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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 16, 1956
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CPYRGHT The iEP I fi 1956 bb Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDPFFp 70-~00qq~~0358R0001 Rockefeller Stake in the Elections By ART SHIELDS JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, the 82-year-old banker and Oil King, has an immense stake iii a Republican victory in November. So have his five sons, who manage the family's billions. For President Eisenliower's foreign policy is directed by tees Rockefeller agents-the Dulles brothers. And that control fattens the world's richest family. . .. One also finds Rockefeller men in the Treasury, where the tax deals are made. And in Defense, where billions are spent for oil and munitions. But the fati i- ilv's tightest grip is in the foreign policy field. For much of Rockefeller's wealth lies inselni-colonial lands overseas. And Inilkiti these lands requires U. S. gov- ernment help. And now we come to the-two Dulles broth- ers, who operate the foreign pol- icy machine: TOIIN FOSTER DULLES, the :'lc er, is Secretary of State. His job is to pressure foreign rulers to fol- low wall Street's will. And he has ALLAN WELSH DULLES, the younger, is Chief of the Central In- telligence Agency (CIA). His job is to spy and to overthrow govern- ments that stand in the Rockefeller way. Ile has an army of 10,000 to 10,000 spies and saboteurs to help him. And a budget that runs from several hundred millions to one bil- lion d(sllars a year (U. S. News, Tilly 16, 1954). The exact amount is a guess, for CIA expenditures an army of striped pants diplomats and a budget of 300 million dollars EACH brother is a Rockefeller num. lolhn Foster Dulles, the dip- nrnat. vra ehariman of the Rocke- Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130040-2 JOHN L'0STl1;tt 1.)t.!LI..I S CPTied For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130040-2 g 1711- ; tn,1 Allan Welsh Dulles, the S1wi the executions that followed the I cis, the authors say. ylasler and Sabotage Chief, was ai coup, then no one. could giie : it.; tip' tiockel?eiler hanker. IT(- was a cline-c?- ,t THE CIA has its Labor Depart- it of the J. henry Schroder Bank- THE next CIA coup was in t1POt too. 1'o CIA fluids are often Corp., that helped the Nazis sad Guatemala, where the progressive,spent on non-Communist labor leaders in other lands, the Satin - mnac li I to sat on the Sehrodc t hoard! Arbcnz government had been dis- day Evening Post reports. 'Ilia rte 15) years while the hunk wasi tributing ]and to the people. And money is used to promote more viq- lrlpiui Ill, rexrutuncnl of Cer-' American iovcstors in all I,atin1orous anti-Commnunist action. '1?ha- in;i nv.:oid %%;i% Oil, g, tare indnstrial-Amcrica were alarns-d-the Rocke- U. S. News tells a similar stor}. its hehind llit-mer. feller oil men in ~'ruer.ncla amont.. CIA agents also try to strn utatc+ labor unrest in the Socialist ]weds, Alyea Onlles' bank is still in the'thena. The Cu.itr'nralart exeurnplelTlie Saturday Evening Post boasts Itorkcfellc1 camp. The stock owner- I rnight spread. Oil as well as I and that?? a snow down in an unnanic,+ drip of the bank itself is secret.; might be taken back by the people. Iactoryin one of the Socialist coin - Iiut records show that 42 percent oft And the Dulles brothers got bnst,l tries was a CIA icrb; Such .results i,. .crack of rim Schio ac r_Rn -o_! seem feeble, however. filter Co., the bank's securities' af- Allan Dulles had the bigger job, 1"7O1'e serious is demolition and urder. The U S News of April lute, ig owned by Avery Rocke- however. For this was hot war- g, 1948, said the tactic of assays. illr-v, a cousin of the five broth not cold. And Castillo, the ination of key Communist leaders discredited advenhrrei was sup- ryas being considered. This article li d ith A i C k p e w nier casi weapons. on-' I'M.- two Rockefeller men time rupt army officers in Guatemala' were plots together, although their were bribed. And executions of pa- llices are nearly a mile apart. dealrotic Guatemalans finished the o foim Foster Dulles, the diplomat, This job is credited to Allarr Dul- i housed in the antique State De- magazine articles, which hi-ar partumnt, Building near the Whites the earmarks of CIA collaboration. !. his wiretappers, bribers, bombers, TILE next job alight have been of Socialist bridges, and trader-in Egypt. For an inspired article ~,n:nnd army officers in a red brick in the, Saturday Evening Post (Nov. 'el , 6, 1954) sass CIA operatives are, lir,tihligig behind a highs fence, busy there. topped by barbed wire in the The Dulles brothers, meanwhile, Volrgv Bottom Section of Washing- are using their weapons against the Omit, Socialist lands, and their '900 mil- I'lre joint timing of the brothers' lion people. plots was seen in two bloody insur- They make no secret of this. And cciions against liberal governments, Allan Dulles' sabotage squads blow .ince Eisenhower came in. up Socialist bridgcs, while his I'lrr. first coup was in Iran in brother talks of the "liberation" of August 1.953. Premier Mossadeghl the Socialist lands. ';ad nationalized the oil fields and The C;IA boasts of these bombing cl'ineries of the Anglo Iranian Oil jobs. One can find these boasts em 1 Iris deed was worse than mar- recorded in the inspired magazine: ier ice the Rockefeller code. Sod articles, which glorify the Spyl :1w I )n Iles brothers got busy. ,,,arfill t. For the CIA actually plan- c,=