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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 13, 1956
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~{~ SLF 1 3195E UN~NiEAD R~ielease 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130047-5 Prow It Oth.. Pmg. rose Pugs Date: SEp 1 3 195$ 4YRGfiW#*, DO$gerous Than Ever UJ" W..DVLLES, director the Cen? Circ.: d. 43 46 Intelligence Agency, mcently appTed on Un-American ties. The committee released a state- in which Mr. Dulles remarked that the Kremlin had been checkmat- ed in the use of brute force but is going straight ahead to use more peaceful means to gain its immediate objec- tive - control in free coun- tries. He said that "in sev- eral countries Communist penetrations are serious." The Italian Parliament has' 143 Communist mem. bers, which, added to left- wing Socialists, gives a to- muniat ticket in 1953. This was 34.5 per cent of the total vote. There are 150 Communist members In the Fr h Chamber of Deputies. The Communist party received more than 6,- 000,000 votes in the 1955 Indonesian election. In Japan the Communist party went from a few thousand to more than AL million votes in recent general elections. Dulles concluded: "The Communists propose to infiltrate our parliamentary governments and to use the freedom which our system of vernment gives to destroy all vestiges of the Communists have taken over a country by fret elections or have obtained a parliamen- tary majority by free elections." And then Mr. Dulles points up the fact that the Com- munists have moved In. and taken over "al- ways without having a majority status." Here In the heart of the whole matter. This confirms J. Edgar Hoover's statement that the Communist party's "new look" Is more dangerous to America than the old. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130047-5