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November 11, 2016
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August 21, 1998
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February 5, 1956
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era 111 FEB 5 1956 T c ,Tyr-,r. itized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00058ROO0100050001-6 S,-coed Look German Heroism, In 20 July Saga By Herbert Elliston ibution. It is surprising that anybody was as merely the agent of this daring en- erprise; his companions back in Berlin ad prepared .a coup d'etat. With Hitler till alive, and communications intact, the own. The man who tried to assassinate itler was Count Claus Schenk von Stauf- enberg. Stauffenberg was an Apollo-like olonel of 35 who penetrated Hitler's 'Wolf's Lair" in Fast Prussia and exploded bomb virtually ;at the Fuehrer's feet with- ut, alas, inflicting more than slight injury n Hitler. A fluke diverted the lethal 'the most remarkable incident of our eneration" in moral courage. If you can quare your morality with your religion, ou echo the epitaph when you lay his book ave read a dozen or so books on the sub- ect, but Fitzgibbon's is the fullest and the ost enlightening of them all. ife on July 20, 1944. It is by Constantine Fitzgibbon and is called simply 20 July. I f the rising, against Hitler cuiminatirik ary. For, one of these, a real saga of the eroic In the individual, a case. study is at and In a current book giving the history pisodes in our contemporary history I They may be ' right. Perhaps it Js out f a fear they may be right that of_ all the pecies. essimists go so far as o say he is a vanishing vidence we have merely o..pondeir the fact that he ideas back of even he mechanical marvels f the times sprang from ome individual mind. nd yet the individualist mong us is dwindling- articularly the elite horn Aristotle called he "great souled." The MAIN s 41i einains tne measure o, a hinge In" a of automation and the ubordination of self to the state and stitutionalized business. For a piece of eft to put Germany back in civilization. The story of the plot that failed is a riumph of the human spirit. There is a restorative here for those who see man I osing his individuality. If you think that our life has lost purpose and meaning, ead this book. (Also, if, perchance, you hink th Mityi}en by 6h? erman c aracter, en by means it CPYRGHT movement promotes its own heroism, ut with exploits by individual men spurred had to be organized, it is true, but the oved, amateurish. And the men in it were of the only resistors in Germany. There ere anti-Hitler pockets of individuals oosely gathered together throughout the. erely ti}ought. AND WHAT a roster of gallant martyrs mong the men who came after them! If ere their sacrifice -did not suffice to do pen- nce for the defeated, nation, they fur- an" for all time to come. Beck, Goerdeler, on Moitke, Leber-generals, administra- on denominator among them except in germs of. human , personality embattled In the main these men held to the hristian faith. How did this square with yrannicide? A delicate and a thorny ques- o personal decision, but many theologians since 1944 have come to the defense of he genocide killers. ; The fact that the God _ made for a modern interpretation y the religious authorities. Luther, among other church founders, was cited. When the state is transformed into anti- Christ, when a state becomes a chaos, f fferson's as warrant for destroying the government through which such a state There are still those who belittle the German underground. Perhaps it is be- of it and gave-it little or no help and sue- oor. Remember, too, we were committed to the supreme folly of unconditional sur- render. . But In this matter Fitzgibbon Ing at this time in Soviet accents be- lieving that any 'resistance short of a to be spurious. It is easy to see now''. that there would have been a Soviet Ger- ibReleaee xaC1A:aR?-B 'G,O1Q05 CPYRGHT R000100050081-6