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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 7, 1956
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CHARLOTTE (N.C.) sr P / 1956 OBSERV4 proved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-01 Circ.: m. 141,557 S. 154,498 Front Edit Othor Pago Pago Paga Date: SEP 7 W , ,QId Trick With New Angles The warning of the Central Intelli- gence Akency that the net'a tactitt are to gain control of a country li' 1?amentary means comes a little late. The Communists have been working from that angle for many years. In some well-known cases, as in Czechoslovakia, they have been successful. They have been working hard on the French and Italian parliaments ever since the war. In the last French election, the Com- munists won 150 seats in the French Na- tional Assembly out of a total member- ship of 600. That gives the non-Com- munist parties a total majority of three to one, but there are so many such parties and they vote together so in- frequently that the Communists hold a strong balance-of-power position in the Assembly. So strong has that position become, in fact, that the present government, composed of the Radical Socialists, would find it hard to take any important ac- tion without the, support or the absti- nence of the Communists. In Italy the Communists elected 143 members out of a total of 590. Until last week the Italian Commu- nists could almost always count on the solid support of Peitro Nenni's left-wing Socialists. Nenni is now making over- tures t erge his splinter with the right- wing s alists led by Giuse.ppi Saragat. Whether this will mean a victory for he right or left wing will depend on whether ' ne coalition is dr,mti sated by Nenni or Saragat. If the whole Socialist party turns to the right under Saragat, the Communists will lose a strong allied vote. If it turns left under Nenni, the result might be the opposite. Indonesia is. even more under the shadow of a Communist domination of its Parliament than France or Italy. The Communists in that country polled six million votes in the first and only elec- tion it has ever had. They have 15 per cent of the seats in the Assembly and hold some strategic posts in the govern- ment. The state visit of Presid' nt Sukarno to Russia is an indication of 'how much he respects this Communist bloc. Few other non-Communist heads of govern- ment except Nehru ofd Nasser of Egypt have made such formal visits to Moscow. The Asiatic countries, as the Central Intelligence Agency says, are more sub- ject to Communist influence through such channels than Western countries are, because the people are still new to parliamentary government and have not yet learned all the tricks of party poli- tics. They are inclined to accept the Communist party as just another politi- cal party instead of the conspiracy that it is. France and Italy, being more exper- ienced, know the danger they are in. Indonesia does not. Hence, Sukarno's visit to Moscow may have some unex- pected reactions in Jakarta. 4' Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130055-6