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November 17, 2016
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June 12, 2000
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June 20, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP70-00058R00010p1 #w YORK ~I JUN 2 0 1954 Foster Dulles, the Secreteuy of Star fair$ of other countries, but his broth malan situation for a long time. It was his associates who spotted the big shipment of Czech arms from Stettin to Guatemala in the first place. They followed it through a maze of phony manifests, from one misleading port-of-cell to another, have beetractive in the defense of the arena ever' since., The. guess ; here I$ that 'the revolt agIdnst the; Commuulits will succeed it th0 Guateinwan Army. is as divided Politically, the, United States hire responded effectively -over;;tbelast calryprinciples. Theodore,Booaevelt's corollary` to the Mohrde -Doctrine of 1905 was revoked. The-Marrlnes were withdrawn from NiCaragua'and Haiti. The Platt Amendment was repealed, Woodrow Wilson's unilateral doctrine of non-recognition was abandoned; and the good-neighbor policy estab- lished. Flaw ? in the Crystal.; It Is one "of the ironies of the pres- ent situation that officials in Wash- ington are coming to believe that the solution to this problem lies do the development of a unified continental economic system, which is about the oldest principle of the Pan-American ideal. As Ezequiel Padilla, the former Foreign Minister of Mexico. reminds us in Foreign Affairs, the Pan American Union was originally called the Roosevelts the resentment against war the dollar surpluses built up by the sale of raw materials- from 1941 ican Republics." The first conference, in 1889, put forward the idea-still 45 have vanished, and the condition bank to help develop Latin America., of the people has steadily declined. but whenever the question of con- During the first five post-war structing a unified continental eco- years the United States put out nomic system is raised the Pan- more than $25 billion in grants and American spirit seems to wane. et private direct investment capital pment or the fields of education, ealth, transportation, irrigation or ent of raw materials for export. While billions were crossing the illusion. It resents the stronb Latin- American support for the United States at the United Nations,' It fears United States bases of operation near its own frontiers and is now obviously trying to establish Communist Gov- ernments near ours. Mr. Dulles (Allen, that is) can rio Gu te--ia-Rut-1 will r Vulles an a ongfess "fo bring about a policy-change that will deal with the central nomic problems conomies against the threat of com-"of the hemisphere. n..w....... ~.. iunism Latin America's appeals for perience in dealing with the misery and nationalism of Indochina the Sec- retary of State is in a mood to review United States policies in the under- developed areas of the world. As he sees it, the great political battle of the next generation is going to come in these poverty-stricken areas, and the 'Guatemalan crisis is a reminder that Latin America is o~e of the battle- fields. A -Disillusioned Continent Latin America is not only fragmen- tized politically rind economically but disillusioned by the United States' em- phasis on military power. The dreams of continental economic solidarity, en- couraged by Washington during the last war,, have not been realized, and the hopes of a post-war prosperity have bean disappointed. Marshall Plan of its own were Ig- t ored. Washington's money, it emed il bl l , was ava a e on y to fight e Communists, and this itself en- an communism. This very problem was foreseen ! rnatives were clear, and honest men ffered about which policy to adopt. . pursue limited objectives in Latin : merica, such as procuring defense ry support from our neighbors, or t pursue the long-range objectives, which Latin America was prima-' oyment and productivity; improv- g living standards; and sound and panding economies." Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP70-00058R000100100025-2 CPYRGHT