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October 6, 1955
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OCT _ 364 'CORPUS CHRI9arl ft d - ve F,~r~.R,~I~ ,~,Ia R^'pg~p a05g}~pp0,~pp020p~7 TIMES ',!'iA/ ,71V1~~~t3"f~177YC>>;.~v7-NtT1 Vt7t7"7NUGF2 Circ.: e. 6,188 Front Edit Other Page Page' Page D0 T 6 195S CPYRGHT Sanitized POWERFUL TEAMWORK Dulles Brothers Cope ,With .Reds By EDWIN A. LAHEY From Sunni, ark Sides of Stret U. the Geneva spirit and discuss pos- sible ways of averting a war that might -liquidate the human race. As chief of the ' Central ; Intelli- gence Agency, it it the ;job of Allen Welsh Dulles to `set -fire to the, coat tails of the Russians, the way they used .to do ins the old Marx Brothers routine.'" His chief function. istq' h e l p keep the Russian bear ' hemmed in. WASHINGTON-The strong men in the Eisenhower I administration will automatically loom larger in the vacuum created by the Presi- dent's physical disability. High up in this heap are two bright lads from Watertown, N. Y., who have a brother act that has already- become a re- markably powerful force in the = conduct of our international rela- tions. 11 They are John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh'Dulles, w h o s e jobs complement each other's in a way that makes them a pretty po- tent team. As secretary of state, it is the task of John Foster Dulles to, sip tea with the Russians, laugh at their labored jokes In keenin with ernme would tions John Foster Dulles works In a gold fish bowl. He roams the world in a fanfare of publicity, and 'has kept the taxpayers up to date, through press conferences. and television talks, more thoroughly than ahy secretary of state in our time. Ailed Dulles, on the other hand, operates in a cloak and dagger routind about which not even Con- gress an be,, told, even though Congress supplies the money, for the CIA. An efnploye of the CIA doesn't dare even tell his landlady where he works. John'Foster Dulles told a poll- tic 4udience in August, 1952, thathe Republican ticket were elected Mr. Eisenhower would pro- mote juiet revolutions in the satellite countries of Eastern Eu- rope., k its in Eastern Europe, that have been Allen Dulles' JOHN FOSTER DULLES` But the7''MT6"Irad1ood connec- tions that helped them in both their public -and private careers. T h e i r maternal grandfather, John Watson Foster, was a' re- nowned international lawyer, and served as secretary of state under President Harrison in 1892-93. _ Foster, a farm boy, was gradu- ated from the University of Indi- ana, fought in the Civil War, and later practiced law and published a newspaper in Evansville, Ind. He was a Republican partylead- er in that state, and served as a U.,S. diplomat in Mexico, Russia and Spain before he set up his law practice in Washington. Foster had two daughters, Edith and. Eleanor. Edith married Allen Macy Dul- les, a Presbyterian minister, who served in Detroit, Watertown, and finally at the Auburn (N. Y.) Theo- logical 'Seminary. Dulles boys started out Eleanor Foster, re h i e ought by the .RQ DV- Feiee :i tr ion. , W t rt a young own lawyer I1ailleoi a e Robert Lansing, and married him in 1890." . Lansing served with Foster as an associate counsel in some inter- national ., arbitration cases in- volving the seal fishing rights in the Bering Sea and the boundary dispute between the United States and Canada. . Lansing later became secretary of state in the Wilson administra- lion. Jolty Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles graduated brilliant- =1y from Princeton, one in 1908, the other in 1914, when grandfather .Foster and uncle Lansing were ;both powerful men. ' , It was, at Foster's recommenda- tion that John Foster Dulles en- tered the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell in "" 91Y, to become a senior partner before he became ,;secretary of state. (This law firm has a fabulous history of its own as an interna- onaI institution. It helped teddy ' Roosevelt get the Panama Canal, and in its day has handled the legal work in connection with the financing of Germany, Norway, Poland, Denmark, France, Argen- = tina,; Uruguay, Chile, and Colom- bia.) Secretary of State Lansing, John Foster Dulles" uncle; sent him to represent the United States at a Pan-American scientific congress, and also to win friends for the United States in the area of the Panama Canal during World War I. 411en Welsch Dulles went into diplomacy as a career after col- . lege, but gave it up In 1926, be- cause he, felt his $8;Q00-a-year sal- ary was inadequate. Allen also jolned.the Sullivan & Cromwell firm,.where his career in international, affairs .continued on a private, rather than a public basis; at considerable more pay. When the two brothers f r o m Watertown resigned from the Wall Street law firm to enter the Eis. enhower administration, t h e y came well equipped for their re-. spective 'jobs by a life-time of trdining and family environment, John Foster Dulles had in fact been '"secretary of state" for Thomas E. Dewey of New York, in both his. campaigns for the pres- idency, and trained Dewey in his foreign policy thinking. His advice Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00058R000100020097-2 CPYRGHT `Allen WeTsh Dulles had special ftaitring for, his present job while .chief of the Office of Strategic, Services "cloak and dagger" mis- sidn in Switzerland during the last; war; and ' as: OSS chief in Ger many at the end of the' war. } Both members of this remark- able brother act are at the ag when most men begin thinking o unwinding. John Foster is &7 an Allen is 62. But the Dulles brothers seem tyt have the most .active part of, theil lives still, ahead of them as thes( cope with, our day-to-day relation with the Soviet Union, one on #h1 dark side, the other on the sunn)K side of the street. (Copyright, 1955, Chicago Daily News) Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00058R000100020097-2