tele- types and Morse casts are con- stantly monitored and the con- tents analyzed by intelligence experts. The bulk of the intelligence work is carried out at a secret Taiwan airfield where the U-2': are based. In a fenced, anc guarded remote section of the field are the hangars and thi living quarters of the crews. Every pilot is thoroughl2 screened by Chinese security officers before joining the squadron. The first of these pilots were sent to Okinawa where they were trained by the United States Air Force. Once they join the elite U-2 squadron, the pilots stay with it until death or retirement. All are officers and'most of them majors in the' Nationalist Air., Force. Pilots Become Bald The flights are long, some- times as much as_ 12 hours, and the cramped, high altitude en-' vironment has had the unusuall effect of causing many of the pilots to lose all their hair. In some cases the hair has grown back In; others are permanent- ly bald. "These reconnaissance planes gave us the first tipoff when the nuclear testing ground was being developed in Sinkiang province," an authoritative source explained. "And they are the reason that Washington has been able to accurately forecast every [Chi- nese Communist] nuclear blast long before Peking revealed them. Other spy planes operating at lower altitudes and well out- side Communist china's three- mile limit are equipped with "cross-eyed" cameras that pho- tograph hundreds of square miles of coastline and interior areas for intelligence use. "The Reds would never be able to mount a surprise, mass attack on the Nationalist posi- tions," an American source at g~ehce officer said. "But there were also dines when important agents who were trappedpon the mainland sneaked across the bor er to Macao, claimed they were refugees anndr were then spirited back-here. Approved For Release 2003/11/04: Cl 1roiR' v Bich such an at- Eloria"lity amid deck car- porting f'iR