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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 17, 1956
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UTICA (N.Y.) OBSERVER- CEP 1.7 !i ~~AAbb33 DISPATCApproved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-0009gR0-OD40 Circ.: e. 44,733 S. 51,224 Front Edit +0` Other Page Page Paso CPYR r-1T---- en rc ar , ing the Republican renomination, de- dared we must maintain a long-range foreign economic policy, he had some factual support. The Vice President said this aid is necessary "to bolster when needed the economic strength of our allies." He went on: "Economic assistance may add to our sacrifice but we should never force the natiorls to choose be- tween bankruptcy anc' submission to the Kremlin." What he was talking about may be seen currently in Indonesia. This po- teut.ially rich section of the Southeast Pacific area-a section we shall let fall ender Red control at risk. of enriching the enemy with war materials and clos- ing them to ourselves--is facing the grim choice of going Communist or bankrupt. Yesterday's editorial page told how Indonesia is one of the n3ajor targets of Communist infiltrations, in the esti- mation of the chief of our C t stel-A-" j ligence ,gengy,, Allen Du es.. The haste with Which the Dutch were thrown out-add our own bleed- 'ing hearts and ntuddled heads had something to do with it-left the vast storehouse open to,. conflict and in- trigue. Agreements made to The Neth- erlands by the new .ative government have been broken. Enough natives are simply not ready to run their own show. So Indonesians: are hungry, discon- tented and distrustful, What a fertile field for the Communist agitators working there. The .Reds will not need a civil war, some observers say. There is enough native resentment against present authority to vote Moscow's emissaries into power, as almost hap- pened for similar reasons of want in France and Italy. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130039-4