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December 15, 2016
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August 26, 2003
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October 10, 1967
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October 10 1967 Approved For Releas 20Q3909/02 ; GiAfDP 9B,QQ369R000200270027-6 7 7 `l:.r ~:? Y `....., ? \;.:1 _..i '?..r .. .. ~... V ~..% ~. r .. ~:.. is ii i.J T' . ~"?n'r' I. ri ,; 1 ,, Thee am persons in Bolivia -er lets v,h1Ch he said had ..y JEREM 1_r O'LEARY today who are expert CL]ougll in b p`found 0[ TAW in eaves used by the fingerprint comparison to Cs- Ernesto "Chc- Guevara ap- tcablisn iii-` or rule out whether rear gerpril. pa:'en?iy has been killed by the t, Guevara's finge'pts were dead man Guev rz, or,, 1 , _..clls 1niy. round on two fake Uruguayan oiivian The death of i'idel Castro's here say. It vas not imire-Irpassports and on. battle orders diately known whether the body longtime guerrilla leader was in his known handwriting, the retorted to officials in La Paz would be flown to La Paz fra-n Bolivians said. The photos the battle area or whether the late yesterday by Col. Joaquin definitive , showed a man with a shaved zellteno Anaya, commander oft identification would ihead and without Guevaras the Bolivian r'.rmy's 8i 1 Divi- be "made in the field. I beard and mustache. Compari- sion? The rattle son with known pictures `bf zCllteno said the body of one of , . Guevara appeared to consti- seZen guesidas shot and kneed Tile guerrilla casua, .tles? oc- t ute compelling evidence th at in a battle Sunday has been) cur:'ell during z your-Their . file "`Clio" " had been or. was still in .mdetlfled as that OF Guevara. flght',with BO11V1a11 soldiers Sur Bolivia. Tln army chief of staff, Col. day about four mules northwest Informed ? sources said they; Marcos Vascuez SCmperte? ui, ~f I-li~uer as, in the general area relieved Guevara had cnt red' said, .Official reports from Val- .ooliviaia with the forged pass o lenrancie affirm Guevara was torts by way of Spain and Sao ot" Cari'iri, where the insurgents Paulo, Brazil. There was some killed 'and that his body is row,first opened their drive against with the Bolivian army" But he said t his was not conclusive [the government of President i1]enticity 'cpticism of here the about evidence. the The he Rene Barrientos last spring. prod. skeptics said the photos and The battle waS i mountaillpusl The guerrillas fought clasper finierprints could have been atoly against tl]o Bolivian r,,- " plantod" in tho Bolivian cavos, Country near B-1 quotas, about trol. Pour soldiers were killed 300 miles southeast of La Paz. - - the fnge was no'grestien ne, that The guerrillas' bodies were tak- I1 were nenuime the fingorn not. cr, to Vallegrande. Of the seven guerrillas killed planted or not. a Gen. Alfredo varrdo Candia, in the fight, two weer positively It. was generally believed that chief of the Bolivian armed identified as Cubans. One Boli- Guevara was dead, perhaps as a r r vian military source said Gue- forces, . a the Bolivian capital result of a dispute with Castro, last night for Valegrande to vara was mortally wounded in when he first vanished in Ha check ast the rC t. The Arm ,to the battle and talked with his vana in mid-1965. Subsequently, l o` 5 captors before he died. he was reported in a score vited reporters to fly to Val- First word that Guevara may legrande today, presumably to y countries but no non-Co mmu- view the body. The town is ie have met a violent end began to mist nation had any certain rough terrain about 400 miles seep out of the Bolivian capitol knowledge of his whereabouts. from La Pazyesterday morning when Pres- . Cautious ground meeting with newsman. At this session, Barrientos re- Officials here said they were I vealed first det ails of the awaiting positive indentification 1 encounter and mentioned the -comparing fingerprints with possibilty that Guevara :light the known prints of Guevara. have been or slain. There have been a number of - Later in the day, Can. Ovando recent reports that Guevara was strenghtened the report, telling d d b US ffi i ea ut o c als put a lot "e ,.. reporters,the Reds lost fiv more stock in yesterday's. Part men among whom, presumably, of their reasoning's that the is Ernesto Che Guevara ... I Bolivians have learned a lot hope to God it's true." about the guerrilla force, and the Bolivia would suffer a major 2nd Force in Area propaganda setback if the death Before leaving La Paz for the report is later proved false. I'scene last night, Ovando said the Guevara, a 39-year-old Argon- Army is on the track of a second tine, disappeared under mysteri- guerrilla group which tried to be ous circumstances' about two a decoy government troops years ago. If it is true that he away rom the unit presumably has been leading Communist led by' Guevara. It was Ovando guerrillas and now has been! who announced on Sept. 24 that l;i''led, it could be a major the 4th and 5th Army Divisions 'glow to Castro-sty's guerrillas were closing in on the guerrilla trrauchcut Latin America. group led'cy Col]lmandante Ra- :_olivia now Possesses e n cx- mon, the psydonym Guevara cellcr.t set of Guevara's finger- Was reported luS'r:g in Bolivia. 7,:'II: s 11'0:]7 ?:r;;entine sources, ?3,01hvian Foreign Y tntst0F 'iris a less perfect set prints 'alter Guevara Arze, at a obta lied in tiO\'C0. These prints mect^?' c. the Organization of will be used to determine if.the 'American States here last +bout' :)resumed to be, that OfI m021ti1, released a group of pho- _,:va a is actually l]ibe the e~ *i ` &Ie eMtf3 /0 ': ICIA-RDP69B00369R000200270027-6