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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 20, 1956
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i i 8EE FORD (Mass.) L L F' 1,955 I IHD:ib 57j D-TIMES C;rc.. c i d For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130 50,824 'rent Ed# Other Page Paje Page Date: _00 40t` fl'I?.- CF Y FEET BY TREASON, Allen W. Miles, Central Intelligencemoo4+gency, i con- cerned by a new Kremlin strategy of "parliamentary conquest", the rincipal targets of which are Italy, ance and Indonesia. Warning against Soviet "peace smiles", Mr. Dulles took occasion to deplore pub- licly an apparent indifference of the free world to the fact that the Russians could attain control even with minority con- quests in parliamentary bodies. He cited situations, indicating impor- tant Soviet gains in these fields. For ex- ample, in the Italian Parliament of 590 CPYRGHT It is worth noting that in no country ave Communists attained a. majorit in parliamentary o y; is fact tends to reate a complaisance that is highly dangerous. - As Mr. Dullesas warned, the Kremlin leaders have indicated what they propose to do. It now is up to the leaders of the free world to help uncover and frustrate this Communist design, which otherwise "could wreck the free institutions of many countries and even endanger our own." members, there now are 143 Communist nerrebers. To these must be added -75 Nenni fellow-traveling, Left-Wing Social- ists, or a total of 218, who consistently vote and act with the Communists. To- gether, in the last elections in .1953, their total popular vote was 9,500,0.90 or 35.6 if percent of the total. In the French Chamber of iDe uties there are now approximately ? 15O Com monist members out of a total oa'bou.t! 600. In Indonesia, the Comml nisi Warty, received 6,000,000 votes, or 17. percent of the total electorate in the elections of September 1955, and they have a' repre- sentation of 39 members, or 15 percent of the total 9f the Indonesian Assembly. Mr. Dulles declared that despite these official minority representatives, the Communists have "moved in." Referring tc recent smile-and-peace pronounce- ments of the Soviet leaders, he warned, "Translated into a little less flarnboyraht language, this means that t:e Ccrm- munists" propose to infiltrate our free legislative. systems, to take over our parliamentary governments, and to use freedom which our system of govern- ment gives to destroy all vestiges of that system. "A few years _ago, I would have thought that Communist, parties in Europe would have great ifficulty in ever again obtaining allies among any non-Communist parties. Today, however, the danger of parliamentary compro- mises with the Communists, even in Europe, is not to' be ignored." The Soviet "parliamentary" approach to conquest follows a pattern laid down by Lenin in the 1920s; Communist pene- trations into free parliaments to date are farmor'e se r.IQ then +I,- statistics imply. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130033-0